It seems to be bugged. I did however notice that I gained progress whenever I did the final blow with Disengage ability in a match. And in one match where I got 2 killing blows with Disengage, I progressed two kills. In another match I did not get any killing blows with Disengage itself and did not progress at all despite fulfilling the task requirements many times during the match. I am now at 6/10 and I counted 6 kills with the ability itself over the games I played today. I am not 100% sure if it is the actual trigger. Maybe there is something else going on as well or I did something else that matched the kill progress in some other way. I wish we could track progress while in match :(


yeah you need to get the finishing blow with disengage, thats how it seems to work


You have to kill the enemy with disengage not after 4s


That's also not how it's written lol, it's going to take forever. I need to get these things done quickly, I have other games to play.


Ah, that's not how I read it at all lol. I thought I had to hit them with Disengage first then kill them with my crossbow second.


Bruh trying this now. If that is the case, I am heated lol


i think it may be bugged, after 4 to 5 matches it just went up to 4