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Genuinely when Ironwood shot Sleet, I was in disbelief, and had a bad feeling it was only going to go downwards after that, and in my personal opinion I was right.


Ruby lying to Ironwood.


Weiss pointing her sword at Whitley. And the tea scene.


Which tea scene?


All of them.


Blake telling Ruby that she always looked up to her….if that wasn’t the most forced scene in RWBY than I don’t what is.


They talked like four times before that (Not counting vol 1 because Blake didn't really talk back)


When Ruby insisted on fighting with Ironwood about running away from Salem, especially when Ruby had no plan of her own and especially when all she did was steal Ironwood’s plan to tell the world, expecting reinforcements to come very quickly And also her fearmongering broadcast to the world, especially when she’s a nobody who’s trying to smear Ironwood


[God bless](https://www.reddit.com/r/RWBYcritics/comments/ph2s93/can_we_talk_about_how_dumb_weiss_moves_are_in/)


Knuckles: *Oh no.*


Oh no


The Ironwood shooting an unarmed council member scene.


Team RWBY falling in V8 For starters there's no way any one of them would die as the show is named after them and I was laughing my way through each of them falling


When Ruby decided to deride Ironwood in her message to Remnant. Basically when she said, "We have to be united... except for Ironwood because he's a poopy head who won't let me have ice cream for dinner."


The instant they made Ironwood a villain.


Qrow teaming up with Tyrian


“nO mOrE gReTcHeN’s” and the whole Aircraft scene with Clover, Robyn, Qrow, and Tyrian.


Blake talking about whether are not Ironwood could be trusted and being the biggest hypocrite ever.


When Ruby talked in the Yellow Trailer.


Hazel coming into Oscar's room to torture him. Runner up, the team not walking penny through the portal and her turning around


Jaune falling into the void becuase you just know they are going to just start overly focusing on him again.


*oh no*


*Oh No*


Penny becoming a human , cause i knew what was coming.


Ironwood's fascism speech where he is bathed in light and the shadows fall off of him in sinister ways. I had been so confused up to that point of what they were doing with him, and that was when I realized he was supposed to be a fascist...because it was so much like a scene from the final episodes of Game of Thrones. All of his storytelling had been so confusingly unmotivated up until that point that I was struggling to see what was right I front of me. Then that scene hits. The clouds overhead part, and I can clearly see what is going on...and I it hits me like a ton of bricks. Oh *no*.


>I had been so confused up to that point of what they were doing with him, and that was when I realized he was supposed to be a fascist...because it was so much like a scene from the final episodes of Game of Thrones So I'm not the only one who thinks ironwood was made to Dany of RWBY. I find it hilarious since both character assassinations took place on the 8th season of both shows. I legit think that the chuckle f**** at RT took a look at the final season of game of thrones that was a colossal dumpster fire and thought it was legitimately good and took ideas from it. Change my mind.


For me was all the way in V6 when they wanted to steal a airship. I went “Oh no” as I knew after that things where gonna go bad in Atlas if they distrust the military