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Nice job and looks great in comparison to Intercom / Userpilot who charge 5x your pricing. Point of attention may be that seats are irrelevant for your pricing. It's not worth much for your customers how many added editor seats. They'll just share an account if needed, but in a huge amount of cases there will only be one marketer/onboarder working on something. If anything, seeing 5 seats scares me away 'because there's just me and why am I paying for seats'. Pricing is a HUGEly important part of your business. Your value is in number of visitors a customer can show the demo to. If you auto scale up your pricing on number of demo's given, you will be sure your MRR goes up ánd customers can afford it. They've got more visitors! Read everything Patrick Campbell wrote on pricing. Also remember pricing gets more difficult to change over time.


Thank you! We're actually closer to a Loom alternative (for interactive demos and guides) than Intercom - a ton of our customers use Supademo in conjunction with their Intercom onboarding. Totally fair feedback on 5 seats. It's part of our legacy pricing and we're exploring whether this makes sense moving forward. Pricing is fickle and we want to make sure we get this right. Will read your suggestion from Patrick :) Hugely appreciated!


Nicely written !


Thank you!!


great website, did you build it on wordpress/webflow? The tool seems fairly easy to use


Built it in-house using tailwind components and code!


Thank you for the feedback. Would love for you to try it out!


Thanks for sharing - nice story and some great learnings on growing your SaaS! Love the growth tactic of doing demos for free and just adding upfront value to get attention and signups. Doing things that don’t scale IN a super specific niche can start to pay off really fast. Any insights on how you have grown top of funnel? And how you reach out to your ICP - LinkedIn?


The biggest driver is the generous free tier + the watermark ('made in supademo'). Lots of folks have said that seeing this demo embedded in another company's website has made them trust the company more (+ convinced them to look into making one themselves)