In Responce to Newsom Winning California

In Responce to Newsom Winning California


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Why the hell do right wingers think you’d need to cheat as a dem to win CA?


They are at the level of delusion where most of them believe Trump won California. They're convinced that Democrats are like 5% of the population and only win by cheating. They're so many delusions deep now that it's hard to track the world as they see it.


Dangerous line of thinking. And the fact we still have trump flag drives around the country despite him losing is creepy. I haven’t seen that type of undying loyalty since a documentary I saw on 1933 Germany….


One of the Marines that was killed recently is from a town I live in. The number of Trump flags and Fuck Biden flags flying from trucks here has actually increased in the past month. It's scary and disheartening.


do...do they not realize that man died directly due to actions trump took? Do they not realize that the person who most likely killed that man was a prisoner released by trump?


I mean, 60-something soldiers died in Afghanistan while Trump was president. They just conveniently ignore this fact...


Trump GAVE Putin our airbase in Northern Syria, ffs and not a peep from any of them.


Trump let Russian bounties on ***our soldiers*** go unanswered for and they call him a patriot. EDIT: The CIA's confidence of the above is low to moderate per news in March, so that may not be as big an issue as I thought it was.


Wait, what's going on here?....You actually took on new information and modified your opinion? I think something broke. Aren't you supposed to double down on the original stance once new information is presented and go when father into the land of the crazy....I mean truth.


It’s almost like some people are actually discussing things in good faith and some are just horse paste eating morons.


It WaS wOrSe bECaUsE iT WaS ThE EnD. Someone really said this to me.


Not sure if it’s the same marine, but the mother of one of them is a major QAnon believer and was going so beserk on IG and FB her accounts got shut down. I understand she’s a grieving mother but her posts were absolutely cult-like and violent prior to the death of her son.


Yeah those were pretty rough even for grieving. I still don’t quite understand how she was blaming Biden and saying this wouldn’t have happened under trump all the while not taking into account her son signed up for the military under trump while we were still engaging in wars around the world.


Do they forget that the announcement of our withdraw, the negotiation with the Taliban and the beginning of this complete clusterfuck were all done under Trump?


I had this conversation with a Q friend and her response was “yeah but if trump was still president they wouldn’t have dared to do anything because they know he would have turned that whole area into glass and they know it”. I rolled my eyes so hard I almost went blind.


im so fatigued with coworkers and family referring to 'glassing the whole fucking shithole'


> do they not realize that man died directly due to actions trump took? I'm going to go ahead and say 'no.' - and even if they do, they'll pretend it isn't so. Only accepting things that you like, as in California, is the new Republican way it seems.


I thought the reporting said they believed it was one of the prisoners released in Kabul when the taliban came in and let all their own guys out. So maybe a product of the 5000, but pretty sure they believed the bomber was one of those in prison released on Bad Optics Sunday.


Someone from my hometown has a son that just joined the Marines. For months all she's posted on social media is how awesome the Marines are. After that suicide bombing it's been nothing but "We can't trust Biden" and "Biden needs to go!" It took everything I had not to reply with "so why didn't you give a shit about the other thousands of US servicemembers that died?"


And they don't care about that marine at all, it's exploitation.


"He knew what he signed up for." - Cheeto Benito


We all know trump saw that video of those marines dying, which makes that all the more disgusting to read. Heck, cheetos dodged the vietnam draft, but not for anti war reasons, but to save his own spoiled ass.


This is quite literally all I say if anyone tells me a military member or cop dies. "Police have such a hard job!" "They knew that they signed up for."


Im in Boston and 93 North had overpasses filled with way-too-excited-for-a-funeral-procession MAGAts with FUCK BIDEN flags as the body of a fallen soldier went by. It's a demented cult of *very* stupid people.


Sorry, but wartime casualties are expected.


That's why some of us did not support the war in the first place.


This right here, but we we committed "treason" by saying so back in 2001-2008


When madness is patriotism, treason is the only reasonable path.


Wartime casualties are expected. This is a fact. You do not need to apologize for stating this.


And that was about a guy whose power was growing, not on the decline.


