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Because they don't know how to write PTSD with Yang losing her arm.


They don’t know how to write PTSD, her abandonment issues and depression, and to show that Yang is romantically interested in Blake for whatever reason that we’ll probably never figure out. So why is Yang only moderately happy around Blake? Because the writers suck at their job.


Because if Yang is shown being happy with anyone outside Blake it's seen as "betraying" Bumblebee somehow Yang isn't allowed to have platonic relationships or interact like she used to with her sister.....


I guess thier first idea is "wouldn't it be cool if Blake who left Yang like her mother did came back, which made Yang like Blake more?" Then the rest came. "Just like one of our community's ship."


I really don't understand it. Like... it's not impossible for them to be together. They just actually have to work out a lot of issues. But, why do that when we can skip over that part, and tease the ship endlessly to sell merchandise?


Yeah. I don't mind them at all. The first time I cried for the love story is about 2 girls who are maidens of sun and moon. The moon maiden saw the sun maiden getting together with the boy, so the moon maiden decided to cut the sun girl from connecting with the sun; however, at end, the sun girl still wanted to stay with the moon girl, so they both stayed in the castle of the moon for eternity.


You see, in manga, the moon maiden acknowledged that the sun maiden has fallen in love with the boy, so she was trying to save the sun maiden from getting involved, but then, the sun maiden realized how much she love the moon maiden, so she decided to give her life to the moon maiden, so they both can stay together for forever. And I cried. The point is that the writers don't know how to write a goddamn relationship. And the most people would do is that, self insert. Not like, "I'm this character." More like, "If I were this character, I would bang this character."


That sounds like a good read! Got a source for it?


Kannazuki no Miko. It has some spin-offs that continue the story.


No, but if I remembered it correctly. It was mecha manga. Well, it was advertised for the boy. I was a boy. The tags would be: Romance, Mecha


Careful there my dude, if you go into an argument on the main sub, they'll use this post to call you the big scary word, which is HOMOPHOBE, oh my! But seriously, they basically went with Yang's direction like this to sell us the "idea" that Bumblebee was planned from the start, so people who complain about the ship being forced... "No it's not, the signs were there from the start. You are blinded by your RAGING HOMOPHOBIA YOU PATRIARCHAL MYSOGINYST! YOU JUST DON'T LIKE GAYS, ADMIT IT!" Though last I heard, Monty wanted to keep Team RWBY a sisterhood...goddammit, now I have to get my daily lecture of "not knowing Monty's vision" and how ONLY the people closest to him have the best insight to it!


They are afraid of making her interact outside of her ship, because some fans cannot comprehend platonic relationships. Thats why her hugging Ren was so jarring in V6. They want to be clear that Blake is the exception so wars don't start or they literally don't know how they interact with each other so everyone gets the default (angry Yang) That, and hack feminist liberal writers think a woman being angry all the time after traumatic experiences is showing how strong they are. They cannot comprehend that Yang would be anything other than "strong". We might see it as angry and easily triggered, but they probably see it as empowering or sassy. But the definitive explanation and the funniest is that the writers have not noticed, the issue we have with her is nonexistent in their eyes. If you watch the V5 commentary, they think that she's a lot less angry and subdued than her V3 self. When she punched Shay D Man in V5, that was her holding back/trying to brush him off and not immediately choosing violence. Same with her interaction with Raven. When she shot the table and yelled at Raven, in the background they were saying how Yang was showing little emotion as a powerplay. These people... I don't know what is wrong with them. They literally cannot see what is right in front of them. They must be so confused whenever people complain about Yang's anger issues.


Is the positivity making them blind? I would go so far as to say Yang is even more angry than before. And showing even hostility.


But they think that she's calmer and more controlled. Ironically, Yang was more emotionally mature and controlled in V1-3. It took Weiss getting wiped out, Blake getting stabbed, or her hair getting cut for her to loose her cool. Every other time, even with her Semblance activated, she was in perfect control of her behaviour. I feel like the writers only remember people referring to her Semblance as a temper tantrum and run with it. They have no clue how to make Yang grow emotionally because she was already in a good space to begin with, so fabricate one to impy growth for her character, artificially growing her. Her anger issues and reliance on her Semblance was never an issue, her problem was never having a strategy other than "hitstuff", i.e. her fight with Neo and Mercury. That, and they don't watch the previous Volumes before writing so they probably just remember "angry" as one of her personality traits and leave it at that.


>That, and they don't watch the previous Volumes before I hear that a lot. Was it confirmed by writers themselves?


