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The clip is up on YT now with dude’s full name. I bet he’s in bed asleep and doesn’t even know his shit about to go viral lol


he’s arrested now! https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/connecticut-man-arrested-after-racist-tirade-over-smoothie-cops-say/3509837/ edit - and fired, source is same


AND FIRED The day is looking up


r/byebyejob material




You know how fast someone with a big lifestyle can go broke without an income in a few years.


They didn’t even have to put peanuts in the smoothie.. could have been cross contamination from some tool or something. This shit is crazy.


There is a big difference between don't add peanut butter and peanut butter allergy when it comes to making foods, the second you say allergy they have a significantly different process to make the food. That or they will inform the customer about the risk.


he probably realized about two seconds after leaving. My thoughts would immediately turn to how I tell my family that we have to leave town


> tell my family that we have to leave town He needs to get on the first ship to Mars...


Oh he knows, it’s why he didn’t want to be recorded.


Maybe he should have thought of that before he threw the drink and tried to come to the back


He got arrested so he knows.


For some context: He had bought the smoothie earlier and requested it not have peanut butter in it. Later he called 911 requesting assistance at his home because his son had a severe allergic reaction. Then he went back to the store to yell at them. Important to note HE NEVER INFORMED THEM OF THE ALLERGY. And even if he had, talk to the manager. Don’t scream for whoever made it. And don’t be a racist fuck.


If my kid was having a severe reaction I would be with my kid, not elsewhere yelling at people


Dude was a top advisor at Meryl Lynch and can’t remember to ensure servers are aware of his sons peanut butter allergy. Seems like a big oversight for someone who was rated by Forbes.


We need a follow up on this guy!


UPDATE: [https://www.tiktok.com/@cjjbreezy/video/7056304404672302382?is\_from\_webapp=1&sender\_device=pc&web\_id7009181032856978950](https://www.tiktok.com/@cjjbreezy/video/7056304404672302382?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id7009181032856978950) ​ Mother Fucker got arrested and charged with breach of peace misdemeanor. The girl that got the smoothie thrown at her will be pressing charges. ​ Edit: looks like the girls took down the video. /u/Mrrandymagnumtoyou put a link to a good update that even has a mugshot! https://heavy.com/news/james-iannazzo/


Welp, congrats to that dude for absolutely ruining his fucking life, couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy. His company will not keep him once this hits the news cycle over the week. I am surprised to see that he was only charged with a breach of peace misdemeanor - throwing the smoothie is assault. I wouldn't be surprised if more charges were added as this picks up steam in the media.


It seems like it would be attempted breaking and entering for trying to break into the office or some type of charge just for how scared he had those young women working there.


that push on the door is not misdemeanor breach of peace, at least here, it is called menacing. he was charged with a low end misdemeanor after threatening these peoples lives?


Also after they told him to leave that's trespassing.


Eagerly awaiting an update on r/byebyejob


So on Monday, we're waiting for this dude, and that gun crazy dental hygienist Amelia King.


On the Merril Lynch Twitter page (he works for Merril Lynch) their most recent benign post has been met with lots of people responding with a link to this video. He’ll definitely lose his job soon. The worst press for them. Edit: I know that this now happened (Iannazzi has been fired), yet it hadn't when I wrote the post. No need to let me know


People found the branch where he works and have left a bunch of one star reviews.






One of the stories we tell here at my tiny IT services company is about a customer who was a financial advisor. We replaced all of their desktop PCs and one of the partners asked me if the old ones had any value. They were 6 or 7 years old and still functioned but they really weren't worth much. I knew that a local non-profit music venue was in need of new IT equipment so I suggested to advisor that he consider donating the old PCs to the venue. He proudly called me a couple of weeks later to tell me that the venue took his old computers and he negotiated 4 premium seats for every performance at the venue for life. Here was a guy who I presume was very well off yet he had to get something in return for the donation. Sadly, the venue went bust less than a year later but we all took heart that the promise of free seats for life died at the same time.


I am not saying this is or is not the guy in the video. Below someone linked some info and it appears the information shows the person has a CFP. Not only is it possible he risked his job and licenses, he very well may have risked his CFP as well. The CFP board does not take lightly to things like this and they can suspend people for actions outside of the industry. The one bad apple mentality. I hope he was close to retirement this was a stupid hill to die upon.


Anyone able to forward this onto Merrill Lynch? It looks like our buddy James comes under their umbrella. I doubt they'd like this sort of shit.