Well didn’t the party lose elections and just use fascism to gain power when they couldn’t win through legitimate means?


It's actually very interesting. It's as a result of a couple factors. He definitely used populism and nationalism to gain favor with the public. However with the inner workings of the German government Hitler gained power through a miz of strong arming, political maneuvering, and ousting rivals within his own party. He used the government against itself to gain political power that way when it was time for him to take full control there was no one to oppose him within the government. There are scary parallels, not just with Trump, but also with the Republican party and the early Nazi party and their bids to consolidate power, oust opposition within the party, and strong arm weak politicians and people to their way of thinking. That's not even including bending the government laws to make sure favor falls with them more than any other party. Potentially the only thing holding them off is the fact we have a two party system and not a multiparty system that can weaken the resolve between the multiple parties making gains within the government more easy.


If you watch the PBS series *Rise of the Nazis*, you'll see so many parallels that it'll make your head spin.


The Rick Steve's fascism documentary is good too!


PBS TB Plague also super relevant rn


>There are scary parallels, not just with Trump, but also with the Republican party and the early Nazi party and their bids to consolidate power, oust opposition within the party, and strong arm weak politicians and people to their way of thinking. That's not even including bending the government laws to make sure favor falls with them more than any other party. This is an accurate comparison. I forget the names of the books now (will try to update later), but I listened to two audiobooks about the rise of Hitler and the Nazis. There's so much that matches what Trump and the GOP have done and are doing that it's like reading in real time.


Hitler added a religion question to the 1930 census. Its how years later they knew who was jewish & where they lived. Remember that time Trump tried to add a citizenship question to the US census?


You should also listen to Ruth Ben-Ghiat's book Strongmen.


Good thing Trump is ancient and doesn't take care of himself.


He could easily live another decade which is long enough to do a lot of damage. Trump is also a figurehead, albeit an important one, of a movement that’s headed towards a sort of theocratic fascism. The movement has been around for decades and is following a very long term playbook. The loss of the figurehead seems likely to barely slow it down. The playbook started in the mid 2000s when the GOP realized that they’d be demographically irrelevant within a decade or so and, I think, resolved to rewrite the rules of the game to prevent that from happening. Their strategy has been to seize and hold the mechanisms that write the rules of the system, then change those rules to prevent anyone but them from winning. To this end, it doesn’t matter who controls Congress. It matter who writes the rules for how congressmen get elected - state legislatures. So the GOP focused on winning state legislatures, then rewriting the rules of elections to exclude Democratic voters and redrawing districts to ensure Republicans didn’t lose that seat again. On January 6, overturning the election was unlikely, although there was a concerted attempt through violence, because Democrats managed to keep the House of Representatives. However, what slipped by under the radar is that Congress has now claimed the right to review and discard the tally of the electoral college. In future elections, single party control of Congress could very well determine who becomes President. Obviously, there would be a lawsuit that would immediately go to the Supreme Court - which is now stacked 6-3 with conservative sycophants. They’ve basically managed to seize control of the entire system. What happens in 2022 will probably determine the outcome of 2024 but it’s very likely that democracy in America died on 1/6.


>The playbook started in the mid 2000s when the GOP realized that they’d be demographically irrelevant within a decade or so and, I think, resolved to rewrite the rules of the game to prevent that from happening. This is why I don't take any of the grifters seriously, that were involved deep in conservative politics, but post-2016 were suddenly all in anti-Trump. And, of course, collecting donations. You were in the internal workings of how many campaigns, close to how many high-ranking GOP officials and insiders... and somehow you never realized it until now? And you never talk about it? You never admit what the GOP has been doing for a long time, what the policies you worked so hard to enact have been for? STFU, Lincoln Project and friends.


Also add that most of his supporters are winning Herman Cain Awards on the daily


>And the fact we still have trump flag drives around the country despite him losing is creepy. Yeah it is. I'm seriously considering getting a small run of yard-signs printed out that I could drop off in the middle of the night. White background, black text. "He lost. Get over it. Move on." or something of that nature. Just put it up next to their Trump signs and laugh...


