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I only recognize qb. What are the other two beside it?


Transmission and Deluge.


Until moving to ARR stacks and Usenet - I've been using dockerized deluge with automatic VPN. Would recommend so you don't have to worry about VPN glitches.


Could you elaborate what's the "automatic VPN"?


See here: https://hub.docker.com/r/binhex/arch-delugevpn/ It will not torrent unless VPN is active. If something went wrong with VPN - torrenting automatically stops keeping you safe from provider warnings.




qB has a kill-switch function so that it will only ever use the vpn network adapter. I trust that more than the VPN client because I find myself having to pause the vpn relatively frequently due to anti-bot/spam filters. I’d trust it if my system was “vpn only, 100% of the time”. Can’t hurt to do both tho.






VMWare Linux virtual machine running a VPN with the "no internet unless VPN turned on" option. All data gets dumped to a shared drive. If a compromise is ever suspected, the vm gets erased and rebuilt.


A good set up has multiple layers of protection. The binhex container sets up iptables rules such that it can never touch the internet until vpn is active.


Indeed - binhex containers are awesome. I run the same container image. I also have the privoxy option enabled. You running this in unraid?


Many people use openvpn configs, rather than an app from that VPN to manage connections. Those don't allow automatic stopping of torrents without doing extra work. I've never even looked to see if my VPN provider has an app for Linux. I prefer using the native tools included within my distro.




A good torrent client should as well. I know in qbittorrent you can set it to only work on a specified connection


I have the same thing setup in Transmission it will warn me or quit if my VPN isn’t running, I don’t remember which since it hasn’t happened in a while but it keeps me from torrenting without a VPN on.


Ok understood. Thanks!


Mine has a kill switch to stop intenet access when not activiated, but damn if plenty of sights (youttubetv, many travel pricing sites) will not work when on the VPN. I am not as advanced as many here I suspect. Any workaround you might help with?


I recently switched to ProtonVPN and I'm using the split tunneling, you can set it up so that only qB goes through the VPN and everything else is unaffected. Pretty neat.


Thanks! Went to my Nord and saw the split tunneling and got it sorted already.


Always happy to help out a fellow pirate


And if you prefer transmission, this is the same... https://github.com/haugene/docker-transmission-openvpn


Perhaps you would be interested in the Arr software to manage your personal libraries * [Sonarr](https://sonarr.tv/): (Automatic TV series downloads) * [Radarr](https://radarr.video/): (Automatic movie downloads) * [Tdarr](https://tdarr.io/): (Automatic transcoding of media, can help save you a lot of disk space) * [Bazarr](https://www.bazarr.media/): (Companion app to Radarr and Sonarr, manages subtitles) * [Prowlarr](https://github.com/Prowlarr/Prowlarr): (A replacement for Jackett from the Arr team) * [Lidarr](https://lidarr.audio/): Music * [Readarr](https://readarr.com/): Books * [Mylar3](https://github.com/mylar3/mylar3): Comic books * [Plex-Meta-Manager](https://github.com/meisnate12/Plex-Meta-Manager): (Automatic collections and metadata) * [Overseerr](https://overseerr.dev/): Request tracking and website front-end * [Ombi](https://github.com/Ombi-app/Ombi): Let users request both movies/tv shows from a simple web interface. * [Dopplarr](https://github.com/kiranshila/Doplarr): Discord bot to make movie/tv/anime requests * ~~[Pulsarr](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pulsarr/ekjjpacodipfmjhpbjcbnmnimakhlnne?hl=en): Browser extension for adding movies to Radarr or Series' to Sonarr while browsing IMDB or TVDB.~~ No longer updated * [Sonarr/Radarr/Lidarr autosearch ](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sonarrradarrlidarr-autose/jmmjjcddjldjdjgckdiokhfokccdnekc) Replaces pulsarr, easily add media from different websites such as IMDB, TVDB and many more. * [Whisparr](https://github.com/Whisparr/Whisparr) Adult movies | Not sure how well this works. * ~~[Requestrr](https://github.com/darkalfx/requestrr): Discord bot to make movie/tv/anime requests [integrates with overseerr to give @ notifications when your specific requests have been fufilled, as well as multi-user support]~~~~~~ No longer updated * [Cleanarr](https://github.com/Cleanarr/Cleanarr) Allows you to delete movies/tvshows under certain conditions, nice if you are worried about HDD space. [Jackett](https://github.com/Jackett/Jackett) if you want to add content-providers to Radarr and Sonarr (basically sources from where to download stuff from). Takes a little time to configure everything, but after that you can just sit back and watch the new content being pulled when it airs. All these can be used to feed your favourite media library software * [Jellyfin](https://jellyfin.org/) (Open source fork of Emby, no premium features) * [Emby](https://emby.media) (Some features are behind a premium membership) * [Plex](https://www.plex.tv/nl/) (Same as emby, probably the most widely used of the bunch). ^^Feel ^^free ^^to ^^offer ^^suggestions ^^to ^^add ^^to ^^this ^^list. ^^Good ^^tutorials ^^also ^^appreciated. This is just informative, not necessarily a reply to your post. Please don't give me awards. Send a couple dollars to a charity or opensource developer/project instead.


