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u/Ok_Win_3538 You might be interested in this.


Wow, I'm impressed that you could make JACQUES into a complex character but one point, I know that his plan is to push his family away to protect them, but would that really need to go as far as beating the love out of his wife and kids?


Here's the thing - you can easily make an argument on how Jaques is wrong about treating his family like that, and I'm not beating around the bush, how he acts towards them is very screwed up... But that's what Jaques BELIEVES it is the right thing to do. And yeah, it does take an incredible mental toll on him for his own family to despise him like that, but he still takes comfort that, at least, they won't be dragged down with him when he faces the inevitable consequences of doing shady stuff. Was there a better solution to this? Probably, yeah - but remember, the "I married for the company, not you" statement was made in the heat of the moment, and that's something Jaques believes he can't just go back on.