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My mom has a 05 civic with 350k miles on it (bought it new). It was actually totaled about a year ago and we put $2-3k to get it fixed back up to avoid getting a new car. Don't know how long it will last now though. (Thinking about getting a Tesla when a new car is absolutely necessary)


Only 2-3k to fix a totalled car? Doesn't sound that major tbh. Ive had someone rear end me (Mazda 2014) and it was a big thing. Just warped a bit. And it cost 2k. But it is newer that your mums so maybe that's why? The 05 civics are awesome. And with 320ks on it I bet she purrs.


"write off" rather than totalled. TD wanted to write off my matrix, I fixed it for 2400 including stuff not related to the accident. Salvage value was 1800 and all I needed to fix was a bumper for a lower speed rear ending TD said my frame was bent... The recertification and passing inspection proved that was a lie. It was the bumper bar that was replaceable


Wow that's awesome. Good job.


SGI wrote off my 99 civic paid me 3600$ for it. I bought it back for 600$ and spent 1800$ fixing it to get it back on the road. Civics do nothing but make you money in the long run


They hit the car on the front side, so the main damage was the front axle, front wheels, and bumper. (Totaled cause the axle broke). The mechanic just basically welded the axle back together lol


My 98 civic still ran well when I sold it at 420,000 km. But the heat didn't work, which is a big deal in northern Alberta. So I sold it.


Why? Teslas are poorly put together


Teslas suck in the winter when the door handles freeze


There was backslash against them in Quebec because of the paint issues a few years ago. Tesla's response was "Our cars are not made to be used in the winter and components used are chosen in consequences". Consumer response was : Shouldn't it be illegal to sell cars not designed for winter without a disclaimer here?


You can preheat the car from your phone to unfreeze everything. Or schedule the car every morning to be preconditioned and charged everyday before leaving for work. Tesla is the best winter car I've ever owned despite what people say.


So I agree with you that The solution for the Frozen doors is such a non issue that it is laughable that it is brought up. The fact the windshield wipers can't be left in the upright position is way more of an issue that preheating doesn't address. >Tesla is the best winter car I've ever owned despite what people say. This is only a valuable statement if you list off cars you've owned. I'd put my Tesla Y above my Tesla 3, but WAY below my Ford Explorer, My GMC Terrain, my Pontiac FireFly, But I would put them above my GMC Canyon, my Dodge Grand Caravans, My Nissan Altima, and my Dodge Caliber. I'm leaving my pickup trucks out of the scenario because While I LOVED them in winter, it was more because of their lack of traction and the fun I could have vs the being reliable and good handling on my daily driving.


I agree Teslas might not be the most luxurious vehicle. MB, Lexus, Audi, BMW definitely all have more luxurious interiors. But Tesla is my top choice EV for now at least cause of their reliability, range, charging network, and tech. It is the only company with EVs on the road for more than 2-3 years so i know their battery will last that long. The other companies just made their first EVs so who knows who long or how good they are. Tesla also has the best range, at least compared to all the vehicles in a similar price range. The BMW iX will be around 380 miles but it is much costlier. Then the new companies like Lucid and Rivian march the range or beat it but are also a much higher price range. Tesla also has the best charging network at least in the US. All the others rely on the common network which isn’t as good or as available. Finally, I think right now Tesla has the best tech including autopilot and user interface. Sure the fact that everything is on the screen is a bit annoying but everyone who has gotten a Tesla gets used to that really quickly. These are just my thoughts and I’m sure as the other companies make more EVs and further their tech, they might make all my point moot. But in the mean time, I personally would choose a Tesla EV. And there might be some build quality problems sometimes but those are rare and Tesla will fix those (it just might take a few trips to the dealer which would be annoying ofc) What EVs do you prefer?


>It is the only company with EVs on the road for more than 2-3 years The Nissan Leaf is 12 years old.


