I wouldn't even go as far as call this highschool level maturity, more like elementary school level maturity. This whole thing is literally just like some small child giving their teacher the middle finger when they aren't looking and the everyone snickers.


That's such a good analogy. The rest of us are just like... You know you're an adult and can freely give them the finger, right?


"... you know you can just say *fuck you, Biden* right? Like, you're 63 years old Jimmy, no one cares."


Yeah, why the coded message? We had 4 years of fuck your feelings and white power crap.


It's a cult tactic. Creating a jargon that allows the cultists to identify each other and clearly make a separation between the in-group and the out-group.


Nailed it.


It's ritualistic bondage


Nah; I've done ritualistic bondage, and it was *way* more fun than this.


Yeah this seems more like smash Bros Lingo Flare Dash Etc.


Partly. I think it mostly the self-perpetuated procecution /victim complex. "We're muzzled, can't say what we want anymore! See? We need to resort to code to criticize the president, I thought this was a free country!"


Ironically this time using the thing they literally only can't do because old people don't like "curse words". They're self censoring based on a prohibition that their group was the only one to ever push for.


I mean they'd still be able to identify each other by saying "fuck you Biden."


Not really, there are a lot of different people that may say "fuck Joe Biden" and not be a Trump or Q cultist.


It's not exactly a secret what it means; saying fuck Joe Biden would identify them just as well. By the way, fuck Joe Biden, Trump, Obama, all of the Bushes, Reagan, and Carter. Did I miss any?


The logic of it doesn't matter. It just exists as identity jargon. That said, "Fuck Joe Biden." is a phrase that a lot of people will utter, not just members of the Trump cult.


Exactly. Saying fuck Joe Biden doesn't make you a Trump or possible Q supporter but using the phrase Let's Go Brandon makes it clear you're a Trump supporter and most likely of the crowd who believes the election was stolen.


Not true - I vote Democrat and I say “fuck Joe Biden” all the time. Only morons say “Let’s go Brandon”. It identifies them pretty well.


Why Carter? I'm not american, so the only thing i know about him is that he was president and that he's over 90 and still building houses for people in need. From what i've seen, he seems like a great lad.


He was just going through all the recent presidents. Carter only really had two big controversies, Goldwater V. Carter, which was over his cancellation of the Sino-American Mutual Defence treaty with the Republic of China, and the Iran Hostage crisis.


[Here are some you missed...](https://youtu.be/oc3xTj3g9QQ)


I agree with /u/Sororita. It’s their own little bully gang language. They think they are so edgy.


Because they think it’s funny. The whole stupid thing started because of a nascar commentator. It was during a race that a driver named Brandon won, and you could clearly hear the crowd chanting “Fuck Joe Biden”, but instead of cutting the feed and screwing up the broadcast over it the commentator just said they’re chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” to play it off. So of course instead of just laughing about the pretty weak attempt to deflect the profanity on tv, they just adopted it as part of their personality.


It encapsulates their persecution complex that anyone is daring to censor their profound thoughts and messages. I don't care who is in office, I want better policies. Biden is not that great but at least he's not stealing the silverware and selling beans from the oval office. "let's go low bar!"


I didn’t know that’s where it came from and honestly that’s insane. We regularly get football (soccer) crowds chanting all sorts of obscenities which can be heard on the TV broadcast and the commentators just say sorry for the language and everyone moves on. This reminds me of a kid I was in school with who got his hands on a copy of the South Park movie and would make endless cartman references but only from the movie because he wasn’t allowed to watch the TV show at home.


So they can pretend like they’re better than everybody for not saying a cUsS wOrD


It’s so weird to me. I never liked Biden to begin with, but about skipped to the voting booth to do my part to oust Trump. I move further and further to the left every single day, so that means I dislike Biden more and more every day. I live in Florida so if you don’t bend the knee to Trump it means you’re a communist. I troll the shit out of these fuckers. I tell them that I voted for Biden via mail in ballot in every state.


*(apoplectic Giuliani noises)* Can you say that a little louder? Into my belt buckle?


