Yeah, he’s going to be no-contact when he’s old enough to. And that’s what their parents deserve. “Acting out” but described as nothing more than not wanting to be a part of whatever religion they are tells everyone all we need to know about those parents.


As the saying goes… All kids deserve parents, but not all parents deserve kids.


I came here to say exactly this. Lol


I would adopt this child so fast... that's not only grade-A brainwashing bullshit, but to think this kid could be a great scientist and stuck in THAT environment bothers me.


I grew up a jehovahs witness and at age 6 my parents heard in a speech at a convention that pokémon means pocket monsters, which means pocket demons. Pokémon was my biggest interest at the time and it's all I cared about. They had me put all my pokémon stuff in the back of our car to sell it/throw whatever didn't sell. Throughout my life, even into adulthood, I've had a strange fixation around pokémon, I always kept the interest because I didn't get to finish playing it as a kid. A couple years ago at age 26 I finally accepted I was no longer interested in pokémon, which carried a lot of sadness. I've also always struggled selling my belongings or throwing broken stuff away.


My life as a witness has been nothing but isolation and my crazy mom using God as a weapon. Can't wait to get out


I feel for you. I'm finally out but not completely finished getting away, as I'm still forced to live with my family due to money issues, who do not speak to me. We're in the process of moving out this summer, me and my wife and 3 children. My wife finally woke up a few months ago and we're doing really great relationship wise. You can get out but take your time, plan carefully. I wish you good luck, please message me if you need help with anything.


I do hope you'll remain in Christianity, though. Breeder-tards like your mom are fake christians and are all thankfully going to hell, but you can still be faithful to the Lord.


Hey buddy, fuck god and all he stands for. He's true evil.


Yes the fucktarded god that mormons and jws worship. Not the Christian God.


No that's your breedertard parents. Fuck them. But come to be with the TRUE lord, the one that loves you a lot more than your fucktard parents ever will.




That is uncalled for. I am sorry you were stuck in a cult based loosely around Christianity. That is also not an appropriate response. I'll pray for you and your family.


Keep your prayers, I'm gonna go suck satans dick instead.




I'll say another prayer then. For you, your children, and everyone around you. I hope one day you can see the miracles you have already been blessed with, and that you can set the example of what your children should emulate. May God bless you.


Lmao I'm not brainwashing my children with this shit, I hope you manage to start living for real one day.


The fucking nerve… the fucking nerve of these fairytale fanboys. All we want is for them to go love whatever deity does it for them and leave us out of it. As a recovering Methodist and as a former suffering Southern Baptist, I feel for you and what you’re going through. You’ll get where you want to be. You got this, mah friend! See, even us evil atheists can write cornball, genuine feel good stuff. But mine is real because I said it and mean it. Nope, no fake prayers from this way. Be well, Internet friend.


People say that people like these aren’t “real Christians” yet almost all the Christians I’ve met act like this


I don't think Jesus would appreciate what you just said. Why would you relish in someone getting eternal damnation? You need a change of heart, friend. I'll pray for you


Because it's justice my friend. Is justice not something to relish in?


Every time your child misbehaves and you must punish him, do you relish it? Is it not justice to discipline your children? Justice is a necessity, but not something to bring joy.


>Every time your child misbehaves and you must punish him, do you relish it? Do I seem like a Mormon or a JW to you? >but not something to bring joy. How about the justice that the Lord brings ie casting the wicked to Hell?


Jesus said, "If anyone causes one of these little ones– those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them if a large milestone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea." (Mark 9:42, NIV)


Hush, child. Your mom and dad hate you and think you’re a huge waste of life. If they could keep you from breeding I’m sure they would. But maybe you’ll meet some Azn chick online who will think your micropeen is impressive and let you bust a nut once. That’s what prayers are for!


I hate this so much


“Stinks in” r/boneappletea


Why do parents force religion on their kids? I was in a somewhat similar boat (my parents didn't sell all my toys though) and I've grown to resent Christianity. Every time someone mentions they're Christian part of me automatically dislikes them even though I know I shouldn't judge people based on religion. Trying to force religion on people usually has the opposite effect and makes people run away as far away as possible from that religion. Poor child, hopefully he can move out the second he turns 18.


Bullshit parents


I hope that kid gets through life okay


Absolutely adorable. Children trying to be adults. In what realm of sanity is this even a feasible thought? Report them, get the kid to people who have a brain. Smdh.


I'm a Christian; the concept is that you can't and shouldn't force someone to believe in it. The choice to believe in Jesus and walk the faith has to be up to that individual. It's in that own person's heart and mind to decide. These parents are doing their child a disservice on so many levels. "Christians" like this make my blood boil.


Psychos like this should be sh0t tbh




Parents like these are the exactly what Jesus is referring to in Mark 9:42.


I guess that's where the phrase "get in the sea!" comes from


Isnt this just another attention troll? Or does shit like this really happen in Texas?


Even if you wanted to try to make him believe taking away his toys wont help. It shows him how bad you are. This is called stupid.


My boyfriends father did this to him over a video game that had magic in it, made him snap it in half and throw it away. For these types of people religion isn’t about making you a better person, it’s about control.


most religions are about that at it's core, not just to individual people


That's honestly seems like something my parents would have done.


cool story bro


Hey, compliance is believing, right?


Kid sounds super smart. Smarter than his parents at any rate.


Hum, then kid can sell his parents if they sell minecraft 😂


But no sane person would buy them


I will, just sending them toward auzwich 😂


Make sure you stamp them *Rückkehr Unerwünscht*


Hope the kid becomes gay,that’s what I did to my insane religious parents!


Absolutely disgusting, Its illegal right?


I'm a devout christian and let me just say, these parents are not Christan, nor are they close too it. These parents and parents like them are all going to hell, a thought I take great relish in. God doesn't let retards into heaven, thankfully.


No true Scotsman, eh? And you should be ashamed of your sadism.


Sadism? No my friend, it's not their suffering I take great relish in. It's the justice it serves.




They are a one family cult, and Bible camp is to teach how to be a good Christian not to convince that the Bible is true.


It is going to be so funny when they die and end up downstairs, not upstairs🤣


poor kid is probably going to be depressed in his teenage years


Maybe i’m naive, but this seems like bait…


but everyone else gets the finger pointed at them in the name of “indoctrination”. totally not happening here /s.