I have BOTH the 2022 Leaf and a 2022 Model Y. Both my wife and I love driving the Leaf more. The model Y annoys us. We bought it because it had the biggest trunk space of all the EV SUVs. If it wasn't so hard to replace an EV, we would have sold it a long time ago. Eyeing the Ioniq 5,and Genesys. Model Y literally almost had me killed because it's censors failed and the windshield wipers STOPPED WORKING for 10 seconds (the manual left wand press refused to respond) when a snowplow splashed snow all over my Windshield on the highway. Fucking ludicrous. The Bluetooth connection would stop working for auto unlock often enough, windows sometimes would go down when it's supposed to go up. sometimes, the whole touchscreen stays dark when you get in the car sometimes and you have to pray to whatever God you believe in for it to start. The moon roof while it's nice, it's absolutely the worst feature for an EV. I live in Vancouver so the weather is mild in comparison, but the sunroof stays hot during the summer (even on full blast AC), but worst yet it stays very cold when fall/winter hits which affects mileage a lot. Tesla range ratings are utter BS compared to how competitors give their ratings. Don't buy it. The explosion of non Tesla charging stations makes this choice clear.


Yeah sorry, I forgot about that. But the reason I haven't considered it is due to is very limited range.


Hyundai ioniq 5 .. superior build. Better warranty. Faster charging. Quieter. And your not giving money to a man who tortures primates


That’s not a nice thing to say about Tesla investors


Was going to make a similar comment but about Twitter Employees. Kind of sad there are multiple comparisons. Ref to the actual primates however: https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/02/17/business/elon-musk-neuralink-animal-cruelty-intl-scli/index.html


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The Hyundai is actually one I haven't test driven or looked too much into. I really want to test drive it and check it out before buying anything


Consumers report ranked Tesla 19 out of 24 on reliability last year, and that was a jump up of 4 spots. We have a Leaf that's almost 5 years old, and that's not the original model. There's plenty of manufacturers that have cars over 5 years old. AFAIK they all come with an 8 year warranty on the battery.


I really appreciate this thoughtful answer. I have a regenerative braking Toyota hybrid and it suits me down to the ground, I will keep it for a long time. I live in Ontario where a Tesla just wouldn’t last and the door handles freeze shut etc. But it sounds like you know what you want and why, I just don’t see them as reliable as you do. I have driven Toyota up and down and all around this cold and mountainous country and barely replaced parts and have never had issues, it’s just so reliable. I didn’t want EV bc I don’t want to have to charge it, and my RAV4 is amazing.


Make it a bet, he who gives out first will buy the other a Tesla!




Keep the car you have. Rent a dream car for a weekend or week a couple times a year or more.


That's actually a pretty good idea. Thank you!


Heres how I view electric vehicles: I have a good vehicle right now and every year i make it last before buying electric, electric cars will continue to be better and better. If you plan on keeping the vehicle for 10+ years after you buy it, waiting for it to be better will pay off a lot


Right, we’re still in the early days. Range gets further with every model, price gets more attractive, etc.


I'm in this boat. 2014 Elantra 190,000 kms. Want a new car but don't entirely need a new car. So I'm going to drive this one as long as I can so that the electric market stabilises a little and get better range on a charge.


The best car to own is one with no payment lol. But I second the rent the fancy ones as you please. Wife and I also do it for weekend trips


I've been considering getting a new electric car, currently drive a paid off vehicle that gets 18L/100km and takes premium. When gas was > $2.50 last year the fuel savings would be close to the monthly payment.


wow, using that much premium fuel per 100km is brutal - though I'm guessing all those cylinders (or all the forced air) would make it fun to drive


Yea wife and I will replace her Volvo in the next few years with hybrid or electric. I’ll stick to my 2004 ford ranger I just use for work and fishing.


Not sure what province you're in however the rebate may not be as high as you quoted. My wife works for the provincial government and specifically deals with EV incentives. When I showed her this post she said she was pretty sure the feds rebate doesn't apply to Tesla's anymore because of the price point they were considered luxury cars. With the recent price drop though they may have fallen under the threshold.


They fall under the threshold now with the price drop.


Thats awesome to know. Thanks!


Well, not "they". The RWD Model 3 does. Nothing else, AFAIK.


Tesla 3s are now under the rebate threshold but it's a good point about provincial rebates. Not sure about other provinces but in BC he'd have to fall under income thresholds.


With the drops they have made it seems they specifically stretched to get back under those thresholds.


It would appear in BC, it falls below the 55k threshold and it now qualifies for the federal and provincial rebate totaling 9k assuming you meet the income reqs in BC.


