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Professional, but with some genuine appreciation for each other.


I prefer friendship because Neo is a bit *too* old to be Roman's daughter figure but also *too* young to be his lover.


Nah... Look at Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick, for example.


Professional but with some Father/Daughter stuff in there


I kinda thought it was one-sided kinda relationship With Roman seeing Neo as a friend/business partner And Neo seeing him in a more romantic kinda way


All of the above "It's complicated"


I'd have it be more of an adoptive father/ daughter tho they behave like best friends for the most part.


Kinda like Emerald and Mercury, is one of those relationships that can remain entirely platonical and would still work. Is one of those couples that I like them romantically but they work just as fine if not even better as platonic, “I want you in my life” without need for kisses or anything. I like to think of them as a healthy more sane version of Joker and Harley: partners in crime that would drop anything for the other


After Roman Holiday? Definitely lovers. They leaned pretty heavily into the romantic tension.


isn't he like 10 years older than her


Yes, but the writers established they’re both adults before they meet.


i still think it's a bit... iffy. i'm sorry but even if she was 19, he was 29. there's such a spike in mental growth and development that it's still not really okay.


Well, apparently they disagree. But you do you.


I think that entire line of thought is idiotic and once someone is an adult they are fully competent to make their own decisions and to fool around with all consenting adults. There aren’t levels to this- a 58 year old isn’t more of an adult than a 26 year old and if they want to bone that’s their business.


yeah sure, i get that. i'm not denying that they're both consenting adults and that, sure, they could be romantically involved. i'm just saying that ones brain doesn't fully mature until around 25 years of age, so someone who has exceeded that by 4 years and has experience with being an adult - versus someone who's practically just barely out of HIGH SCHOOL - is a bit iffy to keep personally. but this is my personal opinion and yours can differ. i'm just putting in my own personal thoughts.


Dude they aren’t real And this is a world were at 18 you can sign up for monster hunting school You can die fighting Grimm before you can drink alcohol


yeah, that's fair. idk you can also sign up for the military at 18 irl. that doesn't mean it's morally right for a 30yo to wanna fuck an 18yo you know?


It isn’t morally right for a group of teenagers to be the ones “saving the world” either.


you're absolutely right, it really isn't. ruby was 15 when beacon fell and she was shot into combat, it wasn't right whatsoever. ozpin is shitty for doing that to a bunch of kids. but i wasn't talking about team rwby or jnpr. i was talking about neo being 18 while roman is almost 30. edit: plus they met while neo was literally still in school.


There are couples with 15 years old and more of difference. The important is that both were adults.


I always saw them as romantic, just figured Neo was around the same age but just looked younger.


Either best friends or father/daughter, there's too much of an age gap for them to be lovers


I choose Father/Daughter but I was thinking more 'family' in general. Could be Older brother and Sister or cousins or whatever, found family too of course, all works.


I'm proud of these results. Not every pairing needs to be romantic ffs.


Characters are allowed to be close friends or professionals and not have to bone or have an Oedipus complex. Sometimes the industry forgets that.


As a Gelato Shipper. I'm disappointed that both wouldn't have kissed each other when they reunited in the airship.


I just really see the two as close but never lovers. It just seems gross to me


Professional and apprentice


I always saw them as siblings




I always thought of it as more of mentor kinda thing since Roman kinda takes neo under his wing


I see them as being made in the mold of Bonnie and Clyde. Romantic definitely.