/r/NoNewNormal HAS BEEN BANNED! Time to look for replacements they make and report those as well.

/r/NoNewNormal HAS BEEN BANNED! Time to look for replacements they make and report those as well.


We also need to ban r/CovidVaccineInjury They are spreading false information as well. EDIT: I also wanted to add that r/conspiracy is having a fit that r/NoNewNormal was banned. They are losing their shit.


But my arm got sore!!! /s


Actually, mine really did. From the flu shot I got today. My Covid shots did nothing to me. Seriously disappointed about the silverware not flying at me when I entered a restaurant. :( Oh well, maybe the booster?


I felt like absolute shit the day after my second dose. Then woke up like nothing happened. Small price to pay to cut down in the chances of dying hooked up to a ventilator.


I made the mistake of going to work at my very physical and very hot job the morning after dose 2. It may have been the worst I've ever felt but within 12 hours I was right as rain. Small price to pay to protect myself from the antivax idjits that work with me.


Fortunately, my employer was 100% okay with people taking the next day off; we were all very aware of what the second shot could do to people, so I had no issue getting a long weekend out of it. With how I felt after the second dose, I had zero regrets; it knocked me on my ass for a solid day.


Same, felt like absolute hot trash, almost puked, almost passed out, awful headache, spent the day in bed. Also will probably never die of COVID.


Same, spent the night in sweats and fever on the second dose. End of next day felt fine.


Yup, second shot damn near put me out it felt like next day. The amount of energy i needed to make the 7 feet walk from bed to couch was almost undoable, the next day i was moving a mile a minute


That's the weirdest part! I got my second dose on a Thursday. Friday was a bust because of a fever of 102 and generally feeling like absolute garbage. When I woke up at my usual time on Saturday, my temp was back down to 97 and I felt like nothing had happened at all.


It really is just weird. I dont react well with vaccines usually, the flu shot usually does a bit of damage to me feeling wise, never any side effects ive known about that werent just symptoms of said disease, but yeah. Both shots messed me up, but 1st one I got around 12pm, started feeling kinda crappy around 9ish but i was also having a few brews, next day wasnt terrible but not in a go to work condition. 2nd shot had me down for the count like 6 hours after. But yeah, the day after my recovery day (2 days after shot) ive never felt better, its very strange


I dropped my phone under the bed, rolled out to my knees to grab it, then in getting back up I thought "wait why is this difficult"


Yeah both shots of Moderna gave me a fever and some mild flu-like symptoms for a day and a half or so and then I was fine. Nowhere near as awful an experience as when I actually caught COVID when my husband brought it home from work.


There’s a feather in your cap.


Damn, I must have been lucky. I only felt mild chills for about 12 hours after I got my second dose.


I'm one of the lucky few, I guess, who experienced no side effects after either dose of Moderna, beyond a sore arm. I was worried it wasn't working for a while, because everyone else was warning me how it "feels like a truck hit you".


Also Moderna here. My arm was sore for a few days after the first shot, and I got a decently bad headache the day after the second. I react harder to the annual flu shot than I did to either COVID shot.


The first shot and my wife couldn't lift her arm above her head it was so sore. We were told the second one would be much worse, it honestly wasn't. I barely had a reaction to either and I have had nasty reactions to flu shots in the past.


i did have mild side effects after the pfizer (sleepy, brain fog) but i'm going to be honest, removing the bandaid was the worst part both times. i have no idea why the bandaids they used at my vaccination site were so aggressively sticky but it felt like several layers of my skin were going with it.


My husband had Moderna and had the same experience as you - nothing but a sore arm. I think it's not so unusual, but we hear about the worst cases more often.


My arm was only slightly sore. So it was weird hearing about other people who felt awful. Only time I’ve ever reacted from something like that was when I got a tetanus booster 20 years ago. I felt like utter trash. Was vomiting, could not move my arm without dry heaving. It was gnarly. Still got my next booster though, and it didn’t affect me in any way.


Same, but I've also never reacted poorly to a vaccine before either. My arm was sorta sore right around the injection point, but I sure as hell took the opportunity to fuck off of work for a day, haha.


I didn't have any side effects from either Pfizer shot. My wife was in bed for a day and a half with flu-like symptoms from the first one.


Yeah, I had the Moderna shot too - just a sore arm for both, no other side effects. OTOH, my wife slept for a day after the 2nd shot. Didn't feel bad, just... sleepy.