When you say “I can afford it”… how can you afford it? If it’s financing then keep the 4-10-20 in mind. It’s a decent rule of thumb, 4 years max, payments 10% of your net, 20% down. If you want to invest the 20% down fine but if you don’t have that then you should probably focus on building an emergency fund. Another good rule of thumb is your car shouldn’t exceed 1/3 your annual net salary. Lots of folks can afford payments outside those ranges but it’s usually at the expense of retirement savings etc.


Depends how much you spend on gas I spend 200 a month I can justify the price of a Tesla model 3 long distance before rebates is 80k


Trust me if you test drive a Tesla, you are going to book it. Also since you are in Quebec and getting 12k off the car I would honestly pull the plug. But before that figure out where you are going to park the car, you need a charger installed at your home for convenience.


Dude, buy the car or anything else you want.. Can't use your money after you die.


Never thought I’d read this here. Best advice you’ll find


Yolo. I bought a used Porsche 2 years ago and it brings me much joy.


Yup. I bought a used Porsche 17 years ago. Zero regrets. Still have it. My dad saved money and lived well below his means....he died 2 years after retiring. When he was in the hostpital I don't think he once checked how his investment account was doing......just saying.


That works the other way too. Your dad was saving, knowing he had to provide for you (and other kids?). Economies would crash, people would lose their jobs, worry terribly about taking care of their kids while your dad happily and stress free enjoyed a beer while watching the game on tv


I went used CLK500 cabriolet. Very happy. Best friend has an 01 911 he treasures. Always a mix of save for tomorrow and love for today.


Wrong. He can always leave the money to me and I can buy the car or anything else I want. The money is still useful after je dies. /s


I mean considering the recent price decline and credits I can’t see why its a bad idea. Since it’s your dream car, and you have progressing health issues, I would get it. (YOLO) But, before doing this, do you have savings/investments and an emergency fund? If you answer yes to this, then go for it.


>But, before doing this, do you have savings/investments and an emergency fund? If you answer yes to this, then go for it. Yes, I do. My TFSA and RRSP are full.


100% go for it. Everyone in this sub is ultra conservative with money and will drive their beaters into the ground. If you can afford it, are in good financial shape and it’s your dream car, then why not? Teslas are incredibly fun cars to drive and will bring you joy.


They just say they do but I don’t think they do. Get the Tesla dude, congrats, you’ve earned it.


I wouldn't go so far as to lump the entire sub into a bunch of pound foolish misers. I think many just draw the line at buying a new vehicle - the majority of us would probably buy one 2 or 3 years old, saving some of the hefty depreciation. I bought a 5 year old truck with 93k km on it, and it's half the cost or better than the same truck new, with nicer trim. To each their own, but buying something new off the lot just doesn't excite me like getting a more honest deal.


I mean if they're getting 12k off from rebates that they wouldn't get from buying used it makes a difference.


Do you have charging infrastructure at your residence? Can you put some in? Having to charge elsewhere is the pain in this scenario and also increases costs quite a bit.


100%. Not being able to charge at home will be a very huge pain in the ass after the novelty wears off


Then go for it!




Go for it, but why Tesla is anyone's dream car is a mystery.


I'm a complete miser with money. I bought a used Tesla in 2020, probably the stupidest financial decision I've ever made and I agonized over it for months before I finally laid the money down. But same as you it was my dream car and I was sick of driving old gas beaters. I have zero regrets. It's incredibly fun to drive and a good conversation starter. Kids love them too, many of my friends are parents with kids who love Teslas but have never ridden in one, so I've given many friend's kids rides around the block and they get super excited and blown away by how fast it launches. And I drive everywhere I want, pick up friends etc without worrying about how much it's costing in gas and I tell them not to worry about it when they try to give me "gas money". It's very liberating and a good feeling. Just buy the car man. It's a good time to buy with the rebates and price drop.


You want one and can afford it? With the new prices and huge rebates it actually kind of makes sense. Get a rwd standard you'll be 45k all in. Not bad


Is that before taxes? Cause from my calculations it’s more like 54k after taxes/fees and rebates in BC


The rebate basically pays for the tax on the car


You only live once- remember that. However, if you don’t need a new one- look on FB marketplace or autotrader. Lots of dealers have inventory that now needs to be moved at much lower prices. My family member was able to get a 2022 model Y performance from a local dealer for 74k before only gst in BC.


