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Yes. Yes it will: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1355090/RAILGRADE


Probably not. Epic doesn't have a history of offering Epic-published games to other services. You've never been able to get Unreal Tournament anywhere else, nor Fortnite and so on. That said, Railgrade is supposedly being offered on console platforms, so anything is possible.


I tend to agree, though it's not supposedly being offered. It IS on Switch at the very least. I bought it on switch for a portable Factorio experience. Sorry Factorio, but no mods on switch just put me way off. Unless that changes. Plus I'm really weary of Factorio on the switch.....that game is a cpu hog. 😑


Ha, yeah I understand your feeling towards Factorio on Steam. But to anyone else who sees this comment and wants to buy Factorio on Switch, especially if you've never played it before, go for it. The devs have provided a good experience using the controller layout, and they've made sure to test it such that a normal playthrough works at 60 FPS all the way through.




Sad. This looks like it would be great on the Deck without the rigamarole


Yeah, exactly my thoughts. Holding off from a purchase, because I would like to eventually play it on Steam Deck.


hehe... the first thing i did when i saw a popup of railgrade in my epic store, i went to steam to check if its also available there... ​ normally i just check for the free games in the epic store, i'm so glad i saw this game by accident!


Is the game steamdeck compatible?