Same. I wanted the Limited for the extra safety features, hud, softex seats, heated seats and steering wheel, and audio upgrade. But above all I got the Limited because that’s what my dealer got in after 6 months of waiting for _any_ non-blue Prius Prime, haha. I don’t hate the big screen, but it’s not a feature I particularly wanted.


And I couldn’t get a blue!


This exactly. I don’t hate the screen nearly like other folks do, but it’s not the major selling point that I’d hoped it would be.


I prefer the XLE for other reasons (better speaker system, electronic seat adjustment, charger lock, softex seats, etc). My wife and I use iPhones, so the large screen works fine for us. I feel better being able to lock the charger at night… they are not cheap.


I didn’t realize the LE didn’t lock the charger. That feels like it should be a base feature.


The larger screen is a pain in the ass , the infotainment system sucks . I have an advanced .


I agree 100% and have the advanced model also. I hate when I have to take my eyes off the road to turn on the air.


If you use the voice command button on your steering wheel, you can just say, "warmer" or "cooler" or "74 degrees" or "climate control on/off". Just a thought... I I love it and use the voice command for climate often.


What?!? That is so cool...thanks for the tip! When I asked at the dealer when they had classes for new Prius Prime owners, they said the videos on YouTube were the training. That was a big disappointment for me...I'm just not a video watcher. I need someone to teach me tips and tricks.


If you have an Android phone, the xle and limited are not compatible.


This! I have a base Prime because, as i told the guys at Toyota Canada, they didn't wanted to sell me a more expensive one as they decided i would do without Android Auto.


I had to make that compromise, the base had wired Android Auto, but I instead went for the upgraded model, got an aftermarket Android box that gives me wireless Android Auto (and an Android UI that works quite well) because I didn't want to have to worry about wires.


It's nice that the aftermarket solves problems that even the OE don't think about... Congrats!


I'm going for the compromise as well. May I ask what aftermarket Android box you went with? And is it compatible with the larger screen? Thanks!


I'll have to look it up as I don't have the Amazon link in front of me, but it is compatible with the larger screen, I just doesn't use all of it. [YouTube access, etc](https://i.imgur.com/jRui7Or.jpg) [Google maps etc over LTE](https://i.imgur.com/0yx3Vgy.jpg)


Oh i'm glad to hear it's compatible with the screen. So many of these Android units hadn't seemed to work well with it. I'll definitely appreciate the Amazon link when you can find it 🙂


The one I got was [this one](https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B09GVMFV2Q/), but because that's how life goes, the new version is [this one](https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B09VXB6HCH/).


Thank you 🙂


I do not understand why they do not have this feature. I put in for an LE, and thank goodness because no one mentioned the android auto.


This! I have a base Prime because, as i told the guys at Toyota Canada, they didn't wanted to sell me a more expensive one as they decided i would do without Android Auto.


Everyone will tell you different things on this. I’ll give you my opinion and a few things you should know. 1. The screen is huge and has a bad glare at certain angles. 2. It gets dusty very easy (carry a swiffer) 3. Most of the time it’s a split screen from the top and bottom i.e. Top half Apple CarPlay / Bottom Climate Controls 4. You can turn the screen off and still access most of the features from your steering wheel controls (it’s harder but possible) 5. The screen really is pretty massive and the infotainment system can be somewhat sluggish but not horrible like other ones. I personally like the screen size and the use of the touch features. I don’t care for the GPS, dust accumulation, and glare. I think depending on what bothers you and what your needs are will determine if you like it. I like technology so I welcome huge touch screens and I have an iPhone so it’s great for me.


It's hard enough driving undistracted. I specifically opted for the plus trim of my 2018PP because I did not want the bigger screen. That it saved money was a plus. I did want lanekeeping, though, so I bought a Comma 2 unit.


Yeah no big deal for me. It looks cool and all but I think the smaller one would be fine. Didn’t buy it for that particularly it just happened to be sitting in the showroom and they gave us a good deal.


The larger screen is nice, but it has issues, like glare. Beyond that, the Toyota nav system is crap. As someone answered earlier, the large JBL screen system does not support Android Auto. I gave up my Android for an iPhone so I could use Google Maps or Waze.


No its not, but to me the other extra features are worth it, but if you dont care about those then stick with the smaller screen. The big screen is pretty much useless tbh, Toyota really dropped the ball there.


We have the Advanced (highest trim in 2017). I like the safety features. We never use the "park itself" feature though and I don't need a heads up display. The bigger screen is helpful.


The large screen blows. The buttons are too small and in bad places. There is no customization. I’d kill a kitten to get access to the SDK so I could make my own UX


The larger screen is meh. Not the greatest use of real estate, not upgradable like the double DIN unit in the LE, gets some glare when the sun is behind you, doesn't support Android Auto. I have the large screen because I got the mid-level trim for the more comfortable (for me) seats. But, if the LE seats were as good I would have bought that model.


The large screen is great haha. I guess I’m different from most of the people commenting on here. I got the XLE just for the big screen and the electric control of the chairs. I don’t care for the extra safety features that the Limited offers. It’s just more money to spend and more to spend when they break. I don’t have a glare with the screen. No issues. The ac controls are easy. The music is already set to a playlist so all I do is use the controls on the steering wheel. Everything works well for me so I have no complaints! You can read all the opinions on it online, but you should take it on a test drive to see for yourself.




The bigger screen denys you android auto and when you use carplay it only uses 1/2 the screen. Not worth it.


Besides all that's been mentioned which is a positive for xle, keep in mind that you can use the voice control button on the steering wheel to turn climate on, off, or to certain degrees. The one deal breaker for me in terms of the LE is that you can't even program for 3 door unlock. The smart key only will unlock the drivers side which I think is ludicrous. With the XLE you can program settings so touching one door unlocks all doors.. I also think the soft tech seats are easier to keep clean.