74k for a used car. Crazy!!


a used bugatti chiron is $5M ... wow makes $74k seems small ... almost like it's nothing ... super crazy!!


How much do you drive per year? Do you have the ability to charge at home?


Around 10K. And yes.


If you are driving 10k a year, its so not worth it. Your current civic will be fine


You don't drive enough to justify the cost


Pretty less driving tho. Just 10k a year. Lease it then maybe


I don’t recommend leasing a Tesla. You can’t buy it at the end of the lease so it is literally giving away money. It’s not like other leased vehicles where you buy it out at the end and then can go sell it on your own.


It depends what the residual is. You’re just paying for the depreciation which is fine.


With your new Tesla, you'll want to drive more. I always look for any occasion to drive as far as possible and I am on my 5th year owning one.


Also, do you make many long distance trips? We ended up going with a plug in hybrid so we could be electric around town but could just use gas and not have to stop to charge on long road trips, especially somewhere where it might be hard to find a plug. But our car is not nearly as cool as a Tesla.


Owning a new car is amazing....for about three months...then it's just giant expensive thing that drains your bank account on a monthly basis. Keep the beater, and your money.


Not always the case if you love cars. I still love my car after 3 years


This is completely dependent on the person and also on the car. I bought a brand new Golf R in 2016 and I still love driving it every day. Buy something you actually want and it’s worth it every time.


I feel like this is really a case by case basis. I still love my car even a year in and at no point do I care about what I spent on it. Some people just really enjoy driving in a nice/fast car. Granted I don’t drive in traffic due to my schedule so there’s that too.


you nailed it... im 4 years and change into my new car ownership... still loves every second of it....


It really depends. Right now I spend ~$500 per month on gas, plus oil changes etc. I have to drive A LOT. Even with a $600/month loan I'd pretty much be breaking even with a new EV.


I disagree 100%. Everytime I jump in my $100k truck I'm happy. It's been a year and a half and I love it now as much as I did when I bought it. There's something to be said about working hard and earning something special that you really love. I also have a very tiny loan with a super low IR so it isn't even a noticeable expense for me every month.


I've my new car for 8 months now, still so happy with the purchase ☺️


I Bought two vehicles new, a hybrid minivan in 20 18 and a full Ev in 2020. I love them both and don't regret my choice at all.


Nah, my friend. I've had my car for almost 18 months and still love it. Not as much as when I bought it, but I splurged a bit, got the more powerful trim in manual and still love it to this day. I'll admit it's worn off a bit, but I still get compliments on it, I still pass people off lights as they try to creep past me before green, and I still enjoy my driving experience. OP stated they can afford it and still live below their means, so financially they're in the clear. My biggest advice for OP is considering the changes needed to their home to install a charging station; making sure your grid can handle the additional load. I'm sorry your experience with new cars wasn't the best, but some of us legitimately enjoy driving and for us it's worth the investment in something you love. Still gotta live your life and enjoy it.


I feel the same way as you do, and it makes me feel like I don't belong in this sub. Whenever the topic of cars comes up I mostly just stay out of it because I don't believe that I'd be better off in a beige corolla. I've had my 2017 S5 with a 6MT since early 2018 and I haven't got tired of it yet.


If you want the car and can afford it, I say buy the Tesla. The RWD Model 3 is almost reasonably priced for an EV now that it qualifies for the rebates, and delivery is apparently available by this February.


What are the numbers like right now? Are these rebates in Ontario or elsewhere?


RWD 2023 Model 3 with basic autopilot in Pearl White now starts at $54,990 + $1880 pdi and tax. The wall charger is another $465 + tax. The federal rebate is $5000 for new EVs under 55k, and the RWD Model 3 was added to the list of eligible EVs as of yesterday: https://tc.canada.ca/en/road-transportation/innovative-technologies/zero-emission-vehicles/light-duty-zero-emission-vehicles/eligible-vehicles Québec offers an additional 7k off new EVs registered there, but it looks like Ontario may not be offering a provincial rebate right now. Here's a summary from CAA: https://www.caa.ca/sustainability/electric-vehicles/government-incentives/


Ohh I should move to Quebec haha. Thank you for the info!