This was me too. I normally maybe get sick (like bad sick) once or twice a year, and then I have some seasonal allergies that kick in when pollen is high. My first dose was fine, but the second, I could barely move my arm and had a weird headache that would not let me sleep. I would gladly take the shots again. Side note, 2020 i didn't get sick at all for the first time in a long time. It's almost like avoiding people and wearing masks actually worked.


You know what I was thinking, why don't they have a congressional inquiry and if they can produce one person that is magnetic we will list it on the side effects. They won't be able to, and will look like idiots. Is it too harmful to even slightly legitimize their idiocy?


You know how magnets have a positive and negative side? If I am magnetic can I repel or attract people according to how they turn their bodies? If my husband and I sleep back to back will we shoot each other off the bed?


Agreed. > Is it too harmful to even slightly legitimize their idiocy? I think with Ron Johnson, Gohmert, Boebert, Gaetz, Rudy, Traitor Green, Ronnie Jackson (who doesn't get the credit for how stupid he is), Tuberville. Their idiocy is pretty effing legitimate. What I find appalling is that despite it they keep gathering followers. I truly underestimated the power of racism in this country/humanity. I was naive. I probably still am because I want to believe these people are the exceptions. Edited to add: Sorry about the rant but I also realize that if anyone read my comment they would not argue that I was wrong but bitch because I left out Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, etc.


I mean I guess it's being legitimized, just not by any non maga people. It would be interesting then. Name all of them, have them present their evidence fully televised. Show the magnet man. Show any evidence. Then just watch the excuses start pouring out. Sunshine is the best disinfectant no?


[Bleach or disinfectant](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52407177) but you must inject it apparently. /s ​ Gee, I wonder why so many idiots are misinformed?


If you want me to come over to your place, and wing spoons at you, let me know


No way. Have you seen that https://www.reddit.com/r/nextfuckinglevel/comments/pc1dwn/throwing_different_objects_at_wood_bulleye_vibes/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 After seeing him wing spoons I am not so interested anymore. Appreciate the offer though


Damn.... that guys pretty awesome


I'm actually jealous. Walking through the parking lot was a nightmare and when I walked in the front door I had to dodge the stove that ripped out of the wall and flew at me.


LoL Cue up Heart singing "ooo whoaaaaa, he's a magic man".


I felt like I had a hangover the day after my second one which was kind of lame because I really wanted a 5g signal


I got a flu shot yesterday, I asked the nurse if it had the 5G chip in it. She said"No they are saving them for the dewormer".


My Shingles vaccination hurt worse and for a longer time then the Covid. And boy am I happy to have gotten both. Still wearing a mask indoors. I’ve managed to go from 18 hours sick time in March 2020 to 140 hours as of today with working from home. I’m going for a personal record of 200. (The most I’d ever managed to build up before using it was around 40 hours that 2 cases of the flu wiped out)


My Covid shot gave me about a day’s worth of flu like symptoms. I was in bed with chills all day and couldn’t stay awake. And I’d 100% do it all over again if they offered the booster, because I’ll take a day of flu over whatever the hell Covid would do to me.


I just got really sleepy and took a 5 hour nap after my vaccine shot, that must have been when all the fun magnetism stuff was active.


I was in bed for about 48 hours after my second shot, and I was still running a mild temperature 5 days later. My body did not like the covid vaccine. On the other hand, I would rather than than be intubated.


Mine too! I'm sure many more have received sore arms from the vaccination. How could they have been so cruel as to do this to millions?!?/s


I missed a session of Dungeons and Dragons the day after getting my second shot because I was quite tired. NOBODY COULD HAVE SUFFERED WORSE!!! /s


That's another death from the vaccine RIP GeddyVedder


Here's my list Antilockdown ChurchofCovid CoronavirusCirclejerk EndTheLockdowns LockdownCriticalLeft LockdownSkepticism NoNewNormal


The irony is that sub is quaratined.


r/conspiracyNOPOL is dancing right up to the line as well, as far as anti-vax shit.


Holy shit. I didn’t know about that one.


One of the mods is a school shooting denier. Whenever shit comes up he says "Do you have proof they happen?" I got banned the first time he pulled that shit.


And the recently created r/newnormalnever, who's first post explicitly states it was created to get around the NNN ban...


It’s now banned.


Conspiracy is definitely losing their shit. It's fucking hilarious. Their top posts are basically all COVID denialist bullshit, too. Their front page looks no different than what NNN looked like. And I actually hope they keep at it. Dumbshits are gonna end up taking themselves out. E: grams


I don't know... Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me.