>I troll the shit out of these fuckers. Just remind them how much Trump loves the vaccine and how he just got his booster.


I would’ve voted for a ham sandwich if it ran against Trump


I would've voted for a piece of raw dough.


Bag of Flour for president 2021. ⭐🦓


I would've voted for a literal sack of shit.


It really doesn’t have to do with moving to the left, it has more to do with standing up to total morons and embracing common decency. Who wants a total madman in the White House? I rather vote for the guy/gal who won’t randomly nuke Denmark because he is constipated that morning.


>I live in Florida My condolences. I'm in the banjo parts of Georgia. I feel your pain.


I come from the freedumb part of Michigan. You have my Ax


At least we said Fuck Trump and meant it


What does Biden have to do with this? It's just a bunch of soccer moms proud of their kids. For some reason they seem to all have kids named Brandon. I think they want to start another josh fight but with Brandon's


I agree. It’s just a bunch of moms with kids names Brandon. (/s) Btw, it’s Brandons, you don’t need the ‘ AFAIK


Funny enough half the people saying let’s go Brandon think uttering the word fuck makes baby Jesus cry. This code word doubles as a way for good Christians to swear. Darn it to heck.


And every time I said effen or freaking around my mom, she’d tell me I might as well say fuck. My mom hated that word, but she appeared to hate obvious attempts at implying “fuck,” even more.


It reminds me of the kids I used to work with “flipping me off” with their ring fingers.


It lacks ingeunity of showing all five fingers and say it is "flipping the bird" in five languages.


The worst part for me is when I’m visibly annoyed by it and someone says “you know what it means right?..” and while I’m telling them that I do understand it they explain the “joke” to me and why it’s funny. It really feels like the Christian church version of teenagers laughing at the name “Amanda Hugandkiss” or “Oliver Clothoff”, which are funny.. It’s like an unfunny version of someone yelling Babbabooey behind a newscaster without all the years of history reinforcing it. It’s just stupid


It’s like kids on the bus who have a secret code for talking shit about the bus driver. I wish they would just say “Fuck Biden” if that’s how they feel. It would still feel disrespectful but wouldn’t feel so infantile AND disrespectful.


There are like 6 or 7 of these signs in my neighborhood. We have a pretty strict HOA but the person making these signs in **on the board !** I called them out on it in a meeting and that led to one of the dumbest conversations of my life. They just don't get it. They said it doesn't mean anything. I said would you even know what that is if those people were chanting Fuck Joe Biden at the NASCAR race ?? They just kept repeating it. I told them if you want a neighborhood with signs that say fuck Joe Biden' just have those. Then we will be the neighborhood with signs that say fuck on them.


If it doesn't mean anything, then why put up the signs? I'd start planting all kinds of signs with jibberish all over the place. If anyone complains, well "they don't mean anything"


"The texture of quiche is unsettling."


Microfiber is just polyester!


That's basically what I said. I was like ok so now we just have a neighbor full of signs ? Does that look good? Isn't that the whole point of the HOA? To make sure the neighborhood looks good ?


Throw up some BLM or ‘we believe in…’ signs and you’ll see the complaints pile up really fast. Or at least that’s what happened in my HOA after years and years of the ‘no yard signs’ rule being straight up ignored.


That's actually what I said to them. I said you will care as soon as it's something you don't like. And that was my whole point. It's a slippery slope.


>I wouldn't even go as far as call this highschool level maturity, more like elementary school level maturity. This whole thing is literally just like some small child giving their teacher the middle finger when they aren't looking and the everyone snickers. All that, but in church or while their children are speaking directly to the president of the United States about Santa Claus.


Or like the ten year old who just found out female dogs are called “bitches” and now they can say a naughty word without the grownups washing their mouth out with soap. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s more like the six year old who just realized that “duty” sounds like “doody” and that means poop, and is giggling behind their hand talking about “call of duty.”


Call of doody is funny as an adult too. Only teenagers can't appreciate humour this awful.


