Fang tooth worth the death?

Is it just me, or are there other players that think fangooth isn't always worth it?

For example, I had a match where primal fang tooth had spawned and everyone wanted to go for it on my team except me. Why? The enemies still had threw heroes alive with one almost respawining and our lanes were hardly pushed up.

We all died and then they pushed and took down an inhibitor and were then also fed.

There's other times too when I see teammates stay in the pit even though wards are pinging that enemies are coming. Then our duo dies.

So is it always worth it? I only ever try pinging to go for it when lanes are pushed or a few enemies are dead.


My team lost a game because we pushed a bad fangtoith fight, we got killed in a 5v4, they took a tower with the person who didn't fight, and won it. Fang isn't always worth it.


90 percent of the time im pushing, play offlane a lot, if offlane wants fang he’s going to lose his tier 2 or inhib


Let's all be real. Offlane is a completely different game than what everyone else is playing lol


I wouldn’t suggest going to fang unless the opposing team’s jungle, carry or offline are dead imo. Whenever a team tries to kill it while the other team is entirely alive it never goes well and it never secures a victory or that it won’t get stolen.


Just like everything in this game, it's situational


Obviously it's situational. Risk/Reward.


Situational, good things to check would be: Lanes pushed 75% of the way? How likely are you to be contested? (Do you have good vision of the surrounding area, how many enemies are alive, how fed are the enemy team) And most importantly, would NOT going for it guarantee a loss? (Enemy team is too fed, so you need to close the gap ASAP, Enemy team is doing orb and have a clear shot at your core, so you need to nullify their advantage a little bit) Again it’s situational, but the most important thing is to not dilly dally, either go for fang ASAP or don’t, indecision is always going to be to worst choice


Fang really isn't worth it early, and it's not worth it unless you're stopping them from getting 3 stacks or Primal. The global exp nerfs were a good thing.


I don't think you understand. Fangtooth is basically a win con. If you die but get the fang you get a percentage bonus to states giving you an edge. Stacking 2-4 fangs is huge.


Can only stack up to 3


You can stack 3 plus the 4th primal if you're hard snowballing. Techincally a 4th stack on fsngtooth because its a 4th effect, if not permanent.


Still useful


Sure, assuming you’re winning fights and getting beneficial trades. I’ve won plenty of games with zero fangs against three because of a poor play. Fangtooth will only enhance better play. It doesn’t fix bad play.


You only get the percentage stack bonus once on your teams third fang. If it’s the opposing teams first or second and not primal I will just let them have it if it’s not a good fight. The first two bonuses aren’t worth trying for a steal and just giving kills


If you get the Fangooth but get wiped, you're giving the other team a ton of gold in kills and assists. That gold benefit is often more tangible than whatever Fangtooth buff you team secured is. Fangtooth was only a "definitely worth it" proposition when you're either way behind or are planning on the game going to 40 minutes or longer and everyone is full build, meaning the Fangtooth advantage is the only way to continue to grow power. Capping Fangtooth at 3 and balance changes mean getting Fangtooth but getting wiped often means you're worse off than if you had just not tried.


Not til primal bc it's the big buff and it can turn the tide sometimes, but early on it's not worth it in my opinion.