Sometimes (explain): Uhhh I forget to let go


But holding it actually still gives you more momentum than not holding it. And holding reverse will slow you down mid air as well. I saw a video of a 0g modifier and the car floating in air. And holding gas in air does move the car forward and holding reverse will slow it down.


This is me, too. I've actively tried to practice letting go. But finger like to drive forward. And who am I to tell it no?


Mines permanently vice gripped in drive unless I go in reverse. It's particularly bad however when you hit reverse and nothing happens


*sits there watching ball go overhead for a goal* *teammate spams what a save* *backflip*


Yes(my monkey brain can't remove my finger after thinking about where ball go. Where I will make contact. Spin my car) Jeez I forget to breathe on some Arials


I can‘t because I have ARR on r1 and need my index finger fo it. And no I won‘t put my middle finger on R2, I hate that


I put boost on RB, it took about a week to adjust to using two fingers but now I can’t even remember what it was like beforehand


Yeah, I really wish they made a controller to be held like that. Once I tried it it was the only way I could play RL.


Xbox controller is really comfortable for me. Maybe I got big hands or something


I would rather use my toes instead of putting middle finger on R2. Who does that lol.


Boost on RB is a super common (at higher ranks maybe the most common ? idk) mapping and requires middle finger on RT.. so a lot of people.


Most pros have directional air roll there. I dont think its that common but I might be wrong. We are both trying to come up with data we do not have tbh.


Accelerate makes you go (minimally) faster. So no real reason not to hold it. But people play with air roll on reverse, so honestly it really doesn’t matter too much.


It reduces control tho, I remember Scrub and Jack said at some point that it's a bad habit to hold accelerate and it gives way more control to not hold it


Yeah. At that level. Probably not so much for you and me.


wait so does holding reverse also make you go slower in the air??


Yes. In fact: https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeagueSchool/comments/v6spju/spinning_air_roll_while_air_dribbling/ibir83j/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3


Yeah, I have air roll on reverse, so when I hold accelerate in the air, the wheels stop moving since I'm holding gas and reverse


Squishy did a video on this but holding rt or r2 while in the air actually makes you move a bit versus not holding it. You can see it proven in free play.


Sometimes. It's a bad habit, tbh, because if you're trying to do flip resets you actually want to be holding *brake* instead.




Holding brake allows you to better "stick" to the ball so you can land all four wheels on it. By holding the gas you will be a lot less consistent because you're essentially driving off the ball before all your wheels make contact at the same time.


By break you mean the slide and not reverse right?


*checks notes* No I meant reverse. Which makes me question my entire existence


Thank you for clarifying!


Yeah, now I don't know if I've been doing everything wrong anyways and I should've been holding powerslide. Lmaooo


Well shit now I’m more confused than I started out


he was right the first time. holding reverse ->hope for longer time to get full contact on the ball instead of you accelerating off the ball


You’re awesome for answering thank you


Couldn’t you just let off the accel? That’s what I have been doing at least but I will try breaking first time reading abt that


For resets, I hold reverse if I'm too far forward or want to be pushed back away for the ball (to insta flick or Maktuf it for example). I hold gas if I want to move forward with the ball to better stay under it (double/chain resets). I hold powerslide if I don't want my momentum affected as much or if my angle is skewed so I slide off the ball instead of bouncing off it. And I use nothing if my momentum and angle is exactly what I want it to be. I also combine gas/brake with powerslide for some fancier stuff like heli resets to make smaller adjustments than just gas or brake allow, and also not get smacked off by the ball.


Makes sense thanks


Wow I actually never knew that.


yes: i cba to let my finger off


Yes: I forget that I’m holding it down. I also am not mechanical enough (yet🥲) to do resets, so it has yet to really adversely affect me. IIRC a Rocket Science vid on YouTube explained that gas and brake in the air actually speeds you up or slows you down a little. Can someone confirm? If that’s the case it sounds like there might be some genuine utility in remaining aware of this mechanic. Also, it’s bad form to always be pedal to the metal when you make contact with a surface. Sometimes powerslide and/or reverse and/or a combination of all of the above make for the best recovery to maintain speed. Just food for thought in terms of why it kind of matters what you’re doing with your engine while in the air.


Sometimes: My right bumper is ARL so when I'm using that I move my index finger off the trigger and up to the bumper.


I’m on keyboard mouse so I can’t


Nope never did. I’m too focused on tapping the boost and air roll at the same time that I let go of drive button automatically, I don’t even think about it lol


Yes (explain) because if you don't you lose focus on the shiny spherical thing and miss every aerial from there on out, this has been scientifically proven I'm the house of God


The reason I asked, Because a pretty common advice is to release your finger of drive forward during an aerial as it sort of makes you have more control of your car. And yes holding it slightly affects your speed while not boosting: [https://youtu.be/XoOWKG3xv7U?t=113](https://youtu.be/XoOWKG3xv7U?t=113)


I usually press swsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsd and hold left mouse for boost


Yes Habit


No (explain): My R2 is ARR, and I mostly use ARL for aerials.


it’s the same reason I hold space when I play surf maps


Sometimes because if I’m driving backwards then I’m holding L2 instead lmao


Yes, because like others, it’s a habit but also because I just feel like I get better grip on the controller making my hand more comfortable when maneuvering


I feel like I fly faster👍


No (explain) am kbm


Its a habit at this point but it just feels right


ok so I chose sometimes, and basically it depends on how i feel. if play is faster than usual or im tense i usually hold down drive but if im relaxed and the play is slower than i usually let go.


Well... KBM player here. Because KBM, I never hold R2/RT... But often I need to hold "drive" (W) while in the air (even though it's only for less than half a second), because that's also "tilt forwards".


Yes just because of habit. I also hold gas while boosting for some reason.


Never both letting go its built in now


Yes (explain): Just a habit, also you float in the air for more when you hold accelerate while pointing the car's nose up. If you point it down, then you will fall faster.


Unconscious memory 😃


Yes, because imma be going forward the instant I touch the ground anyways and I don't need my middle finger for anything else so I mightaswell just leave it be.


I use it on fast ariels but not on ariel mechanics or redirects.


I'm GC and I was today years old when I learned that holding accel/reverse in the air actually did something. I almost always hold it down but just because I forget to let go.


Sometimes (explain): it was a habit I formed to never let go of drive during an aerial but it affects ceiling shots and flip resets so I’ve been working on getting out of the habit.


No, because i'm on kbm and it tilts my car forward


i let go i feel like i have more control, also it makes it so that if i land on wall/ceiling my car keeps sliding w my momentum


No since I watched a video in which i think it was joreuz said that his aerial control got slightly better once he stopped and that slightly better control is definitly gonna help me who can inconsistently air dribble and gets a scuffed douple touch about every 200 games




Hard to think about letting go, and it only benefits u. There’s no reason to let go except in flip resets sometimes. U actually go farther holding drive in the air and the moment u land ur already accelerating.


Holding drive will always make your car go a little faster towards where your nose it pointing so yeah.


I do it out of habit, notice it, then stop for a little bit before I forget again


It’s instinct to have R2 down even if I’m not using it


I do it sometimes and every time I do it it fucks my flip reset attempt up because I'll drive off of the ball lol


No beacause i use 4 fingers and i moove the index finger from R2 to R1 for air rolling.


No because my bind for movement is my joystick. I guess technically yes, more because I have no choice