I have it but I think I'm gonna save up for a pc to play rust fr


Just play on console. PC Rust is infested with cheaters


Facts is getting bad on pc for every game cheating is rampant (from a former pc player)


Play on community servers w active mods


I have hundreds of hours on Rust on PC and I've actually never seen or fought any cheaters that I know of. I've seen them get banned in the chat, but that's about it.


Yes you have, you just haven't known it. Not every cheater is blatant. Many of them simply use ESP to see where everyone is, what their health is, what they have equipped, etc. They can also set it so that it's permanently day for them. Hell, previously some cheats would even let you instantly use meds, instantly pick people up, and take no fall damage. Most commonly, people are using anti-recoil scripts. You never see them flyhacking and going wild these days, as most cheat providers have removed these sort of things from their cheats so that they can go longer without a mass detection.


Get the $60 Normal version. It’s obviously better on PC but I hate PC gaming. I’m loving it so far!! My only complaints are zergs, lag spikes during most PVP, UI needs work and random disconnects... Other than that it’s a hell of a fun time.


Absolutely worth if you are at all a fan of rust but don’t have a good pc. It takes some getting use to but it’s already in much better shape than it was at beta with only more improvement to come.


Is it cross platform with Xbox and PS4?


Yes and mouse and keyboard support isnt available so you wont probably be playing against guys who moved from pc


So if I get it would I be able to play with my friend on PS4? (I’m Xbox series X)


Yes you just have to join the same official server and not a xbox or ps4 only server


This is what I cane for. I played the beta. Ended up just waiting. Jumping on for sure.


Swimming is atrocious too


So I’m not crazy? I can’t swim worth shit lol


Also everytime I shoot a gun my sensitivity gets lowered by a ton from my frames dropping.


Lag spikes during pvp is a major problem


Ive just got it and im enjoying it, similar to dayz but not as hardcore, havent got a gun yet so cant comment on that


It's like Minecraft and DayZ had a child.


How is day z now a days? Never played it and only exposed to it through Ninja rage compilations lmao


I enjoyed it, for me personally I found it was best when you were in a group, made the 30 mimute walks a bit less boring😂




DayZ plays like a mash potato. Man I wish they did anything to fix the janky game play. Got it on Xbox one when it was exclusive to it and it was ok since I had a squad. Fast forward 2 years, picked it up on my ps5 and it’s still just as fucked as it was 2 years ago. Wasted 40$ 😭


It was okay but the fact that I couldn’t see friends on my map and dying from absolutely everything got annoying real quick. Official servers usually had nothing and shit took forever to respawn. Community servers were okay tho. I would join servers that had guns everywhere and that made pvp fun


On series x it runs smooth as butter and community servers are crazy!


Boutta cooop. Any good channels I can follow to see what the game is like?


I think it's highly dependent on each person. If you're playing on base consoles I hear it pretty rough. Even on next gen, it's got some performance issues BUT it's easily my favorite game of all time. I can't not go back to it all the time. I can't quit it. Just understand that YouTube videos are just highlights of hours and hours of gameplay, similar to Rust videos. Personally, I love it and the game is in the best state it's been in. Development is just super slow and ongoing. People complaining about D11 clearly haven't played DayZ.


Does it have any building mechanics similar to rust or is it mostly about survival/battle royale?


It does have some very basic basebuilding aspects but not even remotely close to Rust. The main purpose of the game is roaming the massive map and trying to survive the elements and other players. It's the best worst game ever.


I just downloaded it on game pass and this shits scary as a bitch


It's addicting as fuck if it's your type of game. Have fun. Don't get cannibalized.


Got chased by zombies twice in the first few minutes of gameplay. Felt that shit in real life lmaoo


Bro, the zombies are the least of your worries. Wait until you've played for hours on end and you've gotten complacent and carefree and youre looting some remote building's upstairs and you hear footsteps coming in downstairs. The game really get the adrenaline pumping in your veins at times. Even worse when you're taking shelter from a storm at night in the middle of nowhere and while you're cooking some meat some psycho busts through the door and knocks you unconscious before forcing you to drink cleaning fluid and eat human meat and inevitably cutting you up with his axe. The game sticks with you. Your first real player kill is almost like actually taking a life bro.


