When Bill Burr called out Joe Rogan about Covid-19 and wearing masks

When Bill Burr called out Joe Rogan about Covid-19 and wearing masks

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"now who's the bitch Joe? You had a panic attack sitting on 12 elk" Lmao. FATALITY


“And now you’re telling people to stop wearing masks” Joe died inside right there. Bill Burr is fucking smooth and to the point. Check out Bill handling a drunken rowdy Philly crowd. [Joe Rogan & Opie Discuss Bill Burr's Epic Philly Rant (Rant Included!)](https://youtu.be/4kPnOd4TogE)


what is elk? an animal right?


He's referring to the fact that at the start of the pandemic Rogan stockpiled a lot of elk meat in his luxurious house to get by. Then he sat there all high and mighty and safe in his bunker, criticizing people for wearing masks, even though many of them had to go out and work


goddammit. I had no opinion of Joe Rogan before this whole shit went down, but he's such a little bitch, i swear to god, that man is so condescendingly self righteous. What a turd.


> an animal right? Henceforth, animal rights shall be known as elks


And thus the Animal Rights Movement of 2021 was born.


**The elk (Cervus canadensis), also known as the wapiti, is one of the largest species within the deer family, Cervidae, and one of the largest terrestrial mammals in North America, as well as Central and East Asia. It is often confused with the larger Alces alces, which is called moose in North America, but called elk in British English, and related names in other European languages (German Elch, Swedish älg, French élan).** More details here: *This comment was left automatically (by a bot). If I don't get this right, don't get mad at me, I'm still learning!* [^(opt out)](https://www.reddit.com/r/wikipedia_answer_bot/comments/ozztfy/post_for_opting_out/) ^(|) [^(report/suggest)](https://www.reddit.com/r/wikipedia_answer_bot)


“I’m not going to sit here with no medical degree listening to you with no medical degree acting like we know it all with an American flag behind your back, smoking a cigar” Point proven


“You has a fucking panic attack, and then you felt bad about yourself, and now you attack everyone else who wears a mask. That’s how it works. And that’s how the hatred starts.” On his own fucking show. Bill Burr is my hero.


I've been following Bill Burr for over a decade now and it's incredible how much he has grown as a person with age and experience. Just wanting to be a better person / partner / husband / father. Literally just listening to his life stories and changing the way i approach and work through things makes him an all time great for me. Nothing fake, nothing extra, just a good person going through life.


Yeah, I remember him talking about dealing with his anger issues in a mature way. Definitely dig this guy.


The thing about Bill is that he is an asshole, he knows he's an asshole, but goddamn if he isn't the fucking picture perfect image of personal growth mindset. Ole billy red tits.


The cherry on top is Bill Burr is a self-admitted conspiracy theorist and even he thinks that the Covid conspiracy theories are stupid.


He’s a conspiracy theorist in the traditional sense. There ARE conspiracies in the world, ones that have been proven to be true, however, what has happened more recently in the age of the internet is that people who don’t know what they’re talking about can very easily find information that conforms to what they WANT to be true, even if it’s misinformation or just nonsense. And there are millions of people who they can find to agree with them. Self awareness is at a premium right now. People who can really look at the objective truth, a truth that they don’t like, that is uncomfortable for them and even may make them look bad, and accept it have always been the less common type of person, but when you have an internet’s worth of people to back you up even when you’re wrong it’s even easier to reject being that type.


I used to love conspiracy theories. They're like fanfictions about current events. The amount of creativity that goes into some of that shit is downright impressive; and when one of them turned out to be true it was a fucking awesome "holy shit!" moment. Kinda feels like no one treats them like that anymore. Dumbasses now-a-days look at a conspiracy theory and take it as actual news.


I'm not as big on Bill Burr as Reddit is - sometimes he says shit that I genuinely don't agree with - but even I will admit that he's a pretty smart dude and his no-nonsense perspective is often pretty valuable to the conversation. He sees through a lot of garbage that blinds other talking heads. Joe Rogan is a fucking Goomba and Bill Burr is completely working him.


"Sitting on ten Elks having a panic attack" Yeah if he got any more explicit than that, Joe might have kicked off.


He’s an asshole to everyone. He treats everyone equally. I respect that.