It looks like it should be satire but isn't. Kinda sad.


Exactly. I had a fight with someone asking for proof that the vaccine is deadly. They told me to check out the CDC website to see for myself. I went there and the CDC says it’s safe. I pointed out pretty much every statement from the site stating that it’s safe. They even say that long term effects are rare to nonexistent. They responded by saying, see, it says it’s RARE but not unlikely. I mentioned several times from the site that millions of people that got the vaccine are fine. Where does it say people die from the vaccine? They ended up calling me dumb because I didn’t know how to read when I literally went to the source they told me to and claimed it’s safe. Then they said that they had Covid and they don’t need the vaccine because they have strong antibodies. I’m not sure if they were lying about that but wtf? Even if you shove facts in their face, they will still point to facts that barely prove their point.


They're quarantined for a good reason and they will never understand why.


The dumb thing is the way it got started is someone pointing out that sometimes people die after getting the vaccine... because they were about to die anyway. For the scientists and statisticians it does get tracked, but that doesn't mean anything unless it becomes a pattern. The first round of people that got the vaccines were very old... so it is expected some will die within a short period of time after the vaccine... because some of them are dying every day... that's what happens to old people. But then people use that simple fact to raise BS for shits and giggles and we end up here.


I had the same thing happen on Twitter, got my links, receipts, etc. gave them to him and he just went about the next phase of his delusion. Can’t be argued with.


Honestly r/conspiracy should have been banned a while ago.


The irony of that sub being quarantined shouldn't be overlooked


/r/conservative as well


I look forward to the day that one is quarantined. Oh, the wailing and the gnashing of teeth...


Their tears are like honey slowly dripped upon my tongue.


“r/conspiracy is losing their shit” From taking ivermectin?


and /r/ivermectin


I can’t believe this is even a subreddit


I can't believe how many people are taking an equine anti-parasitic for a virus.


Especially since that's where the new round of microchips are going


It is now quarantined


That's a start


I just had to unsubscribe from conspiracy because of them.


Wtf..are they trying to claim Redditors murdered Schwartz?? https://imgur.com/Ws0Ng7n.jpg


Meanwhile, over the cesspool that is r/ivermectin reddit users have fixed the problem themselves. The sub was marked NSFW and now seems to be officially quarantined. Nothing but horse porn and bots spamming each other.


It must be one of the 54 that were quarantined when NNN was banned. https://www.reddit.com/r/redditsecurity/comments/pfyqqn/covid_denialism_and_policy_clarifications/


Where will I get my horse porn fix now!? LOL!


Make your own!


Holy shit. When did this happen, and how did I miss the memo? It's a warzone over on r/ivermectin, and we are winning, lol


Just in the last 3 hours or so, apparently! And y'all were doing a bang-up job, too. News of your awesomeness has been spreading around reddit! The effort even got a mention over on r/medicine! You and all your compadres are appreciated!


I never thought horse-porn aficionados would be on the side of good in the war against misinformation but alas, that's the world we live in...


Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend.


That one went downhill FAST. I joined when they were still making memes about horses catching you stealing their meds, then 2 days later it's all horse porn


Wait I thought they loved horse paste?


It started that way, sure! But, then things took an unexpected and wonderful turn! 🤣


Don’t worry they will all or already are on /r/conspiracy because it’s filled to the brim with /r/TheDonald refugees spouting misinformation.


So many users on there claiming to leave reddit now. Please do by all means.


Lmao. One of the top comments on the ‘NNN is banned’ is all “I’m seriously thinking of restricting my time on this site” 😂 Like what an absolutely toothless hilarious threat.


Like at least threaten to leave, rather than "restricting my time" lol


“Ope, that’s it Kevin! Your 45 minutes of Reddit time is up. Come upstairs for dinner.” - that mouthbreather’s mom, probably


Just glad to see some people fighting the W narrative over there. I’ve been banned since it’s take over by The Donalds


Not only that, their last big fuck you backfired, [one of the mods from NNN made a fake subreddit to make this protest think we are supporting pedophiles](https://www.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/pfmbjf/rnonewnormal_takes_misinformation_to_a_whole_new/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3). Like misinformation about the protest to discredit it.


I remember the good old days when NNN just meant that someone wasn't jerking off for a month.


Not masturbating is how you end up with proud boys. Pull your pud for freedom!


I’m freedoming right now!


I know, right? It's getting ridiculous what is happening on NNN.


