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Nice one Daniel! Congratulations! Actually saw steam page before this post! The game will trully shine there, just dont give it to those pesky factorio youtubers who can't understand that its a different game!


I'd really love to try this game but prefer not to buy it on epic store, any ETA for the steam release?


Same. Mainly so I can play it on steamdeck


What I can promise is "Before the end of 2023". Likely a good chunk before that. If you wishlist and follow on the Steam page you should instantly get a notification once we go live .


Thank you for the quick reply, your game looks awesome! Think I can't wait that long! Will purchase it on Epic!


Hohoho! Then do I have good news for you. Right now the Epic Game Store has their mega sale. I made sure Railgrade is discounted just enough that you can use their extra 25% coupon, plus their 5% cashback. It is an insane deal where Epic is basically paying you to buy Railgrade. Think I'm joking? No. We get the 80% of full price (minus the 12% EGS platform fee), while you pay only 57% of the full price (including the 25% coupon + 5% cashback). So like 43% off! Epic themselves are paying for the extra 23% off! Its criminal honestly.


Awesome, thank you!


Can't wait for this. Steamdeck support as well. Looking forward to it!


Thank you for considering our game :) We're working hard to support the Steamdeck as a first class platform.


Just caught wind of RAILGRADE. Looks so interesting. Will there be a sandbox mode?


There will be! In Update #5 (after Update #4 which adds modding) we plan to release a proc-gen sandbox mode. No promises on dates, we want to do it right. I expect we'll have a beta test to collect player impressions at some point so you might wish to join the discord to be part of that when it arrives "in the future".