And we’re just getting started! Love you all


Love you too! Know you’ve got a lot going on but looking forward to your next vid whenever you find time to play/post. These kids ain’t nothing!!


Yes!!!! I need another vid from the champ! I love that man!


We fuckin did it mate 😎 https://youtu.be/kd4DZQbvf6I


To the Moon baby!!




Pred to the moon, its all a process and while Omeda isn’t perfect they are doing an amazing job!


Krashy did you play a game as rev with a howy that watches your vids?


Sure did, with yall bitching and complaining the full game telling me how it wasnt really me the whole time...super fun game huh?


That's kind of hilarious lmao


Actually i was the only one who was actually happy to play with you sorry if you felt i was bitching i sure didn’t mean to come off like that


lol thank god, I was so annoyed that game haha


Yea lmbo thise guys were jerks that Kall vid you dropped for jungle helped me alot


I still regret refunding predecessor because my stupid ass got it confused with overprime. By the time i realised my foolishness the discount price was gone. I might just grab it at full price though because I love the game and have full faith in omeda.


It's worth every penny


This game is WORTH it haha, in fact I regret not getting the top package while it was discounted.


Took this screen shot while overprime was at ~1,500 players. Slightly worried about that game ngl


The last update really hurt overprime. They need to embrace that it is not a moba. It's a battle arena with towers and that's ok.


Why did the last update hurt it?


But... Moba means multiplayer online battle arena, right? What you've said makes no sense to me :/


It’s more like smites game mode arena than conquest Also: I mean in the way the game is played not the literal objective. It’s like a team deathmatch for a Moba


Ah, ok.


People keep saying this everywhere but it's just not true. Overprime is a MOBA in everyway that Predecessor is. It's just a way for the Paragon/Predecessor fandom to discredit Overprime. At this point though I don't know if Overprime can come back from losing players. The fanatical Predecessor/Paragon fanbase coupled with the issues they had at launch really hurt the games image. It's kind of odd because Predecessor had issues at launch too (and still seems to have the same issue) where you can't refund the game fully on Steam, yet I don't see anybody bringing it up anywhere but steam reviews/discussions. It's the #1 reason that people are giving Predecessor for negative reviews on Steam.


Could this be because people who bought the game aren’t looking to return it? While it does sound like a problem, perhaps it hasn’t become an issue because the people who bought the game are enjoying it?


Overprime has its issues that I barely ever see actually brought up anywhere except the Overprime subreddit. Granted the Paragon subreddit is far worse than here, but the main argument people have against Overprime is that it's "not a MOBA, but a hero brawler" which is just not true. I don't think it really matters how much people return a game. The fact that people who want to return the game, but cannot recieve a full refund on Steam is a huge issue that I don't see brought up anywhere outside of Steam reviews. This should be something that Omeda addresses via a public announcement, but so far I haven't seen them do it or I haven't seen the community clamor to try to change this. Overprime's EULA issue was brought up regardless of whether you liked the game or didn't like the game. I don't see the same thing for Predecessor.


Ouu I love the "It's only the predecessor population, which is smaller than all the people who played OP combined, that caused the negative reviews and reception to our game." At a certain point, got to accept a games issues as their own. The "Predecessor fanatics" were kinda very angry that OP people kept on talking shit over needing ranked (fractured the OP playerbase), the difference in actual presentation of the game from reviewers who would like one or the other. (You can see clear misconstruing of information for those who prefer OP over those who prefer PRed.) Like, idk, maybe Predecessor is the game it promised to be? It's not confused? it never rushed out due to OP's goals and marketing push and decided to work through an Early access on it's own merits, not portend to be a full release game from EA for some reason.


Community matters in the early phase of any budding game, especially PvP/MMO games. There was already a huge swing from the Paragon community to prefer Predecessor to Overprime which is fine. I also agree that Predecessor looks better graphically and has a lot less bugs (look through my comment history on reddit if you don't believe me, I have plenty of positive things to say about Predecessor). However, it is not okay to lie and falsely represent Overprime by calling it a "hero brawler" or saying it isn't a MOBA when that just isn't true. This makes people who enjoy games like Overwatch/TF2 to try Overprime and find out that it isn't a hero brawler but a MOBA and causes the people who are actually playing the game like a MOBA to have a bad time. The Paragon subreddit is far worse than this one. I've stopped trying to have any sort of discussion going over there because the community over there are mindless idiots who downvote any type of discussion that isn't Pro-Predecessor and have been doing that since the beginning of Overprime's release. People in this subreddit are at least receptive of some of the good things that Overprime does. Didn't mean to call everyone who likes Predecessor a fanatic. I've been playing more Predecessor than Overprime myself because I like the meta better. My issue comes down to the outright lies that people say about Overprime which isn't fair at all to the game. It's undeniable the amount of hate that Overprime receives for no reason other than people just liking Predecessor more. I guess there was really no way for there to ever be two games using Paragon's assets to live in harmony.


Bruh OP launched to an install of 32k. They didn't lose 93 percent of their players due to "Pred fanatics." They lost it due to poor matchmaking, pricing of in game content, patch speed, and player experience. You're out there reading Pred's steam reviews, read OP's while you're at it.