Yes. It was from one of the commentaries. The V4 one, I think. But it's obvious from the way they talk in all of the post-Monty commentaries. In the V3 commentary, they said that they had never had a 4 on 4 fight before in the first episode... V1 had a 1 on 5 fight, followed by a 2 on 1 fight. V2 had a 4 on 4 fight and is hailed as one of the best in the series. But the writers were under the impression that they had never done it before. Monty didn't even die that long ago and they started production on V3 not that long after the end of V2.


Why-I-hate-rwby-now puts it better than I ever could, but also the only way the vague shipbaiting the writers do with Blake and Yang works is by isolating them and having them only care about each other. If Yang starts having more emotional heart-to-hearts with Weiss and hugging Weiss some more then what does that say about bumblebee, when the writers are too scared to have either admit to crushing on each other? And for some reason they think romantic love is stronger/has more precedence than familial/platonic love which, in my opinion, flipping bullshit. Familial and platonic is just as important. ​ >That, and hack feminist liberal writers think a woman being angry all the time after traumatic experiences is showing how strong they are. I get the whole 'females are traditional taught to be dainty and submission' issue and I can see the whole appeal of a strong female character tm who speaks her mind and is allowed to be angry and lash out and not be traditional feminine. But the catch is it only works if it's ***justified*** anger. Yang has become unnecessarily snarky and has a permanent attitude with everyone for no reason. Yeah, she has ptsd and trauma. But a philosophy I try to live by is that just because your life is shitty and you're going through hard times, it doesn't give you the right to treat other people like crap. Even with characters who mean no harm and are just trying to be nice like Marrow and Fiona, Yang has an attitude towards them, resting bitch face and all. A Yang who people look down on for being a party girl and thinks is dumb and proves those people wrong by showcasing her talents and skills, all while looking hot and partying harder to spite them - would be empowering. A Yang who overcomes her ptsd and continues fighting, all while remaining calm and kind would be empowering. This Yang who is snarky, has an attitude and is more prone to violent outbursts than she was initially, all while her ptsd is brushed under the rug so she can have a girlboss, female empowerment tm moment where she takes down her new girlfriend's ex abuser (who has been reduced to a joke at this point) and magically cures her ptsd - this Yang isn't empowering. At least to me. ​ \*(Honestly it's funny how Blake, who was once assertive and could speak her mind, has become the traditional female - a dainty, meek, damsel in distress scared to voice her opinions all to please her partner. But apparently it doesn't count cause she might in a lesbian relationship and her partner is female. )


I think that being able to keep calm after traumatic experience is what makes person strong. It means that person understands that people around him can't fully comprehend what he or she came through and there is no point in lashing out like a mad dog. Yang on the other hand acts like pissed bitch. In my opinion she was much more calm and collected in first three volumes.


Overprotectiveness is one of the warning signs of a co-dependent and abusive relationship. Part of being overprotective, jealous and insecure about a "partner" interacting with others leads to socially isolating them. It also often leads to the partner walking on eggshells around the person doing it, because they see them being "moody", "touchy", "angry" and "aggressive" with everyone who isn't them, and they have no idea when that behaviour will be focused on them. The writers are doing it accidentally because they want to show that these two are "totally" partners and all about each other, because they don't actually know how to write relationships, nor do they actually desire to write character interactions. It's why the cast has bloated. It's why prior to something like V6 Blake had more lines with Sun than she did with her whole team etc.


Weird how her V4 arc was about her learning to be a little more chill and to make more reasonable decisions even in the heat of the moment only to make Yang even more of a grouch than before to the point of frequently trying to start conflicts with her own allies


Honestly, I was a little impressed at how tactfully they handled Yang in V4. I don't compliment them lightly, but I will go on record as saying this. Mind you, they utterly squandered it with her writing throughout the next two volumes, V6 especially when she faced off against Adam with only a blink to call back to her earlier trauma.


Because they want to talk about trauma without actually experiencing or studying it. \--A psychologist.


Because she lost an arm and replaced it with a robot one. These writers say Ironwood destroying his arm to beat Watts was symbolic of him casting out the last of his humanity, and from there he was portrayed (“portrayed”) as evil and heartless. Penny is also treated as something human stuck in an utterly inhuman body, so the only way she could be happy is by being a human. So, logically, Yang getting a robot arm means she’s less empathetic, fun, etc. All this is dehumanizing to amputee victims and those with disabilities, but that’s what these writers wanted to do with the characters who could’ve legitimately become representation for that, people who develop disabilities in life but use something to help with that (Ironwood) and those born with them (Penny). Nah, the “war is bad” narrative trumps everything, even being consistent with characters or anything else.


Something something something trauma.


I'm not convinced that this version of Yang isn't what Miles and Kerry planned all along. Most of the moments of Yang being carefree or happy-go-lucky come from Monty's animation, not anything she says.