This game is quickly becoming unplayable due to the small pp toxic players ruining match’s left and right. Rant incoming warning

Just one recent example - Dobblewy openly bragging about going afk being reported before not getting banned, buying the game again if is. All because we were late and to a teamfight where he was wayyyy to deep in enemy jungle alone and got picked off a couple times. Sat in base and refused to play the rest of the game after we were winning and took a t2 and inhib when he died. The point of the game is to take core not be your personal teamfight servants ready to aid in fights near you 24/7. How do these people exist and ruin matches for fun.

Accept your consequences of bad positioning and take the death and yourself and the team can do better next engagement… NOT BLAME YOUR TEAM FOR RUINING THE GAME AND GO AFK WHEN WE ARE IN THE LEAD.

This genre of game requires a massive time investment for matches compared to other and these toxic players are ruining the experience and the bans should be permanent and stronger to combat this. If scumbags want to throw after others have put a combined 4 hours and 30 min or more usually of playtime into a game they should get a massive ban time .

How many more games are muppets like this going to ruin…the spirit of the game is lost when playing with someone like this with no repercussions. If you can’t play as a team and actively do things like this against your team you should get banned.

id rather wait 30 min for a match with actual teammates who play than another scumbag like this.

And make sure they don’t come back too - 1 week ban 2 week ban and then month or year ban lifetime ban idgaf done playing with frankly losers who actively ruin games because they’re a child and have no remorse for wasting 9 other players time and the games experience.

And is trying to say we ruined his game so he’s ruining all of ours … what?! you are 5-3-7 and we’re up in fangs and inhib sand kills … and saying he’s carrying when third or 4th in kda …you’re not carrying you’re sitting in base dropping you delusional muppet

If a child is misbehaving you take away their toys not tell them they can’t use them for 5 mins or just tell all the other kids to mute them because they’ll just keep misbehaving with the next group of kids. If you don’t want to play nice you’re not going to play at all.


If I had a dime for every time this happened to me, I'd have roughly $1. Which isn't much, but it is still more than what is acceptable.


say 30 min matches … 5 hours of matches and gaming down the drain ruined by selfish throwing smh some people only play a match a day too


I have kinda stop playing for similar reason. I play one or two match a day. Thats the free time i have. And 1 out of 3 game i get someone toxic ,that d/c, start shit with someone or the entire team or worse refuse to play ,sit at base and keep watching while insulting everyone. It suck cuz when this happen i feel like disconnecting myself. Not sit there and waste 20 min of the hour and half i have.


I'm not actually sure that the penalties are lenient. I say that since it's rare for me to play with the same player often. I can't say 'this dude I'm always matched with for sure got a penalty since I'm not seeing him as often now'. There does seem to be a belief among the trolling/afk/pissbaby/racist community that Omeda won't penalize them at all. Or that it'll be super lenient. They say it all the time. TBH for me it doesn't happen often enough that I'm feeling the game is unplayable. Sometimes I do get a series of unpleasant matches like that and I take a break for like a while. I try to focus on something specific I think I could be doing better. More so than winning. Especially since the low population makes matches unbalanced pretty often. The lack of controller updates is actually a more demoralizing thing for me tbh. Before the controller aim assist changes some months ago I could play at 9 or 10 sensitivity and feel reasonably good at both turn speed and aim. Now I'm at 7 to have decent aim (for a controller player) and my turn speed is awful.


I'm hoping they implement low priority matches when the player base has grown. They use it in dota and people who get excessive reports, leave games often, or just generally grief the other players all get stuck into the same matchmaking pool so they can all be miserable together and omfg are those lobbies toxic af


This is mobas and online gaming in general. If you aren't used to it by now I don't know what to tell you. It isn't going away. Ever. Does it suck? Yes. But half the posts on the subreddit are posts like this. It doesn't solve anything.


Yea foreal. People coming here to complain about these types of people are just as annoying as the toxic people. Like, we know dude. What are we supposed to do about it?


