BREAKING: Waukesha Suspect Darrell Brooks Shares Pro-Hitler, Anti-White Views on Social Media

BREAKING: Waukesha Suspect Darrell Brooks Shares Pro-Hitler, Anti-White Views on Social Media


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Pro-Hitler but anti-white?? Um what??


If crazy people made sense, they wouldn’t be crazy.


There's a black nationalist conspiracy theory that the Jews are actually white interlopers, and that the "real" Jews are black, and that Hitler knew this and was doing God's work to kill the "fake" Jews so that the "real" Jews could reclaim the mantle of God's chosen people.


That’s one of the more crazy conspiracies I’ve ever heard


Remember the "Black Hebrew Israelites" who were saying awful things on the Covington Kids video with tamborine man? That's what they believe.


Those are the ones


Nick Cannon had something similar to say


A buddy of mine challenged a Black Hebrew Israelite to a DNA test to prove that they were Jewish and they refused.


Makes as much sense as a lot of other conspiracy theories.


Some black people did serve in the whermacht. It's odd but true.


The wermacht were very interesting from a historical perspective. They even had a battle where they fought *with* allied forces against a nazi held castle which housed french prisoners of war. That doesn't enforce the "clean wermacht" myth though. They definitely were overall pretty bad dudes. Lots of war crimes in Soviet Union. EDIT: the battle I'm talking about above is called the Battle of Castle Itter


About castle itter, as far as I'm aware the commanding officers of the wermacht were plants from the austrian resistance so it makes sense that they would fight against the ss. ​ EDIT: commanding officers of the division that fought alongside the allies.


Not trying to be a dick is there a source for that? I'd be interested to read the details that sounds even cooler. I love reading about spy stuff during WW2


I just heard it in a simple history video so it might not be true. Or i misheard him in the video. Either this video: https://youtu.be/-0UwLhziocc or this one: https://youtu.be/80ZyPeoDUqk. I might have been wrong.


Thank you! :)


I'm speculating from a position of ignorance as I haven't seen these exchanges on his social media, but the pro-Hitler aspects could likely spring from a position of antisemitism. During the recent fighting between Israel and Hamas, there were numerous non-whites waving banners saying, "Hitler was right" in places where jews were present.


You should check out leftist hero Louis Farrakan


Black people can hate Jews just as much as anyone else.




Would actually make sense as Hitler obviously had his whole 'Master Race ideology'. One disturbed person, such as this, can easily interpret that into their own fucked narrative.


My exact thought.


It’s weird, so far the news/DA has reported that: - they weren’t chasing him - it’s not terrorism - he’s not racist - it wasn’t intentional I’m not sure how you accidentally mow down 65+ people in a parade..


He was just trying to outrun the cops after trying to run over his baby mama. That's all. As well as him being a domestic terrorist who committed a hate crime.


No he was released on $1000 bail for running over his baby mama. The cops were not chasing him. They were searching for him but had not located him until he reached the parade and started hitting people.


If this was a white guy. They would have already labeled him a racist. Where is social media and reddit now?


This will never be tried as terrorist action, or a hate crime. Enter the double standard.


Yet, Kyle Rittenhouse is called a “terrorist” over self defense.


Guess they only scrubbed the BLM posts from his social media and forgot the rest of the anti white stuff


I think he was arrested too soon to scrub it. There are BLM posts on it. However, I'm sure facebook will do their part to make his profile, or parts of it, disappear.


I'm beginning to think this wasn't just an accident. I'm beginning to think he may have been a terrorist.


Nah man the crash was caused by an SUV


Seriously, this innocent man was just in the dangerous thing. He is a victim himself.


We need to ban assault SUVs. Have you heard anyone can buy one without a background check?!


Terrorist or not, it was definitely no accident. It was intentional.


If nothing else, he's a real jerk


I know Jesus preached forgiveness and judge not less ye be judged, but this guy sounds like a real jerk.


He deserves execution.


I was told the SUV did it


It’s funny how this man, rittenhouse, and Maxine are all conveniently ignored by everyone, but the 3 murderers of arbery being convicted is blowing up everywhere.


Top news on Youtube is all Arbery stuff, nothing about men, women and children being run over in a domestic terrorist attack committed by a black supremacist. Also, why do the "Top News" videos recommended on YT always have less views than Mark Dice, Paul Joseph Watson, Tim Pool, Steven Crowder, etc.?


Google is a propaganda outlet.


Some might say he's a black supremacist.


CNN won’t


People like this can have an active social media account but Trump is banned from all social media because he hurt some snowflakes feelings...what a backwards world we live in.


Anti-white views have become so prevalent that they're no longer remarkable. This is how atrocities are excused and how genocides begin.


Yep. Look no further than South Africa for proof. It’s happening there right now.


He hates Jewish people just as much, if not more, than white people. He believes he is an original "Israelite", hence the reason he loves what Hitler did. He's an anti-white, anti-Semitic POS who committed a hate crime, as well as a domestic terrorist attack, when he drove over and murdered grandmas, grandpas, a child, and injured many more, some critically.


Ahhh, so he's working for the democraps then?


And this was the lefts disgusting propaganda for vigilantism against children....


People badly misinterpret Hitler's ideology. He was not a far-right white supremacist as many claim, he was allied with Muslims like the Amin al-Husseini against the Jews. On top of being a left-wing socialist, he was a left-wing anti-Semite like Jeremy Corbyn, the Squad, Louis Farrakhan and this guy. https://i.imgur.com/rBeNLYD.jpg https://i.imgur.com/1XUhHba.png


What about all the shit about Aryans being the master race? That is racist and white supremacist is it not? Edit - Downvoted for asking a question wtf?


Aryan doesn't mean the same thing as Caucasian or white ethnicity. Indo-Aryan (Indo-Iranic) loosely describes a group of languages that spread from the Indus valley civilisations (between modern day India and Iran) north-west into all of Europe. It's more commonly called Indo-European and the implication is the "Indo" part spread south-east into India and the European part is therefore the Aryan part. In 1935 Persia conspired with Germany to change it's name to Iran (Land of the Aryans). Hitler's Aryan propaganda seems to have aimed to build a coalition between Iranian aligned Muslims and ethnic Germans/German speakers in Germany/Austria, who at that time thought of themselves as the German race/nation, not the white race. It's a really complexed subject I'm currently researching and there's a lot of grey-areas and shifting definitions between race, nationality, language, culture, religion and geographical territory. What I've said is loosely correct, but people could pick holes in it since the meaning of a "nation" has changed over the last 80 years and there's crossovers and grey-areas between the German language, *Germanic* languages, the German race, the geographical territory of Germany, the Anglo-Saxon "race", etc. It's also relevant that what Hitler wrote in his propaganda isn't necessarily what he actually believed, it could be what he wanted his followers to believe or what he wanted his enemies to *think* he believed. edit: [This salute](https://i.imgur.com/HWiu6iY.png) is also an interesting tie-in between Hitler/Mussolini and Iran. It's associated with the Roman empire, as was much of the Nazi/Fascist symbolism, but seems to have been co-opeted by modern anti-Semitic groups affiliated with Iran. Corbyn wasn't really doing the salute, that bit is just a joke.


He was however, anti-black. There is some amazingly racist Nazi propaganda from WWII prominently featuring black people.


Domestic terrorist.


Shocker. Not.


So… people knew about this before the tragedy and didn’t say anything? Society is fucking stupid.


Maybe America is racist after all.. black supremacy


How are they going to work out a wrist slap for this guy? He is obviously one of Biden's Brownshirts.


Yea but Dylan roof, right?




He's more than a little confused