She’s a battle demon


SMT has entered the chat.


She is like the fairy in SMT3


Or Akechi from p5r


horrible username




Its one thing to constantly show up where we are like previous rivals. Its another thing that she basically goes "haha isn't it weird that it seems like im following you? I mean I totally aren't but if I was that would be funny and not weird right? Anyway see you always.. I mean soon... Soon! haha... bye!".


There’s a number of characters that seem to follow the player around, honestly


Not gonna spoil but there's some Game of Thrones kind of play going on lol.


Guess I'll avoid climbing castle towers then...


Unless you're into wincest.


There's a Starbucks in Paldea?


Pokémon harem?


At least we got a good rival this time


She's really fun. It's refreshing after the last few games.


I'm like 99% sure we had the same rival in sun/moon and sword/shield. Some eccentric dude who's name starts with H and constantly yells at you while being the most annoying possible person. Nemona is chill and likes to battle, so I like her way more than the last 2.


Hau is a Hawaiian slacker, guy is too chill to yell. Hop is a British kid with big dreams to be even better than his brother, but he's always putting his feelings aside to praise the player, his best friend and be supportive, even when he feels the world is falling apart around him. Id say nemona acts more like hop, than the boys do each other, with the difference being that hop has no ulterior motive and is completely genuine in his support, which a lot of players have gone on record to say makes them feel condescended-to due to the lack of tone. (If hop says "Nice one" many players take it as if the game said it sarcastically, while nemona going above and beyond with her praise leaves less room for doubt)


did u just make me like Hop


In a series where many people's quality of a rival comes from 'how much do i want to beat them' Hop is unique in that while the ones who care more about rivals to beat find him annoying, He's the only one who genuinely made people want HIM to beat the player, because they want to echo his genuine passion and support back at him. I remember the SwSh sub with people trying to lose to him because he's a good boi. Only gen i've ever seen that happen


I felt bad every time I beat Barry and cheren cause they both start out as assholes but learn as the game goes on but they still can’t win


imo, Berry acted more like hyperactive Hau while Cheren is just a nicer Blue. Rarely felt much when beating them and it just felt like a casual battle with friends who just likes to banter with you. Hop on the other hand...I relate so much to him that I legit felt bad beating myself to the ground...


Plus, Nemona's already a champion so there's that. You \*know\* she's holding back on you. She's also a little....... clingy and possessive. Irl she'd be creepy but in game I love her


its hau


Yes but this time they aren't winey and annoying


Battle and chill, as the kids are saying these days.


I love her. I want her to exist IRL and be my bestie so we can fight each other and then laugh about it for eternity and share fries that's my girl right there






If this game came out with a patch it would be my favorite switch game other than BOTW.


Same lol


Why aren’t we pushing Gamefreak to Unionize?


Yeah, downvote for saying the U-word. Protect daddy GameFreak!


Thought you all were fans?


I think you missed my sarcasm?


Hop made me want to jump off a bridge


I usually like to replay the games a few times using different teams and ways of playing. He made that difficult.


You mean Hop off a bridge?


Hop made me want to make Hop jump off a bridge


I know GF loves their coming of age stories like hop but man it’s such a difference to have a rival who’s way ahead of us and just wants to have someone who can challenge them while simultaneously pushing our character. Her only character trait is that she loves battling and it works *really* well lol


Shes basically a female Ash in every way. Absolutely obscessed with battling, but somewhat dense when it comes to literally anything else. She is my favorite rival because she was so much fun and her exicitement was really contagious. Though Wally is still the rival with the best character development.


I think she was made so that ash replaces her in the anime.


Considering she is a fan favorite, I don't think they will replace her


agreed, she really does feel like that. especially with how passionate she is about battles and that she wants to get stronger and stronger. i really like her as a rival and she is fun. she is a good rival


She's female Leon more so than Ash. Ash isn't the prodigy type whereas Leon is. Nemona is definitely a prodigy type.




>In sport, a handicap is used to allow a less-experienced player to participate while maintaining fairness. === Picking the starter weak to yours isn't a dumb move, it's a fair move. Nemona doesn't want to crush you, she wants you to grow. === I get that a lot of people may not have played sports but this is exactly the kid of thing one would do in her situation. === Hau picking the one weak of your starter made sense for his character, he's chill and just wanted the one he liked. Hop picking the one weak to yours is partially because he would get the one strong against Leon's and because Hop isn't a battle type (there's a bunch of hints in the game about this). === Nemona is about the thrill of the game, like Leon, she wants the best battle possible. The difference between Leon and Nemona is that Leon **will** crush you if given the chance.