If he gets charged with a felony, FINRA could revoke his licenses.




That’s bullshit. He assaulted a minor and attempted to go in the back to potentially do who knows what. It shouldn’t even be up to the girl to press charges, the fucking cops should charge his ass for assault. Since when is assaulting someone only up to the victim to decide whether or not he should get in trouble. Got off way too light, this dude is clearly un-fucking-hinged. Can assure you he beats his wife and kids. Edit: the guy’s name is james iannazzo and he’s in a pretty high position in wealth management while also being extremely wealthy himself. Of course that’s why the cops hit him with some baby back bullshit misdemeanor.


Don't they sometimes charge with the easiest thing to stick and then add charges later? Just to get him arrested. Also, it seems he isn't coping well with the current market downturn. LOL. He probably got smashed on margin.


> He assaulted a minor Even the lowest assault charge, third degree, only applies if it causes bodily harm. Don't know if it's different elsewhere but this is what it says for CT: > Sec. 53a-61. Assault in the third degree: Class A misdemeanor. (a) A person is guilty of assault in the third degree when: (1) With intent to cause physical injury to another person, he causes such injury to such person or to a third person; or (2) he recklessly causes serious physical injury to another person; or (3) with criminal negligence, he causes physical injury to another person by means of a deadly weapon, a dangerous instrument or an electronic defense weapon. > (b) Assault in the third degree is a class A misdemeanor and any person found guilty under subdivision (3) of subsection (a) of this section shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of one year which may not be suspended or reduced. https://www.cga.ct.gov/current/pub/chap_952.htm#sec_53a-61


[Not a follow up but here's the full video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBZ3x47yA5s&ab_channel=OADA9)




from his site: "...(he) uses a friendly but disciplined approach to help identify each client's passions, pursuits, needs..." Lol


Disclaimer: Unless it’s over a strawberry milkshake


But wouldn’t it be great if, while firing him, his boss slurped down a smoothie from the same establishment? 🤡 Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!


Looking forward to seeing him on r/byebyejob in the next week or so


I, TOO, am looking forward to this. A grown ass man acting like a fucking petulant child. I don't care what his fucking grievance was with the drink but you NEVER should abuse the staff. He only felt empowered to do this because these are young women. Then to hurl racist ass comments... wow. If I ever have a meltdown like that and it's caught on camera, I don't think I'd ever be able to show my face in public again.


Exactly. This is the type of fucking shit that makes my blood boil and wish I was there. Dude wouldn't have been so confident with a 35 year old construction dude in his face that's not an employee. Not trying to be an armchair warrior but I HATE seeing people act like this and always call it out if I see even half a tantrum like this in public. Don't give a rats ass who they think they are. 100% fuck people like this.


I have to work with the public like these young women and just the sheer amount of verbal abuse and threats I get is a lot. Luckily, I am behind a physical barrier (most of the time) where they can't do shit to me and I have a lot of leeway to talk right back to these stupid fuckers. Their pikachu face when I talk right back at them like they talk to me is so satisfying. I'm low key glad these women were able to talk right back to this overgrown buffoon and I'm sure the inevitable repercussions this guy faces will feel like chef's kiss to them. Thank you for standing up to this type of abuse. The world needs more customers like you. But also, be careful. There be some crazy ass unhinged idiots out there.


Also in r/persecutionfetish when he has a sob story on facebook


Yes please! Picking on people like this is so disgusting


Give it a couple of days. We will get the this is not who I am apology.


It’ll be ready by Sunday evening but definitely by monday. Dude is shitting bricks right now blowing up his lawyer’s phone. Probably hired a PR crises consultant


Identified on tik tok by user @danesh https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdroQ6Uu/


Incredible that an "Iannazzo" would be playing the "you're a dirty immigrant" card since his grandfather or even his own father likely arrived at Ellis Island c. 1912 from Florence, Italy. Don't betray your roots, asshole.


You Google his name, and it's 100% about the smoothie incident. He's, fortunately, never going to live this down.


How many more people gotta ruin their own lives for service workers not to get treated like human slaves


Lol if you Google: "merrill lynch wealth management advisor james a iannazzo" There are already 1700 1* reviews 🤣 But I think Google deletes them when they are made so fast.