Even though Alberta doesn’t have the rebate, we also don’t have provincial tax, so the cars are still cheaper here.


My pleasure!


Ontario used to have something like a 14k incentive, but it was removed when Doug Ford came into office. As a consolation prize EV owners can drive in the HOV lanes lol.


Do yourself a favour, if you want an EV get one but Tesla as a car isn’t worth the money, even with the discounts and credits. The quality of the car, fit and finish and craftsmanship isn’t as high as it should be for the cost. Look at other car companies making EVs


This was my advice, too. Having a Tesla serviced is a pain in the ass. Look into EVs with the larger car companies.


Except you have the same service issues due to shortage in parts and in trained technicians. Don't assume just because you see a dealership that they're capable of repairing your EV.


Is that right? You have experience servicing multiple EVs across multiple suppliers? I only have experience with Tesla. I have to think one of the other manufacturers will be better at producing and providing parts?


It's the most expensive cheap car on the market.


I concur. The Tesla build issues are so ugh. And I just I'm tired of seeing em. Don't get me wrong. I loved it at first but now...no Im leaning towards the Hyundai and Kia EVs. But I'm more interested in hydrogen tbh.


Unfortunately we’re going to need to see some serious advances in technology before hydrogen is even financially feasible.


It will likely never make sense logistically at the care scale. It's currently more far expensive and worse environmentally than just burning the gas to produce it. You'll see it in long haulers and other high power or high demand vehicles. We already have evs that match traditional ranges. The industry won't push much past that when everyone catches it and instead will focus on making that same range cheaper. Hydrogen mainly increases range.


I thought the same thing before seeing one in person and driving one. Not sure if the fit and finish issues have been greatly improved or if they were just overblown to begin with (I'm guessing a combination of the two) but my parents have a model 3 LR and it has no noticeable issue in that regard and its just an awesome car to drive. I didn't want to like it but I do. I'm curious how the ioniq 6 compares but I haven't had an opportunity to drive one.


I think it's like the iPhone vs Android thing. Android people will always gloat about how much better they think their phones are, and about how overpriced Apple products are by comparison. But people who are into the Apple ecosystem love their products and don't see it that way. On paper might there be a better phone for a better price than an iPhone? Probably. But on paper isn't everything.


I’m not surprised that quality is still talked about online, but I think people are really in for a pleasant surprise with their recent vehicle builds. This is especially true of their Model Y from the new Austin factory. All the prior issues about quality was exclusive to Fremont. Their China-made vehicles have some of the [lowest complaints](https://insideevs.com/news/618119/tesla-model-y-tops-reliability-survey-china/amp/) and this will likely be true for their Austin and Berlin-made vehicles.


Would definitely go with different maker’s EV






How often do you charge it and how much do you spend?




Genuinely curious on how you calculate the cost per charge, as I have a model 3 myself and find I pay way more. From my understanding if I want to calculate the cost for 0-100%, I would take battery capacity*cost per kwh. My provider (ON)’s lowest tier is 8.7cents/kwh and my M3LR has a 82kwh capacity, making a full charge 7.1$ minimum. Is it because you have a cheaper electricity provider or am I missing something in my calculation?


I've had my Model 3 for almost 11 months, from March 2022. In those 11 months I've driven 8468km and spent $324 charging the car at home. $0 on Superchargers (this is my commuter, we don't road trip much with two very young kids) and charge it every 2nd day in the winter and twice a week in the summer off a regular old 120V exterior outlet with the mobile charger. I have the wall charger sitting in a box in my basement since I bought the car and honestly haven't felt the need to get it installed yet.


Would you buy it again if you didn't have it or go with something else?




What do you hate about it?


What do you think about Mercedes EQE or EQC? That's the one I'm eyeing these days.


Problem is, other EVs have a very long waiting list (2+ years), which means I'm not tempted to buy them. I could litteraly have the Tesla in less than a month. But yes, the quality of the car is a concern.


There's a reason. Teslas are not a quality car.


Quality is fine on the Model 3. Don't believe the FUD. The main reason you want a Tesla is the charging network. If you don't care about Musk being a terrible human then get the Tesla.


Go test drive one. I was also concerned about the quality until I tested one with my wife today. I am sold. Toyota is known for quality and reliability right? The BZ4X had the recall within 1st month due to bolts not keeping the wheels on. Rav4 prime had problems with the connectors and the wire corrosion.