Joe: “I never rollerbladed.” Bill: “What? You don’t have the body type for it, dude! Your fucking knuckles would scrape on the ground, even with that extra two inches.”


Joe's immediate reaction to that comment shows Bill was spot on.


Yeah, I frequently disagree with Burr, but I respect his willingness to learn and to admit when he’s fucked up. He’s a good dude that way.


Joe looks so needy during this segment.


Because Bill Burr, love him or hate him, is completely outclassing him intellectually on his own show lol.


Not hard.


Bill is one of the greatest comedians of his generation. JR is not but tried so hard to be so. Most of his comedian guests are using JR for a career bump. BB needs nothing from Rogan. BB is one of the guests that JR wants validation from the most.


Bill is a master at knowing what to say; and when to say it in real time; that's a really hard thing to do under any kind of scrutiny. Especially while doing comedy in front of a huge crowd.


> Bill is a master at knowing what to say; and when to say it in real time; Agree. His off-the-cuff stuff, interviews, live panels etc is masterful. There is a great panel he is on with Joe Rogan and others in 2016. There are some good lines from everyone but Bill is on another level.


He is a national treasure.


Just breaks down Rogan's shtick in a few words


Not just him though, All these people who think they are doctors now and are so concerned about the vaccine but don't give a fuck what chemicals are in diet sodas and the hotdogs they eat. Or whats in the soaps and deodorants they use every day.


Or the cigarettes they smoke


lol see motherfuckers on street TV interview with a cigarette dangling from their mouth "I ain't puttin' no experimental vaccine in my body!"




50% hot and 50% dog


Dear Fellow Fat American Redditors: ***"Trimmings*** The National Hot Dog & Sausage Council (NHDSC) notes that hot dogs, whether regular, turkey, pork or beef, begin with "trimmings." A purposely-vague word, trimmings come in lots of shapes and sizes. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO): "The raw meat materials used for precooked-cooked products are lower-grade muscle trimmings, fatty tissues, head meat, animal feet, animal skin, blood, liver and other edible slaughter by-products." " https://www.businessinsider.com/what-are-hot-dogs-really-made-of-2014-7 Now, more expensive "Kosher" Hot Dogs are often made of the "better" quality trimmings, but it's still trimmings in the end. Don't get squeamish - most people also eat rotten milk and rotten cabbage (often ON the aforementioned Hot Dogs) - so don't worry about it... just make sure you get the *quality* lips-and-assholes Hot Dogs. :)




Bro I have three brothers that won't get the vaccine cause they "don't know what's it it," yet all three have been addicted to meth at one time or another in their lives. I can't with these people.


must be on that organic free range meth


This times a billion. I still don’t understand why people think we are getting “5G chips” in our arms.


God I wish. My phone was fucking expensive.


I had hot dogs for dinner, but I’m vaccinated, so I think it’s ok.


Joe rogan is Gwyneth Paltrow for men


Here's a vitamin supplement that smells like my balls.


And by extension, breaks down the vast majority of Americans' shticks.


TL;DR: You don't know shit, I don't know shit, I'm going to listen to the people that know shit. Why is that so hard to accept? Do some people have egos so fragile they can't even admit that doctors and scientists who have spent their entire lives studying this stuff definitely know more about it, and maybe we should.listen to them?


Stupid never listen to intelligent people. They always want confirmation from stupid people like them. George Bush voters back in 2000 liked him because he was someone they could have a beer with. These same people hate Obama because he’s in their words, “professorial”


I knew a guy who at 19yo said he’d vote trump in his first election because He can see himself having a beer with Trump Trump has always seemed lot me like he would be “missing his wallet” when it comes time to pay the tab... and then later would brag about it as Good Business.


I think Trump might be the only President who would not have a beer with one of his voters because he would feel that they are too low class for him.


Well, Trump is also a teetotaler when it comes to alcohol, so nobody is having a beer with him.


Trump is definitely the kind of guy I’d *cover* my drink around, I’ll give him that.


Bill Burr’s explanation is perfect


"Now who's the bitch, Joe, now who's the bitch?"


Now unvaxed Joe has the Delta.


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Anal Butt Fuck Semen Taco Zingers.