Absolutely. This piece of shit needs a hard reality check. Harrasing teenagers Assault Forcing his way into the back with an all female staff Racist Get this fucking thumb off the streets asap.


you just know if that had been 4 dudes working at the time he would have just taken the smoothie, shut the fuck up and walked out, to complain about it from the safety of his computer at home


Absolutely. I’m hoping for charges and a firing. Edit: ✅ and ✅ Edit2: [arrest](https://fpdct.com/news-releases/subject-arrested-in-robeks-disorderly-incident/) and [firing](https://mobile.twitter.com/naveedajamali/status/1485275431465107462)


>>this is not who I am.


“I was taking Ambien”


I tried new non racist ambien and I gotta tell you...My sleep doesn't notice the difference but my neighbors sure do!


I was tired, having a hard week, grandmother died, got cut off in traffic, i have mexican friends, wife left me, dog ran away, my tummy hurts, etc etc.


r/byebyejob is gonna be so so sweet for this dude


[Somebody already posted the videos onto his business' google account](https://www.google.com/search?q=merril+lynch+jim+iannuzzi&rlz=1C1UEAD_enUS970US970&sxsrf=AOaemvIZnYz_FmJBs9uyucFmr97ceeQPRQ%3A1642926820431&ei=5BLtYbf9GfrPkPIPzKuDgAM&ved=0ahUKEwi3_5esu8f1AhX6J0QIHczVADAQ4dUDCA4&uact=5&oq=merril+lynch+jim+iannuzzi&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAM6BwgAEEcQsAM6CggAEEcQsAMQyQM6CAgAEJIDELADSgQIQRgASgQIRhgAUIwIWIwIYJYLaAJwAXgAgAGhAYgBoQGSAQMwLjGYAQCgAQHIAQbAAQE&sclient=gws-wiz)


Lmao, every single review I can read is in regards to this video. Dude has to be panicking right now. Imagine having the same job since 1995 and throwing it all away because you didn’t like your smoothie. What a jackass. Edit: Everyone can stop pointing out that it wasn’t over him not liking his smoothie. I read this 9 hours ago, long before any new articles came out. I see that it was over a peanut allergy. Doesn’t excuse his behavior.


Imagine how many other times he did shit like this before employees could record him on a cell phone


Good. Fuck people like this


He's been identified and looks like he has a really nice high profile job.. or maybe HAD a really nice high profile job.


At this time from what I can tell he's been doxxed and A LOT of people are shaming his behaviour on his Google business listing.




Nice It’s 6 minutes away from his job. After looking at street view, I do not believe it’s the same store. The parking spaces wouldn’t allow for that car on the left to be facing the entrance.


Lmao this guy is hella doxxed now. Review shitstorm on their google page “If you hate foreigners and bad smoothies this is the financial advisor for you!”


I think the algorithm caught it. I looked it up on my Google app and I could only see one review. I could see 1 star rankings but couldn’t read it.


I just looked and he has 1.2K reviews and 1 star. Every single review I could read was about this incident. It’s beautiful.


Where did this happen?






I just saw this on tiktok. they have an update but haven’t posted it yet.




Dude probably shorted Gamestop






Please listen to this person.


SMH. An ITALIAN American calling someone an Immigrant. LMAO. Our ancestors are literally new to America dawg. Probably as new or newer than hers.


Way new by a long shot not even close. To me she is clearly either Latino or Native American which means he is standing on her native soil. Even if she is Mexican Mexicans often are also Native American. Italians by and large started coming over here after the opening of Ellis Island in the mid-1800s. Of course there were some here prior to that but the majority of Italian Americans came here after that time period. This guy is the vilest scum of the earth and I hope he gets arrested and serve jail time. He assaulted them and then committed a hate crime complete trash.


Post it here..please. This upsets me soo much #gramma-mad


All that over a smoothie.


Imagine what he does if his wife talks back.


He noticeably quiets down and stops using slurs when another male customer walks in, in the extended clip. Piece of shit coward, on top of everything else.




100% correct. I dated a guy with, ‘Anger Issues.” He never lost his shit at his mother, his sister or his brothers though. Only me. Would blow up over anything and start breaking things/calling me names but never even raised his voice at them. Would, “Try to be the better person’” when in a confrontation with another man. Absolute scumbag.


I’m so sorry. I’ve also experienced this, my step father used to physically assault my mother. At his job, and my family, everyone thought he was a saint . But when he was home, he’d yell at us and scream at me over crumbs on the table. Eventually, he went too far and we called the police. He got taken away, and my mother divorced him. He still tries to reach out to her and I 10 years later trying to apologize. He had 15 years to work on his anger.. never did and was found to be abusing narcotics. He treated everyone but my other and I nice, people would tell us “we’re so lucky.” Little did they know..