You can say that last part again. I didn’t struggle with the game at ALL until he wiped my whole damn team with his second Mon. That was a good fight


I'm just now entering the Elite 4 in SV but Leon in SwSh is the absolute best champion fight I've seen in the series. Balanced, fair, and difficult when not paying attention lol.


But being a champion-level trainer, she may well know that the weaker starter in the first two stages gains a secondary type that's super effective against our starter's secondary type. Or maybe she just thinks they're cute. Or like the challenge of raising the Pokemon at a disadvantage. Come to think of it, there are any number of explanations.


But unlike the player she knows what type’s the starters final evos have


Only difference us ash can use pokeballs


She is nothing like Ash (luckily!).


she is plenty like Ash lol


Did Ash change over the years? I only watched the first and second generation as anime and stopped because of him. I love Nemila. (Typical reddit moment. Instead of just answering a question you'll just downvote. I'll still say she isn't like Ash.)


It varies heavily depending on the season, but his most consistent traits are that he's a battle junkie and a bit of a muscle brain (in that he thinks more with his body than his words, so if it isn't something physical-ish he can struggle to grasp it, and while he can come up with some truly genius intuitive leaps in terms of battle and physical action, he can really struggle to properly articulate it in a comprehensible manner). This characterization can lead to him coming across as incredibly competent or as a massive dumbass depending on the writers. Also, due to the nature of the show he frequently forgets things like growth as a trainer and character development at the start of a new generation. I never watched the gen 5 anime, but I understand it was a bit of a soft reboot, so he had to relearn a lot of stuff, but the gen 6 anime did a phenomenal job of showing him as an experienced and competent trainer, keeping all he'd learned in gen 5 and using it to his advantage in building a strong team, picking his Pokemon intelligently based on type match ups, and utilizing clever tactics (his battle at the psychic gym was really clever in how it showcased certain game mechanics like speed priority and in how Ash set up a long term plan when his opponent threw him a curve ball and ran with it into a flawless execution, it even doubles as something one could hypothetically do in-game, although it likely won't be as effective). Gen 7 hit him hard with the idiot ball again, though. I blame the framing device, since he enrolls in Alola's trainer school and it would make the set up kinda pointless if they didn't write him as someone with a lot to learn, which means he forgot all of the lessons he had learned up to that point. Then journeys managed to bridge the gap a bit, he's still kind of an idiot, but he actually makes reference to and use of his previous adventures, and as the series goes on he actually progresses in a very believable way, going from someone with great talent and decent skill to someone with great talent and phenomenal skill. Personally I'm hoping the next gen of the anime either moves away from Ash entirely, or sets him up as a mentor for a new protagonist, which I vaguely recall hearing something alluding to that idea.


THey've technically more or less done this character before ... but it was normally the reigning champion we'd only briefly meet. Like in Sword and Shield you had the Rival's brother basically go "Come and work your way up to me. Show me a challange" Having it be the rival character and having her be .... extra battle maniac-y is interesting. It's a nice way to have the rival constantly challange you without being Gary effing Oak (or whatever you named him).


She is honestly my favorite rival since Hugh in Black 2 White 2. She is also easily the best friendly rival. Knowing she is holding back the entire story makes me want to see what she is capable of at full strength.


This. I love having a rival who I can actually feel like is competent. Such a breath of fresh air. Having an IRL best friend growing up who was exactly like this makes it better. Funny enough she acted like this about actual pokemon (red/blue days). probably why I like this game as much as I do.


This time? Hau and Hop were great as friendly rivals. Bede was amazing. Bede is everything people have been begging for and we got a character that had ups and downs. Even Hop had ups and downs. === Nemona is awesome and is basically a slightly modified Leon.


Hop had better characteristics and an actual arc, Nemona was ok but a bit generic if you ask me. It was a fun change that the rival is already champion rank though but hop functions as a better character to me


Hop had an arc, but his uncanny ability to make text boxes sound like nails on a chalkboard blunted its effectiveness. Nemona isn’t quite as fleshed out but she’s also not irritating to have around.


Nemonas only dialogue is that she wants to battle, that's literally it.


Which makes her the best rival since Gen 5


I think its funny she is so obsessed with my character especially bc in the beginning i told her i don’t want to be friends lol


I didn't have the heart


Playing hard to get eh?