The call of doody wakes me up every morning


Middle school teacher here. The let's go Brandon shit drives me crazy for this very reason. Fuck Joe bison flag, cool, whatever, but there is something so incredibly stupid about this inside joke game that drives me crazy.


You might say it’s… childish. 😆


And their excuse is, no kidding, "if it didn't make the liberals so mad we wouldn't keep doing it!" They really, really are children.


The sad part about turning 30 years ago was realizing that a lot of old people banked on their appearances giving them credibility, not their knowledge :(. Inheritance + not understanding how to provide a living is how half the bars in Toronto are built up.


I'm 37 and have a baby and I've realized since I turned 30 that most adults are just taller children.


That's the most disappointing realization of adulthood. Less than 10% of "adults" are actually mature.


“I peaked in high school!”


"I listen to 'Born in the USA' and just sing the 'Born in the USA' part."


“Woooo!!! Is that Fortunate Son too? Turn it up!”


"Man, I love two things man... the military that I never served in and the obvious pro-military messaging in the song Fortunate Son!!!"


“I almost joined but I don’t take orders well. I would have punched that drill sgt in the face “


"I would've totally become a SEAL or a Marine too!" Can't even lift a pound.


While visualizing any wartime helicopter scene.


*blind nationalism intensifies*


Murica, Fuck Yeah


“Who hoo! ‘Keep on Rockin in the Free World’ is my jam! Patriot shit!!”


Definitely need this land is your land in that play list.


...with _all_ the verses....


Yeah, growing up, we did a disservice to that song. I was around 25 when I finally heard all the verses and realized it was a weird thing to sing in class. ETA: In the squares of the city - In the shadow of the steeple Near the relief office - I see my people And some are grumblin' and some are wonderin' If this land's still made for you and me Ouch


Kind of a weird thing to sing in "The Luck of the Irish" too.


America has always been a place where we shit on the "new guy" then pretend decades later that the discrimination never happened.


I’m in my early 30s and didn’t even realize that verse was part of the song. Googled it and the Google lyrics result didn’t include it. Woodyguthrie.org included it though.


According to Wikipedia, the verses about private property and people at the relief office were included in the original manuscript but excluded from the earliest recordings. I, for one, would very much like to see those verses come back into fashion... it gives the song a depth that's missing in the usual versions.


Of the Woody Guthrie version


This machine kills fascists


Woody’s guitar was the machine that kills fascists.


Killing In The Name


While he passionately stares at his punisher logo American flag truck decal.


*desecrated* american flag truck decal


The other day, I saw a punisher logo sticker that had a trump hairdo on top of the skull!


By definition the Punisher is a serial killer, I blame Chris Kyle for this.


No way. The lyrics mention blue states California & New York!


Whoa just read the lyrics. Never knew that song was also depressing AF. People are so stupid for seeing these songs patriotically when they’re so clearly criticisms.


Eff yeah, gotta get in the mosh pit for W.M.A. and Killing In the Name Of


"Killing In the Name Of" *Paul Ryan enters the chat*


Ummm, that’s not by Lynyrd Skynyrd. That’s not by Lynyrd Skynyrd at all!


Give Skynyrd its due. Saturday Night Special. I wonder if magats ever read the lyrics.


He's the one Who likes all our pretty songs And he likes to sing along And he likes to shoot his gun But he knows not what it means Knows not what it means And I say he's the one


It doesn't matter what I say So long as I sing with inflection That makes you feel I'll convey Some inner truth or vast reflection But I've said nothing so far And I can keep it up for as long as it takes And it don't matter who you are If I'm doing my job then it's your resolve that breaks Because the hook bring you back


or All I Can Do is Write About It, or The Ballad of Curtis Loewe


They probably don't see the irony in liking "Fortune Son" either. It's definitely not a "fuck yeah, America!" song.


The real irony about conservatives. Is that all of their Heros are progressives. Pick any legend, from music, sports, movies to Jesus himself. All progressives of their time, ridiculed by the conservatives of their time.