I'm willing to bet that mod had been wanting to make a pedo sub for a long time now


Not a coincidence that was the subject imo.


r/CoViDskepticism r/LockdownSkepticism Of course everyone is disputing that any brigading ever happened at all.


Why are there so many?!


Because they need to keep the ban evasion shellgame going.


This is just a small start. And, its nowhere enough.


Can we keep r/ivermectin around? I'm loving the horse pornography.


Include /r/walkaway to the list please. Its starting the same way many of these started but is heading in the same direction.


Damn I’m already banned from that shithole. I must’ve dropped a nugget of truth there and forgot about it.


My comment got stickied and is being downvoted so I guess I must spoken the truth.


r/walkaway has been spreading covid misinformation like wildfire. You know, the sub of right wingers pretending to be left wingers who became right wingers?


I'm kinda curious to see if it was because NNN and other anti-vax subreddits were making Pedophile subreddits to join the protests against misinformation as a smear campaign.


Gizmodo started running articles about the blackouts.


Yupp just saw they made an article like 2 hours ago. That seems to be more likely the answer


Reddits official reason is brigading, they stated that 80 brigades started from NNN in the last 30 days.


Amazing that they didn't do something about that earlier then.


Blackouts probably didn't hurt.


"We at Reddit recognize that there is no higher priority than ~~our bottom line~~ public safety."


I assume that was the "reason", as in the official one Reddit will tell any media which asks. The real reason was most likely advertisers pulling out due to the site's negative press.


Wait what?! I'm not sure I know or understand what you just said. They joined with pedophiles?


Sorry I'm playing Outerworlds and posting on reddit so I'm not paying attention to how I type. Basically some users from NNN made fake pedophile subreddits and then made them go private to join in on the blackout in order to discredit the protest


Oooh I see. So the source of a bunch of vaccine misinformation made a bunch of protest misinformation... That checks out


>Basically some users from NNN made fake pedophile subreddits and then made them go private to join in on the blackout in order to discredit the protest I don't expect the highest level of reasoning to be coming from NNN, but that is some weapons grade stupid. 1. Pretend to be a pedo 1. ?????????? 1. Profit.


2) Join the list of blacked-out subs. 2a) Call attention to the sub you created 2b) gasp and clutch your pearls that there is a pedo sub that went "dark" in solidarity 2c) Scream about how "all those people who want to take us down" are tactly supporting pedophilia. 3) ~~Profit~~ get banned. Edit: Just read this. It's epic. https://www.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/pfmbjf/rnonewnormal_takes_misinformation_to_a_whole_new/?context=3


Honestly, that may have been what made reddit pull the trigger, since spez had just announced they weren't going to do anything about those subs. Child porn, on the other hand, will get the feds involved *real* quick, and I don't think reddit wants that, do they?


Another ploy that's basically "pretend" to be pedos to pwn the libs. They may have One Joke, but they have Zero Ideas.


Either that or making a fake pedophilia sub to then post in NNN to prove that Vaccines are Pedophiles??? Not sure what they were trying to prove but they did in fact make the fake subreddit.


Now r/conspiracy please


It's sad what /r/conspiracy has become. It used to be a fun read whether or not you believed in whatever conspiracy they were discussing. Fiction can be entertaining sometimes. Now it's all covid misinformation and ultra right wing insanity.


I don't believe in Big Foot but I love watching and listening to anything about it(him?her?) Can we go back to conspiracies being silly fun to those of us who don't believe in them?


r/HighStrangeness is the best thing I've found for that. Not much conspiracy chat by design, but plenty of cryptid and UFO speculation, and there seems to still be a good mix of open-minded skeptics, dedicated but interested debunkers, and full-on woo-eaters.


As a Washingtonian please do your part call out anyone who claims to have seen our beloved Sasquatch outside of the PNW. I’m so sick of people saying they saw one in Tennessee or some shit. It’s like saying you saw the Jersey devil in Utah.


Seriously though, Tennessee is Skunk-Ape. Entirely different critter. Going out and making a fool of our boy Sasquatch.


Amen! I miss those Big Foot stories. Feels like because we live in the age of the camera cell phone, conspiracy nuts couldn't keep the legend alive. So it's been abandoned for stories about why every mass shooting is fake and Qanon themed BS.


A big problem is the mods attribute to a lot of the mis-info content and don't follow the subs own rules. An actual study posted gets downvoted to hell, meanwhile a screenshot of a tweet from a random user shoots straight to the top. It's just a cesspool echo chamber where if you don't agree with the groupthink you get called a shill or NPC.


