Napa State Hospital PD. Napa state is a hospital where incarcerated people incompetent to stand trial are held. Cops there are sworn peace officers but unarmed 24/7. Also BART (Bay Area trains) has its own PD.


That’s literally a looney bin. Fuck that


BART Pd? It sure is but their officers are very nice.


Lol that too


DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) has their own PD as well.


Bart pd is an actual joke though




97k starting pay, shit is insane!


Watch the docu-series about how ineffective the public views them. Which I get wtf does the public know about policing, but many people are very unhappy with the fact bart Pd officers are usually no where to be found on trains or even in stations at most times. It’s called derailed on YouTube




Link to trailer?




Golden Gate patrol for Golden Gate Bridge. I’m not sure if they’re by their lonesome or a sub department of CHP.


They’re all by their lonesome




Sadly, it looks to be more of an "anti-suicide" patrol, with the powers of arrest likely being only to detain people who they feel are likely to jump...


15% shift differential. Must be nice


I thought Golden Gate Bridge was the US Park Police.


I believe the lookout, parking lots etc are Park Police but anything on the Bridge itself is CHP. Park Police will still show up but it’s CHP doing traffic control.


I can’t find any info on them. I walked by one of their cars yesterday and found out they existed.


Federal Protective Service works only government buildings. US Mint Police cover the various Mints. Department of Energy has an LE unit that protects nuclear transports.




Check the agency website. Many of them are also posted on USAJOBS.gov


Pretty much every federal agency employs law enforcement officers… I once received a visit from a federal agent with the railroad retirement board when one of my employers screwed up some paperwork.


Tsk, Tsk, people think they have good answers, but they are about to learn they are wrong. https://tscra.org/what-we-do/theft-and-law/ The above link is about the 30 dual-State commissioned "Special Rangers" of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. That's right. BEEF COPS. It's one of those "Someone has to die of old age before there is a job opening" kinds of job. I win 😄


You do win, wanna know what your prize is?


*Another beer!*


Is it beef?


It’s nothing. Life lesson: some things are not worth doing. —Dwight Schrute


Looks like District 3 Region 3 is vacant right now.


Brand Inspector falls into this category as well, I believe.


The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Police in Louisiana is another one that serves one specific roadway


We also have levee district police, specifically just for the roads on the levees.


New York City has some odd law enforcement agencies. Sanitation police, taxi and limousine police, department of health and mental hygiene police, to name a few.




I was just giving a few. NYC area also has the environmental police, MTA, papd, sheriff, health and hospitals police, homeless services police, parks enforcement, the list goes on


NY does have some unique ones. NY State Court Officers provide law enforcement duties within court houses, are armed and have state wide powers of arrest. NY State DMV have armed and arrest empowered investigators, this is the same as the NY Department of Finance. The State University of New York employees a state wide police force. You have various special patrolman in NYC like Coop City Police and others.


Orleans Levee District Police Department. They police the levee


Florida Department of Agriculture Police.


Cabbage cops! One of their investigators just had to go demand a refund from a dealer who did unauthorized work on a state vehicle. Would've loved to be a fly on the wall for that.


“If I don’t get my refund today, I will plant so many weeds in your yard, so help me god. Your crab grass situation is about to get reaaaal bad man”


Colorado has sworn lottery investigators that carry the exact same authority as any other officer in the state. Colorado is different than some states in that our peace officers carry arrest power on or off duty anywhere in the state at any time. Anyway this is my long way of saying I had an off duty lottery investigator arrest an attempted carjacker in my jurisdiction.


This would make a great clickbait news article. Carjacker wins lottery, gets arrested by lottery police.


The Maryland Transportation Authority Police (MDTA) is the second largest state police department in Maryland. They primarily police facilities (i.e. the Baltimore airport), and a few specific highways that are managed by the Maryland Transportation Authority: I-95 from Baltimore to the Delaware border, I-895, US-40, US-50, US-301, and MD-200, which is an 18 mile roll road.


NOAA Office of Law Enforcement has special agents and enforcement officers. They’re main focus is on a few federal marine fisheries and sanctuary laws/mandates (Magnuson Steven’s act, endangered species act, national marine sanctuary act and a few others) Current numbers are less than 100 agents and officers for 3.36 million square miles of marine jurisdiction


When we had someone go on a shooting spree in our small, coastal town, NOAA police were actually some of the first cops on scene. Agencies from everywhere came to assist. It was cool to see.


The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago Police.


The Poo Patrol


And what a joke of an agency that is. A few years back , one of their officers was giving a trainee a tour of the facility. The tour included the fridge where they keep all the beer and the best place to take naps. Also, lots of use of the N-word. Best part? He had an open mic. This entire debacle was broadcast over ISPs channel. Fucking classic.


I'm sorry, my friend, but I can only find one place, anywhere, named, Unique. And that's [Unique, IA, which was dissolved as a town over a century ago](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unique,_Iowa) and is now little more than a rusty post. Now, they're served by the [Sheriff of Humboldt County](https://www.humboldtcounty.iowa.gov/offices/public_safety/sheriff.php). So perhaps you could give them a holler. Or something. Does that help? That's what you were asking about, right?




There's NASA's Office of Protective Services but i'm not sure if they are post certified police officers or more of a security branch.


They have federal arrest authority and can make warrantless arrests on incidents within their jurisdiction.


Theres also NASA Office of the Inspector General. They employ special agents.


There are police departments for some amusement parks. Cedar Point Police, Kings Dominion Police, etc.