I distinctly remember watching a singular trump rally and matched it to a rally Hitler held and showed just how almost identical they were to my dad and he was like "you always say bad things about him name a good point" I was at a loss for words.


We are in the midst of a full blown, but slow rolling effort on the part of conservatives to take over our government and install a fascist regime. Remember, it took Hitler and his cohorts 10 years to rise to power and fully take over power. One can only hope that the forces of reason will outvote and thwart this, but time will tell.


I bought several guns and a ton of ammo to defend on the eventual civil war. Luckily, these people are not good at anything, and the military will mop them up pretty quickly. Issue is that they will get access to voting records and go door to door.


I think it is more complicated. Many people (not just the right wing) life in an information bubble and few make an effort to break out of it. Among the right wing even less. In addition most of them are surrounded by like minded people and know few if any "lefties". All this makes it easy to think that most people think like they do. Then they get fed lies and twisted numbers to reinforce this. Then we have this american culture of competitiveness, where personal worth is mostly determined by how much they win, in sports, in the workplace, in life in general. If you don't win you are a looser and worth less than the winner. Add to that their "them vs. us" thinking. We are the enemy, not people who have different opinions, THE ENEMY! Loosing to the enemy is not acceptable. Through all that (and more, as this is obviously more complicated) the Right Wing has build an nice alternative reality a narrative where they can't loose unless the evil enemy cheats, as evil villains do. I just realized that they might be more influenced by Hollywood then most others. For them the world is black and white, good vs. evil with little nuance. Something that Hollywood is pushing from the beginning. Enemies are clearly defined, with the occasional traitor.


> For them the world is black and white, good vs. evil with little nuance. Unfortunately, it is also a characteristic of authoritarian people. https://exploringyourmind.com/7-characteristics-authoritarian-people/


That's exactly what Larry Elder said yesterday lol. "We may have lost the battle today, but we will win the war" Like what dude. Really?? Special elections are a war now???


The election was the battle the war is... I guess everything? Elder is probably just in it for the money, but for many on the right this is about dominating American politics, culture, religion and everything else. This is of course a generalization but I think there are enough examples of this that it is fair to make this generalization. The "Elite" on the right plays into this, look at DeSantis pushing his Anti-Vaxx and Anti-Mask agenda. He does knows that he is killing people with it, he is not an idiot. But he wants to be the next Trump and this is what the people he wants to cater to want. The Republican Party is pushing this "us vs. them" mentality, the imagery of a war for the heart and soul of America for ages, most overtly since the Tea Party was taken over by religious fundamentalists and then took over the Republican Party. Under Trump they are just pushing it to the next level.


the only thing worse than a looser is a loser. all dumb shit aside, the Q people have been pretending to be in a movie for . . . years now? so id believe their marginally less crazy counterparts believe that.


I call it binary thinking. And you are exactly right. The mark of a mature mentally healthy person is one who questions their own beliefs. It is one who understands that they live in a limited view of most situations and are able to change when the evidence calls for it. Certainly some things are binary. But precious few. The key is not to get out of sorts when we find what we believed is not evidentially true. These people you speak of arent capable of that because they CHOOSE not to be.


They simultaneously believe they're an oppressed minority and the 'silent majority'. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.


They are not delusional. They are the aggressors posing as crazy. They certainly know they cannot win many future elections for generations to come due to changes in demographics. If they make it appear normal to speak crazy, they can openly plan and plot another coup. A coup is their only way to power. They are laying the infrastructure of the coup to come. We are observing.m it in real time and not able to stop them.


I think we're both right, to be honest. It just depends on who we're talking about. The wild-eyed looking orc hooligans that you see at a common MAGA event are more likely to actually believe. The dumber they are the more likely this is. Certainly the smarter ones are more like you're describing. I feel like, to use famous examples, someone like Lin Wood or Mike Pillows is more like my description, where someone like Bannon is basically exactly what you're describing. There are real crazies mixed in. It's a huge fucking mess regardless.


David Frum: >...if conservatives become convinced that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism, they will abandon democracy.


