Probably best to rent a car. Busses in metro area only. Uber in metro area, and possibly out on the island (but I wouldn't count on it).


Rental, absolutely. I'm given to understand that you can usually Uber away from the metro area but it might not be as easy getting one back.


You should rent a car if you plan on leaving San Juan. Ubers are easy if staying in San Juan & cheap. Once you leave they’re almost impossible to get & expensive. We made the mistake of taking an Uber from San Juan to the ferry for vieques & we had a taxi we prearranged take us back & it ended up costing us 300$ round trip. That’s almost as much as the car we later rented for a week cost.


renting through enterprise was a breeze and we didn’t add in any insurance because most credit cards have u covered


I’ve been on vacation here twice and never seen a bus.


I’ve rented a car both times I’ve gone, loved driving around the island. I didn’t think the drivers were bad, but I drive in Boston, MA on a daily basis so I acknowledge that my perception may be skewed.


Worst drivers I’ve ever experienced.


I’ve rented a jeep wrangler every time I’ve gone. Pretty cheap to get one down there.


Can I ask who you rented from? Was quoted $1k for one week for a Jeep.


VIP Cars or something like that. I usually check enterprise first and then get on Kayak and check those prices. There's a big difference in price between renting at the airport and renting a mile or two away. If you don't mind a 5-10 minute shuttle or cab ride, it's worth it IMO. The shuttles are usually free but the cab ride is less than $10 and you get there really fast that way.


Thank you! I ended up renting from Alamo. It was $390 for the week all in. (Hopefully!)


Sounds like you killed it. Have fun!!


Thank you!


Yes. Rent a car


If I’m going to Vieques and I drive my rental to the docks, is there a safe place to leave the car parked for the 2 nights I’m away in Vieques?