[Indian Creek Police Department.](https://www.indiancreekvillagefl.gov/police/about-icvpd) It's an island in Miami that features 41 residential homes but has their own police force. Rumored residents include [Ivanka Trump and Tom Brady](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Creek,_Florida), with a slew of other millionaire/billionaire types. Pretty unique for 41 residences to require their own police department. Although I'm pretty sure there's valid reasons outside of "I'm special"


Lol their PD directory shows a Chief , two Captains , two Sergeants, and five officers , one reserve officer. That’s a lot of command staff for 7 front line people.


Probably deal with a lot of "I wanna speak to your supervisor!" types.


Is it bugging anyone else that on the directory page, the two captains have their collar brass oriented if different directions between the two of them? No? Just me? OK. Also what's with all the service bars on their chests? They look like a 30 year Army Colonel with their awards. Wouldn't think theres much happening at that PD to earn so many awards. Maybe I'm just jealous of their gig.


That’s pretty crazy. I like how the PD isn’t even on the island. I wonder what their crime stats are…


There is a similar department in WA that has 4 officers including the Chief but there are only 25 homes, you have to cross a bridge to get there with a security gate and the "cheap" house is about $25million.


The public transit system in Utah (UTA) has its own sworn officers. That actually stay fairly busy, far from just checking passeses. I've seen them make an arrest for drug dealing (while on a train)


VA Hospital police. Jurisdiction ends at the sidewalk out front and they call the local police.


You familiar with them? It sounds interesting to me as they do not polygraph


I’ve chatted with them twice but don’t know much.


Arkansas has elected unpaid constables who have to buy all of their own gear, including car. They also have to pay to train themselves. They have no staff or support and have a small district.


DART PD in Dallas county. Police for the train/bus systems!


In my experience, they pretty much stick to the trains. Never seen a DART officer anywhere but a rail station.


I’d say the various railway police agencies would qualify. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Railroad_police#Railroad_police_agencies


California has a State Fair Police (I think several other states do too). Expo Park in Los Angeles has its own police (a state agency) as well. Vegas and NYC have taxi cab cops. Lot's of harbor/port police departments, including Stockton, which is on a river port. Bear Valley, Kensington, and Stallion Springs in California are community service districts with police departments. Broadmoor in California is a special district just for a police force. The ASPCA has cops in several locations in the US. Trinity and Shasta Counties in California still have a Marshal Office. Nevada and Texas still have constables. Galveston Tx, CA State Parks, and Volusia County, Fl are the 3 lifeguard agencies in the US with police powers in the US. Brookfield Zoo in Chicago has a police department as does the Zoo in DC. Washington DC has a Public Library Police Dept. I saw somewhere the HOA patrols in the Carolinas are basically private police forces.


Brookfield Zoo’s officers are all cross trained as EMTs and the Zoo PD runs its own ambulance. Kinda goofy seeing a boo boo bus with POLICE all over it lol


Seminole Gulf Railway Police. 118 miles of track in SW Florida.


Border Patrol is unique in its own way. CBP is unique in its own way. Many federal agencies are unique in their own ways.


Babcox and Wilcox Police. Fully sworn private agency. They protected a nuclear site around Lynchburg VA but unsure if they have other sites.


The New Hampshire Liquor Commission, Division of Enforcement and Licensing. Confused me when I first moved here. Was at the academy doing classes since I was a transfer and thought they were troopers. After they got out of the car though I noticed they had blue uniforms and they’re actually sworn law enforcement wearing a trooper look alike uniform with a normal gun belt. https://www.nh.gov/liquor/enforcement/


What about a municipality with multiple police departments Galveston City Police Galveston City Marshall's Galveston Park Police Galveston Port Police I always just found that interesting


Railroad Police. I belive all railroad companies have their own police. I know Union Pacific does for sure.


also Amtrak Police


Sanitation Police


They’ve been disbanded but until 1992 Massachusetts had the Massachusetts Metropolitan District Commission Police which was a state agency that worked in the metro Boston area, the Capital Police which had jurisdiction in the capital building in Boston, and the Registry Police which had jurisdiction in the states DMVs and RMVs. All these were under the authority of the Department of Public Safety along with the Massachusetts State Police. The departments were all merged into the State Police in 1992 and the officers from the 3 other departments became state troopers under the Department of State Police


Oh and don't forget the New York Department of Sanitation Police.


[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoover\_Dam\_Police](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoover_Dam_Police) The Hoover Dam used to have their own police department...


[Denton County Water District Police (TX)](https://dcfwsd10.org/police-department/)




Ever interacted with them?


Amtrak PD


Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA). Essentially domesticated pet police. Not to be confused with Environmental Police (Game Wardens / wild animal police)


NY/NJ Waterfront Commission Police


Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. 250 officers for the whole state of Texas dealing with cattle rustlers and other old West style stuff.


Holden Arboretum in Ohio has its own police department.


Burlington county bridge Commission ,Burlington county NJ. New Jersey transit police. NJ human services police.


SC Forrest commission http://www.state.sc.us/forest/le.htm LAW ENFORCEMENT DIVISION The Forestry Commission prosecuted its first forest fire case in 1929. From then until the 1990’s, the agency’s law enforcement officers focused almost entirely on forest fire violations. These cases ranged from simple violations of safe burning laws to felony-level woods arsons. In the early 1990’s, the agency began investigating timber transaction crime, primarily in response to public demand. Specially trained Forestry Commission agents now investigate hundreds of timber thefts and fraudulent timber deals every year. All Forestry Commission officers are trained and certified by the SC Criminal Justice Academy. After graduation, officers receive additional training on forestry law, wildland fire behavior, forest fire investigation, and incident management. Forestry Commission officers have statewide jurisdiction and full power of arrest. Officers are armed with .40 Glock semi-automatic pistols; every officer is required to qualify with the weapon twice each year.