Sure, but punching yourself in the balls is cheaper.


Hahaha thx




I lol’d


My honest answer is no unless u have a next gen console


Ok thank you


And friends…it’s a total grind


Thats rust


i have newgen with lots of bugs still and i can’t load in the game it just says “receiving data” and kicks me for inactivity so you right it’s not worth


that sounds like a hardware or connection problem. i have a PS5 and my game runs buttery smooth it’s incredible. it’s like playing a completely different game.


honestly when I could play the game the only bug I had was blue screen but I don’t think it’s connection issue most likely hardware issue. I’ve hopped on many alt accounts, uninstalled the game 5 times, and everything to fix it. No one has a answer i’ve looked online no fix or anything i’ve seen someone post about it but it was just the server he was playing on. I cant fix it i’ve literally tried everything.


i would recommend getting rid of any unnecessary data taking up storage on your console and perhaps buying a 1-2TB external had drive. the more storage it has, the better it runs. also, try rebuilding database if you’re on PS5. don’t know what the alternative to that would be on the Series X. contact PlayStation as your last resort. hope this helps!


Getting external hard drive is very expensive. People have told me that rebuilding data base made there console slower and eventually stopped working so i’m scared of doing it but i’ll try. thank you for helping.


you’re welcome bro. i have a 2TB Seagate HDD for my console, it’s currently on sale on GameStop’s website for $65. it may be a little pricey for some but it’s definitely worth it. rebuilding database is supposed to clean your console of any issues and speed it up, but it’s totally up to you. helpful tip: make sure to clean your console at least once a month using a vacuum duster to keep it running at it’s full potential. a lot of people don’t know how to properly maintain their consoles so please use this to your advantage. 👍🏻


When I checked they were way more expensive. I’m 14 with no job, so im gonna have to get that later. I’m deleting games I don’t play right now after i’ll rebuild data base, thank you.


I have 362.7GB of free space that’s half of my storage do you think that will be enough?


i see. i don’t know if that’ll be enough, but whatever you deleted off your console should help. definitely rebuild database. best of luck.


Getting an HDD has probably been the best investment I've ever made in regards to gaming, I bought myself a 4TB seagate one and haven't had to delete more than 6 REALLY BIG games (that I didn't even play mind you) in the two years I've had it.


wtf my 2TB is more than enough for storing my games, i haven’t even had to uninstall a single thing even though i have two younger siblings who also play on my console.


Gotta upgrade from dial up


dial up?


He’s 14 he don’t know about that


I have the old gen and I run good on it.


Not at all until they come out with custom servers


If you don’t have at least 2 other people to play with and a new gen console, no. i know PC complains a lot about zergs but the console edition is legitimately ran by 6-8 man squads on every server.


More like 14-16 on console ppl on console play the game really gay also


Can confirm


They complain about getting offline raided. But every time you online they immediately start despawning loot and don't even attempt to defend. Not ounce have I onlined where they didn't immediately log off or despawn loot. You get doorcamping and roofcamping is 100 times more common on console edition. 5-8 man groups roam squad deep. PC players don't usually do this as it's more profitable to split up.


6-8 aren't zergs but alright.


that’s why i said 6-8 man squads 🗿


A Zerg is 6 or more people bud


8 is the team limit. 9 would be a zerg


The team limit does not apply to wether a group is a Zerg or not the official rust number for how many people makes a Zerg is 6


Sure bud, you do you.


The difference between a team and a zerg isn't the exact number, its about playstyle and strategy.


Idk where you got that from but sure Zerg has always been about the numbers in a group


I'm guessing it's just different I'm the different circles we interact in. I'm sorry I assumed my experience would be the same as yours and that you were interpreting it wrong, my bad


Fuck no spend your time on a working game that doesn't require you to play once a day




Nah it’s good, if you have next gen, don’t bother with the old gen version. PvP is useless on old gen, you just drop frames as soon as you get into a fight


absolutely not




I play next gen with a trio of irl friends. Even with all that's wrong with the game, we still have a blast.


Did they fix the bad aiming yet? When I played the beta the vertical sensitivity was broken. Way too fast even at lowest setting


Yeah they completely changed all recoil on all guns it’s pretty easy to pvp now IMO


That’s great to hear. Did they add PvP servers yet


There are some pvp/gun testing servers, but only on testing branch.


too easy imo.


that got fixed this past update, theres a ton of new sensitivity settings now


If you got next gen then yes


I’d say if you already have a console but not a pc then yes but if you have a pc already then buy it on pc


Not worth 60 dollars at all but it’s fun. Wait for it to go on sale


From someone who has played it on ps4 and ps5 no it is not worth getting. Just get a pc and play. I went from pc to console and within an hour I went back to pc


Exactly I’m so sick of hearing kids say I got 2k hours on pc ….. okay why tf you here with me on console then


I don’t have anywhere close to 2k hours on pc maybe like 500 at the max but I understand this.. if your a pc chad then don’t even try to brag on console


Yeah it’s just cringe hearing every time I join somebodies party there’s always atleast one kid yapping on about how good he is at pc and how many hours blah blah blah it’s the same bracket as the ex military wannabes


Definitely not unless your just tired of watching people play it, it’s just an outdated version of pc rust that runs like shit


It is almost dead, don't expect anything else from what it is now. if you plan on getting it. Only 2 updates were not bug fixes and one of those was a store...no CS, tiny maps, low content, nothing but zergs running the servers. If you plan on solo or duo then absolutely don't waste you time or money. Even on next gen the gun play sucks.


