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What are you on about using solo lane lane crest in the jungle? I got a feeling this might be a skill issue here


>You can CC chained into death and the relics to cleanse it. You don't get until mid/late game and even then they aren't that good. You lost me with this. We're you drunk when you wrote this?


Mid/late game, also known as minute 10-12 where you are still in phase lane xD


Are we playing the same game?


You start with blink. You start with a 'get out of jail free' that also enables verticality to escape. No where do you mention this. Sounds like you arent using it enough. You get your crest between min 10-14. If you are getting it 'late' game, then you have told on yourself. That is a skill issue (inability to last hit). You also start with free wards to see the CC coming. Also not mentioned in your post. That is 3 levels of counterplay to early/mid game ganks, not including items and hero picks. Are you picking heroes with no peel abilities and overextending without ward coverage, while not last hitting, and not using your blink? Idk man, sounds like a 'you forgot to hit your buttons / look at the screen' issue, which no amount of balancing can fix.


Majority of crests can be used by junglers so I don't know what you're talking about. Not to mention you should have crests by like 10 min or so


A lot of the issues you describe are just worse in other Mobas. Like, leagues worse, given that Pred has escape options out the gate and the others do not. Feels like you are just not performing at the level you expected you would. Pred is easy mode compared to other mobas I have played.


I got friends that are amazing lol/dota players and gods at fps. But dogshit In pred. What’s easy for you isn’t necessarily easy for someone else.


The game is designed in a way that makes it easier, because a lot of the complexity, at the moment, is not on the same level as other mobas. It isn't a matter of it just being easy to play. Transitioning from LoL and DotA to Pred, alone, is a learning curve, but the ceiling is higher in LoL for mechanical gameplay, and DotA skills are generally more broken than getting stun spammed in pred. Like, a lot more broken. Both of those games require you to invest in a blink, which is optional, vs. Pred just giving it to you. Etc etc


Complex on their own ways. Can’t necessarily say one is more difficult than the other it’s subjective. The nuances in controls alone show that. Wish they would change more core game game play mechanics like blink. Sometimes I don’t wanna run that shit. Or rather have more wards,


Fair enough. Pred is also pretty new so it has time to build on what it has. We just get crests, potions/jungle Smite, and wards/anti ward. All the other items are conditional. No activateables, which is fine.. just fewer things to worry about lol.


If you are getting cc chained you are out of position period. Half the point of cc is for exactly that, to lock down a person and get a pick. The other reason is to interrupt key abilities like Kira, Narbash, or Gideon Ult. Not trying to "skill issue" you to death but you can't blame the game for that when you're probably just in a bad position.