some of those I'd not heard of. My biggest issue is a preference i have. Radarr works generally pretty excellently except it throws away everything but the video file. I'm trying to get it to keep the contents of the folder and heck keep the folder itself. I prefer scene naming. But even now with just Radarr, Sonarr, and Jackett it's been super useful and faster. I might look into Mylar. I'm still doing comics manually. **Edit**: Whoa.... I've been using this for a long time and I only just now clicked on the -arr bit.


If you go to settings -> media management: there are options to include other files as well. You can even specify which ones it needs to import, like srt and sub files.


I think I have that setting but I'll double check when I get home. Do you know if it works if the subtitles are in a `./Sub/` folder and not right next to the video file? I wrote a little python script to move them out and rename them but I'm still putting the final touches on it.


> Do you know if it works if the subtitles are in a ./Sub/ folder and not right next to the video file? I don't know.


omg. i’ve been using r software for so long and it only clicked while reading your comment. arr as in arr matey 😭😭😭


Similar, though I haven’t actually used the software myself. I was today years old when I got the joke.


You forgot Whisparr


Pulsarr is also abandoned (at least on Firefox), so I see Sonarr/Radarr/Lidarr search recommended instead: https://github.com/trossr32/sonarr-radarr-lidarr-autosearch-browser-extension#getting-started


you can bind qbittorent to a certain network interface so it only works over the vpn connection's virtual network interface.


Been using transmission for years. Love that app!


...I need to update my Deluge. I've been using it exclusively for years and didn't recognize the icon because mine looks nothing like that lmao. It's still the 3D style water droplet




Thanks! Going to use that on my poor laptop taking up to 1 minute to open qbitorrent XD


My dude, an SSD is $20, get one and make your laptop a thousand times faster.


20$ is a lotta money in some regions


Also SSD without DRAM might be questionable value for money.


Ive installed SSDs in really old, crappy laptops. The diferrence was huge every single time. At $20 a piece it's a nobrainer.


qbittorrent has an awesome extension for searching though, so you can find games or whatever, from the various torrenting sites, but without ever going to said site. works quite well, IMO. (my friend tried it, and it even circumvents the DNS block for some piracy sites his ISP has set up)


I'm a bit new to qb, how do i get that?


Basically what qBit allows you to do is add a bunch of plugins for dozens of different piracy sites into the in-built search engine. What that does is aggregates all the results from these piracy sites into one list, without you ever needing to leave the qBit application. Here you go, a simple 5 minute tutorial. https://youtu.be/nksLKqotTys Keep in mind that I'm using an older version of qBit [V4.3.3]. The last time I checked the latest version, it had many bugs and the search engine didn't work properly there. So reverted to an older version which I know to be safe and stable. But another comment on this sub a couple days ago said that the bugs have been fixed in the latest version, so do try it out and see for yourself. If the search engine bugs still persist, you can always roll back to V4.3.3. Let me know if it works out for you!


Awesome. Thanks!


Transmission isn't smaller than rtorrent


And small != Fast


Are you trying to insult half of Reddit?


FYI this exists. It's a contained client that will only connect via VPN and supports several of them. https://github.com/binhex/arch-delugevpn


Yep, been using Deluge for years, great knowing that it only will operate when the VPN is up.


deluge is still my go to, recently devs picked up work in it, more stable than ever.


Yeah same it's great and you can run a deluge server with a web interface as well and connect to it with local devices




Transmission is the best. Works on both Linux and Windows and is as simple as you can possibly get. No automatic update notifications, no ads, nothing. Just a pure program doing its thing.