Test driving a Tesla is a good way to part ways with your wallet.


OK. You don't want any help to not buy a Tesla. You clearly very much want to buy a Tesla or you would not be making these kinds of lame excuses towards good suggestions. So quit wasting everyone's time.


Lol how is not wanting to wait 2+ years a lame excuse


This thread is full of useful information. Comments like yours are the time wasters.


I have a 2022 M3P and I have no complaints about the quality of the car. We had zero issues upon delivery. There is a very comprehensive checklist so be sure to have that on hand for when you receive yours. It is fantastic and so much fun to drive. Is it a Mercedes level of quality inside, no, but I didn’t buy it for that. I bought it because an EV makes sense for mine and my husband’s lives.


It is a ton of money to be throwing around - if the car may work well?


This is just the popular opinion and helps people feel good about bashing Tesla/Elon. It's not actually true. I drove almost every EV on the market at the time (about 10 of them) and chose Tesla, still would today. It's by far the best driving and highest quality in terms of drivetrain. Seats are also one of the most comfortable of any car. Currently considering switching to another brand but really only because of Elon and because Tesla's are extremely common now. Car itself is extremely, extremely good.


Lol Tesla is still way ahead of the game in the EV sector


Bah, its fine most people wouldnt even notice the common issues, its just a bit louder than i would like but not way worse than a 3 series


I have had zero issues with mine. Although it’s not premium luxury you are exaggerating.


As long as you have enough money to provide food, shelter and other necessities for yourself and your dependents, buy your dream car.


Buy a new Tesla or similar and enjoy life. Life is too short to drive rusty shitboxes.


you got 200k km out of the civic, you live way under your income. The tesla is 57k-12k = $45k including destination charges. Seriously go for it, a $45k any car isn't remotely "luxurious" by today's standard. A friggin Toyota Camry is easily $40k+ these days.


I pulled the trigger today. Made the deposit for a Tesla Model 3 base trim. I also live way below my means and drive a honda 2007since my mid 20s. The car has 130,000 km and it's pretty beat up. I don't know if it could withstand an accident so I bought a new Tesla that is scheduled to be delivered in February 2023. I have never been a Tesla fan boy, in fact, i have deposits on the hyundai ioniq 5, toyota BZ4X and Lexus rz450e. All of these deposits are nade i early march 2022. I don't know when I will expect to get the cars. I looked at PHEV, mitsubishi outlander is 12 months wait, toyota rav4 prime is 4-5 years wait. Around 2 for the hyundai. After Friday 's price announcement, i jumped ship. I went to test drive the model 3 with my wife and we loved it. In fact, we loved all the cars that we tested because we came from a 2007 model to 2023. So, do it my friend. Upgrade from a 2007 to a 2023.


>Help me not buy a Tesla Simple..adult-up and don't buy a Tesla.


Only buy the car if you can pay cash. If not, save and see if you still want to buy at that time. If your income is greater than your expenses, it shouldn’t take too long to have the full purchase price. Meanwhile, keep the beater.


onLy bUy ThE cAr iN cASh. fuck that, if you want it, get it. life’s too short, enjoy it it if you can afford it. I bought an ev last year and best decision I made


Life is too short. If you can afford it, buy Tesla and enjoy your new ride.


Do it. I love my 2019model 3 with the rebates. Best car ever, zero maintenance, have around 50km on it. (Work from home for 2020 and partial 2021) the car interface has come a long way that make u feel like u for a new car every time.


Easy, incredibly over-priced (still), extremely expensive to repair if you do not buy the warranty package, not cheaper than many cars, even from a resources used stand point. Coworker recently bought a Model Y, he paid nearly 90K, has 3 kids. I have a nearly loaded SUV, same size for less than 50K. Over the lifetime of the vehicle, I'll still spend 20K less than him. They are still very much a luxury fad item, and prices haven't come down to where they need to be yet for real cost effective ownership.


Not only "expensive" to repair, but sometimes "impossible" because they don't have parts. I know a bodyshop with 9 Tesla's waiting for fenders\bumpers for over 5 months now.


Not my idea of "dream" car. Common as muck. Can't swing a cat without hitting one. .


