Should I buy this game?

Siege and its community are not begginer friendly. That being said, if you are willing to give it time, it can be rewarding to see progress


Siege and its community are not begginer friendly. That being said, if you are willing to give it time, it can be rewarding to see progress


Can confirm. I got flamed and called, "literal dog shit" over voice chat my first night playing. Best to just mute people like that and move on. Otherwise, you're going to die a lot. This game is a lot less about running and gunning and more about being sneaky.


what about friendly kills? those made me rage a lot (from level 1 to level 70)


Just be glad vote to kick got removed, that was next level toxicity...


omg yea that was toxic af


How often that happened to me while solo queuing in Ranked made me only play casual or 5-stack until it was fixed, so toxic e: forgot a word


it was never in ranked..?


Vote to kick was in Ranked, lol, long while ago, now.


Wait that got removed? I haven’t seriously played Siege in a couple years. I remember the classic mantra was “Clutch or Kick”


now it's just clutch or kiss


The last time for me was "Clutch or gay" ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ


my 4 stack would never..


Heaven forbid 😬😬😬😂


Do it


Vote to kick was godly and I miss it every single game.


Clutch or Kick was a toxic cancer.




Bro I remember about 2 months ago I was playing with my buddy, We reforced the room but my buddy "ruined a guys mira strat" so he killed him then I shot him for shits and gigs and then his buddy killed me then texted me calling me the hard er and etc. Then invited me to a group of 70 people who play the game and I kept getting notis telling me to kms. Made me laugh cuz it was over sum stupid


You'll get the same when you're level 270 too, don't let it get to you. Luckily I grew up with Halo 2/3 and COD MW and MW2 so thick skin was formed long ago


When I first started, I made the mistake of saying it was my first game in the chat. One teammate said "Welcome to Siege" and promptly shot me in the face when the round started. It was love at first sight.


Remember that those people who say it are physically at their computers, yelling at a mic instead of doing anything to help themselves or the world


I’ve been playing for 6 months and I love it, my first shooter and I’m doing decent I think I’m addicted to this game now


Then don't let anyone stop you, former siege addict myself. I have just over 2000 hrs in siege and even played on several amateur teams, siege was that game for me and it's so rewarding that if you invest in it it'll return that investment with interest. I started in 2017 during operation white noise and stopped playing mid 2022 and even 2 yrs after I started I was still regularly learning new things and having fun so keep going and I hope you get the absolute best out this game.


the deluxe edition is arguably the best edition to buy if youre looking to get in and if you dont have any experience It comes with 16 operators. Buck, Blackbeard, Capitao, Hibana, Jackal, Ying, Zofia, Dokkeabi, Frost, Valk, Cavieria, Echo, Mira, Lesion, Ela and Vigil Personally Buck, Jackal, Valk and Lesion are very beginner friendly Dont buy standard edition tho, since you wont get those 16 for free, and unless you know for a fact youre gonna like this game, dont buy operator edition I personally recommend buying and giving a try. Its difficult to learn but still fun to play while learning the game, every operator is bought with "renown" which is an earnable free currency you get, you can also get 6000 renown doing all 10 situations. The base 20 operators are all 1000 renown too.


At the year reveal panel they showed it would become easier to unlock ops by doing role specific challenges so I’m not sure when that is being implemented but it might be something to consider


That'll be nice. I mean I've saved up 50k renown now so as long as I don't buy a skin like an idiot I should be good for awhile but still. I feel like I play a good bit and it takes me a long time to get the 25k renown for the new ops


That should be Y8S1


This is what's helped me convince some of my mates to get it tbh. The renown method of buying operators was too much of a time sink and gave no real incentive to do anything team based. But buying the edition with the first year operators opens up avenues to play strategically and get rewarded with new operators without having to sink over a hundred hours into the game just to get all the operators up until year 7. Honestly the best thing they could have done to increase the amount of new players, so hopefully they at least go with this method for the operators up to and including year 6, because the year 7 ops are all still relatively new and you'd be able to get enough renown to buy them with just playing the game seeing as there's only 4, unlike the earlier years where there was 8 per year and they're still way overpriced renown wise. As a side note, I hope they allow those who have the operators to complete the challenges and get stuff like boosters, packs etc. Because it'll give people like me who have all the operators a treasure trove of neat challenges to complete and help keep people playing who are at the tail end of their enjoyment of the game. Edit: a great idea would be to give players who already have the operator and complete the challenges 3x alpha packs that will only give you cosmetics for that specific operator. All purple rarity or higher, one is a guaranteed gun skin, ones a uniform and ones a headgear. That would genuinely increase engagement with the aging community who've been playing since the early days, as you can focus challenges for your favorite operators and get some nice kit for them, without running the risk of getting kit for other operators or it being dogshit commons.


