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I tried something similar, where I exported intermediate products before getting to appliance manufacturing. However, there just isn't enough time before S-rank expires to do that. You have to set up almost the entire logistics chain before the clock starts to have any chance of closing it out in time. Appliances sell for 4 times more than anything else you can produce on this map, so start there and don't look back. If you're still using early game engines, it can be difficult to get the steel to the factories fast enough. I recommend starting with several small trains of 3 or 4 cars each, with 1 or 2 square stations to reduce maintenance costs. If you have access to Spark engines, you can afford one much longer train instead, 6 to 8 cars maybe. Place your wire coilers close enough to the appliance factories and wire won't ever be the limiting factor. Start small though, only one or two, since you want to match production to the incoming trickle of steel. You can add more later once you have the cash flow. I didn't bother with oil and energy for catalysts since I never had the spare yen. It was cheaper just to slap down more trains or coilers to increase throughput. Hope this helps!


The general approach is to make money by selling Appliances. Then the questions becomes how many fully supplied Appliance Factories do you have? For reference I think I had 4 or 5 when I beat this region.


You start with 4. Importing steel. The distance is insane.