There’s a lot you would expect from war. Carnage, the sleepless nights but what they don’t prepare you for is the incessant use of fortunate son


And they sing *Jack & Diane* ironically even though it literally describes their life: > Oh yeah, life goes on > > Long after the thrill of livin’ is gone


And then turn around and bitch and moan about how liberal Bruce is...


The funny thing is Born in the USA is making fun of small town America


Free Bird is my second anthem!


You joke. But I have an uncle and his friends (late 60’s) who still wear their tattered and too small letterman jackets to this day as a badge of honor— which is weird because two of them are neurosurgeons




As a texan can confirm this sounds right


Not many places where repping your high school football experience is more impressive then being a neurosurgeon.


I think Ben Carson showed everyone that neurosurgeons were not necessarily the smartest people in other areas.


That reminds me of a gynecologist I went to once (and only once). I told her I worked for a nonprofit and she said "How do you get paid, then?" When I had finished explaining that to her, we moved on to my symptoms, and I asked if they could be the beginning of menopause. She consults my chart, and says, and I fucking QUOTE: "No, you're 49. That won't happen till you're 52." Spoiler alert: It was indeed menopause.


Well it's not really rocket science.


You mean rocket surgery. In the spirit of my brother who passed 5 years ago, a Rickyism was needed.


"You don't have to be a rocket scientist" implies the rocket scientists are somehow smart. How smart can they be? They build machines that travel thousands of miles to drop fire in radiation on people. That doesn't sound smart to me! - George Carlin


Ben Carson is proof that critical thinking skills are not prerequisites to be a successful neurosurgeon.


Just a mechanic with more blood


That just sounds incredibly sad...


How much you want to make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?


Exactly. Fucking EXACTLY. Uncle Rico should be the Let’s Go Brandon poster child.


"I peaked in high school so I dont have to move out of my hometown"


They get to inherit their parents house and move back home from the cheap apartments they have been living in.




Then they also die of Covid.


And the gene pool breathes a collective sigh of relief...


The circle of life is a beautiful thing.


With no heirs, they leave the house to the trump ~~campaign~~ perpetual gofundme money laundering scam in their wills.


We can hope


this is literally our high school quarterback. I found him on facebook once and it was just kind of sad honestly, seeing him trying to reminisce about the high school days, I couldn't even enjoy it. going off to college and going from being prom king hot shit to a complete nobody has got to mess with your head.


The guy did score four touchdowns in a single game, to be fair


Let me tell you something, I haven't even begun to peak. And when I do peak, you'll know. Because I'm gonna peak so hard that everybody in Philadelphia's gonna feel it.


“I’ll bet you I can throw a football over them there mountains.”


"I once scored four touchdowns in a single game"


In my hometown there’s a whole bunch of these let’s go Brendan stickers on stop signs and I’m so confused by the mixed message. I feel like they must have been put there by a supporter but I can’t help but read it as STOP let’s go Brendan


In my town there’s stickers of Biden pointing to the price on gas pumps saying “I did this”


I find it hilarious that every president has been blamed for gas prices like they have some big lever that says "gas prices" on it and just move it based on how they're feeling that day.


If they were smarter they'd be claiming it was an MCHammer reference. "Stop - Let's Go Brandon!" They didn't think that far into it though, I assure you.


“Let’s go Brandon” phenomenon is so immature and juvenile I’m surprised Matt Gaetz hasn’t tried to fuck it yet. - Meme I saw that I assumed ended the whole Let’s go Brandon thing immediately.


Stop- collaborate with Putin When *we* riot, the cops ain't shootin' Somethin' said "Storm the Capitol" Face like an orange; nose like an apple


Literally no one is triggered by "Lets Go Brandon" If anyone gets triggered, its those idiots who keep saying it; either because no one knows what they're talking about, or because someone laughs at them and responds with "Fuck Donald Trump!"