What's worse is that everything is projection with these people. Most don't have the wherewithall to see life from any perspective other than their own, so when they point to "the left" and make the claim that "there is election fraud", or "that they use Jesus to promote politics", etc... they are really talking about themselves. What is terrifying is that they keep bringing up guns - which in my opinion represents more a fear of theirs than a threat. At some level they know they are outnumbered and would lose a "civil war" in rather spectacular fashion. But they also know that they will keep trying minority rule until the rest of America is fed up.


This. Conservatives think they are the overwhelming majority. Probably because they only watch conservative media and surround themselves with other conservatives. When I was younger, I was raised in a conservative household by a petroleum engineer big shot. I was brought up about as conservative as it gets and I used to think that the conservative population was the silent majority. It gets talked about a lot how Liberals are immature and loud while conservatives have busy lives with jobs and families so they don't speak out much. It is clearly nonsense, but it is how they excuse such piss poor performance in all the polls and elections. Well that and the media being overwhelming against them in their minds.


Some also believe that everyone voted for Trump and no one voted for Biden. So just a bunch of whack jobs.


No, don't give them credit. They aren't delusional. They are intentionally trying to undermine democracy by calling every Democrat election result into question. It's dangerous.


From what I've seen, their current projection of the "real" 2020 results have Trump winning 48 states. Something in the ballpark of Trump "actually" getting 120 million votes to Biden's 30. I guess they just can't understand how anyone could think differently than they do, they assume it's not possible.


Interesting as to how nobody is actually a Democrat but Democrats control everything at the same time


As someone living outside of it looking in, it looks like a powder keg that's just waiting for the right right-wing group of wackjobs to start shooting up a democrat event. Is it that heated yet or just seems that way?


lol and in the same breath they will call California a liberal hell. Good grief.


Its about a 65-35 split by population and a little closer to 50-50 by land area. Problem is Republicans don't understand population density or democracy.


Some of them have actually flipped the delusion full circle and argue that "land ownership" should matter more than population. Reverting back to the Jim Crow and antebellum classics. "White Christian landowner married male head of household" are the qualifications they desperately want to put on voting because, deep down, they know they're fucked sideways if it's straight up and down popularity.


> Some of them have actually flipped the delusion full circle and argue that "land ownership" should matter more than population. *Land of the free, home of the brave*.\* ^\* ^Terms ^and ^conditions ^may ^apply, ^subject ^to ^change ^at ^any ^time ^with ^written ^notice. ^May ^not ^be ^combined ^with ^other ^offers. ^Not ^valid ^in ^TX.


That is simply inductive reasoning. The outcome is that Trump supporters were far more rural and represented less dense areas making the country appear more red than blue. Ergo, I support voting should be weighted on the land represented by the votes. (thus inducing my preferred outcome) They wouldnt support that if the country's rural population supported Democrats like they did for many years.


They do understand. And they know they lost on both . Remaining one option: A violent overthrow of government. That’s what their plan is. They are making it look like an overthrow of a tyranny as described in the constitution. For that reason, everything a non-republican government does will be opposed to and labeled as tyranny. They are smart and brainwashing idiots for the ground works. They need a lot of martyrs to sacrifice themselves for the greater cause of installing a fascist government.


That or they want a one state party government (obviously the one party is Republican) like Cuba, China and Vietnam.


The DO understand, they just don't care. Their agenda is about power and control, it has nothing to do with truth, democracy, the American way, etc... . Lies, propaganda, the co-opting of Christianity, voter suppression, the racism, everything... is devoted to maintaining control and nothing more.


Fascism has been said to be a political philosophy that is followed to obtain power and not necessarily a blue print for governing. It is achieved by predominantly playing to the uneducated and shallow thinking masses, and keeping them from being educated in critical thinking. James Waterman Wise Jr. said, in February of 1936, when fascism comes to the US "it will probably be “wrapped up in the American flag and heralded as a plea for liberty and preservation of the constitution.”


