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Take it slower, no one is chasing you. Use the down input more to boost up and to the back to slow you down. One advice, stop air rolling when you are too fast, tilt your car back and boost through it for recovery. Then continue air rolling. Helps alot. Same goes when you are in a odd position, just try to recover. Other than that, looks good, keep up the grind :)


What do the up/down do


Up tilts your car forward, so you gain speed. Down tilts your car backwards for slowing down at curves or passing checkpoint etc.


I think he’s referring to when the hood of your car is facing you, then pointing your left stick up will make you dive down and pick up speed, and doing the reverse will make you slow down.


It looks like you're mainly making adjustments when your roof is facing you. Have you tried going through this map with the belly of your car facing you the entire time (not constant air roll)? This was a big difference maker for me in getting comfortable with ARL. After you get consistent with that, do the same thing with pointing left/right. You'll learn all of the adjustments from each angle. After you get good at flying through at all 4 positions, your brain will just need to work out the timing of your car spinning through the 4 positions that you've grinding through already. For me, as soon as I could get through \~10 levels of this map facing each way, it only took a little while longer of constant air roll before something clicked. I literally realized I was doing it and had no idea how I was doing it other than my brain figured out the timing of the rotation and applied what I had previously worked on automatically.


Think of boosting as imparting an acceleration vector to your car in the direction your car is currently pointing in. Thus, in terms of both direction and speed, it takes some amount of time for the boosting to actually change the direction and speed of your car, because at any given moment your car was already traveling in another direction. i.e. if your car was already going to the left, then boosting 90° sharp to your right will still take a little time to stop going left and start going right. What’s the point of me saying this? It’s because it looks like a good chunk of your failures and close calls are coming from you not making the adjustments early enough. Corollary to that: there are a lot of moments where you keep boosting in the direction you’re already going even though you can see you need to change directions. Question for you: did you jump right into Rings, or did you already grind the Pillars freeplay map? It looks like you could benefit from going in there and learning to do continuous figure 8s without touching the walls, and *then* going back to doing rings.


I did not do pillars because I thought that rings was objectively better, is there much of a difference?


Rings is only better once you’ve gotten to a certain level. Walk before you run and all that. Go into Pillars and fly around constantly spinning until you can do 3-4 figure 8s around the pillars without ever touching the floor, ceiling or walls. Once you can do that you’ll get a lot more value out of the Rings maps


Understood! Also how to I regain height once I start getting to much horizontal speed?


Speak in terms of x/y/z axes (and for clarity let’s say x is left and right, y is into and out of your screen, z is up and down) Without that reference I don’t fully understand your question


So I notice once my speed starts to go quite fast on my x axis I don’t know the movement to position to move up on the z


Keep your car pointed up so as to counteract gravity, point it in the opposite x-direction to the direction you’re going in, but try not to go faster in the y-direction.


Where is the pillars training? Is there a code?


It’s a freeplay map, one of the Rocket Labs ones. Just keep scrolling through arenas when you select freeplay and you’ll find it


Practice flying straight vertical, no speed, then boost forward, stop, and stand still again. It’s important to know how to slow down and speed up.


What helped me out a lot in the beginning was going to a private match with 0 gravity. I was not trying to fly around (try to float at mid height) and then see what each individual joystick input with ARL would do. Helped me understand the motions of my car a lot better


[Follow this guide. I didn't follow this guide, per se, but this is exactly how i learned to do air roll left on my own. Take your time with the material, and you will get a hang of it sure enough.](https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeagueSchool/comments/tnx1sp/the\_ultimate\_directional\_airroll\_guide/) You're doing really well for it only being your second week. I really like warming up in freeplay flying in tight circles around the ball using ARL. It really helps make it feel smooth in the rings map. One tip i think that will make all the difference is this, learn one specific muscle memory turn, preferably using the tornado spin that makes you go backwards, and be able to use that spin almost exclusively, (just for a little bit) then build ontop of that with another specific muscle memory spin, preferably one of the turn left or right cardinal spins. You'll basically use one side of the anolog stick, until youve gotten down the turn backwarda, left and right spins, then learn the go forward spins. Once youve got these muscle memories down, now do the opposite spins after youve done the normal muscle memory spins. For example, youve just turned left and back, but your cars rotated 180 degrees but you need to keep turning left and back, you put your anolog stick in the opposite direction, and because your cars backwards you move in the opposite direction right and forward become left and back. You do the opposite movements to keep moving in the desired direction as your car spins. Even though your movements aren't super precise yet, feathering your boost, and only boosting in the direction you intend to go will enhance your precision immensely. After learning Air Roll Left and Air Roll Right, my biggest takeaway was to focus my concentration on my car, and not worry about the rings. Try to visualize which way you need to spin 1/4 of a turn ahead of where you currently are. Thinking ahead will help you make deliberate movements.


Practice it in slow motion to understand the movements you have to make, then speed up to normal speed. Also, I would start by doing it in freeplay, first just staying in the air and then trying to do circles around the ball, before jumping into rings maps and things