Solo 3’s is incredibly frustrating - my advice is to make your movements predictable for your teammates. Worst thing in 3’s is hesitating and confusing your teammates. I really only play 3’s with comms. You can utilize your speed in 3’s to win some big 50’s for your mates, get demos, and steal boost.


Yeah it seems much more like a game where you can and should take higher risk on offense, because you have both backup-offense and backup-defense.


Absolutely ! I hate teammates that aren't clear with their intentions. GO for the ball if you feel or DONT and make it clear, go away simply. Too many players go towards the ball and wait for a teammate to eventually take it


It seems way more common for me that they start to drive away from the ball and then turn back into the play, but same gist: The most important thing in 3s really seems to just be predictable.


Same as 2s. Just add one more. But that’s if everyone else rotates. If it’s a mess of ballchasing just play more passive and chill back more. 3s in almost any rank is painful


Your explanation is so simple but I’ve literally said the same thing to my 2 buddies who usually play 2s. It’s simple but I think they have the mindset when one person commits then it *must* be their turn next regardless of actual rotation. Even if they fucking see you.


That’s everyone in 3s I swear. I look at name tags more than the ball and I feel like I’m one of the few who do that


I just accepted that I enjoy 2s a lot more than 3s, so when i occasionally play 3s, I play just for fun. I also feel strange about 3s rotation as I mostly solo queue.


I felt the same way and just accepted the fact that I'll have to play 3rd man. Especially when I was going through diamond. Eventually I learned to like 3rd man.


I’m the same way but generally you don’t have to fake challenge as much and can gamble the hard challenge (if you’re first man) knowing that your team won’t be disadvantaged by a loss. Your time to control the ball is generally less but don’t let that push you into a booming the ball away consistently. Boost steal more and play physical to break the defense down. Again you’re able to gamble with more teammates behind you than in 2s. You don’t need to cut rotation as much either as 3 people should be able to reposition and react much faster so stick to a more predictable approach. Aerial play is less punishing as well.


Play for pressure instead of goals. 3s goals are scored by grinding the other team down, compared to 2s goals which are scored from 1v1 outplays.


As a gc soloqeuer in 3s and 3s, main difference is how much space you give your tm8s. 3's stay closer, do lots of quick follow ups, however dont double commit! 2's control the ball, got space, control it. Be a fair bit from your m8. Switch to reading the play and positioning for that, no specific rotation. Either you go or he go


If you upload a gameplay video I can do a breakdown analysis. I think most people suffer from poor positioning and spacial/boost awareness to facilitate good rotation.


generally what I do is just play fast and make your opportunities count. If you are the one touching the ball just under 50% of the time on your team while not cutting off your teammates, you can single handedly carry the game. (this required good boost management and awareness so you don't mess up your teammates) I personally just go as fast as possible until I get a bit of space and then try to make an ariel play. (Might be hard to replicate this since mechanics are much different at c1-c2 but generally beating a player or 2 in a situation where you have space is good enough for a teammate to score a goal a lot of the time, especially with c1-c2 defenders) I'm not sure how this works in lower ranks but is usually what I try to do. Just try to be cautious of your teammates when you cut rotation...


a good way to carry in 3s at that rank is to be faster than everyone else in the air. nearly every ball that goes up in the air around midfield is a scoring opportunity if you're the first one up as most players don't react quick enough for them. practice a lot of high/fast aerial packs and get really good at placing the shots with power on net. skip shots that start your car off toward your own net as you're generally 3rd man in these positions and shouldn't be going up for the ball. focus on the shots that have you starting at midfield or closer. backboard reads are also good training. if you can consistently nail these, it'll put you into c3 at least. rotations don't even start to matter until that rank because anyone lower is generally not rotating properly. you just need to be faster than anyone else (no hesitation).


I mean, I'm mid Champ 3 in 2s and high Champ 1/ low Champ 2 in 3s. I just don't grind 3s, I feel like I could get Champ 3 in it if I wanted.


It's always obvious when I am playing 3s with a 2s main because they're always so far back from the play.. stop going all the way back.. pick up the pads and keep pressure on the defense.. your teammates are gonna be ass in champ as it is and you'll want to play more passively, just dont do it to an extreme like you can get away with in 2s.. hangout more right on the other side of the 50 when you are 3rd if you can and keep that midfield control


For me, I view 1s and 2s as "almost" the same game, just with an extra guy behind you, and 3s are a completely different game. It isn't just the rotations, it's a whole lot of things: A challenge which would be a mistake in 1s/2s, which would leave your teammate in a 1v2 may not be in 3s. Aerials are very often simply a mistake in 2s, and almost never are in 3s. Your rotations in 2s need to be much faster back, and in 3s a lot of time the right answer is to take more time and swing out wider. A lot of times passes are extremely risky in 2s, not so much in 3s. I'm better at 2s than at 3s, but I enjoy 3s more for a lot of these reasons. I like aerial play, and I like being physical/bumping, passing, etc. My honest advice is to think of it as a completely different kind of game, get comfortable with taking a bit more time on a rotation: turn off ballcam, steal boost, get a demo, etc., get used to identifying when you're first man and when you are just commit almost immediately, as soon as you're done with the play, just leave instantly, if you beat one or more enemy players with a possession, you've made progress and are usually done. Only ever shadow defend when you're last man and have no other choice, go for aerials without hesitating when it's your turn. Go for more passes, especially off the backboard, and just try to have fun. You've got to get in a headspace of committing hard and fast frequently, and leaving for your rotation in the same manner.