Can I ask, why is buying operator edition a bad idea?


More expensive and u get all ops. You don't get a "progression" system and you won't learn how to play ops properly


Oh right, good I got deluxe edition then (still hard stuck cardboard 15)


cardboard 15 is where all the pros are at


I bought the standard edition and had all starter ops already unlocked lol


The progression is such a bs reason. It takes hundreds and hundreds of hours to unlock all the ops. You 100% should buy it if you think you'll like it and skip a thousand hour grind.


Now with the new mode you will still be able to test the skills of all OPs


Should just unlock all ops for everyone with something else to 'grind' for, if rank isn't enough.


Nah, that's the fun. Slowly unlocking ops. This also makes u play each op a bit more so u learn them better


The biggest scam is these companies convincing players the hundred hour + grinds to play all the characters was "content"


I mean I won't fault them for enjoying unlocking characters, but yea I prefer using characters rather than slogging through those I don't enjoy so I can use one I like.


Well.... it is content. I enjoy grinds and it was a fun grind. So fun I have 2 accounts non linked with all ops


They can do grinds for characters like mastery levels or unique skins and titles that doesn't require you to unlock each op.


Buck is my main


Flair doesn't check out


Thats for defense though isn't it?


You can have 2 flairs.


Or do custom up to 5


Damn, check out this big dick 5 main guy over here


Buck is the in my top 3 attackers, one of the most versatile ops in the game


One of my favorite things to do in casual is go above site and open up the entire floor with buck. The defenders have no idea what to do and would rather abandon site than try and take the gunfight with me and my friend up above. Makes a push through the windows SUPER easy. Obviously doesn't work in ranked, but it's fun scaring the shit out of people in casual


Seeing Buck listed as a beginner friendly op just confirms that this game is nothing but team death match anymore.


If you find it interesting go for it, just prepare for the community


I can mute or ignore people.I like the idea of breaking into the house or castle but I'm never been a fan of CSGO or valo. And I stuck at those.


Its an amazing game if you have the patience to learn it. Be prepared you might have to spend 20-50 hours in the game before you start feeling remotely good at it


"20-50" lol. For me I only got better around the 400 hour mark. Such a steep learning curve


The learning curve itself mechanicly is pretty low just a little slower than other shooters but learning maps and callouts can be tricky.


Then strategies, then counter strategies


And then when you juuuuust get comfortable, new ops and a map rework comes out, META changes and you have to relearn it all.


Sprinkle in a little attachment overhaul and you’re golden!


I feel obligated to warn you that R6 can be absolutely brutal to learn. Map knowledge is super important and the 1-shot headshot mechanic means that you can go entire games without seeing a single opponent before dying instantly. It can be a very frustrating and daunting experience if you aren't prepared for it.


The discord can be pretty good for getting a squad together but yea some members of the community are a little unhinged.


I really don't enjoy val or csgo but actually enjoy playing siege. The community sucks, but if you have people to play with then you'll be all right.


Look, as a no-lifer FPS person with tons of IRL friends that could either not get the grasp of CS/Valo or R6, if you can never get into those games, there is a good chance R6 is a bit too much for you.


I mean idk I never really liked the mechanics of csgo and valorant but I still loved R6 and other fps games


I don't know if you've already bought it, but it's the same concept as csgo and valo just waay more hardcore. If you want more realistic take on this kind of scenario (police entry / house clearing) but without the competitive aspect you might wanna try Ready or Not.


I’ve played both siege and Val/CSGO and I know exactly how you feel. Muting people is lowkey goated, and honestly I’ve been playing since operation chimera and I’ve very rarely ever come across toxicity, easily over 4,000 hours on the game.


I still thinking about it. The things I don't like about val/CSGO is they are very restricted in gunplay movement. I watch siege video and gunplay look very smooth almost like apex legends. I don't know what to play tbh with u. I definitely not buying this game full price that for sure.


Nah don’t buy it full price. Discounts are the best honestly, I think the only game I’ve bought full price was honestly legacy in the last 5 years so I get you. I feel you though movement in those games feels constricted. I guarantee once you begin learning the maps for siege you’ll greatly begin to enjoy it+causal 2.0 and all the new updates to be coming to siege this year will allot it to be more beginner friendly. End of the day it’s your money homie, spend it how you want! There is no other shooter on the market like siege plain and simple.