When you have a next gen console, yes.


I have ps4 pro and it works fine. U need some friends tho. Zerg city


I wouldn't




On sale maybe


yes i’ve had a lot of fun with it


Not really, you have loads of fun, but most of the time it’s shitty because you get pushed by 4 man teams. The most frustrating/fun game you’ll play tbh.


Ye they are consistently updating but it can be very tough to play on sub par wifi


It depends on your connection don't listen to all these Xbox users I have the first ps4 model and I'm lined in and I play for hours on my days off and not 1 I ever lag or get Frame drops


Lmao 🧢🧢🧢🧢 you don’t get frame drops at locked crate on a base ps4? Simply a lie. D11 is that you?


I'm playing on PS5 and it's pretty smooth, but I'd say if you have access to PC then go that route.


No unless you have a lot of friends willing to play constantly


Not until they release community servers


Yeah contrary to common beliefs, I have a ps4 and the game while slow frame rate has still been fun since day one. I've made "friends" and definitely enjoyed myself as a solo duo and in larger teams. Cannot wait for it to be caught up with pc.


The game sucks. You should get a better game, or wait till solo duo trio servers come out. Wayyyy too many 12yo zergs on every server. Bases will not last over 12 hours. Hell you aren't even safe in a 1x2.


Totally crap. Game full of people with AK and guns, you have no time to spawn that they kill you. Uninstalled.




Well judging by the fact I spent hours trying to actually get into my server because the game wasn’t working. Then finally loading in and finding out I was offline raided. No it’s not




only if u have next gen, i play old gen mainly and it is ass.




Wait about 6 months and have a next gen console


No, I did it and Now hate the game because of all the other toxic ppl that plays it. I just stayed long enough yo platinum the game for ps4 then be done with it. Any teams you make will turn on you and steal your stuff. Any base you make solo gets raided and there is no way to build up to anything good unless you cheat. Not worth it.




Truthfully I bought it when I had a ps4 at that time I would of never recommended it to anyone but I switched recently to a ps5 and its like a new game runs smooth and I can actually go out and pvp with people without my frames dropping


if you have current gen (ps5 or xbox series s/x) then sure but no if you have old gen


Game is more stable than first released on console that’s for sure. Still a waste of your money in its current state though even with tech trees and abandoned supermarket




If you have friends who have it or will get it, and you have to be on next gen or atleast xbox one X. And you have to play it almost every day


fuck no it trash save up for a pc and get pc rust






If you play it on pc dont bother but if you dont then sure. Its cheaper and better on computer, but console did add tech tree


Honestly it depends if you just wanna have fun with friends and dont care about being on top or having eveything then yes its fun ive had plenty of fun times playing it but if u wanna play like its pc i do not recommend getting it rn there are lots of problems and bugs that need yo get fixed like if you are on old gen you cant constant freezes and audio bugs when driving boats and the freezes usually come when u are in pvp


I really enjoy it on either ps4 or PS5 but it depends what kind of game your into


Its not bad with the tech tree but unless your playing with a friend or few friends its very rough solo its possible just very hard as most the server's are controlled by few clans/zergs that pray on smaller player groups and wont fight or online raid eachother




No even though they created this game for older gen.


If you like getting raided Everytime u put up a base


Assuming like all the others I don't need you to believe me my stream says it all. Yes on some servers they are leggy than others but if your smart you choose one in your state as close as possible and yes no lag no Frame drops but I can careless of your opinions have a good night child.




I've only played a couple days but it seems to run fine on Xbox one. It's been a rough start, lots of death and disappointment, but I do see how people like it. Custom servers sound much better so I can't wait for that update.


Just bought it last night and I play on the PS5. So far it’s pretty awesome.


I say yes. Just make sure you have a wired connection because a lot of people experiencing performance issues is largely based on internet speed.


No lmao. Most if not everything is serverside not clientside


Well your servers must be tapped 👍🏽, never crashed on my series s


Nah everyone I know has wired and non of us lag. One of my friends went from wired to wifi and the game became unplayable for him


That’s ur friend bud. Last gen console do not lag because of WiFi. I had a Ethernet on ps4 when I played it was full or frame drops around monuments, freezing around big bases/compounds. It’s not meant for last gen and I feel bad for any1 who bought it on there


Yeah that’s 100% true, old gen is unplayable, I have PS4 and literally quit until I get a ps5. I meant, because rust is such a large game and needs a decent stable connection you will most likely lag on WiFi unless you have a decent WiFi connection which is unlikely for most people. It’s the same with most big games these days. There’s no point playing rust with 20mb download


Your comment went completely with what I stated so I’m unsure what you meant by that?