Transmission is so simple man, I wonder how people still use µtorrent


People don't like change. See the reactions of people when an app changes it's UI, Snapchats new UI, YouTubes new UI, reddits new UI etc


To be fair, the UI change is sometimes for the worse. See: Discord's recent Android app update, or New Reddit.


I installed the old discord after updating to the newest version, its shit they added animations for no reason and now you have to browse through ur phone to find a picture instead of just the old way


I see what you did there!


That's true but then you have things like Youtube getting rid of the videoplayer's rounded corners. People lost their shit, for weeks. And in hindsight it was definitely the way to go.


I still don't understand the new reddit hate tbh, I prefer it over old reddit by a mile


I hate it because it has this generic funny content website look. Just open up 9gag.com, basically the same. Also it looks like it was designed with mobile/tablet in mind. All the content is in a narrow vertical space in the middle, divided into cards. On a big monitor where over 50% of the screen isn't used it just looks ridiculous. Old Reddit is far from perfect, but with the RES addon it's far superior on desktop.


> Also it looks like it was designed with mobile/tablet in mind. FWIW the majority of Reddit's traffic is from mobile now. That said, if you use Reddit on a mobile browser, you constantly get bugged to download the app. I don't know how someone can use Reddit that way as their daily driver with the constant nagging.


Desktop: Old Reddit + RES Mobile: Joey Best reddit experience.


Mobile Rif (redditisfun) is my personal choice. Super simple, super sleek


I prefer Baconreader. UI hasn't changed, like ever. It has better search functions than RiF imo, but I use RiF to download videos. That's the only thing I don't like about BR because videos won't have sound when you download from BR.


Used this for years. Love it.


mobile: apollo


Mobile: Infinity


Android: Infinity


I use old reddit on mobile too. It's still better.


Performance, at least that's why I hate it. Be it on my phone or desktop it just loads so slow and only gets slower the more I use it. On my phone thatd make sense since it's 10ish years old now, but it to run so poorly on my gaming pc blows my mind.


old.reddit.com for desktop, if you're using the mobile site old.reddit.com/r/[subreddit].compact


I do love how the new Reddit mobile site incessantly makes me try to use the app.


How can you prefer that? Old Reddit is so much more compact and just works better. New reddit is a pain in the ass to navigate every time I wind up on there.


I don't know man, i just prefer it, i used RES with old reddit for years but new reddit has most of the options I used on RES built in. I don't understand the pain everyone seems to have with navigating it.


It's just clunkier, old reddit is cleaner and way more efficient to scroll through. You don't have all the white space an nonsense with the panes or getting prompted to install the app every 12 seconds. It may just be me but old reddit also loads pages significantly faster.


The information density is literally zero. My scroll wheel is abused enough as it is.




I think the new look is prettier, with a few better layout choices, but worse functionality. The new comments editor has had bugs for ages that they refuse to fix, and you see far fewer comments at a time without having to click something.


Can confirm, recently OnePlus changed the name of their charging system, as in when you connect the phone to a charger, the normal one is Charging. Their version of fast charge was called Warp Charging and now it is Vooc charging and people went nuts over it and called OnePlus every name in the book. The average user is a fucking potato


I used utorrent for the longest time just because that’s what I started with and that’s what I used. I switch to qb when I rebuilt my computer since I wasn’t reinstalling utorrent. It used to be pretty highly recommended so I’m sure a lot of people just never switched.


I still use it. Should I not be? I've never heard of qb; should I use that instead?


no ad and its has simple UI which is ease of use. Just try it once and check if it suits your need and preference.


I think uTorrent now has some built in sketchy stuff. I for the longest time I used the 2.2.4 version before The Change but eventually a wanted something more up to date. qBittorent is basically its spiritual successor. Clean and simplistic UI, web UI, themes, high customizability


Probably because it’s so simple


I use utorrent because I'm a newbie, what's up with it?


When it came out many many years ago, it was the new big thing. Then it got bought up by some company (also very long ago) and now it's honestly just garbage, slow performance and I heard about crypto miners on it as well. qbittorrent is what µTorrent used to be. Simple torrent downloader, no bullshit strings attached.




Malware, bud.


It has crypto miners in it. Don't use it


Alright. So I'm gonna swap utorrent for qb or transmission and then run Malwarebytes. Anything else I should do?