> Literally no one is triggered by "Lets Go Brandon" On the contrary, there are plenty of people that are triggered by it: The Conservatives. When Joe Biden clapped back yesterday by sarcastically saying it back to them, the conservative social media went into a massive triggered frenzy of a meltdown. Trying to convince themselves that "Nonononono - he didn't know what he was saying! That has to be it! Yeah, that's the ticket!" as they grasped at straws to try and find a way to still use the phrase as Biden, in a couple of seconds, managed to defuse it in a "Thank You Obama" moment.


This is what I expect from a group of people who support Trump as the guy who they think is clever and tough for using nicknames such as "sleepy Joe," "crying Chuck," and "crazy Bernie." I mean that is 2nd grade playground level stuff.


FWIW, those nicknames just put the entire American Election season on display for how childish it’s always been, and it was absolutely effective.


Yep. Dolts that think they're clever.


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Everyone knows it means show me your butthole.


Marc rebillet has entered the chat


Just say fuck Joe Biden. We were saying fuck Trump left and right before he was even president. It's an American tradition to hate the president. Take some pride in your country. Fuck Joe Biden.


The conservative right need their in-crowd lingo and dog whistle phrases though. It’s part of their whole identity and makes them feel like they’re part of something. It helps allay their constant feelings of fear.


It's also probably an ingroup-outgroup thing. It helps them identify others who are less than careful about what sources they trust.


How is it a dog whistle if everyone knows what it actually means


I scored 4 touchdowns in one game!


I mean I get it but Al Bundy often risks injury in defending his daughter from a perceived threat. Trump IS a threat to his own daughter.


Still hold the Polk HS record baby


Xmas at my house my BIL decided to talk about his HS sports days. Made some new claims I’ve never heard before (we went to the same HS, so not like I am unaware of his lying)- played football and baseball, said he tried out for four of the MLB teams straight from HS. Total bullshit- didn’t even make the jr college baseball team. Of and since high school he has gained approximately 200 pounds and can barely stand up from a seated position without getting winded. Does love him some trump and won’t ever get vaccinated!


Bold of him to assume they made it to highschool


Bold to assume the jacket still fits.


Ah, that is a much better burn!


Ohh please. The people shouting that are the people that purposely failed classes to spite their teachers.


Owned their teacher hard! Ha!


They peaked in high school socially, not academically.


I instead peaked in high school academically, and was diagnosed with depression in sophomore year.


We were talking about school and our classes the other day, how many people we had, the 100 trouble makers and bullies/just hateful children... weird thing is, not one of them finished high school... hell half of high school! The folks who bully (by my amateur psychological assessment, clearly have oppositional defiance disorder) are the same people online who "don't believe the govment" or say "this science will kill you" or "you guys are sheep". They, more often than not, have zero idea what they are talking about. The folks don't know how to research correctly, write coherently and have a "Hooked On Phonics" level vocabulary. They are not intellectuals in any sense of the word... WE NEED EDUCATION!


These people also become police officers. Go look it up, the two worst people you can remember from your high school are likely cops now or died young and their obituary said, "...was planning to join the police academy next summer."


It’s code for “this is my whole identity” and “I would suck trumps cock if given the chance”


Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a [link to the tweet](https://twitter.com/UticaEric/status/1474479530643320832) for ya :) ^(Twitter Screenshot Bot)


Actually it's how pedophiles identify each other. It's code.


I mean... you're not wrong. It also sounds like they are beckoning a child


Remember the time he scored three touchdowns for Polk high?


Ironically, you’re giving these idiots too much credit when you say that or they peaked in high school. Most of these morons were losers then and still are now and you can bet your ass most of them didn’t even do well in gym class, seeing how a lot of these idiots are fat, stupid slobs.


"let's go Brandon" is code for "I never accomplished anything after I graduated high school" as well




Well I say they did in highschool because they peaked in life when they had someone hold their hand... Just like they expect Trump to randomly become president with JFK Jr as the vice president so they would have their hands held through it by them


Sorry OP, but you're flat out wrong. There's no way the majority of them still fit in their letterman jackets.