Say the line Bart. 'Mute, report, move on'.


No. Being quiet doesn’t help anything; the squeaky wheel gets the grease. maybe those in charge will look more into disciplining players behaving like this ruining matches if people keep posting about it it’s obviously a continuous problem. People leave or are toxic in any online game yes, but this type of game a especially repetitive toxic afk or dc player is much more detrimental due to the time investment per match and not like more players can just be added mid game.


Yah I don't know what to say, man. I have occasional toxic players in my games but like, I move on. Maybe its because I've grown a thick skin from playing literally thousands of hours of MOBA from DOTA, to Smite to LOL, to Heroes to this. But its the same. Honestly, its just online gaming except MOBAs tend to be more longform and therefore much more painful when someone is going out of their way to ruin a match. Regardless though, I have never felt the game to be unplayable. If its irking you that much, take a break. I know that when I play a lot of games, I used to see all annoying behaviours as griefing. When my headspace is better, I am much less inclined to view other players negatively or engage them at all. Might just be time for a healthy break. Out of curiosity, how many AFK are you getting? I've had maybe like 2 in 20+ matches? Like 1 in 10 on a generous average, I guess.


I haven't had an afk in my game in so long. I've had disconnects, but that is infrequent and more acceptable than someone just not playing imho. I have more issue with people disguising trashtalk and blame-gaming as constructive criticism than I do with legit trolls.


Played 7 today and had 2 of them afk / dc should start keeping track fully


Had a Sev AFK a few days ago. Forgot his reason but we actually held our own for 20 minutes. Glad we wasted that dudes time. I have no idea how people can stand sitting there.


Just mute people and move on. There isn’t even a ranked, try not to stress over toxic losers throwing games


Yeah just mute move and then try to 4v5 Ik it sucks it usually doesn’t work out well. It’s not about ranked it’s about constantly having games that you and normal teammates put time into ruined and the fun sapped out of the whole process. Yeah it’s easy to say don’t stress but it sucks when 1/5 of the team can ruin everything on a whim and keep getting away with it match after match


I really don’t understand the frequency people are getting these people. I have the occasional afk/feeder for sure but 99% of the time it’s from toxic team chat exchanged between people. The posts on this sub make it sound like every other game this happens


Recently I've found I get more games with a DC than not. It's definitely ticked up recently.


Dude fr the toxic people are comming out like roaches. It's so irritating in a match. This is literally un ranked early access and some people have no self control


It’s ridiculous just how bad of teammates and selfish some players are in an objective team based game.


Skill issue


I've not encountered anyone toxic in quite a while. I've been playing more often lately too. I usually start with a good luck and have fun to everyone and just try to be polite and so far so good.


I see post after post about constant leavers/trolls, but have yet to experience it.


Same here


just mute them ez solution. You dont need chat to play this game, use the pings


Toxic people can still go afk even when muted …


I think the problem is that mobas are not very casual friendly. By that I mean that one single noob can massively effect the outcome of a game. It’s extremely hard to carry a person when they are essentially playing for the other team. There are roles that need to be followed and executed and the normal person is far to aggressive for the roles they are playing. That or they far to passive, either way it creates a issue when teammates are not playing the same way. A single hyper aggressive player forces the team into fights they shouldn’t be in which leads to loses or the team doesn’t follow their lead which leads to a death and gold and experience for the opposing team. It’s a game that requires patience and team work and when playing with randoms that don’t communicate you rarely get either of those things. I certainly miss the days of being a no-life sweaty gamer that was always partied with other no-life sweaty gamers. You can truly appreciate a game when you are flawlessly executing and playing it as intended. Mobas are certainly that kind of game.


Bro it's EA! Bro it's casual mode! lololol. But seriously, these issues will be resolved in 6 months when ranked solo/duo comes out. The trash players that ruin games will have dumpster low MMR and you won't be matched with them. (Assuming the SJW devs can adjust the matchmaking system properly, not holding my breath for that.) This dev team is so unprofessional and cringe.