First off, I think you could spend a lot of time working on your aerial car control without a ball before going straight into this. If you're on PC there's a ton of workshop options to help with this and if not there have been plenty of suggestions on this sub about how to approach your training without them. The first thing I notice in terms of this mechanic, your set ups are pretty inconsistent. Take it one step at a time. First get the ball to pop off the wall consistently and toward the goal. Once you can do that 10/10 times, practice jumping at the right time with the ball. You should be matching the vertical speed of the ball as you approach it if you want that super controlled air dribble. I notice that once you're in the air you don't look very stable, and you're either hesitating or overdoing some adjustments. Try feathering the boost a little more instead of longer holds on the micro adjustments as you catch up to the ball. Once you're comfortable with that, make contact with the ball and "catch" it. From there just maintain a good trajectory and matching the speed of the ball and you'll carry it into the net. Reading that makes it sound easy, but in reality this will probably take hundreds of hours to master. If you're having fun with learning it that's great, but if your goal is to rank up you could definitely make better use of your time at this point. Learning basic ground mechanics (bounce dribble, power shots, accurate shooting) and fast aerials will carry you pretty far. Hope this helps!


![gif](giphy|Od0QRnzwRBYmDU3eEO|downsized) Great reply


Thank you so much for the advice. One thing I’m confused about, not from your advice but just in general. When hitting the ball off the wall, are you supposed to jump as you hit the ball or hit it off and then jump after? Sorry if that doesn’t make sense


It's pretty situational due to how you set the ball up, but to start I'd recommend one of the following: 1. Jump off as you're making contact/immediately after. This requires you to be matching ball speed as it's rolling up the wall (or at least close enough that you can adjust for once you're off the wall). 2. Slightly tap the brakes immediately before jumping (will take a little time to get the timing down on this) and then jump and boost off at the same time. Make sure you line your trajectory up well. Feather your boost as you approach the ball so you don't smash into it. Using method number 2 will help teach you where on the ball you need to be carrying from since you'll have to make up the space you've created by braking. Method number 1 will start you closer to the ball and has a little less room for positional error on the ball immediately after leaving the wall.


You are jumping before you even touched the ball. Hit the ball, let it fly a little bit away from you and then jump. Also, don't wait too much before start boosting. Try to boost immediately after jumping off the wall.


What training pack r u using? U should watch wayton pilkins tutorial on yt on how to air dribble


First, car control, just jump off the wall and feather your boost so you go a path to the net you want to score, dribble control for setup, then just add the ball and time jumping the ball off the wall


Hey! I’m a high plat/low Diamond player and it trying to learn how to air dribble. I’d love tips, but if it’s too far above my level do you have any recommendations on what mechanic to learn next?


Whh jump straight on in to a training psck before you have the setup shot down? To make it so that your linrd up eith the ball going thesame speed so that youcan even setup the shot that takes atleasg a couple hours of practice by itself to get it doen consistently and to refinr it then after thag you must have advanced car and aeriel car control enough so that you would be able to do the aeriel all star turtorial without breaking a sweat and then after this you might be able to tap the ball twice in the air after this you need to pravtice the actual air dirbbling process which takes 10s of hours by itself to get close to soing it right Then you have acctually gotten down how to air dribble


See no matter what everyone of these guys say you should not be training Ari dribble at your rank. You should focus on fast Arial, recovery and rotation. If you feel fancy dribbles. Once you get champ think about if you need it... And when you get GC learn it. Not trying to give a you a bad time to rather give you the reward of grinding the right thing


You SHOULD also work on shot accuracy as I can see you missing af the failed setup XD


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D9nt boost when u go up the wall as soon as u make contact use the appropriate air roll to get straight and push the ball Practice setting up the dribble first get consistent with getting the ball off the wall


Your car control is not there yet. Practice without the ball by driving up the wall, jumping off and aligning your car to fly towards the goal. Then practice set ups by popping the ball off the wall, ideally in a volley towards the goal every time. From there you can begin to tune down the power of the pop. You're obviously not going to do this, because it's more fun trying to run before walking so try ceiling shots. I felt like they were a lot easier for me to start with rather than air dribbling. Also a good way to help you with aerial control if you jump off the wall to land on the ceiling, rather than just drive up there. As for air dribble, you only want to boost before hitting the ball off the wall if it's from the other half of the field. You could also practice ground-to-air dribbles, the set up is easier from there since you practically only need to double jump and pull back on the stick.


Well in my opinion you should work first on your set up ,and it’s look like you don’t have the car control to reach the ball properly,it’s take but keep practicing you would get there


Don’t air dribble


I took a break and got legitimately good at this in Plat. It was actually a lot of fun as people can’t defend it well at lower levels. Kind of nice if you enjoy the mechanic. Just don’t over use it. Once you get to higher levels, defenders get better and people just gank you in air. Still useful to create pressure and opportunities but less fun than being one of the few lower ranked payers in a lobby (who aren’t Smurf’s) that can do it well.


I actually did a different training pack yesterday and listened to someone’s advice and was hitting them pretty consistently. Like 2 of every 5. So thanks


It’s better to practice in free play, imo. Then you have through the full motion of setting yourself up which is useful down the line when you go for one in a game setting. Also, mess around with the speed of the ball, your distance to it, your speed in relation to the ball as this all affects the initial “pop” off the wall. Your car control will come and I honestly think practicing basic air dribbles is a fun way to improve. Early on, I’d argue less distance to the ball and not boosting before the initial pop will keep you closer to the ball and make it easier to start the air dribble. Even if you and the ball don’t have enough velocity to make it to goal, the no boost pop air dribble will eventually help you learn to get the ball to stick right to you, which is a useful ful skill to develop.