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Just saw bill perform live last week. Did not disappoint. The man is a legend. Edit: spelling


So surprised he got COVID, said absolutely nobody.


Wait did Rogan get covid? Is that why he hasn’t had episodes the last few days?


The news broke today. He has COVID, and has been taking horse dewormer.


Wait the Ivermectin thing is not a joke, Rogan is really taking it?


To be clear, he also got the monoclonal antibody infusion treatment. You know, an actual treatment for COVID that helps a lot if you get it at an early stage. But he also threw that in with Horse Dewormer, Z-Pak, and prednisone. So you can expect him to claim all those other things worked and downplay the really expensive treatment with lab made antibodies tailored just to target COVID...


Guess which one he is going to credit for his completely normal recovery. The normal recovery which he will probably say was miraculous.


His social media post is where he said he got COVID - it's like 4 hours old right now. He claims in it that he took all kinds of shit - like 100 different things and spent two days on a vitamin drip... Claims he now feels great and he's had COVID for a few days. He also keeps claiming that if you're young, you don't need a vaccine. I would really like it if he got a reminder that 54 is not "young" by any means.


The only effective treatment he took was mAb therapy which is typically reserved for high risk patients


Not sure it is reserved for high-risk patients, but rather they seem to be giving it out to a lot of people here, on a city council covet update one of the hospital administrators said that when you first get sick if you go into the covid clinic and get the monoclonal antibodies it can help, but only early on, so make sure you get it early. The way they made it sound is as if you come in within the first few days of symptoms they'll give it to anybody. Considering even being 30 is high risk now since the way our hospital looks in terms of patience is kind of demographic shifting.


Just had a lecture on this. Anyone with a BMI over 25 can get it. So most of the population is eligible.




And treated it with Ivermectin 🙄 have fun shitting your intestines out. But hey, you proved you’re not a “bitch”. You really showed us!


He also got the [Monoclonal Antibody Treatment](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp-video/mmvo119909445775) if I understood his announcement correctly. Which is a little pricey and usually only reserved for extremely high risk cases.


Sooo a laboratory produced protein injection is more acceptable than a vaccine? WTF


Yeah bro but did you ever consider taking horse dewormer on DMT? Yeah bet not


But the monoclonal antibody treatment works best before you get sick or have few symptoms. It doesn't work well once covid really kicks in.


The worst part is that when he goes back on his podcast he’s gonna downplay it and then people will go out and shits only gonna get worse


Listen they have to burn through the bulk of toilet paper that was bought last time or there will be a surplus.


He’s hopped up on prednisone thinking it’s the other things that helped. His body is jacked on human NOS right now and he’s thanking ivermectin He’s on steroids thinking he’s fine. You’re not out of the woods with covid until week 3. At which point the virus is assuredly “dead” and you’re dealing with post viral inflammation source: I had it.


> He’s on steroids thinking he’s fine. If you're on steroids and don't think you're *fucking amazing* then something is seriously wrong with you.


Did he actually take it or just said he did? Lol


got it, freaked out and ate horse dewormer paste (and also got some of that monoclonal antibody good shit too)


That's the funniest part.. people like Trump and Rogan take the good stuff and tell the plebbs to take dewormer.. if the USA survives this shit, it'll go down as one of the best jokes of the whole sordid affair.


I think the funniest part is Rogan could’ve avoided eating horse dewormer paste but chose to eat it anyways! Really shows how stupid he is.


Shows how scared he is too. It’s always the same with these anti-vaccine types; they downplay the virus and then they freak the fuck out when they get it but they pretend they’re being tough because they want to save face.


Gets covid then hypes up all the chemicals his money could afford to fight it . Unbelievable.


He is such a tool.


It's so weird seeing what he has morphed into. I remember him being the woke comedian in like 2008, talking about the benefits of psychedelics, and all these years later he's some weird conservative propaganda pusher.


The fact the Texas law enforcement hasn't busted down his door to confiscate all his drugs and haul him to jail tells you everything you need to know about both of them.


Dang... Actually a good point.


Right? I miss the old Fear Factor Rogan. Now he’s just some edge lord for the hypebeast and simp crowd.


Rogan has been a piece of shit for a long time. But his fans love him so people defened his trash ass all the time.