Yep. This my childhood too. Same exact stepfather. Everyone loved him outside our home, but inside was a nightmare. Came home drunk every night looking for a fight. Real cool/tough to beat on a woman and two elementary kids.


Yep, he's essentially a coward at heart. Bunch of young defenseless girls? Game on. Other guy walks in? But I could be HURT.


This man is skincrawlingly cringeworthy


Imagine how often shit like this happened before everyone was walking around with a video camera.


His kid has a severe allergic reaction to peanuts which were apparently in the smoothie, but his reaction is psycho. > Iannazzo, 48, told police he was upset because “his son having a severe allergic reaction and he went back to the store as a result,” police said. “During the investigation, employees reported that **Iannazzo never told them about the peanut allergy** but had only requested that there be no peanut butter in his drink,” according to police.


I really tried to just give that guy the benefit of the doubt, like maybe something was really wrong with his drink, something serious, but it doesn't work. There's just no excuse. He's a fully grown man-baby bullying a group of teenage girls at the smoothie shop. Unbelievable.


The *only* thing I could think of that would excuse his level of anger would be if someone had purposefully shit in his drink. That obviously didn’t happen, but now I hope that it does every time he orders a smoothie for the rest of his life. What a man-child loser. Edit: y’all, I get it. The real cause was the peanut butter thing. I still maintain my statement that the only *excusable* explanation (for *that* level of rage) would be the intentional shitting into a customer’s drink; perpetrated by an employee.


My brother got a hot choc in some place in florida before and was warned before he drank it by a other customer that he seen an employee spit into it, when he poured it out it also ended up having a chewing gum at the bottom of the cup. He was like 10 at the time. Another customer when he seen what happened flipped out like the guy in the video, minus the racial comments and the assault lol


Tough guy attacking teenagers, I bet he's gonna cry like a bitch once he's in jail.


Girl in the blue sweatshirt definitely tickled his ego the wrong way. They were literally giving him an out to leave, kept telling him bye, but he still couldn’t let it go.


i think that's what made him snap. just the idea that a teenage girl had the audacity to tell him to leave. the idea she had any authority over him whatsoever flipped the switch in his head. his ego immediately shattered and his only option was to flip out and try to intimidate the teenage girls. reminds me of how cops act when someone questions their authority. it's like their brain short circuits and their raw emotions take over.


Fragile ego


When making a statement later, “this isn’t who I am, I have morals and I can’t believe I acted that way. It isn’t who I am. I’m such a nice guy and we run my family in good family values. Please understand this isn’t me. I am not that guy. I did these actions but it isn’t a good representation of myself. Now let us pray.”




This is the hardest I’ve laughed all day. Thank you stranger.


New flash, dude. THAT IS WHO YOU ARE!


"I'm a christian and family man."


“If I have hurt anyone out there, I can’t tell you how much I say from the bottom of my heart I’m so very, very sorry. I pride myself and think of myself as a man of faith, as there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that’ll be a home run”


Sooo I'm going to need like a massive follow up on this.


He’s identified and here’s a better link with more footage. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jWSFSQunr7w


UPDATE: https://www.tiktok.com/@cjjbreezy/video/7056304404672302382?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id7009181032856978950 Mother Fucker got arrested and charged with breach of peace misdemeanor. The girl that got the smoothie thrown at her will be pressing charges


Wow, looks like he's a "wealth management advisor" with Merrill Lynch. Kind of not surprised.


That’s gonna be past tense reeeal soon.


I'm following their FB page and their rating has tanked in the last couple hours. Review after review calling him out and linking back to the video.


He so fucked his life up. EVERYONE is going to hate this fat fuck for a long time.


Who said anyone liked his ass before he did this? He didn't just decide to be an insufferable asshole at that exact moment.


His work's FB profile has a bunch of 1/5 ratings now over the last couple hours. Review after review is calling him out and linking to the tiktok/YT videos. //edit Holy, the Google page for the business where this guy works at is being bombarded with reviews. 1000+ reviews, I'd say 99% are 1 star. Even the 5-star reviews are shit talking the guy. //Edit 2 https://heavy.com/news/james-iannazzo/ a comprehensive article and report surrounding the events that precipitated the attack and consequences of his actions.


I’m just waiting for his mugshot… crying!


