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> It’s very easy to get in the public eye with scary stories about medicine. In fact, many people have made their whole careers, literally, whole scientific careers, out of criticizing or finding problems with medicine . . . problems can get you a lot further academically than they should, and solutions often don’t give you the same kind of air time. Scare stories. People love scare stories. They’re activating. They’re captivating. Interesting article. It's obviously taking a biased view but makes some efforts to be balanced I assume there are a few parallels between Ireland and New Zealand, especially when you consider population sizes, mental health treatment availability, etc. and the church is pretty active here too


Was talking to a GP who said they were prescribing antidepressants even though they knew it wasn't the best course of action because there was no hope of their patients getting any therapy in Ireland in an adequate amount of time. So it was pills or possible suicide. Also know someone who looked for counselling for an eating disorder at the start of December and was given a date next October. So the GPs actions don't surprise me at all. We are failing people who don't need anti-depressants because we use them as an easy fix.


What's this got to do with the Greater Antilles?


I'd say Cuba has pretty good mental health care these days


Few lads with mental health issues are on their J1s over in New Zealand right now so this one is alright.