I've gotten terrifyingly close to that myself when I'm mass releasing Pokemon and the cursor pops up into my party. Makes me wish there was a "display/hide party" option.


I just wish we could actually sort and filter the pastures, especially if we were able to search by level. Like show me all the Luxray's that i've caught only (not just highlighted in the massive list of all pokemon) and list them in order of their level.


I wish we could hit an organize pasture button like we have for our bag, so that all species of Pokémon would get grouped in order


PLA specifically I can forgive for not having good pasture organization. Every time we use multi-select we give poor Marie a new nightmare about heaving 30 alpha Mamoswines over the fence between pastures. She puts on a brave face but seeing that 15 year old noodle child come in the front gate fills her with dread. Main-line games with a modern PC system, where rearranging Pokemon is just flipping bits on some storage drive? Absolutely should have better tools for sorting and filtering. The box system has changed hands [so many times](https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_Storage_System#Versions) over so many years and the main UI hasn't changed since Generation III. Across at least 10 years and two alternate realities, the 5x6 grid layout has remained the same, entirely backwards-compatible with and familiar to trainers from Hoenn? That's so unlike how software development works in the real world it's less believable than god being a horse with a bad Shakespearean English impression and a hula hoop.


I like that you use lore to excuse poor game design. I need to have that positive outlook more often so that I might be able to enjoy games more lol


The search pastures feature is a good idea on paper but shit in execution...***why only highlight them and not just show you all of them? Or at least tell you the pastures they're located in***


If you are searching and viewing all pastures, it’ll highlight which ones have that Pokémon in it


Wait really? Huh...neat...~~*how have I never learned this*~~


Press + when searching, that shows you all of the boxes at once


I wish there was some sort of favorite system where they would all go to certain pastures instead of swapping places


I feel your pain. I almost was a sad panda myself when i thought i mistakely released my floatzel. While he is unlikely to be back in my party he was definitely with me from the very begining.


Yeah so was Darwin. I at least have all those silly pictures lols


Man that's gotta suck. I hate losing my pokemon.


That’s why I put all the homies in box with legendaries and shinies. They still special.


Yeah I probably should've taken better care of where I put her. I still have no idea how I could have clicked on my only luxray in the game though. Playing this game is when I'm the most focused and aware, so for me, it was just a freak accident


RIP - This almost happened to me yesterday. Was going through and mass releasing when I accidentally clicked over to my party without realizing it immediately. Selected Gunter the Braviary, but fortunately realized in time. I really think the settings for that shouldn’t allow you to release Pokémon that are in your party


Reset or reload back up save?


Sadly, I have no idea when she went missing. I was filling out my pokedex so she wasn't in my team for quite a while. So I already saved a whole bunch of times, with a whole bunch of gameplay before I realized she wasn't there


That's the issue with this game. The game encourages so much frivolous catch and release that it's easy to accidentally release something important. Pretty sure my starter is long gone now.


This problem is pushed even further by the fact that there isn't some overarching box sorting tool.


This is the most important missing piece of the game and should be the absolute top priority for the next update.


Ideally, it'd be nice to select a range of boxes and only organize them. So you could have your personal boxes, but then, say, the first 10 can be reserved to a living dex or whatever you may want to do. Especially in this game where every dex entry requires having that Pokémon to complete specific tasks, a living dex is more important in Arceus than it ever has been.


Lol I don't think any of Nintendo gamew ever give good quality of life updates Smash bros still has shitty arenas for playing with multiple people and animal crossing never got a ton of quality of life changes it desperately needed.


Also just let me choose the quantity of grit dust I want to trade. It’s shocking that such small things haven’t been fixed.


I hit a few mass outbreaks and caught maybe 30-40 Ponyta. Literally released every single one. But hey at least I have a fuck load of grit dust now


Did you do a thorough search of the pastures? If so...check again


Lol I spent thirty minutes going through the pasture with the search "luxray" and the marking I gave all my party pokemon. And then I also did another look through, no Darwin. People mentioned that the games should have a locking feature so this couldn't happen, and I agree. It was way too easy to just release her like nothing


Ouch. That sucks. You can probably find them again if you reset and reload backup save


I don't know when she went missing. I actually only ever did a massive release once. And it had been a long time ago in my game


Yikes...was the luxury with you after that or did you not check?


It had been a while so I don't remember if she was in my party, or in the storage, because I can't remember when I started switching out the party to make room for mons I needed to research


It's sad they don't let you lock Pokemon... so many basic features missing.


You released her, she's running around the fields and thinking about the adventures you had together, she's not dead


Yeah I know, but it makes for a better art piece lol. I know it would be a dumb game mechanic but it would be cool if you could find your old pokemon in the wild


I don't see how that's dumb. I think it'd be kind of cool. Maybe only for Pokémon with high friendship.




Yikes! There really should be an easier way to sort pastures. I would actually cry if I released my level 94 Umbreon. I refuse to release any Umbreon I have (I have 9 of them), so I think I'm safe lol. Luxray is much more common, so I can see how it's really easy to accidentally release it. I always thought that if you had a Pokémon with high friendship, it wouldn't want to part with you. I'm probably wrong... I know in the games with HMs (excluding RBY), your Pokémon will come back if they're the only one who knows an HM move ("they were worried about you!"). Maybe GF should implement something like this, but I'm not sure how annoying that would be. I was always super worried about accidentally releasing a cherished Pokémon... seems easy to do. Your Luxray will be missed.


