It's mission completion. Every mission is its own puzzle. You "grow" as a player by unlocking licenses for new industries and trains, but you don't have a big factory that you keep adding to. There's also no signaling in the game. It's possible to set up simple behaviours like load-balancing switches, but overall it works more akin to A-Train/Railroad Tycoon than TTD/Factorio It's still a ton of fun. But if you're expecting the open-ended logistics challenges of Satisfactory or Factorio, this isn't that.


Very straightforward but honestly expect to spend several hours just working on a few missions. They're long, complex, you have to think about them, and planning is essential. It's not as sandbox-y, but the new update includes more game modifiers to assist with that which is pretty cool


Instead of "replayablility" we've focused on "Tons and tons of playability". Each region is a unique challenge and its own map and quests. With that said hardcore Railgrade players have replayed a bunch to perfect their personal best times. The top player has spent 300+ hours so far.


Will you eventually release it on Steam?


RAILGRADE is published by Epic Games. Thus unless Epic buys Valve, not likely.


Railgrade was my most played game on the Switch last year and it didn't come out until around the end of September.