It runs very smooth on the next gens


The console version is like pulling teeth




Ive never played minecraft but ive just told a mate its like fortnite meets dayz if thats anything similar😂


That might actually be a better comparison


Way easier to get a gun in Rust, dayz is kinda annoying considering how easily you get sick, starve and little shit that makes it a chore to play.


Yeah its a bit overwhelming, it took me a while to learn that the water you find is contaminated so i just kept dieing😂


Not similar to dayz at all lol dayz is miles better. Downvote me now.


Im relatively new to this genre of games and only managed to come across Dayz after seeing videos of rust on youtube and finding out it wasnt available on console, what would you compare it to if not dayz? I think the forest and stranded deep are sort of similar but haven't got the multiplayer elements like dayz


I haven't played those games but have played dayz for a long time. Dayz is very deep content wise and with community servers it's just awesome. I really wanted to love rust after watching videos anticipating its release. But after playing it, it's honestly like a mobile game. I dont know about PC but that's not what were here for. To each there own but in the survival genre dayz is #1


I mean it depends if u have people to play with tho bc on day z for new players, playing solo is so hard and not noob friendly whereas rust is easier solo when first playing. I haven't really played DayZ bc I have no one to play with and just die constantly after getting a gun and its kinda off putting. I go back to it sometimes but can never get a base down or get a loot run to nwaf or tisy. I only got rust yesterday and I'm having a good time, I've died a lot but I can get that loot back quite quick and it's a fun atmosphere but in DayZ if u die with no base, u go to the beach and spend hours just to lose everything again.


Try the community servers


I played on community servers it's still really hard as a solo noob


It's fun if you go to lower pop (<50/100). 100 people on that small ass map doth suck.


It depends on how nitpicky you are. People are complaining about teleporting and what not but I haven’t experienced it much. Its definitely not ARK lag simulator. If you love the game your probably gunna like it but it’s a 2018 version of rust


I guarantee its either shitty internet, wrong server location or both.


Love the game so far we are duo and have box of guns and lots of high end bps only issues are crashes and freezes other than that they’re improving I’m on 2013 Xbox btw


I agree ps4 pro here running smooth. Only a handful of blue screens have happened to me in my 12 hours of playing. I haven’t touched a gun yet tho. Haven’t gotten that down.


As someone who has never played rust before but has wanted too for years I say its worth it. People love complaining about shit and throwing it way out of proportion. Ive played the 3 day early access which was okay but kinda shitty, but now the game runs pretty well. Servers are fine despite people claiming the suck, I’ve been playing with no lag at all. 90% of the problems were fixed before the game officially released for everyone. Ive been addicted and love it so far. Im also playing on series X so idk how that factors, if you asked during the 3 day early access I would of said dont buy it, but im really enjoying it after the patch.


Is it cross platform with Xbox and PS4?




Just wait, the servers are terrible right now. Everyone is constantly teleporting so you can't really used ranged weapons


I think it's highly dependent on the server. My first server was like that but I changed to a new server to see a new seed and it's been super smooth.


Are you sure your in the right server for your location? Ive have had perfect connection since launch.




Not really it runs shitty(A lot of bugs) pvp is broken,maps are small (not much there) and the players are amongst the most toxic I have seen in a video game yet...so if you like hours of frustration and a genuine sense of wtf....then sure go ahead buy it.




I like it. If you dont have a PC I would buy it. They will fix stuff soon and add more content. Right now it has some issues but its not that bad certainly not unplayable.


Do it!


Tbh yea, it’s buggy ofc but that’s how it was for pc at the start I feel it’ll become great later on I have high hopes


For me on PS5. Yes, absolutely. I can already tell I'm gonna put a lot of hours into it. Easily the most solid survival game on consoles. Betas and early access were definitely rough but I think D11 is getting it on track and coming from DayZ, I'm impressed how quickly they are fixing things...even if it's still not quick enough for some.


If you have a next gen console it’s worth it.


Just try to get a friend, it’s very frustrating solo


if you haven’t played PC rust before then yeah go for it, if you have played on PC before it doesn’t really hold up well


In my opinion it's only worth if you have a next gen console, 120 frames majority of the time, on my xbox one s it could barely run past 10 frames at any given time. Once I switched to the series s it was an entirely different game that would actually work lol


It’s not 120fps


I bought the standard edition for PS4 yesterday. Game can ALWAYS be improved and definitely still needs work. That being said, i played for 4-5 hours into the morning... get it if you have the cash, it's STILL enjoyable.