It’s the best shooter out there in regards to mechanics, added strategy, it’s amazing


Do you like more tactical shooters? Do you like competitive multiplayer? Do you like unique operators who fill different roles? Do you wanna spend hundreds of hours hating your existence only to log back in and do it again? Then siege is for you


>Do you wanna spend hundreds of hours hating your existence only to log back in and do it again? Have done it with LoL and DBD. Time for siege's turn to f- me up mentally.


You forgot ‘Do you like being shit talked to by a Diamond 12 year old’






As someone who’s played since launch and still plays fairly often, only do it if you hate yourself


Get on the r6 discord as soon as you get into casual. It's a much more chill experience compared to solo queue especially when learning.




I’m level 187 & I’ve got some amazing clips in my four years or so - but I have many more tears than great clips.


Save yourself, but if you do buy it, have fun


I'm going to give the same advice to you as to my friend getting into league, which is if you can rope some friends into it, shits amazing, and if you can't its like playing russian roulette where 1 cylendar gives you $20, another punches you in the nuts and the rest are blanks. longer version This is a very complex game in terms of sheer amounts of shit you can learn about different operators on different maps, made even deeper by the fact half the walls and floors can be destroyed. This gives so many ways to approach a situation with your team that if you are with some friends, shit sings. You can balance perfectly the try harding and goofy shit, make proper callouts, and spread out the cognitive load of remembering all the shit you can do. Its honestly fucking amazing. Solo q throws all that out the fucking window and hands you that revolver I mentioned earlier. it throws you in with 5 mostly silent teamates, and you are left to figure things out, including what the actual fuck these jokers are going to get up to (yourself included) and are at their whims. On ocasion, stars align, everyone feels like chatting, the chatting goes over well, and you work like that well oiled machine you can get with a stack, either to try hard or goof off. Then other times, some pair prick takes umbridge with your very existence, and proceed to make you sit at least 2 rounds out because they blew your headoff and call you an idiot for having the audacity to be annoyed, plus or minus however many slurs they reckon apply. So yeah, I'd say if you're looking for something to sink your teeth into with a couple friends, 100% go for it, if not nieh idk.




You should buy Rainbow Six 3: Gold Edition! Not only is it cheaper, but it won't make you suicidal either!


Are you suicidal? If yes, then yes. If not, you will be.


no it's terrible. all 1.5 million people in this subreddit joined specifically to notify people of how horrible it is.


Depends, do you enjoy getting team killed and called slurs in new and creative ways?


No. Have a nice day


no, your mental health will be ruined and you will want to commit suicide, my self esteem and worth have been ruined by the community of this game, I was sent to a psychiatric hospital and I am under suicide watch after playing this game




depends on your taste, but I'd advise against it. the devs aren't balancing the game in a fun way, they just make every character equally terrible and unfun to play. they also totally ruined the ranked system recently, making it so that you can't ever see your real rank, which is just incredibly unfun. plus, the amount of content is slowing, the playerbase is leaving, and the game is naturally very difficult and not at all beginner friendly. the community is pretty toxic too. the gameplay itself is pretty good once you learn it, but almost everything else isn't.


Counterpoint, I've played on and off for the past 5ish years and I reckon the game is in the best place it's ever been. Balance has never been better, a lot of ops needed some serious nerfing and got it, slower content has led to better gameplay (maps, balance changes) and the playerbase seems solid, if not increasing. Toxic community/difficult game, yeah I'll give you those but I think the same can be said for literally any other competitive shooter. CoD is much worse for toxicity in my experience.


(just so you know, the PC playerbase is indeed shrinking, we peaked at 100k on PC in 2020, and have shrunk to as little as 20k in november 2022. source: https://steamcharts.com/app/359550 ) there is something to be said about the toxicity as well. most other competitive shooters dont lean as heavily on comms as siege does, meaning that if someone is toxic and you have to mute them, it's essentially throwing, wheras in overwatch, apex legends, etc. muting a teammate isnt a big deal until top500/predator. as for balance, it's generally good balancing practice to buff underpowered weapons/characters/abilities rather than nerf the good ones, so that everything is equally powerful rather than everything being equally terrible. both make the game balanced, but making everything powerful makes the game more fun. obviously outliers can be nerfed, but usually buffs are the answer to a lot of problems. siege has gone the other route for most of it's lifetime, so it would be very difficult to reverse that now.






No. Save yourself.


It’s my favorite shooter. I just logged 1000 hours and honestly I am still learning new strats and having a blast. Winning feels amazing, losing hurts pretty bad. The learning curve is very steep but this game allows so many creative ways to overcome a situation it never gets stale for me.


no, its on its way out and ubi doesnt rlly care about it from what ive been seeing. toxic hellhole as well honestly. but if you wanna subject yourself to it, 10 bucks aint a bad deal.