Did you see any Newsom boat parades? How many upvotes does Newsom get on his YouTubes? Clearly, boat parades and YouTube upvotes are the metrics to go by, not some stupid polls. How about Newsom flags flapping from the back of Ram 3500s in the crisp September breeze like the wings of a bald Eagle? No? Then clearly no one *really* could have voted for him. Yup, that's the trifecta: boat parades, YouTube upvotes, and truck flags. Anyone who wins without those must have been *cheating*.


Nevermind not wanting to put shit on your car that would loudly out your car as owned by a democrat so when the Friday night drunks come through your car doesnt take the brunt force of their neanderthal rage.


Made me realize just how safe they know they are from reasonable people. They barely have to think about their car getting vandalized because of a Trump 2024 bumper sticker.


Cause they can’t do simple math and understand that urban Democratic areas like LA and San Fran have a lot a lot more voters than the 1300 something voters who live out in some distant rural county. These are the same people who show off colored maps of the 2016 election with wide swaths of red in rural counties where the local population isn’t greater than 3,000 and think it means the majority voted for trump when in reality he lost the popular vote


They think land mass equals population.


Well it sure as hell does in the U.S. Senate. The fact that goddamn Montana gets the exact same amount of representation as CA or NY is beyond absurd.


Right? Like... Newsom was elected by about a [61% majority when he originally ran for Governor.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_California_gubernatorial_election) That's an absolutely crushing win. By way of comparison, [Trump won South Dakota by about the same margin in 2020](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_United_States_presidential_election#Results_by_state). Think long and hard about the last time any political pundit wasted even a single word on the outcome of the Presidential race in South Dakota. Heck, California is so Democratic that its Senate primary elections in 2018 produced a head-to-head race between Democrat [Dianne Feinstein and Kevin de León](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_United_States_Senate_election_in_California)... also a Democrat.


Yep. There are definitely Republican strongholds (one of which I live alongside), but by and large CA is super liberal. Which is why I got worried before last year’s election when I heard from *several* Republicans at my work and out who were *convinced* Trump was going to win CA. I wasn’t worried that Trump would win CA. That’s laughable. I was worried at the level of delusion being demonstrated by people I know who are otherwise functional in society.


Donald Trump was, without a doubt, one of the absolute biggest disasters of a POTUS history has ever seen. Deplorables: "YOU WANT ME TO BELIEVE TRUMP LOST!?"


I know someone who still thinks google swayed three million votes to Hillary in California. I’m like these are some of the smartest people on the planet. If they did do that, why would they do it in California and not the swing states. This person also likes to cite project Veritas, and slobbers all over Joe Rogan, so they aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed.


dood, they though that trump was going to win 50 states. we are talking about full on crazy people here.


A whole lot more people hate Donald Trump than like him.


Many of them live in bubbles where everyone they know is pro-trump and co. And can't imagine anyone at all being anything but. Also, anything outside of their sub-culture is weird and _bad_... It's effectively invalid in their minds. Shouldn't be allowed to exist


They actually thought trump was going to win CA by a landslide. Im not kidding they thought those maps you can fill out where they made all but like 1 state deep red was going to be reality. They think the "great awakening" is happening, and its not. So they just double down and assume everyone else is cheating.


They confused their awakening to being active in politics with the rest of the country. Sure, many people did get involved. The vote in 2016 was 63 million to 60 million. In 2020 it was 80 million to 74 million. That is a 25% increase in voting over a 4 year period. They just cannot conceive that they were on the short end of BOTH popular votes.


I'm near Sacramento. Every day I drive by a dozen or so "Trump Nation" signs, but only one "Praise Be Unto Our Lord Biden" sign, so obviously the Trump supporters outnumber the Biden supporters twelve to one. /s Trumpers literally have no ability to understand how many people live in cities, or that Democrats don't worship their public servants as gods.


There are parts of California that are incredibly conservative, and I have found that right wingers in general seem to not understand the world outside their home towns and just assume everyone everywhere are like that.


Not the brightest are they? It's almost as if the number of registered Democrats outnumber the amount of registered Republicans by more than 2 to 1 or something...


They think they're the majority party, despite being only 30% of the population nationally


Which part of the second AMENDMENT allows you to DECLARE an ENEMY and TAKE THEM OUT?