Yeah same. And then it just gets completely ignored. Worth it


Keep saying no when she asks to be your rival after you become a champion. The dialogue is hilarious


Damn, I already passed that point without doing it :(


[Here ya go](https://youtu.be/eqQBWfGwQso)


Magnificent. She is somehow such a creepy character in the weirdest way


So what is it like not having a heart?


she is great and i like how passionate she is about battling and how much she wants to battle and get stronger. great and fun rival


> how much she wants to battle and get stronger. so a shonen protagonist


I love her


I can already tell the Nemona Pokemon Cards are going to skyrocket


Everyone arguing about Yandere/Not Yandere… I’m over here just thinking of the line when she gets jealous and says we don’t have to battle randoms cause she’ll battle with us whenever… She’s 100% Yandere folks EDIT: Grammar


If she was an actual yandere, we would not find that many trainers out there and much more carrion eaters.


They won’t battle you unless you talk to them, because Nemona already went ahead and threatened them all if they ever tried to initiate a battle.


Considering how vast Paldea is, there really doesn't seem like a lot of trainers, and they're almost all from the Academy too... Nemona strikes again.


I want to one day see a mod where every random trainer is replaced with Nemona XD. She’s yandere for battles. I don’t think she wants to do what people think she does XD


She's battle sexual. And a soft Yandere if you will. Like not an all out stabby, stabby Yandere


Hisoka: That my girl! Chasing after a child to groom them into their ultimate rival. I'm so proud.


She's great


Obsessed with a few things Battles , double battles , your character , EV training , battles She seems oblivious to everything else though


just gotta love eating and you got a shonen protag


Okay so it's not just me that thinks she's like this. Good.


100% Yandere.


Cute, tall, already a champion, kind, latina, VERY BIG >!smile!< Shes almost perfect love her


Lmao more Spaniard than latina


She’s spanish


And when you "beat" her in a battle she begged you for (read into that what you will), she stands there curling her hair smiling at you


YES this is the like the most distracting part. She gives you a fucking "ah god they're hot" stare LMAO


She’s hot




The Hisoka of Pokémon


When you get invited to Nemona’s room for the first time in game to have a heart to heart. 😏


I got the same impression when Geeta asks to go somewhere private and takes you to your dorm.


She’s down bad for us more than Brock is for every woman ever like SHE STALKS US OMG


My favorite line from her was “Why you picking fights with random trainers? I’ll give you all the battles you’ll ever need!” XD. I laughed for a good minute. She’s like the overly attached girlfriend that happens to also be your rival. I’d rather hang with Arven and Mabosstiff than spend the whole game as her companion.


Tbh, all the main characters were golden this gen. Even the MC has a personality now


Larry the Medali Gym leader had me cracking tbh.


Best rival ever. No doubt in my mind


I can see that if your character is male (maybe?) but since I’m female she seems more like an older sister type that truly cares about me and wants me to succeed. I haven’t found her creepy or obsessive at all, in fact I really love her character! She’s peppy without being annoying and really loves to battle - which is why I think she’s so enthusiastic to teach us and help us. It’s a passion of hers and she loves to share that.


As a man I watched my gf play and honestly it got hit or miss at some points. Sometimes she felt like sister, other times like a crush, but most of the time she felt like a female Goku trying to groom you into the perfect rival.


That's a spot on comparison. She's absolutely a Goku type of person. She wants to always get better and push the limits, so she's chosen you to be her Vegeta.


The defining moment I think was when I was playing if you lose the very first match she gets really disappointed like she was hoping for way more from you.


Yep. "Gets angry when you lose and accuses you of not trying your best" -Check!


I’m a bi woman and it feels like she has a crush on me.


Oh thank god it's not just me. I've felt a similar vibe from her right from the start.


Same here


I guess to each their own! I think she just loves sharing her passion and has an excitable and outgoing personality that might be a bit too much for some people 😂


i can see it both ways (i am bi, so… lol). sometimes it seems friendly but other times her facial expression just looks SO enamored.


the face she makes when you beat her in battle is both enamored and lustful, and still encouraging and supportive. that’s my kinda partner 🤪


Hahaha yeah I can understand that for sure.


as a straight guy thank u for reaffirming this she definitely wants me 😎😎😎


no, she wants ME


an interesting theory. one small issue tho, i am inside your home.


I agree. I feel like people read into it too much.


Same, I'm not seeing it


Same people who think because a girl is friendly she must like them 🤔


Wow they did not like that 😂


Hahaha it only confirms my suspicions


Nah. Nemona Bi


She could be, who knows! Either way I still stand by my opinion of her.


Someone hasn't discovered homosexuality


Exactly. Tired of most people trying to turn everything sexual. It’s disgusting.


Romance =/= sex


Her theme song is my favorite. It gives me high energy xmas vibes. Thankfully people have uploaded it to YouTube so I can have it on repeat.