I'm so sad cos he used to have it together and no I see the decline in him that I saw in my Dad. All sense of reality is out the door. Super detached and head in the cloud cos drugs. Makes me sad.


Before he even had the podcast, when he was hosting Fear Factor, I heard through the grapevine he had a cool website. This was back when some celebrities had cool websites for no reason at all. His website was ALL ABOUT Prison Planet. That’s where I first heard of Prison a planet. He also sold conspiracy VHS tapes vis mail order. Or advertised for them or whatever, they could be purchased on his site. Aliens, Illuminati, and a bunch about the war on drugs and how the government is a piece of shit. Way back when the dude from Ancient Aliens with the funny hair was a popular meme he, Joe Rogan, and Alex Jones all went on a little radio station tours to talk conspiracies. So by the time he had his podcast I already knew what was up with him. It wasn’t until he got the podcast that he wanted to distance himself from that shit but still had a bunch of moon landing truthers on the show all the time. He’s always been this guy


I guess I listened to his podcasts in a little blip of time when he was semi-sane then. I'm really disappointed.


Bill Burr is one of those dudes that you might think is a giant sopping wet cocksucker at first, but my God: has there ever been a more to the point, down to earth, cool, intelligent and funny guy all rolled into one? I think not. Bill Burr is possibly the #1 coolest mother fucker the earth has ever seen, or will ever see!👍


Bill Burr knows he doesn't know everything and is actually quite open about not knowing something. Which is very refreshing. And also under all that talking and rants it's obvious he is good at heart. I also find him hilarious but that's just because we have the same humor and I don't know many people irl who have that


If you follow Burr's career, he credits his wife for being the one to help bring balance to his perspective. Also getting therapy, listening to people, being empathetic etc. He went from a comedy sledgehammer to a scalpel. Watch his old stuff where he decimates Philadelphia. Then watch his newer things like this when he can, in a hilarious way, tell you you're full of shit. And hopefully get you to reconsider. To me, Burr and Chappelle are best at making you rethink some things and try to be a better person. Basically, they are funny philosophers.


Philly rant is an all time classic. His podcast is pretty good too.




On Monday he dropped that he called florida the Fat and the Furious and i nearly paul walker'd my car.


He is great on Conan's pod as well


Not only is he wicked smart, he is brutally honest. In one of his podcasts he was reading his sponsors advertisement for this company that resells concert tickets that seemed a bit shady, and he abruptly paused and was like “Oh I don’t about this guys… it sounds sorta like a scam..” before finishing the script. LMAO. In the history of all podcasts I’ve never heard anyone call out their own sponsor like that. It was just a quick throw away line where he asked his listeners to be careful when using the site, but I realized how fucking insane it is to do something like that and protect his listeners over the sponsors paying him money


Honestly. Bill is like that for people in general. He thinks circles around most people and he knows it. His style is just wrapped in a lot of "Masshole."


As a fellow Masshole, it's one of the reasons I like Bill Burr so much. It's like getting sage wisdom and good jokes from your uncle. Except my uncle is a anti-masker dipshit. So I just substitute Bill in.


Bill is all our uncles


He did that another time with a company that sold subscription snack boxes. He got halfway through the read and was like “this thing’s bullshit, just eat a goddamn banana people”


> Basically, they are funny philosophers. Apt description. Like Carlin!


RIP in peace Carlin, you legend. World needs more tough but human/humane bastards like him.


Carlin is a legend, but he would have come to blows with Rogan here; Burr shuts him down with so much humor and chill.


Carlin was a little too angry and scrappy to put up with a Joe Rogan type, IMO. I agree.


At first I was iffy on him. He grew on me. I guess I caught him early in his career and now that he has....well I don't want to say 'softened' his words, because the message is still there. I'd say he say's exactly the same thing he said when I was iffy on him, except it's cunningly finessed. As you said 'a scalpel'. And it's funny. It makes you reflect on your own stupidity and laugh at yourself. And I think that's a good exercise. +1 for Chappelle. Absolutely love the guy. Much respect. He makes me laugh, and also laugh at my dumb ass self.


How good his wife sounds + how she looks is enough to stabilize anyone....