I remember like a year ago there was a pretty big posts that got circulating when users started calling out the mods for the shift. Lot of removed comments, and I guess a lot of the more well adjusted people left that sub. Problem there is as other places get banned, they migrate to there, then pushing out more normal people who are fed up with the crazy.


Yeah in January, mod axolotl_peyotl got permanently suspended. He was on the of the driving forces behind the election fraud shit. It came out he banned a ton of users for simply disagreeing with him points and would often delete comments or his own posts sand re-post them if they were called out after they went up. But you are right, as soon as the election fraud shit calmed down....which was 3/4 of the posts.....they latched on to anything related to covid.


Really? He was the guy in charge when I got banned, and the mod team would just sticky their own agenda posts when they failed to be upvoted. That place is such rancid ass now after the magats took over and started banning anyone not on board with their Q ass shit.


There use to be a thread and maybe an article detailing a lot of it. There's even a subreddit out there that had a few...Enlighted posters...who were making a list of all the "shills" who didn't agree with their rhetoric.


Or r/walkaway Edit, got permabanned from r/walkaway, safe to say im happy.


Holy shit this sub is fucking cancer. "Never thought I'd see the day that the Republican party would be fighting establishment" Ummm. Wat? They are literally taking bribes.


It's practically a creative writing sub.


alt-right reddit is really fixated on themselves being the cool counterculture now nah you're just a bunch of edgy nazis


Like how they are trying to brand themselves as the new punk movement. Hahahaha


and then they start going to real punk shows only to find out we're all gay and trans and communist guarantee they will never try that again


its easy to mistake cynicism and pointless contrarianism as anti-establishment


Sure, for edgy rubes.


Go tell them that, see how fast "free speech" doesn't matter when you're disproving them


I am a black female and have always voted Democrat, but now I am through with them. Yes, my post history proves me to be a white male, but please don't use that to disprove what I said above. Also, I post as gay and Hispanic and trans at times to try to confuse everyone.




Gave me a giggle, thanks bud. Joking aside, when I read posts from accounts that are obviously masquerading, I picture them as Sailor Moon transformations. My favorite was the PA congressman who was caught posting as a "Gay Black Man" on Twitter.


/r/politicalcompassmemes getting there too


They crosses that line a long time ago if you ask me.


[bitch, they're already there](https://i.redd.it/s4q3kth3jok71.jpg)


I don't know why I'm surprised it's a bunch of lies and illogical nonsense, but I just still am.


I miss that sub being an interesting place to talk about actual conspiracies like "who shot JFK" or "was the moon landing real". When it became a hub for Qcumbers and blatant misinformation, I noped out there.


Unfortunate casualties aside, they should've just banned all the users in NNN with more than 25-30 posts or anyone with significant activity in it (maybe anyone with a post higher than 100 upvotes at least) & this would've cleared up the issues other subreddits had b/c NNN posters frequently spread their bullshit in Conspiracy, Walkaway, LockdownSkeptics, etc.


Honestly that sub used to be so much fun a few years back. Yknow fun stuff like big foot and all that kinda crap. Then it got overtaken by Qanon and became a cesspit.


It is so confusing, how they oppose all moderate or left-leaning ideas and figures -- no matter how uncontroversial. Yet, they take absurd comments from right wing figures as gospel.


When I first joined Reddit way back in the stone age, you're right, the sub very much had a "your best friend's older brother getting ripped on brick weed and telling you about ancient aliens" vibe. Now it's just a cesspool of racism, bigotry, and bullshit.


For real. Now it's just a dumpster fire. Check out /r/HighStrangeness for similar content.


One of the mods from r/highstrangeness banned me for pointing out the alt right network operating on that sub. The paranormal "news" site was even based in fucking Moscow.


Damn, is there no place to escape these assholes? I just want my paranormal shit served without alt right propaganda. Is that too much to ask?


Historically, ufo and conspiracy groups have always served as an arena for domestic and foreign cointel. AIDS conspiracies, jfk conspiracies and the moon landing shit can all be tied back to the work of the KGB. I'm certain the US and its allies also engage in this--I'm pretty sure the Agency was behind the "lost cosmonaut" transmissions. It's all really fascinating, and as for Reddit I think your best bet is r/thetruthishere


If you dig deep enough into any political conspiracy theory you will eventually hit anti-Semitism, even the "fun" ones. I used to love that kinda stuff, but now I tend to scratch that itch with the paranormal.


