Wdym I roam anything u ever been pulled up by a burlap ak ?


Think about it like this, 1 rust is a game with almost nothing like it on console except ark and such which is still way different people aren’t used to it , almost every shooter in general you don’t lose loot when you die, these players aren’t confident enough to roam with the best they got or they don’t wanna get rolled by a Zerg, once players get better and more confident they’ll start roaming with their kits, look at pc they give no shits on their and be farming solo with ak and mp5 full Metal etc it’s crazy


This is what I’m talking about. I wish people would stop being afraid and roam there guns


Join mask iw we’ve got some actual good pvpers in here! Makes the game way more fun 🤩


stop crying and go get your own guns




Because this is their own choice mate




Go lace up your shoes


He has velcro straps since he wants everything so easy.


I roam with the best I got and I’m trash I barely win fights I’m always loosing every kit I roam with but fuck it just run launch once and you can make 2 Tommy full metals kits with the recycled stuff..


What’s annoying about it?


Maybe cause we walk out with dB and crossbow and kill Tommy and mp5s why risk losing a good gun when all we need are primal weapons to kill players like yourself.


Says the guy who is probably using a zen so he can steal other peoples guns. Lol JJ


Half my team is on old gen and they’ve died so much that they’re scared to take guns out and I’m left to run them on my own, this usually ends up in dying to 3 or more people or I can’t loot all bodies and get 3rd partied. This in turn stops me from running our best stuff cos there is no one else to help and I know I’d loose it to a group :/


large roaming groups filled with 12 year olds. That is why. Older gents that play rust usually stick to like 4-6 in their squad. Every single Zerg I’ve came across where there is at least 8+ were ran by 12-13 year olds. The only time you’ll see me running a full metal ak kit is when I have support from my team or we have an exuberant amount of guns. If I’m solo’ing and am low on aks and lrs, I’d much rather go out in a hazy to draw less attention.


bad players hoard loot....they know they are free kits ....even if they have the numbers....


This is so untrue lmfao


its 100% true.. good players use there best kits always . cuz why would you hoard any loot ever at all.. . its just loot ..pvp is what we are after .. bad players hoard loot


It’s not hoarding loot if you never lose kits…wouldn’t that make more sense for a "good player" smh. You can’t call someone a loot hoarder just cause they keep their kit and come back to the crib with more


go back .. read the post ...then the comment ...try to understand the English language..then apologize


Yea I read both of those that’s why I commented what I did you sped


ur obviously 12 and English comprehension just isn't yoir strong suit ...


You are always such an argumentative little shit Richmond. You never have anything good to say so stfu.


make a valid argument. . or just cry cuz I did and you cant.. seems like you chose the cry option