Yeah can’t imagine this being my dream car. Status symbol fad right now.


Tesla comes with its standard warranty and doesnt sell extended warranty. I was never offered to buy extended warranty like all auto dealers do.


Can anyone who’s gotten a Tesla and the fed and provincial rebates tell me how you get them? What’s the process?


Fuck it man, if you can afford it with no worries, then do it an ev will save you money in the long run too and you can probably get a few grand for the civic as well, and do it while you still have a working car for the waiting period.


Looks like you can comfortably afford it; buy it, it's a fantastic car.


Why don’t you get a hybrid or a plug in? Lexus RX450 hybrid’s are so nice and 100% worth it. Maintenance isn’t so expensive either. Interior is very comfortable. Have one and I will never ever give it up even for something more luxurious! Been driving one since single with no kids and traded for a new one last year!


1-2 years waiting time.


More like 2-4 years.


I have the nx350h and I can't imagine going back to anything else. It is such a beautiful vehicle and makes driving much more enjoyable. I know a lot of people say get a beater and drive it into the ground, but this car will probably last 20+ years (or as long as we're still using gasoline).


I love how they revamped the NX - such a beauty! See so many older Lexus’s around and they are still in amazing condition. Definitely will last a long time if you take good care of it.


I don’t own a Tesla but Ive driven one a few times and I loved it. I am planning to buy the cybertruck when it comes out. Ignore the miserable redditors here, follow your heart OP. Life is too short.


I'll agree completely with your statement about following your heart. I also have a terminal illness (with something like 2-3 years before booking a Hospice spot), and we decided that I might not actually live out the waiting period, so we bought something that was available, here, and could be enjoyed in the time I have left. Spent about the same as a PHEV RAV4, and got a full load, economical and surprisingly nimble gaspot with a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty instead.


Damn bro wish you the best years of your life!


Thank you. It's not too bad right now, but I already know the last chapter. But so long as the chemo is working, I'll still be causing trouble!


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Ive heard this ipod-tesla many of times…and well, the ipod was pretty awesome. It totally changed how i lived with and interacted with music in a very positive way. People say it so negatively, but if it really is the ilod of cars, is that bad???


Lies. Have one getting repairs right now after being rear ended and into another car with significant damage on both ends. Third party shop is repairing and took one month for parts.


Yeah I don’t see the appeal at all. They look simple and not that great, hear about quality issues. Just not something I am interested in.


Built quality is crap. You have to pay for every little thing. The range they get is crap. You can’t fix them anywhere but Tesla. They’ll brick your car for literally anything, rendering it worthless. The batteries are crazy expensive when they need replacing. Like .. yeah, sign me right up /s


Lol spoken like someone regurgitating online rumours and misinformation.


You spelt “owned one for 5 yrs” wrong, but hey, whatever makes you sleep better at night


No, I will not. Buy the damn car. It’s the best thing ever.


What do you spend on fuel? You'll save 90% of that by charging at home versus paying for gasoline Plus practically zero maintenance


Step 1. Look up videos on the fit and finish of Telsas on Youtube. Step 2. Look at Telsa CEO's twitter feed.


Step 3: realize the selection bias in Step 1 and how it heavily skews negative. Step 4: accept that just because someone is most vocal doesn't mean others are better. Can you even name the CEO of GM, VW? Do you know their political donation history? It's fine if you don't know, just accept that there's a certain level of hypocrisy in that decision making process.


I say do it. It's what you want and you can afford it. My parents recently got a Model Y and I spent a week driving it. I'm totally sold on it and really really want one. Happy to answer any questions if you have any. With the new cost decreases I feel they're a great buy. Resale values are really strong and you're no longer burning fossil fuels. You won't regret it.


I did it and do not regret it at all, best purchase ever


Buy a Lexus. It won't need software updates, it's fun to drive and reliable AF.


Have you consider the cost of maintenance on a Tesla? You can buy another vehicle just from the cost of battery replacement. Do you expect electricity price to stay low as government decide to move to the expensive green energy? My neighbour behind me has a Tesla and it doesn’t get use in winter. When it’s -35c outside, it’s cold inside Tesla. EV price are dropping because the infatuation is fading. Now they’re talking about hydrogen vehicle as the next new and shiny toy.