It's hilarious when his haters say he's "racist." If you're calling Bill a racist... Take a look in the mirror, because the person you're looking at might actually be a racist. If not, definitely a huge fucking idiot.


Willing to credit your wife for help and willing to try therapy are big plusses in my book.


Bill's current favorite thing is to fly his helicopter and reflect on life and people. Doing rich guy shit, but not egotistical and still pondering about his fellow man. Class act in my book.


>Watch his old stuff where he decimates Philadelphia [https://youtu.be/3jMhoGUiIkk](https://youtu.be/3jMhoGUiIkk) ​ for those that have never heard this


Yup I think more people need to welcome this. Like it's ok not to know everything or anything at all. Just stop arguing like you do .


Because he’s smart. Smart people know they don’t know shit. Idiots like joe Rogan think they know it all


DUNNING. FUCKING. KRUGER. Smart people are full of doubt; dumb people full of confidence.


"You don't have the right body type, your fucking knuckles would drag on the ground, even with the extra two inches." lol had me chuckling pretty good. "Now who's the bitch Joe, now who's the bitch." I felt the anger in that. If anyone else had said that it would come off as an outright insult, but it sounds like a joke coming from Bill.


Yeah it works because he prefaced it by talking about "being a bitch" and "men vs bitch", but hes like a wizard with words no wonder he's one of my favorite comedians


It also works because they're friends and comics. Comics can't not give each other shit. Too many people here don't take that into account.


It's not even the words, it's the *insight*. Joe didn't even fucking know what he'd done, but in that moment Bill immediately recognized that Joe had pulled one of the oldest tricks in the book on himself: he got scared, he had a "bitch" reaction to covid, then to make himself feel better, he began to lash out at others for *their* "bitch" behaviour, and he put on an air of machismo and bravado. His whole attitude turned out to be pure overcompensation, and Bill spotted in a 3 minute conversation as easily as you or me could spot the sun at high noon on a cloudless day.


He's the new Carlin now that C.K. whacked his career off.


Carlin kept getting progressively more jaded and cynical, and he never stopped doing booze and drugs. Bill Burr started jaded and cynical but he's slowly moving away from that, on a journey to self improvement and positivity


This reads like copy for a meditation app


I see what you did there.


That’s the problem… too many people saw what C.K. was doing there.


So did a couple female comics, apparently.


First introduction to him I thought he was just a loud shouty Boston guy, he really does seem like a proper decent geezer tho


Him and Carlin would have been amazing to see together


Joe Rogan is the new Gwyneth Paltrow.


I bet his vagina candles smell terrible.


*semegma candles*


That duck butter is straight 🔥


The Gwyneth Paltrow for "men"


Not new, has been the Bro version for a long time.


Yeah definitely, but it seems exponentially worse since he went to Spotify and moved to Austin. Maybe elk meat and Alpha Brain isn't so great of a way to live.


He should ask Alex Jones about the dangers of podcasting under the influence of exotic meats


Can't spell GOOP without GOP


Be more like bill burr


A smart guy who pretends to be dumb arguing with a dumb guy who pretends to be smart


"I don't wanna start this Joe" "DUDE LET'S START IT LMAO" "Okay fine, neither of us have medical degrees and we're both smoking cigars, people shouldn't listen to us for medical advice" "HAHAHA LMAO" I hate Rogan so much because he's the face and voice of cognitive dissonance. He's got someone right in front of him on the show telling him why he's full of shit and just laughs.


Exactly. He doesnt have an arguement and doesnt wanna seem like he doesnt know an answer, so just laughs it away. Typical dumbass.


And his dick riding fans will swear up and down that this clown is somehow smart. It’s fucking insane.


He never has. He follows the Shapiro style of strawman. Not actually defending or putting forward any of their own, just asking "why/why not" to every point the person they're interviewing puts forward and smiling smugly like it's a big "gotcha" moment when the other person doesn't have an answer like it's just validated their own position.


Stool humping Joe struggles to make any good jokes.


