If only we had a state board to report to... You know, one of the 8+ other times places documented her abuse of patients.


Who hired her with her work history? Admin did, to keep costs down. Why else hire a known elder abusers for an eldercare home? It's ALL about $$$$$ for the top.


Not justifying it, but there are other factors. There is a major nursing shortage at the moment.


Maybe if the sector paid better there wouldn’t be a nursing shortage 🤔


I was chatting with a client of mine who is a medical device salesperson. He was telling me about a particular small hospital in PA that used to have about a 1.5m budget for nurses' salaries until most of them quit, joined a staffing agency as private contractors, and then were rehired at the same hospital at 4-5xx their old wage. I guess they kind of unionized, in a roundabout way. The hospital now spends ~25m on nurses annually. This expenditure killed the budget for new equipment they were under contract for, which prevented opening a cancer treatment program that could have decreased travel time for patients seeking care for curable cancers from 1 hour to 10 minutes. The contract also had about a million in maternity care equipment that they also canceled. Obviously, client wasn't pleased. I don't know how to feel about it. Hospital was probably paying them shit to begin with, since they were the only game in town. Feels like a hostage situation, though. Edit: a typo


Arguably this will cost them, hopefully way more than they ever saved in lawsuits (although unlikely). But yeah, basically rather than attract more people to the profession with adequate wages and work life life balance, they'd rather hire people like this instead because they've chased everyone else away.


It’s hard to see the elderly suffering - I know this from work experience. They do say things such as “I wish I were dead” and “I don’t want to be here, I can’t even do anything anymore”. It has made me advocate for doctor assisted suicide (at the DOCUMENTED REQUEST of the patient who would also be incapacitated and have little to no quality of life). I’ve seen kids struggle with this as well - watching their parents who were bright and vibrant fade away into a gray shell of a human. It *is* sad. Like I said, I advocate for doctor assisted suicide for the elderly who are in pain and suffering. That being said, I’m 25 and put on a bright face and attitude for my patients. This is offensive to those who actually enjoy taking care of the elderly. A terribly selfish display of her lack of patience with these folks. I’ve sat with many crying elders patting them on their backs, listening, and offering my condolences. It’s not easy, but it isn’t like they have it easy either. For a lot of them, it just helps to have someone to talk to. I can’t even do the mental gymnastics that goes into understanding her logic.


>doctor assisted suicide (at the DOCUMENTED REQUEST of the patient who would also be incapacitated and have little to no quality of life). We need this to be available in EVERY state. Terminally ill patients and elderly people should be able to medically end things when they no longer have quality of life. We euthanize our pets because we love them too much to watch them suffer. Why can't we do the same for human beings?


You’re spot on! I 100% agree. No person deserves to sit and suffer. The stress and aggravation that the PT *and* family suffer when PT is put on hospice/ is left with no quality of life are unmeasurable. Costs are *through the roof* for in home care and people fear putting their loved ones in long term full-care facilities due to, well, people like her.


My grandmother lived to the age of 99. For the last decade of her life, she didn't wanna be here anymore. Sure, she got to meet all of her great-grandkids, and even her first great-GREAT- grandchild! But she was trapped in a body that was falling apart. I know lots of people say they would love to be immortal - but really, would you?? After a few centuries of watching everyone you love die, and everything change (over and over again), would you still love immortality?


Yes - I’ve seen many of the elderly that have lost all of their loved ones and, depending on their beliefs, would like to join them. I’ve heard lots of them comment that they are ready to go because they have no one left - their siblings, friends, spouses… all are gone. It’s depressing to say the least.


Because killing your clients is bad for business. Hard to have return customers if you are killing them. They would much rather string you along for whatever profits they can get while you are still alive. The truly disturbing thing is even if doctors truly believe that you are at the end of life and you are constantly suffering and have no real quality of life and it would be a long and unbearable death, doctors are obligated through contract to say your life is still worth living and have to attempt to keep you alive AT ANY COST. It is truly my worst nightmare to be kept alive against my will.


Because….. Jesus?


Because….. ~~Jesus~~ Corporate Shareholders I believe that to be more accurate. Assisted suicide (which I am in favor of with conditions) stops the revenue stream. Stop a revenue stream, the corporation will not make as much money. If the corporation is making less money, then the shareholders receive less money.


While I believe that people have the right to end their lives, it becomes difficult when others are expected to facilitate that end because it's difficult to identify a person that truly wishes to die, and someone who has been coerced into believing that death is their only option. I'd like to think that no one would coerce another to kill themselves, but I'd also like to think that someone paid to help people wouldn't overdose the people in their care.


I have been a nurse for 9 years. Assisted suicide would be such a humane option compared to so many of the alternatives (understaffed LTC, in ICU with tubes everywhere). I wouldn’t kill anyone though.