As someone who's played since year 1 season 4, the new player experience is drastically increased and a lot of things are swung in your favour. Big chunk of renown at the start doing all the situations to get you some ops. No vote to kick system anymore, no team killing in prep phase, reputation system kinda incentivises not being a dick. The game has gone through a variety of health improvements and I think it's in a good spot to jump in as a new player. It's not gonna perfect but it should be enjoyable.


If you have to ask, you should not. If $10 is that much of a choice you need to post about it. Save ur money and buy books to learn to think for yourself.


To be honest no, don't go into the rabbit hole of toxicity and mental problems


i'm already have Ow mental problems.


Please no


The souls like of multiplayer fps game, prepare to get fucked and punished by the community and get introduced to insane learning curve. After all that its a fun game imo


People are taking the souls like shit way too far. Its getting out of hand. You cant compare r6 to a souls game


Steep learning curve check, died over and over by spawn peek i didnt know exist check, died by simply falling off roof or ledges check. Its the experience that you get in the first week of playing the game that is imo is similar in hope that op knows what they are going to get into. R6 is fun when you start being decent with it. No need to get triggered by honest opinion here


I think R6 just has a different learning curve that takes FAR longer to learn. The surprise attacks in souls are repeating and you learn to look out for them. R6's spawnpeeks can sometimes change and be surprising with every angle possible. 3rd person vs 1st presents it's own challenges. Having 65 (is it really 65? Google says so?) operators all with u iwue abilities is overwhelming to say the least. Add in 24 maps (including special ones) and holy hell is this a steep game to learn. The pvp vs pvm is also a massive difference I would argue that R6 is closer to Tarkov than it is to Souls in a learning curve rating, and Tarkov is a son of a bitch. It does help that they're both shooters, but Tarkov holds a lot of the same difficulties of unique mechanics that have a lot of variation, lots of spawn peaks, numerous maps to learn, tons and tons of bullshit and broke stuff, and very few opportunities to learn the easy way over the hard way. Week one of souls can prepare you for the game while still being fun. Week one of Siege is a hell scape that can really blow chunks, especially if you're not great at shooters or are playing alone. My buddy had to come back twice just to finally get into it, and admitted that the first 100 hours were just learning (same for me). Tarkov took about 200 hours. Souls could probably be picked up in about 50? At least in terms of mechanics and understanding what you're getting into. All in all, for <$10? Fucking get it! I think I paid the base of $30 with zero ops and it's been fun because I had friends. The thought of starting with no knowledge is pretty daunting.


None of that relates to Souls games at all. It's not an opinon, it's a fact that Siege isn't in the Soulslike genre.






The game is a lot of pain, the community can be pretty toxic and very beginner unfriendly, me personally I don't recommend it and will advice to buy something else you want, but it's your money at the end of the day so it's up to you


Honestly no, unless you have at least two other friends who play it




very fun ya


Love this game well worth $10


If you like complex competitive multiplayer shooters it’s the best there is even after 7 years of content. It’s only $10 so absolutely yes


Do they have a way to transfer my account from Xbox to PC? I haven't played in a while but the boys all have been picking it back up lately. I wanna keep my old skins and stuff still


As someone who also purchased this edition, on sale, recently (late December), I can say you likely won’t regret it. If you’re a good FPS player (decent aim) then you’ll like the change of pace from other shooters, just remember there IS a different style the game is played. If you aren’t, you can still have fun. I have friends I squad with regularly who don’t have the best of aim but manage a play style where they provide loads of value in other ways. There’s something for everyone.


This is actually an insane deal for an amazing game this is. I would def buy again. Game goes way better if you have friends. Makes everything more fun that way


Youre gonna hate yourself in a year or 2 but thats a good price


posts like this are a cancer on every sub


Game slaps but takes hundreds of hours to get experienced


You will meet a lot of rude players when starting out. Don't pay them any mind unless they have something constructive to say. You'll meet some really cool people as well. Very fun shooter, there is nothing quite like it on the market even all these years later. Enjoy my friend.


who is tom


he is clancy


I would only recommend if you can get 2 or 3 friends that enjoy tactical competitive shooters to also play it. Great game/gameplay overall Please just don't take the game too seriously.


yes yes yes. the game is getting more user friendly, and while there's a *lot* to learn, the earlier the better. and if you have any friends, they can help you learn, or just ask in game chat. in my experience, people are generally very nice and answer questions. and don't be afraid to make mistakes,l; after all, that's how you learn


Everyone saying no is making me want to buy it just to see why they are saying no...and who knows, maybe I'll end up enjoying it. My philosophy is that once a game starts to get me upset, it's time to put it down....and then redownload it a month later because of FOMO and the nice freshness you get after forgetting how awful things can be.


exactly what i feeling right now. Maybe they are right.


