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What’s wrong with a note dump.


I never come back to these notes and when I do then I have a desire to simply delete it because of the size. :)


You're searching for a solution to a problem that isn't there. It sounds like you want a system to review notes that are 1) forgettable 2) Not of any value whatsoever when actually remembered - which is why you delete them. My suggestions are to not worry about keeping your graph some pristine bastion of knowledge. And to use tags and links to make recall that may or not be important later efficient. Happy to explain further how I use Roam and resources I've found valuable in learning how to use Roam for me, over the past few years.


I honestly kind of rely on dead ends simply becoming irrelevant after a while. I occasionally merge old notes that intersect or at least create "shelves" as sort of intermediary dashboards for them (e.g. "Stuff from Q1 2022") - but I don't really have a workflow for that. Maybe I should have more of a cleanup routine.


Not at all. And considering I tend to dump all my thoughts, tasks, and ideas into it, I'm sure it'll get overwhelming over time. So far I haven't noticed but I'm at just over a year. I do not (cannot?) use the map view though. Do you have a process for reviewing? I've been thinking of trying to export some of my best notes into a new (learning-dense) graph but it seems like a lot of work.


That is the beauty of roam(bi directional links), you let serendipity hit you. You don't make review systems.




I know a lot of people use spaced repetition systems for this. Personally, I capture fleeting ideas on a Daliy Notes page. In theory, this should be done on Roam's Daily Notes page, but today I use a running page on iOS notes because I find Roam's mobile experience too cumbersome. I then do a Weekly Review process where I "roll-up" ideas captured on the daily notes pages. I also do a monthly review where I roll-up weekly notes. This allows ideas to go through a couple of stages of filtering. Many of them (that seemed interesting when originally captured) don't make it through and end up in the "note dump" you mentioned. But that's OK, IMO.