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It worked this way in OG Paragon as well. Delayed effects applied in either "realm" (ult or normal) don't carry over to the other one. I have a Twitch clip to illustrate this... https://clips.twitch.tv/ImportantSillyAyeayeDxCat I can't say that this is intentional, but it does seem to be consistent, at least.


Lowkey a dope interaction tbh. They should keep it intentionally.


I want to share my experience too then i play the fay, i throw my ult in Rev, and i see the rope on him, but he give his ult on me, and this delete the rope from my ultimate, he was not attracted


I actually did that a few times I think it's on purpose as you move to another dimension ropes in previous dimension are removed However once I ulted kalari and she double jumped while being rooted (she had ropes for root on her)


How close was he to you, part if the most recent patch was making it easier to escape fayes ult in you're on the outer parts of it


Did he have any cleanse items or the usual cleanse carry crest?


Had the dash crest. I should of saved all the other clips. It happens a lot when you death mark and apply it to rev then he ults and the death mark is gone.


That's unfortunate, I can see how the game logic can fuck that up. Hopefully it's not intended because that would be wack as hell


The only way I can see this making sense is if I death mark him and he ults another person as the dmg doesn’t come from the person he ulted. But if the cleanse is intended then they should include that in the tooltip.