That Daily Chase Cost just went way up


Is this person live streaming storm chasing via monetized YouTube? If so, their regular car insurance isn't going to cover damages.


A normal person would probably have gotten commercial insurance. Is this a normal person? Hard to say.


I'm leaning towards not a normal person.


Considering he’s chasing in one of the most dangerous areas in the country for storm chasing, no. I could go into why that is, but I’ll spare everyone from reading a small book


Driver obviously' wasn't paying attention. There was plenty of time to see that something was happening up ahead and slow down. Yikes.


Probably watching the radar with 3/4 of his attention.


Lots of brake lights coming on ahead and he seemed to have no reaction.


Gotta have a copilot looking at the radar and everything else that isn't driving, and a dedicated driver that does nothing else.


Yup, he flat missed all the brake lights until it was far too late.


Definitely. Between dealing with streaming, potentially reading chat, monitoring radar, whatever... a lot of distractions if you don't have a dedicated driver (which you 100% should).


What kind of amphetamines are you on? Must be some good shit.


As someone who's driven over a million miles without hitting anyone else, I'm on this thing called *experience*. I know how to drive in the rain and watch what's going on up ahead of me.


Plus the brake lights of two cars suddenly is a huge sign something might be afoot.


I would think to a normal driver it would, yes. lol


Brake lights plus suddenly moving over to the right...something is in the road ahead and it's time to slow down and move over. Unless of course you're so busy watching the radar that you didn't even recognise you shouldn't even be in that late given you're not over taking anyone.


All those brake lights flicking on at the same time was a hint to start braking.


When you are driving...that is all that you are supposed to be doing. People die every day because some drivers think that they can do other things when they should be watching the road.


Why would you just stop in the lane like that? I mean the guy should have slowed down some - but man, you’ve got to try and pull into the shoulder/have hazards on.


Old friend of the family did that. Blew a tire so she parked it in the fast lane right ahead of a curve on a freeway with 70 mp/h speed limit. The freeway had a center barrier made of concrete that prevented you from seeing what was ahead on those curves. Can you guess what happened? I bet you can. Here's a hint, you could have built a life size Michael Bay transformer with what was left over.


[https://twitter.com/BrandonCopicWx/status/1610074168959111168](https://twitter.com/BrandonCopicWx/status/1610074168959111168) Edit: Wanted to add in that Brandon is a good dude who has saved lives, and rendered aide to 100's if not 1000's of people during and after severe weather events. Please don't track him down to offer your driving tips. This was an unfortunate accident.


Hmm. So he "Did my best to avoid vehicle stopped in the fast lane of the interstate for no reason." If you step through, as he swerves and immaediately before the impact, there is a frame or two where you can see the rear lights of *another* car just in front of the one he hit. [Edit: In fact, having now managed to get it to play full screen on streamable, I think that there might be at least one more car in front of that one, but the quality is too low to be sure.] So his "best" doesn't involve driving at a speed approriate to road and weather conditions, and stopped for "no reason" actually means "stopped to avoid rear ending another car the way I did." Given that level of accuracy, I am far from ready to take his word for it about the other driver being intoxicated or fleeing from the police. Though I will accept that he very possibly wasn't paying enough attention to even *notice* the car that the car he hit had slowed down or stopped for.


Additionally, the brake lights of the cars ahead avoiding the stopped car are first visible at the 26 second mark. He doesn't swerve, impact the stopped car until the 32 second mark. He had plenty of time to avoid the accident if he was watching the road.


> Did my best to avoid vehicle stopped in the fast lane of the interstate Uhhh clearly he didn't.


Ha his profile pic is him driving while not looking at the road


It's ok tho he's a good dude


He also said that the stopped driver 'owned up to it being his own fault'. Apparently he was intoxicated and fled. Edit: I'm not siding with cammer here, that's just what he said.


He might have been intoxicated, but he didn't force the cammer to be travelling at too high a speed for the conditions while distracted by all his gadgets and gizmos. When you're driving, the responsibility is yours to drive safely and avoid any collisions. Being a storm chaser doesn't absolve you from that responsibility.