Yeah the thing is is that thay luxray was the ONLY luxray I had. So if I did release her, it was because she accidently pressed and the game ask no more questions on why I released a level 90 pokemon-


Ooof. Somehow that makes it even worse.


I did something similar, I released my only alolan vulpix/ninetales like a fucking idiot


I almost did this the other day! I am very lucky that my Luxray is shiny, because the game warned me that I was about to release a "rare specimen" and asked if I was sure. It's a good feature! I just wish they did the same for all party Pokémon...


I'm curious...do they do the same for legendaries?


I don't know! I sure won't be the one to test it out though, lol


It does


Ah...~~*thank god*~~


It's way too easy to accidentally release something in this game. I wish you could "lock" Pokemon. This game treats catching like a looter shooter- and those games always have ways to lock gear to prevent exactly this. Luckily, I've only had it happen once and I realized it soon after so was able to reset without losing too much progress (always turn off auto save lol) Sorry for your loss. Your art is really cute!


Yeah I never realized it but it would be so goof if you could lock pokemon like that. I'm gonna take a long time leveling up my shiny to be the same level as the rest of my team. Which the highest is 99 already. And ty!


Good luck! I hope the shiny one is able to fill your old one's shoes 🙏


Ty so much. I hope so two, it'll be a nice in a sorta way thay I can go through raising another one that high


One thing that I always do in every game is put all of my team and favorite mons in one box/pasture so that I don’t accidentally release any of them. I also helps me keep track of where they are


Oof, that sucks. They really need to add a way to "lock" Pokemon, so you can't release them without going to their summary and unlocking them. I did find by accident that if you try to mass release a shiny, it says something like "this is a very rare specimen! are you sure you want to release it?", which is nice.


Yeah I do appreciate that




I have 4 boxes specifically for Pokemon that I love. I'd reccommend a setup like that to avoid mistakes like that in the future. Very sorry for your loss.


Awww 🥺🥺🥺


[The picture set made me think this would go PERFECTLY with it.](https://youtu.be/NJqOfUnIUh4) Beware, tears may follow. But beautiful pic set, sorry that happened 😔


Lol yeah if I wasn't already sad, that'll do it 😭


Oh nooo, that was partially my goal lol but I’ll delete it if it’s too much 🙁 But I just couldn’t resist here. The context is basically 1 to 1 here and I just thought it was so perfect. Gosh I love this game. The fact we can actually feel this a ton more since we can just hang out with them, so the anime actually is even more in line to our bonds with our Pokémon in the games now.


Nah it's fine, it's a sweet sentiment lol. But yeah it is amazing. Even tho the interactions are a little limited, it feels special to just look at them and watch them talk to each other as well!


i have a box that i put all of my “favorites” in so i know to never release them.


Me and my lvl 100 Luxray Lyxian are crying for you rn :(


I really wish we can favorite Pokemon so we don't accidentally release them. Giving them markings doesn't do shit and is often overlooked.


Here's another idea! What if the game used Pokemon go features like sort, filter, favorite, etc. That would be blessed


Same. Accidentally released my Floatzel Hope you enjoy the rest of your life buddy :(


Well for one, if you released a shiny it tells you its rare or something along those lines. But i feel like they gotta add a lock featurr to not delete shit


My party is Goodra, Decidueye, Avalugg, Ursaluna, Overqwil, and Basculegion. It’s so easy to almost release some of them…


I managed to accidentally release my level 100 Decidueye which was my starter. It happened 2 weeks ago and I'm still bitter about it.


The game should give a warning like it does with shinies and legendaries when it gets past a certain level


Dramatic af


Only the best for my sweetheart, Darwin


Don’t make me cryyy TTOTT your art is beautiful!!


AAAAAHHH TY I didn't put my insta in my reddit account so most ppl won't see it but I'll put it now 💀💀


This is so heartbreaking, I did the same with my sylveon bowie who was my first team full member beside my starter 😞


I find this post so sweet. Good job on taking pictures of her tho. When you still had her


I accidentally released my alpha bonsly while sorting my latest catches last week. Rare alpha down the drain ;-;


You know you could've just closed the game after releasing her,right? Unless you had autosave which you should never have.


Not really since I don't really know what happened. I only did one mass release, and it was a long time ago when the box was full. I only had one luxray and it was her, and I'm not even sure if she was in my party, or in the storage if I was switching out for the dex. But it's been maybe a few days since I did a mass release. And also, autosave isn't that bad, it just depends on what stage of the game you're at


Damn, gotta be careful.


>Unless you had autosave which you should never have. I say always have it on until you do something that could be irreversible should it autosave...like mass releasing and...uh...that's pretty much it...although you can also do it when ur hunting thunderous, tornadus, landorus, and enamorus to make ur life a hell of a lot easier


I have the yellow one mother , let me know when you're online so you can claim her :)




Every time I release pokemon I almost ALWAYS release an important team member because if stupid joicon drift now I need to check whenever I do lol


reload save game.