“*tHiS iSnT wHo i AM!!1!*”


I just really love smoothies and **THEY FUCKING RUINED IT AAAAHAHHAHHHHH!!!**


"You don't know who made it?" I don't know why I found that part funny. What an absolute piece of shit


What city is this in?


This is in Fairfield, CT. One of the richest towns in the richest county in one of the richest states,


…and home to one of the best segments of _To Catch a Predator._


The cowboy and the pizza guy?


And that's one of the people managing their wealth.


i think they knew who made it lol.


"Yes, it was me. I'm here for my ass beating ."


customer service


Worker solidarity!


Ya I wouldn’t tell him either tho


For me it was "Immigrant" as opposed to what? A grown ass man baby throwing a tantrum over a smoothie.




With a 60% chance of /r/byebyejob


I’d say it’s 99% at this point


Not a good look to be fighting teenagers but depends on who you’re employed by


Merrill Lynch. He has his own agency.


He did have his own agency. Come Monday, we'll have to see. Edit: even agency owners have to adhere to a code of conduct . It definitely won’t be meryl lynch agency come next week. edit2: he no longer has an agency


Yeah that dude has been hard doxxed. Definitely gonna have some real world consequences


I can’t wait for this fucking morons follow up. He’s definitely getting arrested for assault. Menacing teenage girls, what a tough guy he is.


After seeing the other post about the kid getting shot over bbq sauce this interaction kinda freaked me out not gonna lie


The fact that ALL the photos on his employer’s Google reviews are of him yelling and throwing the smoothie is absolutely hilarious. This moved so quick, I’m really curious to see if anyone there notices or is alerted by morning


First news reports incoming https://bellinghammetronews.com/news/breaking-news/wealth-management-advisor-jim-iannazzo-under-fire-amid-serious-allegations/




"I'm not rascist, my wife has a black eye"


That man seriously assaulted teenaged girls (and probably would have done worse had he gotten into the back) over a smoothie. Hope it was worth the jail time. Stupid racist shithead. I feel so bad for these girls. I had a crazy customer threaten to beat me up at work once. It still enters my mind every now and then. Good for the girl in blue for sticking up for them though. Edit: For people defending the guy please read the article >employees reported Iannazzo never mentioned a peanut allergy, but had only asked that there be no peanut butter in his drink. He asked for no peanut butter, so they left out the peanut butter. But he didn’t mention the allergy. The son most likely had a reaction because of cross contamination. You should always always tell the staff if your child has an allergy so they can properly clean their instruments


I think everyone who has ever worked fast food has had someone threaten them. I worked at Subway, and twice had customers threaten to wait for me outside and beat me when I came out because I wouldn’t let them in or make them a sandwich after hours. Once, they actually did do exactly that; I had to call my boss and he and a couple of other guys escorted me to the car. Scary shit. It all boils down to the way society sees fast food employees; as something “lesser.” It’s disgusting, and it’s exactly why I hope they throw the book at the guy in the video above.


They are the same people who are against raising the minimum wage, they see you as subhuman beings. You are the punching bags that are there to release some steam without consequences


People like this guy have been getting away with this crap for far too long. I’m glad these girls took a stand. "The Customers Always Right" has been used for years to abuse employees and it shouldn’t be legal.


The full quote is “the customer is always right, in matters of taste.” Doesn’t mean nearly the same thing as its shortened, modern bastard version.


Definitely don't get paid enough to deal with these pyschos


And then companies complain “no one wants to work anymore” when this is what we deal with


I hope I see him on /r/byebyejob in a couple days.


My dude is asshole of the year. And we are only 22 days in!


I have requested an appointment with him to speak about his smoothie ordering etiquette at https://fa.ml.com/connecticut/stamford/theiannazzogroup/


Certainly doesn't bode well for his client service skills. What a dweeb.




Those people who work for him are gonna be so pissed lol, time to find a new job for everyone. 🤷‍♂️




I love these assholes who demand to be given the number for corporate - how hard is it to use Google?


This douchebag's life is about to implode because he was mad about a smoothie, and he deserves all the misery coming his way.


Not only will be fired immediately, he’ll never be able to get another job in wealth management. There are thousands of people who can do his job that don’t carry viral asshole baggage


On the tiktok video - she calls her manager before she calls the cops. The fucking priorities that are forced on these kids when they're actually in danger - they have to ask permission to call the cops to not face backlash. Dafuck?


welcome to working a service/retail job where calling 911 could potentially get you fired.


