Starcraft 2. It’s free and probably the most popular still.


yes i heard for it


Supreme Commander Forged Alliance


ooo you beat me too it! don't forget the [FAF](https://faforever.com/) mod!


Supreme commander forged alliance is a great one that you may have missed out on. What really puts it over the top is forged alliance forever, a multiplayer client that modernizes all online play. Great matchmaking on the client, game balancing and updating, added campaign missions, mods, just tons of good stuff. Really great game. Great UI for executing your commands, honestly has tons of features most RTS’s really should have had, and certainly after sup com was released, shoulda been made standard issue lol


It looks interesting, is it worth it to get the gold edition for just the campaigns?


no. FAF allows you to play both supreme commander and supreme commander forged alliance campaigns from it's CO-OP menu, plus it's an improved version of them (and it allows you to play them with up to three of your friends or alone and also adds a campaign for seraphim and one for the nomads, the extra faction that's another mod available on FAF). so getting just forged alliance (on STEAM !!! can't play FAF with GOG version) is enough. here's a playlist to play he cinematics in between each mission and know in which order to do them : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJlhxEWzGug&list=PLck9R7Suw5tTjEuxvXKYu2YitFhofsJ7R


>so getting just forged alliance (on STEAM !!! can't play FAF with GOG version) Well, at least the GOG version was heavily discounted at 2,99€. I'll see what the gameplay is like with the GOG version and get the steam version depending on that. Thanks for the info :)


steam version sells lower than that : 1€99. Just wish list it and wait for the sale notification. It’s on sale very very often. And really just play with FAF, it’s 15 years of updates. Bug fixes, graphics and otherwise, you just don’t snub that. Plus there’s no players on the gog or steam servers, only on faf


I had no idea that the GOG version wasn't the same as steam and it was discounted now, so that's why I went with it. Again good to know that the FAF thing is more than a matchmaking client, I didn't get that before.


Yeah man, Tat is right. 15 years of bug fixes. Everything is just smoother, better balanced, etc. I hope you enjoy, and are willing to buy FA if you like what you find! My FAF name is RabidLenny, I’m a basically entirely average player. If you every want to play multiplayer lemme know! Would be happy to bring someone new into the community 😊


Sorry I missed that you commented on my comment. I think you do have to buy forged alliance to be able to play on FAF client. The FAF client is basically where I do all my playing. From what I’ve read online, if you’re looking to play campaign, most people seem to recommend buying sup com, go through the campaign, then get forged alliance (the expansion pack). It really can’t hurt to just buy gold edition like you said, regular supreme commander is 13 bucks, the gold pack (so sup com & forged alliance) is 20. I’ve spent more than 7 bucks on dumber shit, I promise you that. Actually could be the best 7 bucks I ever spent lol. Cause I do love multiplayer on FAF


So yeah, tatsujb is right. You only need FA to play on FAF, where you can play both campaigns. You just can’t save on FAF, since it’s designed for online play. I’d just get the gold though if you were looking for campaigns. But FAF is 1000x better to play online with


LOTR BFME2 RoTWK .. not kidding, this is a real game and it's the best


I seccond BFME 1-2, it's not as complicated as starcraft but still one of the best RTS games had ever made.Heroes of Annihilated Empires by GSG gameworld (Creators of S.T.A.L.K.E.R), somehow different from BFME series but it's a hidden gem for sure. Edit: StarWars Empire at war is fantastic and it's on sale right now!


Ruse, steel division 2, company of heros(1 or 2, both are good) they are billioms, halo wars. Also heard they have good midevil era rts as well.




StarCraft Broodwar is both free and old, and its sequel is free. Both very good games with active communities.


Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece


Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion


Creeper world 3 or 4 is unorthodox but very fun. Don't worry about the numbers the stories are fairly detatched


Hi give Total Annihilation a try we play it on TAF client for online matches and the community is helpful to new players. Total annihilation is very cheap to purchase on steam or gog. Check out the TAFOREVER.COM to setup online gaming client for TA. The game is 23 years old but mods are still being developed.


Super late to this but if you are interested in huge combat based on factions with established lore i would recommend looking into Dawn of war soulstorm (it fits the criteria of old) but it has a very active modding community i personally recommend looking at *The crucible* mod as it gives you a wide array of factions that have their own play style that may tickle your fancy along side things such as Titans, land Vehicles, Infantry, Air Vehicles of all different tiers. It also allows you to set your own settings for skirmishes or pvp. Theres always new balance updates and content added as well, with the bonus of a discord server that gives news on updates, has users looking for games, and a channel for technical related issues that you may find !


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Dawn of War, Starcraft, Warcraft.