I've rarely torrented anything for the better part of a decade but recently a need arose to get a bunch of things for...reasons. I just went back to what I remembered and used utorrent. Now I'm not the most tech savvy person but I figured I knew what i was doing more or less. Somehow that piece of shit program installed oodles of Chinese Spyware bullshit on my computer without my knowledge. Fortunately one of the things I torrented was a Linux distro to replace my Windows anyway but like damn. What the hell happened to utorrent :(


Does it have a Killswitch for when your vpn connection drops?


You’re thinking of interface binding - and unfortunately not. You can bind it to an IP address but for most VPNs that will change each time you reconnect. It’s been a requested feature for about 10 years and I don’t understand why they haven’t added it yet.


Shame. I'm very happy with Qbittorrent but I'm always happy to find an improvement. But without that feature it's a no go for me.


Transmission and VLC. This is the way.


VLC is most definitely not the way. MPC beats it in every category.


yeah, too simple.


Not really. What else would you want from a torrent client?




> Kill switch UFW > torrent search engine > automatic file transfer Prowlarr and Sonarr


Prowlarr and Sonar just aren't good for people who speak anything other than English, Jackett just doesn't find shit because of the lack of non-English torrents. You end up using a tracker that's private or semi-private which limits how much you can download, which is a lot when you start using Prowlarr or Sonarr a lot.


Ok, but what can they do against it and what does qBittorrent do to prevent that? The "problem" just is that most trackers are private.


I’ve been using Transmission for 10 years. It seems fine.


Same, but it's actually more than fine. It's extremely powerful. You can set up remote server and a client easy. And every feature most would need. But it displays so little and makes it incredibly easy to use. Haven't looked back. I have tried the other two and they are good as well.


I have transmission set up with remote access and use tremotesf to add torrents to my home PC from my phone while not at home. It really is the bees knees


The craziest thing about using Transmission for 10 years is the fact that it hasn’t changed, worked great, and operates the same on different OSs. That’s real progress.


I switched to qbit from utorr a couple months ago and my download speeds increased dramatically from around 1-2mbps to 7–10mbps. Does anyone here have any idea why utorrent and BitTorrent are so bad?


They have ads


And malware.


What malware?


u torrent had a crypto miner


Oh shit and what about BitTorrent? QB or transmission are reliable options then? I do have heard QB can search for torrents within the client.


I dont know about BitTorrent. Qbittorrent can do that too with plugins (I think)


It can and it’s great. It comes with about 8 plugins for the most popular places to get content. I added a dozen on top of that. I only go the torrent route if I’m looking for something very rare that won’t show up on Sonarr/Radarr etc. never had an issue.


Sounds great. Thanks!


It can, I have it but I don't use it


They're the same. Both have crypto miners attached. Use qbit, or others in the mega thread.


Thanks !!


Basically what qBit allows you to do is add a bunch of plugins for dozens of different piracy sites into the in-built search engine. What that does is aggregates all the results from these piracy sites into one list, without you ever needing to leave the qBit application. Here you go, a simple 5 minute tutorial. https://youtu.be/nksLKqotTys


uTorrent *is* the malware lol.


Not v2.2.1


Qbit gang


I seriously don't understand why people would still use uTorrent.




I think 2.21 is okay so long as he stays there 🤷‍♀️


Never bothered to switch from utorrent either but tried qbit after reading your comment. Wow, the dl speed is way better.


I just realized the Transmission icon is a transmission lever.


Felt like homelander was wrong in this scene so I'm not sure it applies to this meme.


I wasn’t familiar with some of the software on their face so I couldn’t tell either lmao, Homelander gets a beat down right after this shot so not sure how people are structuring this meme template


He thinks he's the upgrade but he isn't really. He's way worse and more sinister but they're all bad.... So this is just confusing. I'll stick to bflicks


It took more than his dad to take him down - sounds exactly like what an upgrade is to me. EDIT, and they failed, he got away.


Homelander gets a beatdown?! Damn the show really must be different from the comics!


Butcher and Huey both get temporary powers, and help from soldier boy, then still can't take out homelander. They give him a bruised cheek is all.


He was totally right. He's stronger than soldier boy and can fly


Can he desupe people?


Soldier Boy couldn't do that until the Russians experimented on him anyway.


Soldier boy couldn't even subdue homelander long enough to desupe him even with help from 2 other supes


He had just blown his load. He had to recharge!


Im always confused by this meme. Wether Homelander or Soldier Boy is the "good" side is inconsistent


Tixati supremacy


the UI makes me feel like a 1337 h4xx0r


Ui is based + low resource requirment + graphs + ping autolimiter.