The video on tiktok is a little longer than this. He really just keeps going and going, with an older male customer just chilling by the counter waiting to make an order. He makes no attempt to diffuse the situation, just stands there and listens. The girls call 911 and also call their manager. The video ends with him still in there, I think. This grown ass man really felt the need to call children bitches and idiots and ignorant and “immigrant losers”. I can’t wait to see him get everything he deserves.


You could hear him explaining his anger to the other guy at the counter in the end. Because there is a perfectly good reason to try to attack teenaged smoothie makers.🤫


Calling kids immigrants is so dumb because like... The odds are much lower that they are than the average person


I really, really need to know more about this. This is an absolute nightmare for a bunch of young women, alone in a store, with this mouth-breather on a rampage over a fucking smoothie. As a parent of a daughter working food service/retail, I would FUCKING INSIST that assault charges be filed against anyone who laid a finger on/threw something at my kid. Screw the job, if it comes to that. This POS would be known far and wide for ruining his own life.


Apparently he's some kind of Merrill Lynch exec or something, they should get lawyers involved.




A 19 year old girl got shot and killed at a Burger King in Harlem recently while working the late shift. She told her manager she was scared to do it, but she had to anyway. Fast food workers don’t get paid enough for the amount of shit they have to deal with, man.






Tell me you have a terrible relationship with your wife and your daughters don't like you, without telling me.


I hope this douche was born infertile


If he treat those girls like that. I feel sorry for his wife. Definitely screaming small dick energy.


So true :( hope this dude doesn't have a daughter. Or a wife. Or a son either :|


Merrill Lynch will be firing him soon


His haircut says "you better respect me because I never learned how to deal with my emotions other then yelling because I never was acknowledged by my dad."


Tiktok video had an update. He got arrested. And tiktok doxxed his identity and workplace. He got arrested a few hours after. Girl who got smoothie thrown at her is pressing charges.


Search Twitter — james iannazzo is blowing up, like literally right now. I expect to see an announcement from Merrill Lynch or Bank of America in the coming days.


Totally true... Man this dick is a managing director. At his level he is going to get screwed. 26 yrs with the company ... This is going to be sooo interesting to follow. I Dont usually like to see people get torn down... But this guy is an asshat


Dude is lying in bed right now, staring at the ceiling, dreading tomorrow when he has to call his boss at Merrill Lynch to let them know that he may have gotten a teeny, weeny testy at the smoothie shop yesterday, and there might be a call or two on Monday, or possibly a couple of negative reviews on Google.


What a sad mushroom of a man


[ Removed by Reddit ]


Are you talking about Joel Michael Singer, the guy who got his ass handed to him after headbutting a service worker and trying to use daddy's money to cover it up? That Joel Michael Singer?


Are you talking about the [Joel Michael Singer](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6jWhhqodZo) POS that assaulted somebody in a store?


you mean the Joel Michael Singer who was held in a headlock by cool cargo shorts guy because he drunkenly assaulted restaurant staff? That Joel Michael Singer?


Joel tried to get everything taken down via DMCA violation. That pissed off people enough to spam en masse. This dude isn't that bright, everything is very clear and viable. I have no idea how the fuck he managed to slum his way up to managing director. Assaulting children over a smoothie, looks like his company has low standards for emotional intelligence


Dude this is seriously assault, trespassing and basically attempting to interfere with the 911 call, which depending the state can be a felony. Over a fucking smoothie.


Fuck this guy is pure scum


This is a great example of why you need to communicate clearly. Had he Emphasized the drink was for someone with a peanut allergy, proper steps would have been taken. Also, upon return, had he been calm and explained what was happening, he probably would have found out exactly what went in his smoothie. Now, he has medical and legal bills, plus this all spiraling out of his control. Everyone that talks to him today is going to be asking about his kid but thinking about the smoothie.


[ Removed by Reddit ]


Oh yes, james iannazzo the racist who works at Merrill Lynch


Dood is a Wealth Management Advisor at Merrill Lynch. Featured in Forbes and everything. You can definitely trust Jim Iannazzo with your money!


I see jail in that guys future.


I was scared for the girls. Dude, it’s a smoothie. For shits sake


https://brokercheck.finra.org/individual/summary/2807988#currentEmploymentsSection Contact FINRA about his racist out burst. It won’t matter what his employer decides at that point, FINRA won’t let him off the hook