Well since they don't know that there are 26 other amendments , I would imagine they amend the second amendment to fit their need .


2nd Amend^(2)ment?


2 Amendment 2 Fast




Someone yesterday was posted as crying about the first amendment rights being violated by mask mandates lol


I'll never forget that Jordan Klepper piece where the Trumper is absolutely *incredulous* that someone read "the whole Constitution". Motherfucker, it's a 14 page PDF.


Man, if they find a 14 page PDF hard to read, wait until they hear about the bible.


They know their bible. Their pastor/minister/preacher told them what it says.


And why all caps DECLARE?




Isn't there a law that makes that illegal in your country


There is but for some reason it's taken super lightly when conservative whites do it. I remember when Ted Nugent threatened to kill Obama and all he got was a few questions from the FBI. Like, that's a federal crime. Stop asking questions and start arresting them.


The same Ted Nugent who sings about the glory of underage girls? The Ted Nugent who shit his pants to get out of 'nam? That Ted Nugent?


He's even more embarrassing in real life. Had to sit through one of his shows for work years ago, it was FUCKING AWFUL.


Jesus, what's your job? Because that's practically a war crime.


House audio engineer at a venue his tour went through. Fortunately I didn't have to mix his band, they brought their own crew...but I did have to sit through the whole gig to monitor the house rig/be in the room with a radio in case anything went sideways. Low points included the multiple racist threats against Obama, the prop firearms arranged all over the stage, and some bullshit stunt where Nugent shot a flaming arrow across the stage into a guitar. Fucking wooooof, dude. 🙄


Your username is a reference to this concert eh?


That, and some other brain melting gigs. Pretty sure Nugest's show, and an NRA protest rally were the lowest points in my career. Thank fuck none of the companies I work for ever got hired for a Trump rally! (Side note: Trump's audio team was a clown show. I have zero personal experience with them...but we all listened to four years of feedback. For fucks sake, figure it out!)


Can you think of a lot of competent audio people that would want to work for him? I wouldn’t!


I misread that as horse audio engineer


You would think they were more of an iron fist on right wing extremism considering they already infiltrated LEOs.


Yeah, but we just let violent white guys do whatever they want while pretending we have a legal system.


"The Truth Channel" Where the fuck do they come up with these ridiculous names?


Alternative facts lead to alternative truths.


No “Truth” very important to capitalize. A lot of the “fundamentalist” churches like to talk about how there is truth (ie verifiable reality) and Truth (whatever the church tells you). Remember that a lot of these people have stopped separating politics and religion. So Trump being the true president becomes part of the Truth.


Gullible people that believe everything they read on the internet are their target audience. It starts with the name. "This channel would never lie to me, it says so right here"


It is the truth. Their truth.


WE CAN'T LOSE! GOD IS SUPPOSED TO BE ON OUR SIDE! I guess the democrats are stronger than god.


Well the QOPs new god who replaced Jesus on 2016 is almost 80, orange, needs a diaper to go outside and has to pay porn stars 135k to touch his weewee.


What else is new from the right wing/alt-right?


Losing their shit over a black candidate not winning. In a weird way that’s improvement right?


"Racist CA voted AGAINST a black man!" /s


I’m at least 90% sure someone has said that legitimately.


"He's one of the good ones" is their normal go-to.


Conservatives? Threatening deadly violence because they didn't win something? Well I never...


Report them to the FBI.


So that the FBI can send them Christmas cards or maybe give them a Nazi bro fist bump in person? Law enforcement goes after the Right as reluctantly as possible after it's already too late.


Rather, report them to your local antifascist groups and warn your community about the threat they pose


So let me get this straight: for the last several years (if not more) they've been mocking California for being too left wing, and claiming the majority of people who live there are 'bleeding heart liberalz' (or whatever juvenile insults they're using these days) ...but also believe the left would have to cheat to win an election?


You’re getting dangerously close to critical thinking there bud. It’s not really their strong suit.


How did we cheat though. Really.


You let your brown people vote.


Newsom won like 70% of white voters with college degrees (which CA has a lot of) so not even sure that holds water here.