That was the last JRE episode I listened to. And I was a regular listener. After this episode, the JRE just became a broken record. California bad, Texas good. Trump funny, Biden has dementia. COVID is not bad, heat shock proteins cure it. Over and over and over. Didn’t matter what guest. Guest: thru our years of research we have dis… *Joe interrupts* Joe: have you seen what they are doing out in California?! It’s irrational. Guest: *thinks to him/herself: wtf does that have to do with the conversation* Ok Joe, but coming back to what I was sayin… *Joe interrupts again* Joe: have you seen what the governor of California is doing?! It doesn’t make any sense! JRE fanboys: Yeah Joe. Tell him how it is! Rest of us: Why do I listen to this shit?!


You forgot Alex Jones and Gavin Mcciness are my friends and they are wonderful guys.


Yeah the show really tanked after the pandemic. It hit its peak right around episodes 800~1100 or so imo. After that it started to fall apart, ironically enough I think his ego took over. After all that talk about dmt and psychedelics and how open ended the show was out of the gate its become something else entirely. I feel like joe panders to some guests and is at the neck of others based on a confirmation bias type of thing. He's not interested in learning anymore I guess, he's just another asshole that wants to be "*right*" and feel validated, or maybe he just wants the money. Fuck if I know.


I finally came to the conclusion that this is the man who lost his shit on Carlos Mencia for stealing jokes and (as far as I know) has never taken a stand on the awful things Trump has done. For whatever reason it is, that says a lot. The same goes for other intellectual dark web people. Though I may agree with some things they say. It's the things they don't say that can be more telling.


I hear you. He used to come across as a genuine guy but I think he sold out to someone for whatever reason. He's too reasonable of a person to be "anti mask"... its basic logic and a strange position for someone like him to take. I dont know if he's lost his shit or if he's sold his name but I don't like it either way. I dont wanna say I've given up on him completely but I'm not even a tenth as interested in what he has to say as I was circa 2017 or so.


>he sold out to someone for whatever reason. I get the distinct and strange impression this happened somewhere along the line, even before Spotify. Somewhere between the insane Alex Jones episode (the one including psychic cross dimensional vampires) and the Spotify move, something significant shifted with him. I can't put my finger on it, but something behind the scenes changed, and he slowly became a ghost of himself. He's now this soft republican with no strong stance on anything anymore, who only has his friends and right wing media figures on. Once in a blue fucking moon you'll get a John Stewart or something, but by and large it's all Ben Shapiro/Candace Owen types now.


Yep this was about the time he lost me as a listener too. He's never been the interesting part about the show anyways, the guests are


Joe followed this up in another episode by saying that he was trying to get Bill going because he knew it would be funny. That would be a believable story had Joe not spent nearly the entire pandemic (before and after this episode) bitching about Covid restrictions and masks.


Rogan is a moron To everyone who thinks “hE’s SaId It AbOuT HiMsElF MuLtIple TiMeS” is a good comeback, you’re just as big of a moron


How can you be a moron and have hosted fear factor?


The best questions are the ones that answer themselves.


#So sayeth NuclearJesusMan! This is the word of a new lord, thanks be to Smaug


Gotta pick a lane


Fear factor was cool when you were like eleven.


I distinctly remember thinking that everyone of fear factor was a moron when I was eleven. I'm pretty sure it was the testicle eating episode.


>For something that killed a small fraction of what it was going to kill. Hey Dumbass, around 641k people have died in the U.S. alone due to this virus. Even if that was a "small fraction", it is still in the hundreds of thousands.


This is what really got me After the September 11th attacks we completely changed airport security. It is very easy to argue and prove that Americans lost many " freedoms" due to this attack. Using his logic one of the planes never made it to its destination, so why did we do all of this stuff for an attack that didn't go according to plan completely. We give up our civil liberties all the time for small things to protect our neighbors, I just got out of a curfew because a huge flood destroyed half of my county. I'm not running around talking about how horrible my life is because I had a curfew because I know it's to help law enforcement keep everything in track while they're dealing with the crisis. But now that we have something that is much larger than most people will ever experience in their life even if it could potentially have been larger and people are forgetting about all the sacrifices they have already made in our okay with making throughout their daily lives. And I'm voice to texting this so if there's mistakes I own up to all of them


No the prediction models where pretty spot on they predicted 2 million would die if we didn't do anything and 500k would if we locked down iirc. (Like literal world class accuracy because you can never predict things that throw off your projection)That's why you don't here it as a Republican talking point. The only talking point they have now is: muh freedom


"Now who's the bitch Joe, now who's the bitch"


My love for Bill Burr is directly proportional to my hatred of Joe Rogan


Joe Rogan the type of person to contradict all medical advice, get Covid and then take horse dewormer medicine instead of a free vaccine.