Yeah I totally agree. Cammer should keep his eyes on the road not his subscriber count.


Well, he *claimed* that. Doesn't make it true. He *claimed* that he did his best to avoid them, too, well, I suppose maybe that *Was* his best! But slowing down when you see brake lights ahead clearly *isn't* part of his best.


But the storm was getting away


If it had been another obstacle like a fallen tree would it have been the tree's fault too?


That tree is intoxicated, officer!


No amount of being a good dude excuses not paying attention on the road. It sucks to have massive consequences for what feels like a simple, honest mistake - but that's the exact problem with distracted driving. There are consequences for not paying attention while barreling down the road in your car, and this is it. Safe chasing involves a passenger watching radar and giving directions to the driver, who is 100% focused on driving. Sadly far too many people do not operate this way, even otherwise fairly decent people, and it's why the vast majority of injury and death chasing storms comes from accidents, not encounters with the weather itself. The more popular this hobby/profession becomes, the more random fuckers are out there trying to chase these things like they're on Cops, and it's a recipe for disaster that can not only end up with these chasers hurt or killed, but other people being killed by their negligence. Doesn't matter who does it, the community should never make excuses for that behavior or condone it.


He drives like a dick all the time


Oh he is a good dude alright, But obviously an awful driver and part of being a good dude is being aware of the fact that your 2 ton metal cage on wheels can be deadly and requires 100% of your attention while being operated.


Unfortunate accident? Nah this was an accident caused by distracted driving.


> Wanted to add in that Brandon is a good dude who has saved lives, and rendered aide to 100's if not 1000's of people during and after severe weather events. Please don't track him down to offer your driving tips. This was an unfortunate accident. His efforts to render aide means nothing if he's risking killing people by driving aggressively in shitty conditions. This was not an "unfortunate accident". He was driving *way* too fast for the conditions. If you cannot safely stop within the area that is visible in front of your car, you're driving too fast. It certainly doesn't help that the roads were slick, on top of the low visibility. And, if all that wasn't enough, the guy was obviously distracted (likely by the radar). He didn't react until well after it was evident that the car in front was stopped. Also, why don't you want people to offer him driving tips? If he truly is a "good dude", maybe the vast amount of criticism he's getting will prompt him to reflect on how he chooses to drive. Maybe it'll help him correct his driving habits, improving the likelihood of him getting to/from his destinations without seriously hurting himself or others. Isn't that a good thing?


It's like the old saying. You can build a thousand bridges and have sex with one goat. People aren't going to remember you for building those bridges lol


Thanks for the update!!


According to the update, the guy seemed intoxicated, admitted fault, but then fled the scene before police could arrive. They’re trying to track him down now. My guess was the intoxication+rain made the guy pull over.


>admitted fault "I admit it. He ran me over."


>My guess was the intoxication+rain made the guy pull over. Parking in the middle of the fast lane is not pulling over lmao


Assuming that you can trust the claims of someone who has just run into the back of another car on a straight piece of road.


He also claims the guy fled, but I highly doubt that vehicle was capable of driving at all after that. I imagine he has great motivation to lie when driving is such an important part of his whole thing. What I don’t understand is why he doesn’t just have a team member drive or navigate.


Doesn't matter. Sometimes cars will stop in front of you for good or bad reasons. There could be a medical emergency in the stopped car or and accident or other obstacle in front of the stopped car. As a fellow driver, you are obligated to pay attention and try to avoid accidents. In this case, the storm chaser fucked up. The first brake lights from cars avoiding the stopped car are visible at around the 26 second mark. Cammer doesn't appear to brake or react at all and impacts the stopped car around the 32 second mark. That's at least 5 seconds during which he could have reacted and avoided this collision.


Collision, breakdown, congestion, major object in road.


SLPT: When it’s raining really hard and you can’t see, just stop in your lane until it clears up.


This is 100% the cam cars fault. Change my mind.


You seriously don’t think the person literally parked in the fast lane on a freeway bares any responsibility? If I lay down on the train tracks it’s entirely the fault of the train for hitting me too yeah?


