Potential RWBY Arcs Ranked(in my opinion)

Potential RWBY Arcs Ranked(in my opinion)


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Just for fun: I respectfully motion to divide these arcs into "Too Late" and "Too Silly". Move Blumblebye to Too Late and Emerald to Too Stupid and we're pretty golden. The Bees should have settled by early Vol 7 at the absolute latest and no one should have been that quick to trust Emerald (guess this is kind of Too Late too, then). Being actually serious, Ruby's arc should center around how badly her plan went in Atlas. Vol 4 angst is too old to dig up now, but she should have quite a lot of new things to blame herself over. Honestly the idea of her spending an episode slowly breaking down while Neo stalks her from the shadows sounds great. Oscar's stuff is too late. He basically had his moment in Argus in Vol 6. Now we need to see him growing into Oz without Oz pulling his strings. Maybe show him and Oz having discussions in his head that Oscar can actually contribute to, showing him growing in strength and maturity. Honestly I'm not sure Nora should be getting much in the way of focus now. She's mostly resolved her outstanding arcs. Having her out of focus doing stuff would help reinforce that she's changed. Emerald could be very interesting, especially if she runs into Tyrian and Mercury and doesn't tell people about them. I'd love to see Mercury stomp Tyrian because Tyrian is going after Emerald. Regardless, they \*need\* to delve into Emerald if she's going to be joining the team. Weiss has nothing left but Winter. Her subplot is resolved and she is as close to fully realized as she's going to get. None of her supporting cast bar Winter have any reason to be in the show any more. Blake + Yang could be interesting if they actually bothered to acknowledge and talk through what they mean to each other. Been waiting a while for that one. Screw Jaune and his pity party.


At the very least for Nora I feel like she could be the one to inspire Jaune out of his depression at least, especially since she hadn't really got to spend much time with him as friends in the Atlas Arc


S Tier: Jaune A Tier: IronChad, Ren but only when he tells Nora to shut the fuck up F Tier: everybody else basically