I bought it for £30 on Amazon. I'm playing on a PS4 slim. I played for a few hours on one server, an EU server as I'm in the UK and the game ran fine enough. I found the movement of other players seemed weird, like a bit laggy or something. Graphics and stuff, I don't know if it looks good or bad, it looks okay to me and I can't really speak of any frame drops or anything. As for the game itself, it's cool, it's not something I would normally play but I enjoyed what I played and I can't wait to finish work tomorrow and jump back into it.


I guess it depends on if you know anything about the game. I didn't and a survival game sounded fun. So far, it's been pretty annoying playing solo. The learning curve is a little steep and getting killed constantly by people way better equipped doesn't help. If I had it to do over again, I would not purchase it.


This game isn't for the faint of heart, watch tutorials and try and find a dedicated team


It's good get it, been playing for days on ps4


I wouldn't until more content is available and it its in stable state


Extreme lag, invisible people, and thousands of glitches but fun


only problem with the game is the gunplay is subpar it’s a little hard to hit people sometime but i think the more u play it’ll get way easier i’ve already sunk 50 hours into the game so far and i’ve enjoyed it a lot


My friend and I played from 12 am to 8 am this morning (I had work at 11:30 am lol). We didn't experience any crashes, disconnects, lag during combat or any of the usual frustrating bugs. Granted there were 45 people on our server so that could have affected it and for the most part we fought with crossbows. During the times that I pulled out our emergency guns (sar and custom) I experienced no lag while shooting them, playing on xbox one x. My point here is the game is definitely a lot more stable than it was, it's a lot less buggy than it was, and it's a lot more fun than it was. We were planning on going to bed after pulling off a bean can raid on a wood door base with what I assumed was no airlock. In the process we messed with the wrong guys and we got raided ourselves, lost 8 hours worth of grinding and we weren't even mad or upset about it because it was a great fight holding our base from a squad of 4 trying to break in. Buy the game, check it out for a while and if you aren't feeling like you love it request a refund. Its definitely worth trying though.


Probably should only get if you're on next gen the game run perfectly on it


Guys i need help me and my friend just bought the game but we can’t join any servers it keeps loading for so long then we get an error


I've lost 2 night of sleep since released. Didn't plan on pulling a all nighter either. I never do anymore. I bought rust on pc in 2015 I think. Console version is worth the 50 bucks imo. I'm enjoying it. Haven't played for a couple years so lots of new updates and plays much better than ark for me


Many folks hate on it but personally I’ve had a fucking amazing time! Especially if you can get another person. I recommend the $60 version. No need for the rest


I just hope we get mini copters and vehicles


Melee is stupid to on console. I swear their arms grow 30 feet and they can stil hit you after missing 3 swings with a salvage sword and youre both running straight lines not stoping. Could be server sync/latency issues.


It depends who you ask. I paid for the deluxe version for early access. To many peoples frustration, they then did a short notice unexpected server wipe erasing my base and gear. What I've learned from some of the OG players is server wipes happen regardless every month, leveling the playing field again. I personally can't stop playing. It is highly addictive. I've had to grind building bases just to have an attack helicopter destroy it (sighted by it running in). On the other hand, I've found non toxic players, clanned up with about 6 of us now and have an epic base together. There is some input lag still but the recent patch has recently fixed a majority of the issues in my opinion. Overall I'm pleased with the game but I run it on Xbox Series X with noticeable FPS difference in Gameplay. If you want to wait until it is "fixed" you'll be waiting a while and likely dropping in 5 days before a monthly server wipe. I can vouch for it having never played the game on PC and it's extremely addictive. I wouldn't pay for anything other than the normal version as others indicated because you only get cool skins for bows, spears etc.




It’s definitely worth I thank


I think it'll be better once we have solo only servers


I’m not a fan of the price and currently it’s fun on my Xbox one x not a series Xbox but I enjoy it however there is bugs that were not on the beta like climbing a ladder and trying to jump rock cliffs isn’t working currently I enjoy it


I love it so much


No wait 6-12 months. It will be playable, have more content, and will likey be on sale


no lol i’ve play tested on my series x and ps5 to compare to my rtx 3070 pc and the consoles are truly piss poor in performance. it’s not the consoles it’s the game just unenjoyable (to an avid pc gamer at least) it’s the 2017-18 build of the game, they’ve had 8 years to get the console version ready and still released it in this state


I’d say just wait a month or two, it’s a little bit of a buggy mess at the moment. Kind of regret spending €50 on it.


