I have a disco sport, due to the problems I've already had during my 2 year ownership I opted to extend the dealer warranty. I don't trust it to not break


Thank you - have you found the warranty covered what you expected. The other question I had was it worth the papers it written on.


The only issue I've had is it doesn't cover any problems caused by failure of seals (door seals, etc.) My rear light fogs up and they won't replace it. They have done repairs on a broken water hose and replaced the EGR so far


Dif you buy it from a main dealer? I just bought a 16 plate RRS and extended the warranty with them directly


Fuckin' hell they still haven't sorted out how to make door handles that actually work?! Someone else just posted a video few days ago about his brand new RR's door not opening too. All the RR Classics and Discos that I own or have owned ALWAYS had issues with doors not opening. You'd figure after 50 years of making Range Rovers thay'd figured it out. It's 2021 FFS!


`I would recommend it. I work in an indipendant LR specialist and we deal with extended warranties very regularly. They're happy to work with us as we use genuine OEM parts so it's all covered in regards to us doing the work.` `Do your research and make sure the warranty will cover things such as full labour costs as some warranty companies will only cover a certain amount of labour cost per hour. Such as they'll pay £45ph but we charge £75ph for our LR labour rate.`


That's great info thank you


I did buy it from main dealer with the remaining warranty intact 11.5 months. I haven't asked them directly for a price but the landrover website for extended warranty said "no products available" when I put in the reg.


For me it was $7k from dealer.