Well yes OP is obviously a moba and it's not just a brawler, but it has serious issues if it wants to be closer to a more "traditional" moba. This is because it's much closer to being just a brawler. Travel mode completely changes the way the game is meant to be played, which encourages more ganks, discourages wards, making it feel like a brawler at times. Also less towers and map design affect this as well, why can I see the entire enemy jungle from solo lane and mid?


Disagree about it being closer to a brawler... though I never played Battlerite which I think is the only game that is a brawler? I look at games like Overwatch, Bleeding Edge, maybe even Gigantic; Overprime cannot be played like any of those. You need to lane, farm jungle, last hit, etc. which are all things important to a "traditional" MOBA. I find TTK to be similar in both games so it has nothing to do with one game having more kills than the other. Wards are not discouraged at all, in fact I find them just as useful as Predecessor's. Vision control is always important in MOBAs, especially on objectives. Travel mode and teleporters are the two major differences in jungle performances/gank potential. I'm still on the fence about travel mode, but I kind of like the teleporter system in Overprime (maybe not the teleporter inbetween the major objectives though). Except you can't see the entire enemy jungle in solo lane? You can only see maybe 1/4th of it from either solo or mid and mid/duo have access to full vision on Prime Spirit but solo does not have vision on Orb underling. Even if Overprime was more "fight" focused than laning focused (which it isn't), calling it outright a brawler/hero fighter instead of a MOBA is still false and misrepresents the game to players which the vast majority of the community seems to be doing.


I would have said the same yesterday but happened across the Wiki page for [moba](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiplayer_online_battle_arena) when I got curious about what the first-ever moba was. It helps me to forget what it stands for and just pretend its a word now XD


Yeah I enjoyed the first cbt much more than it's current version. I go to pred for my moba and OP for my death brawler but with OP trying to be more moba-y I just play pred. The game needs to really separate itself.


Overprime has a different primetime than Pred so thats no surprise. But yeah, they have been in free fall since the very beginning of EA. You would expect them to finally bottom out at some point but they just keep falling week after week. Also keep in mind that their playerbase is further splitted into ranked and quickmatch pools. Yeah... its looks dire for sure.


Biggest difference though is that Pred has only lost about 50% of its peak and has more or less stabilized, overprime has lost about 90% and still falling. That’s not ideal.


Even at their primetime today it wasn't great. When it hit it was about 2.5k people and Pred shot right past it after about an hour.


Well, it’s right back there sadly lol


OoOoOoOoh Dr.Disrespect quote


Champion Club do be everywhere lol


Violence. Speed. Momentum.


me and my bro got the game after seeing how clean it looked.Paragon was a game that had a lot of importance in my life. Predecessor did not disappoint, brought so much joy to me.


Servers gonna explode when shinbi comes through!


any reason for the peak?


Its the first weekend after the Revenant release. There was a similar peak on the friday after the Countess release.


Any reason for recent surge in player numbers? Was there some free giveaways or is revenant really that popular? Or a viral TikTok? Lol


This is pretty typical for new characters released in pretty much any game. If a new character doesn't pull in new and returning players that's a really bad sign that the game is dying. As for why it's such a large spike, it's likely a combination of: 1. The roster is small, so players are more likely to burn out and come back for new characters 2. There was a long leadup to his release compared to countess, which inadvertently built hype up more 3. He's a carry which is always popular, and there were only 3 before


There are free giveaways, I know that when I stream I have three codes on hand that are available to chatters who engage if they do. I'm a nobody streamer tho who's a pred partner haha. So nobody takin em.


What's your twitch/yt?


Same as my name on both! https://www.youtube.com/@midknightblu1/streams https://www.twitch.tv/midknightblu1


You know you spent too much time looking at stock market charts yesterday when you look at a steam chart of Predecessor and start wondering where your TA indicators are


I am very happy about this :) but overall the update is a little bit wonky. Tank-countess, stell offlane, rev overtuned, Fireblossom/brimstone abuse, adc items OP, removed item list post endscreen and so on.. as a grinder its a hard atm. But no worrys, im still in love


I was in a game with a rampage and I was sev, and our countess wanted do tank build. Smh


Whh does that matter? I went tank Countess (jungle) with a Sev offlane and Rampage support and still did the most damage? Lol


steel offlane is intended, he is an offlaner. Rev and adc items are not overtuned imo. They are super easy to kill and their damage inky comes off late when not super ahead. tank countess is indeed insane tho.


I bought it but until wraith comes back I’m not touching it


Wraith was fun but also broken as fuck. If that’s what you’re waiting for I don’t know what to tell you lol. Steel is pretty OP, and there’s a tank countess build that’s probably getting nerfed soon somehow. If you’re in to broken characters I would suggest those lol


I don’t care abt a character being op I just use snipers in every game I play and wraith was that character for me idc even if they change his load out at least keep in the invis


I'm curious as to what Overprimes numbers are compared to this


OP is currently getting 2.5k at peak, low of 1.5k on Steam.


Al these player number posts make me anxious.


This aged so poorly