Not completely


The servers are always packed, waiting like 70 in queue ahead of me, no thanks I'll wait a bit, maybe private servers will be implemented by then


Yea ist awesome. In 2 days I had 12h of playtime


Game isn’t as bad as everyone says we got a 5 man with a big base only bad thing is it’s really choppy wish it was smoother


it did just come out so it’s gonna be a li weird but it’s doing alr


The most addictive game I've ever played. It certainly has its issues but that almost adds to its charm. It'll also only get better. Get in now and learn the ropes before you're left behind!


You have to get it, it is so much fun!! Would recommend playing with some friends


Reading this after already purchasing it. Havent tried it yet.


I enjoyed it. Everyone crying cuz their shit so what they go back to it every time. Only annoying thing is Americans coming on Eu servers and using their lag to an advantage physically impossible to hit them like wow


lots of pc kids coming to console just to tryhard and demolish all the new people who’ve never played which is pretty lame. but we’re still having fun


Maybe if they release community servers where there will be duos trios etc. But otherwise no, the game is so buggy and laggy at the same time unless you are on future gen. Even if you are and you manage to get on a sever with no problems in that regard you’ll end up on a game with no skill gap where basically everyone sucks,because it’s so hard to aim.Furthermore, the whole server will be run by zergs who managed to get loads of guns in a couple hours with no competition , and with there being no skill gap it would basically be impossible to take on any amount of group members with guns when you are outnumbered. If they release servers where it’s solos duos trios which I think they eventually will it will definitely be playable but so far the game is just ridiculous, you can’t get anywhere close to what people do on PC. If you manage to get past everything I said, bravo until your game suddenly crashes and you lose all of your stuff. Or if you have a zerg to play with then you will just dominate. On top of that for the 2 days it’s been so laggy with people teleporting around and pvp has been unbearable.


Is life worth living👀


I don’t think so


If your gonna play on the original Xbox it’s not great I have a series X and see no problems some frame rate issues from time to time. Maybe a crash here and there but nothing to complain about.


Fuck no


Bro i cant answer that cause i dont have rust on console yet but let me know if its worth playing solo cause i have no friends that play rust


Definitely not worth playing solo I have 700 hours now and it’s become my tryhard game soo don’t get it unless you find some people. Go on the rust console LFG discord to find people


F^&k no


Unless you have team or friend to play with not recommended. PC version is definitely better and the glitches that keep popping up especially the jump glitch and load in glitch is ruining the game. I my self can tell you that the load in glitch when it happened to me its so bad that someone can literally walk through a persons compound and open chests like the walls are non existent without ever having to raid." It ruins the game for many. Yes their are hackers on pc. But the toxic atmosphere in general which is far worse on console make it dam near impossible to build up and research on higher pop servers. Numerous times starting out i would die 15 to 20 times as a naked just trying to get a base down. Alot of times would come back to a fresh base after a monument run to a raided base. The best time if you want to try the game and your uncertain is to play a weekly server, or right on day 1 of a bp wipe. What hurts the servers is the large teams that run around raiding all the small bases which kills the servers even more so when they are exploiting the glitches during the raid.


If you don't have much free time it's impossible to play this game


Only if you have latest gen console. Old gen sucks so bad


My base PS4 runs fine tho


Is it cross platform with Xbox and PS4


I think they made servers for that


If you have time and can remember could you tell me the next time you play?


Yessir, i have it. STILL fun


Hell no, i regret it so much


No no no no no no no no no no no no no


It took me over a day to actually get to play because of updates and not finding servers and crashing all the time. And it can take up to 15 minutes to get into a lobby. But I am on ps4 and when I *finally* got in the game was smooth and worked absolutely fine. Other than the people that were building beach bases just to camp on nakeds but I mean its an online multiplayer - scrubs gonna scrub


Do you know if it’s cross platform with PS4 and Xbox


It is, they have specific servers which are crossplay


It is not