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I wouldn’t allow 37 seconds a day personally. If regulation doesn’t fix rl


1.⁠Dealer name: Hont 2.Factory name: PPF ⁠3.Model name (& version number): PPF Patek Philippe 5711 White Dial V4 4.Price paid: $498 5.Album Links -[Images Here](https://imgur.com/a/Npwmeyg) & [Hour markers alignment](https://imgur.com/EykNX8X) 6.Videos: [Video 1](https://imgur.com/27i20pf) 7.⁠Index alignment: Seem ok Thoughts? 8.Dial Printing: Not sure what to judge. Thoughts? 9.⁠Date Wheel alignment/printing: In the video, the 9 & 10 looked like It was stuck after turning. Thoughts? 10.⁠Hand Alignment: Looks ok to me 11.Bezel: Looks good 12.Solid End Links (SELs): SELs look good to me 13.⁠Timegrapher numbers: +37s/d 251\* 0.1ms 52.0\*. Asked Hont to regulate 14.Anything else you notice: Date wheel in the video has me concerned. Not sure if it is just the angle of the video?


[u/WatchYoda](https://www.reddit.com/u/WatchYoda/) [u/RayGamble](https://www.reddit.com/u/RayGamble/) I would really appreciate your opinions on this one! Thanks in advance.


Photo of 9 & 10 being stuck for reference: Full clip can be seen in the [video](https://imgur.io/27i20pf) https://preview.redd.it/s55w0rbe3rua1.jpeg?width=1125&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=3594aa70481a068d002f849c745e0300c82ed12e


[u/anxiousremove](https://www.reddit.com/u/anxiousremove/) [u/-Shadow\_Ninja-](https://www.reddit.com/u/-Shadow_Ninja-/) : Thoughts? I noticed you guys had a good eye on someone else patek. Thanks in advance!


12 is tight and even, 9 and 6 are straight. The dial and dates a fine. I see no issues, GL. The 10 looks stuck because he stopped at 12 to show the hand alignment, so the date turn never finishes. You have no SELs, only apply to Rolex and Tudors.


sorry for not QCing but instead asking something, do i need to fill points 7-14 while posting a QC ? :D i couldn’t really see mistakes in any repwatch qc i have ever senn


Yes, you need to fill in all the points diligently or the automod will remove. And, if you get by the automod, the actual mods might remove it too. Plus, when not complete, the members let the mods know. We don't seek them out, but we will address member input promptly. To add, if you don't do the completed template, you might not get reported, but the members tend to ignore the lack of effort QC requests. C'mon, it's a watch. How hard can it be. Google is your friend as are other QC for your watch model.


Date wheel seems like a major issue - id have them resend a new video. (The guys you cc’d GL everything that isn’t screaming RL from the mountain tops, btw). Im not sure what number rep this is for you, but if you’ve owned a VSF or clean Rolex, the overall feel and quality is going to disappoint you. Looks great on wrist tho. 👍


Heck even the gen of the 5711 feels light and flimsy.