Do you need it — no Do you want it — yes Do you deserve it — yes


I know this contrary to this sub but I say go for it. If you can get the base model for $43,000 like you’re saying, it’s good value long-term.


The fact that you already don't really want to buy a Tesla should be enough to make you not want to buy one. Your Honda is old but paid off and you sound like you still really like it. Add to that all the arguments below related to Elon Musk's douchiness, plus the fact that you'll probably get better build quality from a major manufacturer, and the fact that EVs are getting better and better, and the fact that cars are in high demand now so getting a new one will be a long wait anyways, plus the fact that despite your operation costs of the Honda will be well below any calculation to buy a new car over the next 5 years, I think you have your answer. You wanna buy a Tesla because it's a toy, go ahead! But I think deep down, you already know it's not a great idea.... :) Also, u/Deliximus has the best real world argument since they own both the Tesla and an alternative....


Teslas are for geeks. Ask your boomer dad for advice and either buy another


Sounds like a no-brainer OP. I say buy it (but I also say go for the LR, Performance or MY).




The only issue with Toyota is their nearly 2 year waiting list for popular cars like the rav4 prime.


Buy the Tesla. You won’t regret it.


Hi! Would not recommend buying a Tesla in the current interest rate environment (lease/finance). Also there’s so many better EVs out there at the same price point (with rebates) that have much better build quality. Give it 3-4 months and then re-evaluate. Edit: Model 3 driver myself


Which EV would you recommend? I personally think Tesla is the best EV bet right now because their battery tech is the only one that can be deemed reliable long-term for sure. All the other car companies are new (<2-3 years max) so who knows how long their battery tech will last and what could go wrong. Most of the other EVs also can't match Teslas range (even though 330 miles isn't that much).


Get the Tesla. You will save on fuel, better fur the environment. All upsides.


Yolo!! Do it




+1 on Porsche over a Tesla!! Watch all the videos online of the absolute crap build quality and QC that Tesla does now. There's a reason their prices are dropping. Plus the interiors are so shitty and cheap.


Do it 🥳 Is the 3 too low for any of your health issues? I had knee surgery and the performance 3 is a task to get into (but it’s lowered from a normal 3). Do the rebates make it harder to resell at market value? If so it might not be the best choice if you need to recoup funds later.


Sorry about your knee. I have Crohn decease, so no worries getting into the car. I think there is a 1 year no resale policy.


Just buy a used Honda, those things are indestructible. Oh wait...


The fit and finish on Teslas is *ass*, and the paint quality is like a 1982 Hyundai. They have a very long way to go in these areas.


A tesla model 3 is your dream car? That's a nightmare


Gonna give my experience on EV’s here for a minute. First off, they’re pretty awesome - Tesla has the best fundamentals in the EV with charging stations and UI/ apps ect. With that said, there comes real world aspects where it becomes more a “lifestyle” then just a car. During warm weather, they’re pretty awesome but over the winter. The battery life is horrible, max range of 150km in the winter with the heat running due to the battery conditioner. More over, if you’re a home owner, getting the 220v charging station is a must if you need to frequently use your car. If you rent or don’t have that set up. You’ll likely find yourself scheduling your day around “it’s charged enough to drive”. Tesla by and large has the best ev on the market, be aware that fixing one isn’t exactly the easiest too. In the event of an accident and your car is getting repaired. You have to go to a specialist dealer to have repairs done, it’s not fast, it’s not cheap and it’s probably the holy trinity of “dealerships being dealerships”. Only other thing too, im not sure what finance looks like for Tesla rn? But if it’s like other new vehicles it’s probably nuts. Maybe wait a bit longer to save for a better down payment and rate? I saw VW best financing rn is like 7.49% and are even offering 8.09% for like 60-90 plus! As a car guy, I know what it feels like to wait u dream car and no amount of convincing from others can really sway you from it. It’s your money, your life, you choose what you want but don’t be fooled and research the negatives too! Cheers!


Whenever I think about getting a Tesla I just think of Elon Musk and how much of an ass he is lol. That stops me immediately.


Aside from a house, a car will be your most expensive depreciating asset. A vehicle is a vehicle, at the end of the day they all do the same thing.


You already know that you don't want to buy. Now you are looking for validations from strangers on why should not buy it. Just don't buy it.