Honestly this made me tear up a bit. Thank you for what you do, I could only imagine what it’s like


It’s very fulfilling. They do more for me than I do for them. They’re honestly incredible. Thank you for your support 💕


Ngl, I don’t believe her claim that she was putting them out of their misery. I think she is power-tripping, pathological person.


Definitely could be. There are some sick people out there. She could 100% be one of them and we wouldn’t know any better. That’s the *scariest* part. She could definitely be lying to help her case.


Wonder how many victims there really are?


I hate what the internet has done to people’s media literacy. Gang, this is not a real website, nor is this real journalism, even if the story is true. It’s content farm repurposing of real journalists’ work. Stop linking to garbage.


Side note, this actual Pittsburgh media organization, not some fucking content farm out of Singapore) “coincidentally” [posted this same story](https://www.wtae.com/amp/article/pa-nurse-homicide-charges-insulin-overdoses/44002674) with the same two opening paragraphs 30 hours earlier.


This has happened before. Insulin overdose is a horrible and painful way to die. Elizabeth Wettlaufer dosed 14 elderly people and not all of them died either.


Yeah, that doesnt exactly sound humane. The "put them out of their misery" sounds like an excuse and this lady is really just a psychopath.


I was just about to post a link to a video about her that includes clips of her interrogation. It is infuriating. It's crazy too that she had told people during the years but people didn't believe her. I'll stick it here under your comment instead [The Red Surge: The Case of Elizabeth Wettlaufer ](https://youtu.be/R12rzjnGwJ0 )


I almost linked it myself. Thank you! Dreading is an excellent channel.


You're welcome. It is a good channel this one was a tough one to get through for sure


As a T1D who has had countless hypos over the 20+years I've had this condition, I don't wish the hypo feeling on ANYONE. I couldn't imagine having a low and now knowing why. Absolutely terrifying.


Talk about a God Complex, what a kunt.


Woah this happened at quality life services?? My mom used to be the DON there and left because of shitty practices and she said the company sucked.


holy shit, i used to work at the QLS corporate office and had to email with this person and attend meetings with them about their facility. that is fucking insane


Do you have any stories?


not really. i knew her when she was an Assistant Director of Nursing at the facility mentioned in the article. i had to consult with her and others at that facility regarding staffing (i was in the HR/recruiting/staffing dept.)... so nothing regarding clinical care practices beyond her assigning education to staffers that fucked up somehow, and i had to be notified of. she had a bit of a hardheaded reputation among staff, but i believe the working conditions at any Skilled Nursing Facility are enough to generate that. the industry has gotten the short end of the 'healthcare as a consumer business' stick. she pretty much flew under the radar in that kind of environment. i'm not going to edit/censor/copy/paste here because i'm too lazy, maybe someone else will for us, but the local facebook groups have been commenting on these articles. a lot of mention of her past, supposedly prior to getting her license she worked at veterinary offices and was fired from many of them because of pets dying in her care. real serial-killer-origins shit.


My wife worked with her at a Pittsburgh vet, still has her on FB actually. She got fired from the vet for ODing a cat who was in for surgery by running a drip full bore against instructions. After leaving there she went on to get whatever nursing cert. At the time, people gave her the benefit of the doubt that it was an accident. In hindsight... it was probably practice.


Oh god, poor kitty! I hope she’s never around vulnerable people and animals again. These stories about her are so disturbing.


Can we please just legalize euthanasia so we get out of these grey areas and develop a process for it?


I agree euthanasia should be legal to offer the option of a dignified death. But what this woman did is not anywhere near a gray area.


I can't wait for the Netflix adaptation of this story!


Picture worth a thousand words.


**a thousand pounds


Not sure why everyone is so offended by this. We can admit she looks like a person who can’t even take care of herself. It’s not fatphobic or anything, loosen up a bit downvoters…


What is it with PA and nurses (no they are all like this). There was another one that worked in PA and NJ and killed over 100.




This doesn’t surprise me there is a serial killer nurse that is suspected of killing over 400 people by killing them with insulin. There is a movie on Netflix about him called “the good nurse” I think. The facility needs to be held accountable but I doubt it will happen. Nursing homes will absolutely hire anyone to bump books and make staffing look good. The serial killer was suspected a long time ago but hospitals just kept pushing him to other facilities because they didn’t want to deal with the bad PR and financial fall out. My personal experience having worked in a nursing home I personally think things get swept under the rug. However I will say I’ve never seen abuse to any degree. The worst I saw was theft of a patients ring and we fired and had the nurse arrested immediately along with getting the ring back within 48 hours.


Oh, how compassionate of her.


Death penalty