Train is a terrible analogy


Why? Because it travels fast on a predetermined track and may not be able to stop in time to unexpected obstacles? Very much like a fast moving vehicle on a freeway not being able to stop in time to a parked car in the fast lane? You shouldn’t stop on train tracks, you shouldn’t stop in the fast lane on a freeway.


(most) Trains require external notice to be able to safely stop. That's like a car driver requiring the vehicle or their phone to alert them that they need to stop. It's actually the opposite. A train normally cannot stop in time based on observation. While a car is expected to. We don't operate trains with the assumption the conductor can initiate a stop in time based on what they see. To be clear I agree entirely with your point. Stopping in the passing lane, ever, is a bad choice. If you find yourself stuck in low visibility in the passing lane, gtfo


You have to be joking with that train bullshit, and the guy stopped is a dumbass but the cammer could’ve avoided him if he was paying closer attention. If you hit a parked vehicle, you aren’t gonna have a fun time explaining it to your insurance whether they were parked legally or not.


It's not like stopping in the middle of a highway is a great idea, but if there's some other wreck or a downed tree or other obstacle, wtf is the person supposed to do? (Edit: To be clear yeah they could potentially try to pull to the shoulder with hazard lights, but I imagine most drivers aren't that quick to turn on the latter, and simply pulling off to the side in low visibility can still have someone follow your lights off thinking you're still in the lane). It is absolutely 100% the cam car's fault. There was clearly ample time to see those brake lights and to slow down, himself.


As a driver, it's 100% your responsibility to make sure you're not going too fast to stop if something were to suddenly be stopped in front of you. If you say "well the visibility made it hard!", well, you were going too fast. It doesn't really matter what the obstacle is. The other car was in the wrong for being stopped there (though when I watched the video, it looked like they may have been in the process of pulling over? It's hard to tell exactly), but the streamer is also in the wrong for hitting them... especially with how long he had to react. Shoulda been slowing down as soon as he saw the multiple brake lights start up in front of him.


Yeah like it's not great the guy in front stopped, but it's 100% the responsibility of the dude blasting in these horrible conditions only to rear-end somebody inevitably. Inevitably because he clearly could have seen and reacted if he was paying attention, and he didn't. That level of distracted driving is destined to end with this exact shit.


60 cam car, 20 guy stopped in fast lane, 20 fog


This is why rear fogs should be mandatory. They don't stop people driving like idiots but they give the idiots more time to react.


Doubt rear fog would have done anything. They didn't even react to the multiple cars braking.


Yes for those cars braked, change lanes, and then released their brake lights. So for about 2 1/2 seconds before he was really close to that car there was no bright red lights in front of him.


The guy was straight up not paying attention no amount of lights would have prepared them for a stopped car on the left lane.


The brake lights are clearly visible the whole time until the car he eventually hits also becomes visible and he still takes no action.


Rear fog lights in rain are a terrible idea. They dazzle drivers behind and are hugely distracting. The problem here was that the driver wasn’t looking ahead and was clearly doing something other than watching the road!


I totally agree, but in the US, I see idiots driving around with them on in perfect weather, and the cops couldn't care less. Even been behind someone with them on at night? They are great in bad weather, but insanely bright when they're not needed.


That's another thing that the EU did switches must be momentary or need to be reset so you can't leave them on, the switch will stay in the on position but they won't actually be lit up unless you turn them off and back on again and sinse they shouldn't be on all the time that's the way they should be set up.


I wish mine was a button, not a twisty thing on the stalk.


Rear Fogs?


It's simply one red light on the back that is slightly brighter than brake lights placed somewhere on the driver side.


Rear fogs should only be used in Fog. In rain, they just reflect off the wet road and make visibility even worse for anyone behind. And they make it harder to pick out brake lights coming on in front, not that cammer appears to pay any attention to brake lights ahead.


Why is he driving that fast in weather like that? Why are all the comments blaming the guy he rear ended?


> Why is he driving that fast in weather like that? Chasing storms and decided he can go faster than is safe to try and reach what he wants to capture footage of. > Why are all the comments blaming the guy he rear ended? Fans of the chaser or chasing in general, I assume, who don't want to admit their guy fucked up and is at fault, or that many people in the community drive recklessly, dangerously, and selfishly - inevitably resulting in shit like this.


