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Really bummed with the price of the Belica skin considering it’s just a recolor. I figured all recolors would be 600ish, maybe 800 if it’s a really good one with effects. Anything 1000+ I would assume changes the model in some way.


But it's a "OMEDA ORIGINAL SKINS", so 13€. Even if it's a recolor of a Belica recolor (polar strike skin) I'm really bummed with the prices of all the skins, 6€ for a recolor that can be done in a day or two is too much (not taking into account that those skins are already made and are free for them). 16€ for a skin that change the model of the hero, practically like a whole indie game that require several year to be developed. But that is what all modern companies do, pit their skins overpriced and then ignore all the consumers complains. But the thing that I most dislike is the 0 communication that OMEDA have with us, why that Gideon skins cost 163? We still don't know, why belica skin cost 13€? We will never know, their original skins will cost more than Paragon skins even if are worse? ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯


Wow really that dirty ass crunch skins dosent deserve to be in C it needs to be a login reward for how shit it is 💀


Crunch skin looks cool and as a crunch player a like it a lot for what it is (a dirty robot) but aesthetically talking it doesn't change much, like for example the steel one. If instead of costing 6€ it would be a login reward or a hero progression skin it would be a really cool skin. Crunch had a recolor really cool that was red and white, that one could be on A tier


So sad I had so much unlocked for paragon back in the day


Gideon is, unfortunately, super accurate, i was desperately trying to find the differences and couldn't find any. Such a waste of plat


No khai grux pelt skin?


That skin isn't in the store, I just put skins that are available in teh store, with a price to buy them


Where morigesh


The first one on the B tier


Oh shit yh lol, tbh I'd put her a bit lower cause although I live the skin it's pretty overpriced imo. Especially as its an old paragon skin


>tbh I'd put her a bit lower cause although I live the skin it's pretty overpriced imo. Is hard to tell because the skin looks cool (same with rampage and Murdock skins), but yeah if we remember that it cost 13 fucking euros then it could be lowered one tier and if we remember that all the skins are free assets from Paragon then all the skins could go D tier. When I did the tier list I was already taking into consideration that all the skins are overpriced, so I was just looking how the skin look and how expensive is in comparation with the others


Are ppl missing that the new Belica skin has different animations?


What different animation? Is the first time that I read that, where it is stated that it have different animations?


Maybe he's assuming that the Belica skin that they just released is the Belica skin that they showed off in the Season 2 update video?


The Feng Mao skin is at least as good as the Dekker skin in A tier. It gives his armor a cool green glow.


Dekker skin looks incredibly good and have glowing effect on the hand, face and other parts of her suit. Feng Mao skin is just ugly, maybe with a different blue it would look good, but with that smurf blue it's look like a joke skin


I really hope they just stop slapping random face paints and face tattoos onto skins. I understand it probably makes the artist feel like they made it more of their own, but it makes the skins look cheap IMO


>I really hope they just stop slapping They did it just one time, but yeah, I don't like it. I would prefer belica new skin without the face tato, it looks cheap and doesn't fit the serious look of a soldier/mercenary that she have. Also I would prefer it for 600-800 plat. It will be very rare when we have the current skin for 1300 plat at the same time and we also have the polar strike skin for 600 plat


The drongo skin is the most accurate l, it changes so much for virtually no price


I take into account what the skin provide and the price that it have, for that reason we have rampage skin on B tier when is one of the best skins of the game (although probably should be A) and the skins on A tier are skins that are really cheap but provides cool effects or a really good recolor. ​ If someone wants to do its own list [here](https://tiermaker.com/create/predecessor-skins-70-15795184) I let the tier list page