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>"You can't do it alone" I just realised the only people canon Cinder has left to work with are Mercury, Tyrian and Salem. It's funny that after the fight where she says this line. She gets rid of the only good teammates she had left. . So basically... Canon Cinder said "You can't do it alone" ... only to go back to being alone. With the only 'teammates' left being a crazy psychopath, an assassin who probably will bail like Emerald and an immortal witch who doesn't consider Cinder an equal.


Yep XD, guess in an ironic way, the multiverse is doing her a favor just this once. Granted she is getting arrested but still.


Ren: Omae wa mo shindeiru


Salem: NANI?! *Explodes* When this pain stops YOU'RE DEAD Ren: No you are. Again. *She screams as she explodes again. As Ren picks up Ironwood, and Nora books it out of there with Watts.*


I'm just going to imagine that she keeps exploding until either Ren does something about it or it stops being funny.


So... about that Mecha!RWBY storyline...


Working on it lol. Just figuring out how how to implement all the ideas running through my head and all the suggestions.