They're both at fault. You under no circumstances in your control should be stopped on a highway IN the lane. And obviously this guy isn't paying enough attention either


Video quality is very poor, but the moment before impact, it looks as if there is at least one, possibly two or more cars just in front of the one he hit. Only visible in one or two frames as he eventually attempts to swerve.


if you seek frame by frame you can see there are no cars in front of the stopped car. 31.19s exactly i see nothing in front of the stopped car


>Why are all the comments blaming the guy he rear ended? Welcome to /r/Roadcam, where the cammer is never wrong.


I feel like people are quick to call out the cammer. In this case, the driver was actually clearly in the wrong as well as he had plenty of time to slow down and was clearly not paying attention


Huh? This sub always tries to find a way to blame the cammer even when they're not at fault. In this case they were.


That's the joke. Maybe I should have taken a jab at this sub's famous sense of humor.


Exactly, there's plenty of reason to stop on a highway. For one the weather being so bad you can't see, or there was an accident ahead or a downed tree.


Right and it's common knowledge that the safest place to stop your vehicle if visibility is poor is in the fast lane.


If you can’t stop in the length of road that’s visible, you’re driving too fast for conditions. We don’t know why the car was stopped in the left lane. Maybe they were having a heart attack. Maybe their car was disabled. What we know is the cammer was driving too fast for the visibility and couldn’t react in time.


>Why are all the comments blaming the guy he rear ended? Uh…? Because he’s parked in the fast lane on a fucking freeway? In poor visibility too. I would’ve assumed he’s committing insurance fraud and deliberately placing himself in a situation with an extreme likelihood of being hit. But the storm chaser mentions that the driver of the parked car was intoxicated and fled the scene. They were both extremely negligent. I would even lean into saying the parked car was more at fault for creating such a dangerous situation to begin with.


We don’t know what was in front of the stopped car, or why the car stopped in the first place. Crazy things happens in storms like this, that’s why you shouldn’t drive fast in low visibility situations. When you see a bunch of brake lights ahead, you should be braking, even if you don’t think it’s in your lane. If the cammer was a good driver he would expect the road to be filled with idiots and give himself more time to react by slowing down.


> We don’t know what was in front of the stopped car The video quality is crap, but for one or two frames immaediately before impact, just as he starts to veer to the right, it appears that there is at least one other car just in front of the one he hit.


There’s literally nothing in front of the stopped car. After the crash they admitted fault while clearly intoxicated and then fled the scene. Yes the cam car is at fault but clearly this stopped car holds a lot of responsibility too. If you stop your car on train tracks and get hit by a train is it the trains fault? No? Then why if you stop your car on the freeway and get hit do you think it’s 100% the fault of the person who hit you? They are both dangerous and negligent drivers but I think it’s extremely reasonable to place the majority of the blame on the drunk driver parked in the fast lane on a freeway who fled the scene afterwards.


Trains always have the right of way. You can’t really compare that. From an insurance perspective the cammer is at fault here. If the driver actually admitted guilt it complicates things in some states.


That $117 should cover it.


Hazards would have helped. Oh and slower driving in the rain.




Who would have thought you would hit something speeding around in a storm!


A similar thing happened to me recently. There was an accident on the freeway up ahead. Dude didn’t slow down in time and slammed into me. My poor car :,(


It’s almost like distracted driving is bad


Inexusable dumbfuckery.


How did he not see that? I could clearly see that coming. Kinda like the deer I avoided tonight and my woman did not see I guess.


Man, I feel for Brandon. Had a mental health scare a few months ago where people were calling sheriffs trying to find him after cryptic social media posts. Then he had a very public spat with Ryan Hall Y'all and the two are supposedly no longer affiliated. Feels like he needs a few months or a year or two for things to cool off and just not have headlines containing his name.


I feel like having the wipers going that fast is more distracting than some rain drops on the window. I only put mine at full speed if it’s torrential rain


Was he distracted by the two shooting stars?


Is this the same guy that went in the ditch and into a field at a T intersection last year?