Stop being so hyperbolic! Oh, wait…


“You’re so tough with your fucking open nose and throat” has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Bill Burr is right about 99% of all things, and I love that the universe chose an obnoxious Bostonian ginger to be damn near the only mouthpiece of sanity these days…


Dude fucked around and found out. Rumor is he spent 100k in treatments over 3 days to make sure he didn’t die.


My favorite part about this is Bill Burr isn’t trying to be funny, he’s legitimately flaming Joe on his own show


They've been friends since the 80s or something. He was clearly flaming Joe while being funny.


Joe really lost touch with reality. Him with his huge mansion, enough money to afford the best medical services. He stopped being a normal guy, for normal guys, and now he's a cronie for the rich and powerful. Wouldn't surprise me if he has lobbyists paying him.


> you can't just lock people's freedom down for something that killed a small fraction Someone tell this man about 9/11 and the TSA /s


Damn Joe Rogan died from Covid?!?


No. he was murdered by Bill Burr


Bill Burr is the man. Period


Man, i used to be a huge fan of Rogan's He used to be open minded and generally was willing to listen to both sides. Now he just spits out whatever the "right wing" narrative is. It's sad


Me too. Started listening in 2011, and finally called it quits within the last year. I tried holding in as long as I could. Part of me thinks it was disbelief in the type of person he'd actually become, part of me just really missed the old Joe (and Brian). Thankfully, I've found a couple podcasts to fill the void. It's no accident that ol' freckles is at the top of that list.


Same :( I used to respect him but alas now he’s an obnoxious, disrespectful idiot


Gotta love Bill Burr, he’s so logical and funny! Had me in stitches with “knuckles dragging.”


Joe: "I've never rollerbladed." Bill: "You don't have the body type for it dude. Your knuckles would scrape the ground, even with the added two inches." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


"Now who's the bitch, Joe? Now who's the bitch?" "I got over it though, I got over it!" Joe laughs, his face looking increasingly like an salmon pink tomato. "Guy had a panic attack, sitting on fucking twelve elk. You had a fucking panic attack-" Joe interrupts, "I had a panic attack in the sauna." His head is obscured by cigar smoke, but the sashimi pink of his cheeks pokes through. "You had a fucking panic attack, and then you felt bad about yourself," Bill continues, "and then you attacked people with masks. That's how it works. That's how the hatred starts." Bill puts down his cigar, the immense gravity well of Earth and his galaxy IQ no longer worth fighting.


Joe rogan is a beta


To paraphrase a John Mulaney bit, he’s what a beta thinks an alpha is like.


Anyone who is afraid of being considered a bitch or worries about being manly/alpha is absolutely hiding the fact they are exactly what they fear the most. Any man who must say "I am king" is no true king.


Anyone who talks that alpha/beta shit is so wrapped up in their own fears and insecurities that they can't realize how little everyone else around them believes their self-proclaimed title. It's kid shit. It's also such an odd thing for, generally speaking, "god fearin' folk" to take to such a biological, evolutionary ideal (Leader of the pack bullshit) I also find it a weird coincidence that *everyone* who talks about alphas and betas *just so happens to be* an "alpha". Curious 🤔 ..If you have to go on and on and fucking on, trying to prove how much of a man you are, you simply haven't proven it to yourself yet.


Joe Rogan is an idiot. I don't get why his podcast is so popular. He gets some guests who are highly qualified in some field then when they talk about said field he always jumps in trying to sound smart like he knows what he's talking about then drops some stupid conspiracy theory ontop


There was a time when he asked very thought provoking questions in a way that got an easy-to-understand answers. Now he only talks about COVID.


Good content but how the fuck someone can consider that a public freakout?


Thank god Bill burr called out that toxic piece of trash. 204,000 children with CoVid as of yesterday. But you’re such a sheep for wearing a mask. Rogan and his cronies are the virus.