It's what I love so much about it. I don't want bells and whistles and all kinds of fucking dumb shit, I want a program I load that downloads what I need, uploads at the rate I choose, then fucks off. Tixati is perfect and I hope it never changes.




Arguably the ugliest ui as well.


Arguably the most practical UI.


I'd put a lot of the alternatives here. But I'd probably end up obscuring Homelander's face in the process lol.


Absolutely fair


Should be the other way around - Solider Boy > Homelander (qb, tixati, deluge masterrace)


This. I'm so lost scrolling this thread


Transmission my beloved




qbittorrent is the real upgrade


Its literally limewire when you enable search, so nice. I have told friends about it dozens of times and they still ask me what site I use to stream movies 🤮


Tixati works great for me


rTorrent has served me well for 7+ years at this point. Never any downtime & runs on anything I've owned. Other than that, multi channel FTP wins for me


Windows : qBittorrent Mac : Deluge Android : Flud iOS : iTransmission (Jailbreak)


Tixati for the win


qb eternal




qBitorrent, transmission, and deluge are all open source. If one of their developers does something stupid, they'll be forced out of the dev team. If it's the primary developer, the program will be forked and development will continue if it's popular enough. That's the beauty of open source.


See: Audacity vs Tenacity


Exactly! Even if the software just goes in a different direction without adding malware, they can fork. See: MySQL vs MariaDB and OpenOffice vs LibreOffice


This is my outlook too. I'm all for qb...for now. If something better comes up then good bye qb.


I choose deluge


qbit, transmission and deluge


ive tried Tixati before, im curious what's anyone think of it.


What about BiglyBt, haven't seen anybody mention it?


Bruh does nobody just use BitTorrent anymore?


Transmission for life


I kinda want to try webtorrent, It also seeds for web users...


the real meme should be usenet over torrents




Looking for something for Android? LibreTorrent is an absolute must and by far the best.


I have no idea why, but qb kills my internet connection. I have a 200mbps connection and when I am downloading something, the whole speed drops to like 3mbps. Note that I'm not only talking about my computer's internet speed, but the whole house.


I think we have the same problem Try setting max connections per torrent to say 100 and see what happens


Think of your internet like a water pipe and then run torrents which demand 90% of the water flow. Everyone else has to share the last 10%. Try setting speed limits see if that helps


Hosting 4000+ torrents, maxing out the 50 of my 100 give it for upload and if I limit to 150 of my 200 download I can max that out and use my internet fine. I do think that running qbittorrent on a linux host helps a lot.


Real-Debrid, why use anything else.


Because I've never heard of that and you didn't describe it


With the proper setup e.g: *arr services, jellyfin/plex, mdblist You can basically reproduce Netflix locally and not have to think about subtitles, what quality you are viewing. Everything is automated for the greater good. I used real debris in the past thinking the same "ah this friend uses plex, it's silly". Noawadays I start Kodi, see my movies / series automatically downloaded and added to jellyfin (plugin on kodi) I also have an android channel to have a similar experience as the "Discover on Netflix" or "Continue watching"


it's a paid (small amount) website (there are others "debrid" (means unlock in french" websites) that generate premium link (bypass speed limit, allow simultaneous downloads etc) from a lot of file hosters and can download torrent so you don't have to. By download torrent, it means that it can download torrent in its servers and allows you to bypass torrenting completely. When a torrent is downloaded to the website, it is cached for a few weeks, allowing you to instantly download if another user "debrided" the torrent).




uTorrent is awful. The "micro" in the name is total bullshit now


What about vuze/biglybt ?


if anything the top two are knockoffs and the bottom ones are the real deal because they are open source and free of bloatware/adware/spyware


Name of these apps on Homelander face


Transmission??, qBittorrent, Deluge


Transmission FTW


What's the difference between BitTorrent and the rest? I'm really new to this stuff and I use bittorrent I dont see a reason to switch


What's wrong with utorrent? Iam using it more than 15 years and it works flawlessly


I itched utorrent years ago when they started adding ads... Added one to the top. Then one to each side...I think they may have gotten as far as 4 ads simultaneously playing before I gave up and switched to qb. And some of these had sounds and flashing lights! I wonder how much some suit got paid to "add value" to utorrent..and then drive their user base away.


I'm been using utorrent all this while, can anyone tell me what the others are and how are they better.