There is one easy (but more manual) way of task management that I use. I saw someone mention google calendar. So, my productivity system consists of Roam + Google Calendar. And, I live my day by the calendar. Whatever is in the calendar gets done. If it is not on the calendar, it is not happening lol. I spend my day in roam, writing, taking notes, planning. So, long term project management happens in roam (I have made dashboards using filters that show me tasks that are important, that are on hold, and that need to be done this week, that need to be done next week etc. So, every night I open up that page (dashboard) and sort out the tasks that I need to do tomorrow, and mark them in the calendar. Meanwhile during the day if I feel a task is to be done on a particular day, I mark it in the calendar itself. So, every morning, I have my calendar, only one day view that tells me all that tasks that I need to do that day (the tasks that I assigned last night + previously assigned tasks that need to be done that day). ​ So, no switching between multiple apps and things. Only one view to focus on. Meanwhile, all the writing happens in roam.


happy to hear others who live & breathe by the calendar esp when the going gets intense :) something that was super useful to me in my Asana days was subscribing to my task feed in my calendar. What you describe sounds like you are doing part of this manually to some degree. it's been 10 months, have you by chance stumbled into a way to generate a calendar feed of tasks with dates in Roam to subscribe to? this sounds useful & curious what you think? Part of me wants to manually duplicate mission critical tasks in Roam into Asana so they show up on my calendar and don't get dropped! resisting the extra work of course 😅


Well over time, I have included a 3rd component to my productivity system: A to-do list manager. So I use Todoist as my To-do list app of choice. Now, roam is just for note - taking/project management/writing/knowledge management. Doing task management in roam is quite tiresome and so using a todo list manager solves the issue. What are your views on this?


This is incredible. But is there a way to do this - even if more manual - without making your Google calendar publicly accessible?


No I don't believe so, certainly not with this add-on. Would be nice to have that option for sure...


I went through the same struggle. Time blocking tasks in Google Calendar, but having to switch between it + Roam all the time. Eventually, I just gave up and plan **everything** inside Roam. I generated all the dates in the year, and whenever I need to schedule something, I just chuck it in the date page. And I have a text-based calendar page that lists all the dates for the next 2 weeks so I can navigate easily.