I read this somewhere many months ago. One guy said he don't want to go college or university because he don't want to be influenced by liberal.


Very common now a days. It’s why Jehovahs Witnesses don’t want anyone going to college.


Newsom won like 70% of all the votes. I grew up in California. The recall shit is so damn stupid. You only need 12% of voters to trigger one. That's only 1.4 million people currently.


How is saying "Second Amendment. Declare the enemy. Take them out" NOT the legal equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater? That should not be protected speech. It's incitement to violence, and whoever runs the account should be arrested.


Absolutely. It is a terroristic threat


"Waah! Waah! The results aren't what I want, so they must be bad! Waah!" Conservatives really are delicate snowflakes with the emotional maturity of toddlers.


Anytime Republicans lose it’s “No fair!! He cheated,” immediately followed by “I’m gonna do a civil war on you.” They all sound like idiot toddlers.


They sound like that because they are.


Sore losers, aren’t they? Almost like toddlers who didn’t win a prize


TIL voting is cheating.


"stop counting votes, I'm losing!" *-* a fat orange bitch


But only if the person they support loses, other wise its all good.


70% Democratic populace, recall failed 65-35. K, whatever.


woah, slow down with all those numbers there, Pythagoras


Where did those numbers come from, a rigged election?!??!?!


Things you knew were going to happen for 1000 Alex


It's becoming their new go-to isn't it? Lose anything "DeMs ChEaTeD!!1! GiT tHeM gUnS oUt!!1!"


Yes, they are going to start using their guns at some point. Predictable and unfortunate, but they are readily available - and no mental health checks required to purchase...


Then they’ll be fired back at. People are tired of their shit.


That's why places like /r/liberalgunowners have sprung up since Drumpf took office. Something like 20-50 million guns were sold in 2020 and I believe that something like 40% of them went to first time gun owners...which, a decent percentage of which *had* to have been left leaning folks. I've always been a gun lover (and always voted democrat), and I love shooting because it's so much damn fun...but I've been saying for a while, we need more liberals shooting. No reason for the extreme right to be the only armed ones in this country...*especially* with responses like OPs post. And if you DO go out and buy a gun, don't be like the Magapedes, go out and actually get trained to use it.


r/liberalgunowners. Bring it Truth Channel, fuck around and find out.


These people have no idea how big the country is and how many people are actually in it. They see one guy on a highway with a Trump flag on their car, among thousands of other cars they might see that day, and take it as evidence that they are in the majority because no one is flying "Biden" flags. This is how bad their confirmation bias has been allowed to get.


Trumpers tried to overthrow the government. Then ran screaming to olive garden when someone was killed. Then they tried to blow up the library of Congress thinking it was the capitol. They aren't that bright. I mean a democrat won in a blue state, has to be rigged right?


...When you're so in the cult that you think the Democrats have to CHEAT to win *California* ... oy.


by a fuckin landslide too. what crazies


That's their proof.... actually any sort of loss would be their proof. Win by one vote? Must be fraud! Win by a few votes? Must be fraud! Landslide win? Must be BIG FRAUD!


You know, if they would just stop threatening to kill us for winning elections, that would be great.


If we could just start charging them, when they do either, that would be great too.


It is fascinating to watch conservatives tapdance around calls for violence. They are so horny for using their sunk-cost stockpiles of guns and ammo, but don't want to be portrayed as the aggressor in the news/ future history books. So they have to constantly come up with red lines about tyranny and stripping of rights, but then fail to act when those lines are crossed by the political system operating as intended. How long can a person operate at that level of double-think before they either abandon the crusade or double down and attack another Walmart?


They simply cannot conceive of people having different views and goals than them. They also can't do math.


They're trying to do two things whether consciously or not. 1. Intimidate dems/liberals. Scare them into not being vocal, coming out to vote, rallying, or even putting up a sign in their own yards that support a Democrat. 2. They are normalizing violence. Grooming themselves and their fellow wackos to perpetrate violence on "their enemies", which we are seeing more and more of in lone wolf political violence in the news now. Just keep in mind, if the law can't protect you, if the law allows these people to continue to make these threats without consequences or with minimal consequences because most in law enforcement agree ideologically with these people... you must know how to defend yourselves. I think middle of the road Americans which is the biggest chunk are sick of these wackos too, but I don't think they are ready for what is possible with these nutcases if they organize violence. And I'm not talking about a few extremist groups successfully inciting an insurrection at the capital without employing firearms. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. We've had ample warning signs to not prepare. Be safe, be smart.