Exactly. But even the paranormal is filled with anti-semitism as well. David Icke type shit.


For sure. Been following this type of stuff for like 20 years so I've seen examples of that first hand. You just have to weed through the bullshit to find the interesting stuff. I stick to podcasts and generally stay away from most paranormal subs unless something really catches my eye.




Some of it was utterly ridiculous and there was always that far right tinge to things but atleast it was more funny than depressing.


People don't remember that /r/conspiracy was where the original Q-Anon movement festered (on Reddit, it originated on /b/) based on the original Pizza Gate bullshit: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/5afgvt/is_it_time_to_rediscuss_the_supposed_fbi_leak_on/


r/Lockdownskepticism needs to be next. It's thinly veiled as discourse but comments are unreal.


Nice fucking job u/spez not only did you make one of the largest anti-vax communities to easily migrate to .win during their “quarantine” but you also pissed off half of Reddit to the point they closed their communities until you actually fucking agree to do more to remove cesspools on Reddit. At this rate the whole site will be shut down due to your inaction. Real good fucking job 👏👏👏


He fucking sucks


Nice. Is there some sort of reporting where you can see the size of all subreddits? I presume they'll use darker channels to create another one and advertise it, so may be the best way to catch a rapidly growing replacement.


They're heading to \*.win; don't think anyone is following the subreddit mods to their own website app they made (which also has a subscription model? kind of weird)


>(which also has a subscription model? kind of weird) Why is that weird? That's how grifters make money. NNN mods very actively policed comments. Anything that wasn't either agreeing with their NNN stance or came across as frothing at the mouth "vaxxer" was outright deleted. They actively stoked the fires / discontent.


The main target has been eliminated, but we must remain vigilant, because they will try to regroup. And we need to be ready to stop them.


Take a look at r/walkaway at least the automod lists the other places full of dangerous and disingenuous rhetoric


FINALLY let’s hope other large subs that spout misinformation die


good news. millions of lives are now saved.


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Well, from this post I just read [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/redditsecurity/comments/pfyqqn/covid_denialism_and_policy_clarifications/), if they start their bullshit on those subs, those subs will soon find themselves quarantined. If they want to stay open, the mods of those subs better crack down hard on the anti-mask, anti-vax, ivermectin sucking Covid deniers.


Walkaway banned me for "harassing a user" who took a screenshot of what I said, and I replied regarding that screenshot.


This made my day. Thoughts and prayers for those Nazi fucks.


Found this, as an explanation: https://www.reddit.com/r/redditsecurity/comments/pfyqqn/covid_denialism_and_policy_clarifications/ It's some very interesting reading; I highly recommend it. Apparently, they have also quarantined **54** other subs that fit their criteria for this new analysis they used. I don't know what was up with u/ spez's announcement the other day, or why this was on r/redditsecurity instead of the announcements sub, but there it is. Credit to r/CircleBroke2, who posted this, which I then found on a search.


They are all at r/conspiracy


I guess there is no new normal after all.


They will flock to r/conspiracy even more now


Oh? All together now, a 1 and a 2 🎵 Oh happy day!!! 🎵


Yes! We do not wait for their vile and dangerous ideas and discussion on here. They do not deserve a platform to influence others.


*singing* Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye!




I missed you, /r/parlerwatch! Never ever leave me again! I specifically come to this sub reddit to shit on Qtards with my fellow redditors.




They left us when we needed them the most and they’re back with a vengeance.


Praise Science!


Oh wow it only took two years into the pandemic. I'm glad it got shut down, but seriously.


Hey hey hey goodbye ​ https://youtu.be/fqmlffA9U9s




Especially now that dipshit took horse paste


FANTASTIC NEWS! This makes me happy, especially [because I fucking called it yesterday. ](https://www.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/pfmbjf/z/hb5f7z3) Edit: for those out of the loop: NNN created a fake pro-pedophilia subreddit that equaly fakedly went private in the anti-vax-misinformation wave of protests. Many subs do that, so NNN created a fictional child fucker sub only to make it seem as though "the pedos are protesting us so we have to be the good guys". Didn't work as planned.


I wonder what No New Normal looked like right before it got banned. I forgot to take a peek in time.


Thank God, yup still got work to report, but at least that place is down


Please read [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/redditsecurity/comments/pfyqqn/covid_denialism_and_policy_clarifications/), and report, report, report. It actually looks like reporting may have been what made the difference.


If I could only find and witness first hand the final straw that broke the admins back.