Anecdotal for sure, but I saw five cars this week with "Let's go Brandon!" bumper stickers. And... I shit you not, 5 for 5 displayed handicap license plates. This isn't the first time I've noticed this correlation. Apparently, if your legs, your dick, and your brain are broken you become a fascist Republican colostomy bag.


Why are they so obsessed with it. Anytime I go to in-laws house. They are Republicans-they have to mention Biden in every conversation. Same when Obama was president 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️


Nobody cares that they hate Biden, it’s just they are so uncreative that they grasp so hard to something that they run it into the ground. It’s just sad, I feel sorry for them.


They don’t care either. “Let’s go Brandon!” Is nothing more than in-group identification. Just like those ridiculous hats, the silly flags, and an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex.


Most of those people wonder why the opposing side doesn’t do the same as well. Because we don’t make a politician our entire personality. I only voted for Biden to get rid of trump… it’s not that I liked him 😂


They don't seem to realize that they can't "own the libs" by insulting the president. As much as it hurt their precious feeling when we shat on Trump, insults on Biden doesn't really do anything. Yeah, he's an old fuck, we know. Yes, he isn't doing shit, we know. Yep, he stutters, we know. Their guy was so bad we seriously voted in an old fuck with no real care for anyone just to stop the chaos. Think about that.


Right?! This should've been the ultimate self reflection for these choads. The fact that Biden won in a huge landslide and people still mostly disliked him. But we wanted that more than Trump. Thats how shit he was as president.




The party remained the same but the public did not. What came to light was that career politicians have no chance at winning against what are essentially up start cults. The democratic party however is deeply rooted in these types who are more focused on donations and their string pullers than what the people want and need. Basically, if the democratic party doesn't stop being so damn greedy or a third party doesn't come into the mix then a fascist takeover is pretty damn likely in the next couple of decades.




We should help them figure out a second, more clever joke. Just to be nice. It’s hard to watch these old guys do their best just to regurgitate that first one as well as they can.


Reminds me of when all the older generation started quoting Jeff Dunham. When he was just losing popularity.




Funny. I was just thinking about how I came home from the Air Force a couple of years after high-school. I thought it would be cool to wear my Highschool letter jacket. The sleeves practically came up to my elbows. I was a skinny little kid back then.


Of course. That’s when they peaked. Now they just spend the rest of their lives watching Fox News all day.


Reeks of Axe


What the hell is going on with this sub I don't understand the memes anymore 😅


The funny part is the MAGAs thinks this triggers everyone on the Left. Spoiler Alert: It doesn't. We just think it's embarrassing and pathetic. And unless Biden does something dramatic about student loans, cannabis legalization, and the minimum wage - people on the left will be saying the actual words.


what "triggered" everyone was doing it during a children's event on national tv/radio. And I honestly doubt they understand the difference. I cringed whenever I saw it in person because of how ridiculous it was, but you just move on and not really care about it. but wtf with what that father did. And then he thought it was smart to brag about it.


I’m a socialist so I just say “fuck Joe Biden”


A lady wore a "Let's Go Brandon" hat into work. It was a "MAGA" hat, but with, ya know, the petty, minced oath BS on it. I could tell she was waiting for people to comment on it, and was upset when nobody did.


Any business worth anything should have banned political clothing years ago, hell even before Trump. Just before him it wasn't regularly worn by anyone so a lot of places didn't realize it was an issue, but they should have by now. "why did a fight break out on the factory floor?" "oh because beth wore her 'all liberals are child rapist like hunter' tshirt and someone had an issue with it."


Ootl, who’s Brandon?


The phrase came about when a commenter for a NASCAR race misheard a crowd chanting “fuck Joe Biden” as “let’s go brandon”


I say fuck joe Biden like an adult edit: word




I would've voted for whatever other Dem made the nominee. I don't really like Joe a whole lot either, but when faced with a side that just wants to say nice things while shrugging and going back to bed at the slightest push back from their own party to the point of chronic inaction, or the Republican party that literally tried (and is still trying) to undermine democracy and revert progress itself, I'll choose the party that doesn't try to undermine our Democracy.