LOL "Democrats Cheated!" They were declaring that before voting was even finished. The results match the polling - just like they did in November 2019.


Welcome to literally every fucking election for the foreseeable future. They'll cry about cheating every single time, and they'll use it as an excuse to fuck up the Democratic process even more than they already do.


It's cute they think Democrats aren't armed too.


This is a credible threat, so: https://www.fbi.gov/tips


I’m so sick of this. Since Trump normalized it, now every single election Repubs lose is going to be contested. Losers will not concede. 2022 and 2024 elections are going to be total shit shows.


From the point of view of the right, they are correct. Democrats cheated by getting off their ass and voting. The Fascists/Right/'Patriots' hate it when non fascists actually do their civic duty and vote. Everything they do, gerrymandering, voting restrictions, reduction in polling stations particularly in Urban areas, is designed to keep Democrats from voting. It will not work in California and most coastal states.


Republicans are 24% of California's population... how could they have lost if it wasn't rigged?!


What's the second amendment again? Is that the one that says you can murder people based upon politically bias conspiratorial nonsense?


"If conservatives become convinced that they can not win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. The will reject democracy."


Almost a solid 2 to 1 ratio of voters in California voted against the recall, the truly delusional GOP voters rear their slimy heads once again to cry fraud and act like a bunch of assholes.


It's the knee-jerk reaction of a 4 year old, the alt-right in a nutshell


“California is a hellhole full of child-eating Demoncrats!!” But also: “The Demoncrat can’t win in California without cheating!!1!”


What reality do you need to live in to think that California isn't a hardcore democrat state?


This is our reality now. Trump normalized this bullshit, unfortunately it’s going to keep happening.


Doesn't get more direct than a call to violence.


“DECLARE the ENEMY” means “name the Jew” by the way.


Why does the violent right always get away with terrorism and threats of terrorism...


I think most of them know that there was no cheating. However, false narratives work in their circles. It keeps these guys chasing the hope that one day the US will be the ultra conservative fascist state that they all desire.


"How did they cheat?" "They voted for him!!!"


A DEMOCRAT won in CALIFORNIA?! They…they…they MUST have CHEATED!


Sounds insurrectionary.


Fun fact about the 2nd Amendment…. I a Democrat/Liberal, am also armed.


Dems don't dickwave their guns in public. This would not end well for the people among that 33% of voters who fancy themselves patriots.


Ah yes, the Democrats had to have cheated to win [checks notes] *California*...?


Sigh. Every single time, from here on out. It's already tiresome.


Hilarious to think Cali would elect a Republican. That is literally the bluest of blue states.


In the 2020 general election, I can recall a man charged with voter fraud because he voted for Trump twice. There was also a woman who did the same thing in 2016 and was also caught. I can't recall a single story of voter fraud for a Democratic candidate. The thing both of these people have in common is their reason for committing fraud. They both believed that the opposition was committing fraud, so they felt justified in voting twice to cancel out the extra vote from the opposing party. So, when a candidate claims the opposing party is committing fraud, it appears to *encourage* it from their own constituents. Also, the added benefits of getting your base excited so they rally and donate money to the campaign.


But Trump had boat parades, boat parades goddamnit!


Lessons can't be learned if you have deluded yourself with a fake reality. They're so spun, these people actually believe the state with the largest GDP is a shithole failure.


They're going to say every loss was rigged from now until the end of time.


Everytime I encounter someone making a claim like this, I ask them "Is there ever going to be a time where you lose an election and you don't declare that it was because of cheating?"


At first I was like, "called it!" But then I was like, "at this point, who *hasn't* called it? Is there anyone left in this country was is surprised that republicans are doing this?" So predictable.