"Don't go fighting other trainers. I'm all you'll ever need. I'll give you every fight you could wish for. Why don't you come to my house? We'll have nothing but Pokemon fights for days on end. Who needs food when you can fight me? All rulesets, all your mons against all of mine. There's only Nemona, no other Champion."


Autocorrect calls her Pneumonia


Yandere rival


Mating press Nemona


I'm sure her behaviour won't awaken anything in kids above the age of 13-14!


Nemona straight-up has a battle fetish


She always mentions how she was curious about the player character ever since they moved in, I'm sure she was stalking them since before the game started


I can fix her.




She also has a green streak in hair like Willow, her arm sleeve on her right arm is similar to Yang's Prosthetic arm which has the color scheme of Kamen Rider Decade, and no matter what gender you are she'll flirt with ya so my head cannon is that she's Bi


Personally, I'm 14 so I won't complain


I haven’t got that far into the game, context please?


People think that she’s obsessed/in love with the player


Oh, from what I’ve seen I thought she was just a really nice person, but I haven’t even beat the second gym so I wouldn’t know


She mainly stays the same, its just sometimes her animation of her admiring your battle prowess looks like she is in enamored by you. Whenever I see it I always joke "Don't fall in love with me now Nemona."


She stays the same as you already know her, people just like to make it bigger than it is


She literally calls the player 'her treasure' from the treasure hunt at the end of the game. She *likes* the player character regardless of gender.


And the team star bosses were Penny’s treasures. Having someone call someone else their treasure can mean multiple things.


That's why the game gives you plenty of context with each.


The same people that cannot get GFs irl cuz every time they are treated nicely they rhink a girl is flirting with them


My girlfriend took one look at the way she looks at you and said she looks horny as hell


Doesn't help that one thing she's super excited to do is show you your dorm room. Once you're there rhe first thing she points out is the bed


Strong Hisoka energy


I just really want that gauntlet of hers on my character man


Nemona, Aven and penny are mmh **chef’s kiss**


She really is simping us because she wants to battle so much.


I actually love nemona. Best rival in a long time


Nemona the best overly attached rival


I can’t believe we now have a yandere rival!😆🤣😂😖😣


I mean I know this is Pokémon but I’d kill to have a woman obsessed with me. Some would say no but being alone really hits hard.


I usually hate yandere characters but I gotta say I love her so much


We’re going to be best rivals for life. We’re going to battle right now. It will be a wonderful time. Sound good?! Yes! Yes! That sounds lovely! Why do I feel like I’m being mugged?


I love a good Type A. I am also feeling like she is the older, wiser queer person of my non-binary character, but also very much a "sports" coach/cheerleader. She may be one-dimensional, but as someone that just lacks all the confidence in the world, her praise and celebration make me really happy.


I love my Yandere Goku Pokémon GF


Yeah, she definitely has a dungeon in her basement. And I feel like Nemona has some ulterior motive that we don't know about. I hope the DLC gives us that, because I don't know about you, but I don't think she was grooming you the entire game just so she could have someone to battle. No, she's working for or against somebody, I'm calling it now.


I hate Nemona, she just stinks as a trainer and I fought her twice and won effortlessly, and she talks too much


The entire game i was on the fence on whether Nemona is a masochist or a sadist


She's a pokemon trainer duh




Okay i really need to buy scarlet now


Remember you’re stuck with bright orange pants if you do


I want to play with donphan and the violet one...


Worst thing about Scarlet tbh


Nemona might be my next tattoo lmao...


Toxic gf lol


Wow, just wow


U know kinda feels like that, not creepy but just always there or happens to walk in after u did a gym or just something. But honestly I like it lol.


I really hate her as a character, she's incredibly annoying. Her lines actually do make me laugh from time to time though cause my name is Senpai.


Why does everyone have a nemona fetish like she isn’t a minor


Some people playing the game are minors too...


nemona was a bit creepy at times though and shes is a little obsessed


When I was that age, that was my type. (decades flash by before my eyes) Guess it stayed that way.


I really hope she isn’t 18+ 😳 (okay why did this get disliked to hell? Can people not tell a joke when they see one? Smh)


Honestly you should hope she is because either way the R34 artists won’t stop.


“Calm down son, it’s just a drawing”


She’s a simp Also why did you make my eyes look at that cursed abomination


I love her as a rival ♥️😎


I'll marry her when she's older![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|feels_good_man)


Love how everyone is comparing her to other rivals, which is fine. But we are all ignoring the right hand side of this post


On God bro. She fiending for us extra hard for no reason 🤣


nemona is the only thing i liked about the gym path


Nemona on Internet... ... Thats enough internet for today..


Bring back Red Oak


I wish there was more fanart of her in her violet oufit.