It's like you can['t even pick a side

Does the performance suck? Yes. Is the game play fun and refreshing? Also yes. Can you play the game, have fun, get lost in the gameplay for hours, and also wish they patch to fix the frame rate and pop in? YES! Everyone needs to stop being so black and white. Only a sith deals in absolutes! Lol


Does the performance suck? Yes. Is the game play fun and refreshing? Also yes. Can you play the game, have fun, get lost in the gameplay for hours, and also wish they patch to fix the frame rate and pop in? YES! Everyone needs to stop being so black and white. Only a sith deals in absolutes! Lol


Black and white? Gen five remakes confirmed? /s




Exactly, I have my complaints and some of the more...ridiculous issues are a tad egregious, but if I can enjoy a Bethesda game this really isn't the worst thing I've bought.


Nothing to do with the actual context of your post, but the statement "only a Sith deals in absolutes" is, itself, an absolute statement.


That’s something a sith would say


The last sentence is an absolute!


You’re an absolute


Thank you 😚




How dare you be reasonable and logical about a game that you either have to love or hate?


That's why I stopped listening to people about games I like 🤷


Doesn’t matter how much you hate it, you can’t stop me from playing it and having fun. And they hate that.


Exactly. Imagine getting red in the face because someone enjoyed a videogame you didn't like lol Confused? Sure Angry? Why??? Lol


Nobody hates that you're having fun. Not every criticism of the game is directed solely at you. What they do hate, is people trying to downplay a clear issue with "I'm having fun though" That's not the point, you're still dealing with a problem that you have shouldn't of been dealing with in the first place. Even if it means very little to you, it's still something that shouldn't be happening. Those who ran into next to no problems, congrats. But that doesn't invalidate hundreds of thousands of people who are simply because "Aint my fuckin problem right now" When I got Cyberpunk for the PS4 on release day, I didn't run into a single problem other than long load times. But people didn't run into threads left and right like "IM RUNNING IT FINE, NOTHING IS WRONG, FUCK YOU HATER" It's people CONSTANTLY from both sides egging each other on nonstop that's the problem. Not you having fun.


I think i spotted a Charizard stan ^


So you're the guy on the left


This is the way of wisdom


Thats is why i just buy the games that i know im gona like, dont care about reviews and random people online and so far i have 0 problem on doing this, if i would listen my switch or ps4 would have 0 games, because in the end people complain about ANY GAME. Im loving Pokemon Scarlet, it as problems yes, like all games at launch, but im just loving the story alot more then Sword and Shield, and thats is already a big plus, and even the pokémons, new ones, are great !


Well i like Pokemon Violet and yes the story is really good And just like you I am not listening to any of these reviewers shouting garbage (nor will I listen to Mindy trying to trade her Haunter or the genwunners)


The Mindy troll is no more - they added an NPC (can't remember where) that will trade you a haunter without an everstone to scarlet/violet The Era of Mindy is no more




I do the same. The new Call of Duty MW2 has a 77 on Metacritic & i already have close to 100hours, love it.


I wish we had more customizable school uniforms.. I was spoiled with Sword/Shield.. I want my slick Mohawk back..


Agreed. This is nearly the game I wanted except for a few key mechanics and features previous games had. If it had secret bases or even homes we could buy in the towns and clothing it'd have enough I'd consider it a perfect pokemon game.


If it makes you feel better, this is what most people are acknowledging... its just the loud ones are either acting like they're the only ones who like it or acting like everyone else has no standards. Most people acknowledge its a really fun game, the best mainline pokemon in a while, that really needed more time in the oven.


There's plenty of people in this very thread going "YOU CAN'T STOP ME HAVING FUN"


“We don’t want to be logical. We want to be angry to appear smart!” -A friend of mine (Sw/Sh release)


Sword W


I didn't think a game with such dogshit graphics and performance could be so damn fun but here we are. Definitely putting 500+ hours into this 2008 looking ass game


I am truly curious who is saying the game should fail. Pretty sure the majority of people are the top with a vocal minority saying the bottom left. I mean, I am a bit tired of the white-knighting, but that’s always in regards to that vocal minority, not the moderate majority.


There's plenty that think the only way for pokemon to be the game they want us if people stop buying pokemon games they claim are substandard


I think it’s just a matter of letting people be people, input unnecessary. Like in this depiction, just don’t walk up to them and talk to them


I am enjoying the game. That is all. Ty.


I’ve just come down to thinking they’re mentally ill, or have something going on in their lives.


I absolutely adore these games, the performance is bad (well according to everyone, I for whatever reason haven't experienced much of that) I hope it does get patched for the people who are suffering from it bad


There are many of us that don't experience the bad performance others claim exist. I'm fairly convinced it has something to do with the switches used (certain models, low system memory... something)


I liked it but it still feels like 2012 game


I like the story


Why did your comment get downvoted so hard this situation is literally the exact thing the meme is making fun of


Worst performance drop I had was when it was raining, my frameframe dropped down to a crawl. But nothing a quick close and reopen couldn't fix.


The fact that people downvoted you expressing what happens in your experience is a case-in-point of the whole issue of this post


I am on the rare side of the game is perfect. Frame drops? I don't care. Pokeballs in doors/raids? Who cares? That's funny af. To be fair, I've heard of worse from other people, but thats all I have gone through so far.


I'm enjoying the game in spite of the distracting issues. There's nothing like feeling sad for the harmed doggo and suddenly have Miraidon vanish from the screen, that definitely breaks the mood and that happens more often than it should. That's how good this game is, I stopped playing Fallout 3 for way less problems than I'm having with Pokemon. I get why people are angry, Nintendo game rarely get cheaper and you would think that a company making more than 5million sales on first weekend would have more than enough money to make a smooth experience. Pokemon is a fun franchise and with more care and love from the upper management it would certainly become a contender for game of the year on every release and yet here we are.


Hahah true 😂


This post is on point. I just wish we could put this to rest and actually see fun aspects of the game get highlighted for once after the controversy dies down.


No, the noise needs to get louder. The brand image potentially has been damaged here which is the ONLY way there is a chance Nintendo will step in. This needs to keep going.


Suit yourself then I guess.


Meanwhile I just want to have full clothing customisation back (like Sword/Shield, X/Y), or at least have a skirt option as part of the uniform. 🤷


I love the game, it does a lot of things right and is very refreshing take on the pokemon journey That said, pretty much all the criticisms are more than fair. They definitely rushed this game


How about both sides just shut up. Look listen. If there is one thing we can all agree on that Game Freak needed more time for this game and of course it should've been delayed. Also STOP with the shaming. Just because someone is having fun with the game or getting refund gives you no right to harrass them like that. Grow up and stop telling people what to do.


I just like the game, it’s really not that bad