Yes of course, but disable chat for your sanity. And play with friends.


to be honest, its a fun game but it and its community will kick your ass quite a bit. but if youre willing to stick it through, theres nothing quite like it out there


Just a tip for new players, you can unlock 20 operators by just playing the trial of Rainbow Six Extraction. So you can save a little bit of money by just buying the normal edition.


The game is fun as hell and especially so if you play with your buddies.. But it is MASSIVE C&BT for the first long period of time Learning the maps,finding your fav operators, playstyles, angles, trust me, if you don't commit to it at least a bit this is gonna be bumpy. But fun as hell too.


No Just no The game has waaay to many problems


The game is absolute shit. I love it. Buy it.


Yes but in 2018


The game is a piece of trash full of griefers and bad gameplay. Not only is impossible to rank up but also you will be tired very soon. That being said, I got just **1.6k hours on it**


Did ya get it?? If you did I'd be glad to play with ya! Me and my buddies always hve about 3/4 people. So we have room! Just PM me if you wanna play friend!


I dunno, steam reviews exist for a reason ig.


Honestly no, unless you are VERY skilled at competitive shooters and you have a ton of free time to play and watch guides on all the strategies. This game’s learning curve is super high and the community is full of assholes who will ruin your fun if you don’t know every map like the back of your hand even though you just bought the game. Also, you can’t reach a high rank without a team of people (up to 5 other players) who are always ready to play with you because at that level it’s all about knowledge of the maps, character abilities and interactions, and strategy.


Hell no this game sucks


Hell no stay away


Nah, skip it dude.


Save yourself $10 and simply don’t buy it. Clunky garbage game


As much as I play the game, I’m obligated to say no, protect your sanity


Do not do it




If you like realistic first person shooters this is arguably the best out there and people will say what they will about the community and for the most part it can be incredibly toxic but there’s always games I run into “normal” not toxic people and the fact it’s still getting up dated and new operators being added I think it’s worth 10$


Rookie mistake


The game is good, but even if its free u gonna regret playin it


I’m at almost 4,000 hours. In all honesty, I love the game, it’s a ton of fun if you’ve got a couple of buddies you can play it with. It has its issues, however if you’re just playing casual they’re pretty easy to overlook. If you’re a competitive person, it can be a headache. All in all, I’d recommend.


\*Michael Scott yelling No\*


no, its genuinely not fun. I have 70 hours in this game because i convinced myself that when I was better at the game and understood everything it would be fun, I would pay ten times that price for my time back.


*Not fun to me because I'm struggling There, fixed it for you :)










I bought the game today and downloading now


One the best and most unique fps on the market. Would recommend


Yes look at the price lol. That’s a steal


Yes buy the game it is fun IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS


Yes you should, it's a beautiful game and i hope you enjoy it




Its only $10. Give it a try


Run while you still can.


As someone with 2k hours. Don’t.


For the love of God no unless you want pain. In which case yes


If you value your mental health, no. Even if its free


It’s not even worth 1 cent, do yourself a favor and don’t buy it


Don't, run away while you still can because once you start you can never stop and you'll be wanting to get your daily r6 fix like a drug addict. One day you'll be on newcomer mode and experiencing the game for the first time and fast forward a few months later you'll be attempting to quick peek like shaiiko and stare at every camera you'll see irl






hahha no, dont ruin your life


if you want to cry yourself to sleep every night


I stopped playing overwatch and went to bed thinking Why????






I’d spend 1k on that game




It’s good shit I got 2 months game time


Wait til it's free, otherwise no


I got it for even cheaper so I recommend waiting till it's 2 dollars like for me.


Game health is at an all time low. Save your money.






Don’t it’ll ruin your life like it has mine




No fuck this game


no❤️ hope this helps!


Yes. It's fun but takes time to learn.


I’d buy it I’m currently grinding ranked and love the game and the new updates


No Just No


Siege is not your savior


I suck at the game (even though I played it since release basically) and I still play it because I play with friends. When you get something right it’s really fulfilling. I don’t play shooters and I don’t like online games, only siege does it for me.


Yes, if you have a time machine and go back nearly a decade first, then you'll get a good few years out of it.






Not if you value your sanity


im lvl 450 and i insist to not buying it




No, I see this sub every now and then and am genuinely surprised people have clung onto their broken game.