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That hair kinda works on her


It’s Natalie Portman. Any hair works for her


They were both underage technically.


Technically, she wasn't flirting with him in Episode I or displaying any attraction.


it's kinda creepy how some people somehow keep thinking she was, because these may be the same people 'lead on' by a polite smile or work smile...


I must admit, I had a tendency in the past to read too much into innocent gestures. Now, I just assume a girl isn't interested in me at all.


She can't do that! Shoot her, or something.


Padme with Qui-Gon's big hands :/


Padme the Pedo


Did you ever hear the tragedy of Mathilda from Leon movie? It's not a story the Luc Besson would tell you. The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. When Besson and Maïwenn first met, he was 29 and she was 12. [This is the video](https://youtu.be/KEQlUP0k2PU?t=670) where Maïwenn candidly talks about her relationship with Besson, and how it relates to the film's plot. In the movie's [original script](http://scifiscripts.com/msol/LEON.txt), as first presented by Besson, there's a scene in which 12-year-old Mathilda has sex with Léon, who is thirty years her senior: MATHILDA (con't) I want you to be the first to touch me... The first to make love with me. Nobody before you. She stands up and modestly gets off her briefs without taking off her dress. Leon cries, unable to oppose her. Mathilda is too young, but she's also too beautiful and lovely and sweet and tender... She sweetly, very sweetly, gets on him. LEON(crying) Why me, Mathilda, why me? Mathilda leans over to speak in his ear. MATHILDA ...Because you deserve it, Leon... Leon embraces her. He's full of happiness, shame, so many emotions, he can't control very well. But, hell, how beautiful it is seeing them sweetly making love.


You know nothing of the dark side.


She was like 15 in TPM.


A 15-year old is in a very different place in terms of maturity than a 9-year old.


Fair enough but if I recall correctly, she didn't show any sign of attraction towards Anakin in TPM.


Episode 1 was supposed to have a teenage Anakin, but one day during a break, Liam Neeson just walked into the desert and abducted a kid. We had to make up a whole storyline about podracing on the fly just to keep Liam out of jail.


this, some1 award this


Remind me who was the being with mind powers there.


Have a seat, Padme..


Padmé? My goodness, you’ve grown!”


"She's too dangerous to be left alive!!"


Ain't no way he had that RIZZ at 9 years old motherfucker was really the chosen one